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Orlando - Lyle Lyle S Life Is Now Complicated By A Number Of Factors First And Foremost, A Kidnapper Has Emerged On The Scene, Abducting Children Things Really Heat Up, Though, When The Bad Guy Starts Signing Names To His Notes Familiar Names And Then There S FBI Agent, Orlando Alvarez, With Whom Lyle Butts Antlers At Every Turn, And Yet He Finds An Unalterable Attraction Towards The Man.

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    I really loved Book One of this series, despite the ending I enjoyed the second book, too, though not as much I started the third book with great hope and expectations for a HEA for Lyle.The HEA comes but the book drags on with massive assumptions and misunderstandings that flip and flop Lyle seemingly from one page to the next His friends aren t above the expansive opinion swings either The kidnapping plot devise is interesting but it too went off the rails a bit with some odd contrivances Also, some of the coincidences were TOO much for even a fiction story and not even addressed The second hardest thing to swallow was the constant interruptions of the main and love interest whenever they FINALLY got alone Some is understandable and even expected, but this was pretty ridiculous by the end The thing I liked best in the first two books was Lyle s joyful spirit, optimism, and zest for life While his attitude and even depression is understandable given his past, he and his love interest didn t get enough time together even non sexual time for the reader to really have the old Lyle back in the ...