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The Shining Path: A Historyofthe Millenarian War in Peru (Latin America in Translation/En Traduccion, Em Traducao) First Published In Peru In 1990, The Shining Path Was Immediately Hailed As One Of The Finest Works On The Insurgency That Plagued That Nation For Over Fifteen Years A Richly Detailed And Absorbing Account, It Covers The Dramatic Years Between The Guerrillas Opening Attack In 1980 And President Fernando Belaunde S Reluctant Decision To Send In The Military To Contain The Growing Rebellion In Late 1982 Covering The Strategy, Actions, Successes, And Setbacks Of Both The Government And The Rebels, The Book Shows How The Tightly Organized Insurgency Forced Itself Upon An Unwilling Society Just After The Transition From An Authoritarian To A Democratic Regime.One Of Peru S Most Distinguished Journalists, Gustavo Gorriti First Covered The Shining Path Movement For The Leading Peruvian Newsweekly, Caretas Drawing On Hundreds Of Interviews And An Impressive Array Of Government And Shining Path Documents, He Weaves His Careful Research Into A Vivid Portrait Of The Now Jailed Shining Path Leader Abimael Guzman, Belaunde And His Generals, And The Unfolding Drama Of The Fiercest War Fought On Peruvian Soil Since The Chilean Invasion A Century Before.

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    Este libro es incre ble Si vas a leer algo sobre el terrorismo, tienes que leerlo Si te da flojera, al menos lee esta rese a

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    It s a very descriptive book, because of that, the reading can be a little heavy sometimes On the other hand, this book does not cover the entire years of terrorism, it covers principally the beginning and the reason of his growing I liked the prose of the author.

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    In contrast to Simon Strong s account Gorriti only covers the period of 1980 1982 to the point, he s blind the actual social base of the Shining Path He spends paragraphs and chapters immersed in the petty details of splits and divisions in the ruing class and the military and intelligence forces, and is blindly dismissive of the facto...

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    Este libro es el resultado de una investigaci n profunda y que le tomo a Gustavo Gorriti muchos a os Es incre ble lo detallado de su investigaci n, si te interesa este tema quiz s est libro sea la fuente m s completa.

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    Este primer tomo de una Historia de la guerra milenaria que nunca fue continuada cubre los dos primeros a os de la lucha armada de Sendero Gorriti se centra en las distintas jugadas pol ticas de tanto dirigentes estatales minitros, jefes policiales, izquierdistas en el Congreso etc como dirigentes senderistas, bas ndose en testimonios y entrevistas de tanto dirigentes como bases Para cualquier persona interesada en este periodo del pa s, el libro realmente la sit a a una en lo que suced a, en parte gracias al excelente estilo de Gorriti Entre las tesis m s interesantes que sostiene el libro est una tambi n compartida por Carlos Tapia fue crucial el deseo de los dirigentes militares de no involucrarse en una lucha contra SL de acuerdo a Gorriti por paranoia de ser acusados de querer volver al poder invent ndose enemigos, como efectivamente lo fueron para que a la polic a fracase en enfrentar a SL entre el 80 y el 82 y, por l...

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    Gorriti s account of the beginning of the Shining Path insurrection is valuable mainly for his intimate knowledge of the bureaucratic ongoings of the period and first hand experiences His actual analysis is inevitably marred by his petit bourgeois, inner city upbringing and lifestyle He s clearly a staunch anti Communist and was even before the Shining Path showed up, and this influences every word that he writes At the same time, he offers a nuanced view of the bureaucratic and interdepartmental rivalries that mar...

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    Mas que un libro es un documento, deber a ser lectura obligatoria en quinto a o de secundaria para empezar a tomar conciencia de como somos los peruanos y de lo que no deber a volver.

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