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Lets Learn Hiragana There Are Three Types Of Japanese Script Katakana, Hiragana, And Kanji It Is Possible To Read Japanese Knowing Only A Limited Number Of Kanji, But It Is Not Possible With Only A Limited Number Of Katakana Or Hiragana One Must Know All Of Them Let S Learn Hiragana, And Its Companion Volume Let S Learn Katakana, Is A Textbook That Introduces The Learner To The Basics Of One Of These Fundamental Japanese Scripts Being A Workbook, It Contains All The Exercises That Allow The Student To Master Hiragana By The Time The Book Has Been Finished Let S Learn Hiragana Is A Classic In The Field, And The Huge Number Of Students That Have Used It Successfully Is A Sign Of Its Preeminence As A Self Study Guide.

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    A simple, good book for learning Hiragana I used it to strengthen my skills while learning in class, and there were many useful tidbits and information in this book.There are several good exercises in the book which get a little dull and repetitive, but there is no better way to learn Hiragana than repeating them over and over again There is also a lot of vocabulary if one cares to learn some A little grammar was surveyed as well, whenever it was important to understand why certain characters A simple, good book for learning ...

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    A bit too traditional for my tastes I wish this book had the kana practice squares instead of plain old lines Kana Practice Squares are boxes that are divided into quadrants so you can make sure your strokes are balanced.However, on the plus side, this book hasinfo on reading than most kana workbooks It even explains vertical writing, which is being left out in a lot beginner books nowadays I do think it was helpful in terms of helping my reading, but less so in helping my very bad pen A bit too traditional for my tastes I wish this book had th...

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    This book is a big help in understanding the easiest of the three syllabaries that compose written Japanese It breaks them down into sections so you can practice and then build upon the previous group and there is a page for writing practice that you can scan and print for evenpractice It also works as a good referenc...

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    Good practice book to learn how to recognize and write Hirigana Book needs to have an answer key to promote better learning.

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    There are a lot of newer books with different learning styles that some might think are easier but this one work just fine for me It gives exercises to help you practice reading and writing and now I m on to the next.

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    Excellent book You ll be writing hiragana in no time Whether you remember it or not, that s another story But that s not the fault of this book.