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    Woody Gunthrie Poet of the People is a biography of the life of Woody Guthrie This book is written by Bonnie Christensen The first thing I noticed about this book when I opened it was the illustrations The illustrations really pop out of the page Since the illustrations were so vivid, it made me want to read the book This book started out by talking about the famous song, This Land Is Your Land, which was written by the one and only Woody Gunthrie This Land Is Your Land, is famous around the world and sung in many schools by all different children The book continued to talk about his life and why he wrote the songs that he did It talked about his passion for writing songs and so much Woody Guthrie was truly an inspiration to others because he sang about problems going on and struggles in America He wanted everyone to have a voice he sang until he could not sing any On top of the amazin...

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    I could not believe my eyes when I saw this a picture book about my favorite folk singer It is a well written history about Woody without being overly detailed, making it suitable for all ages The illustrations match up with the folk style.

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    Excellent children s biography of Woody Guthrie with illustrations that perfectly reflect Guthrie s genre Recommend.

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    This fine biography of social activist and musician Woody Guthrie introduces a man who was interested in speaking for those whose voices were often ignored or silenced Guthrie led a peripatetic life when growing up, and money was not abundant As he traveled the countryside searching for work himself, he also noticed and wrote folk songs about poverty and the bleak economic reality caused by the Great Depression Young readers may not know about any of this background, but they will likely be familiar with his song This Land Is Your Land, and enjoy learning about its creator and its inspiration The text may be lengthy, but it is worth reading for its insight and passion into the man and the times in which he lived I couldn t help but think about all those families heading to California for jobs only to find nothing and no way back home Ah, how lost, how homesick, and how desperate they must have felt Resembling woodcuts with dark and light play, the illu...

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    My view on Social Studies I believe that social studies is the study of humans, their interactions with each other and the world around them As teachers, we must open the eyes of our students to the diverse cultures around us Every individual is unique and can offer something to the world Summary and integration of book This book ...

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    With the lyrics to This Land is Your Land running through the illustrations and a lengthy description of the many phases in Guthrie s life covered in the text, this book covered the life of the famous songwriter quite well The text focused primarily on his music career though, and the life events that effected it The endnotes, in addition to containing the full seven vers...

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    This is a simple, folksy biography of folk legend Woody Guthrie It tells about his early tragic family life and hardscrabble existence in Oklahoma during the Great Depression when he learned to play the guitar, his social activism and songwriting, and his settled later life as husband and father The author effectively weaves...

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    This is another book that would be good for a biography unit The book tells all about the musician and explains what brought him to where he was It also discusses the messages and reasons behind his songs In the ...

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    The illustrations are really the highlight of this book The text is a little overwhelming for a picture book about a folk singer, but she watercolor snapshots of Guthrie s life and time are wonderful.

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    I think it s just amazing that this book exists and the art which is GORGEOUS couldn t be better suited to Woody Guthrie the man or the message he was trying to convey through his music My only complaint is that the text seemed to shy every so slightly away from his politics.

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Woody Guthrie: Poet of the People Woody Guthrie Spent His Life Putting Into Words And Music What The Rest Of America Was Thinking He Roamed From Coast To Coast And Captured The Despair Of Those Displaced By The Great Depression And The Dust Bowl, Eulogized Workers, And Celebrated The Great Natural Beauty Of America This Is An Introductory Biography Presented As A Picture Book With A Brief Lyrical Text And Powerful, Hand Tinted, Woodcut Like Illustrations It Includes The Complete Lyrics To This Land Is Your Land And Excerpts From His Other Songs A Book For All Ages, It Makes This Talented And Tragic Man Accessible To Young Children And Will Please His Older Folksinging Fans With Its Stunning Art.