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Spellweaver [PDF] ✅ Spellweaver By Lynn Kurland – The New York Times bestselling author returns to the Nine Kingdoms for another spellbinding story of magical romance Ruith had long managed to ignore the magic in his veins until aiding Sarah with her The New York Times bestselling author returns to the Nine Kingdoms for another spellbinding story of magical romance Ruith had long managed to ignore the magic in his veins until aiding Sarah with her ill fated uest forced him into places where his heritage was impossible to deny Faced with an ever increasing number of enemies who covet his power Ruith must accept his birthright and gather his father's spells together so he can destroy them or turn away and allow his father's evil to overcome the Nine Kingdoms Now Ruith and Sarah must rely on each other than ever for everything they value is at risk the Nine Kingdoms their livesand their hearts.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 397 pages
  • Spellweaver
  • Lynn Kurland
  • English
  • 07 February 2015

About the Author: Lynn Kurland

Lynn began her writing career at the tender age of five with a series of illustrated novellas entitled Clinton’s Troubles in which the compelling hero found himself in all sorts of well trouble She was living in Hawaii at the time and the scope for her imagination poisoned fish tropical cliffs large spiders was great and poor Clinton bore the brunt of it After returning to the mainlan.

10 thoughts on “Spellweaver

  1. Jill Furedy Jill Furedy says:

    Can't believe this book was rated so well by so many people I was so annoyed by the repetition in this book First off by the exact same relationship between Sarah and Ruith as there was between Miach and Morganexcept I liked it better in the first trilogy How many times can they be dazzled by one another's beauty terrified beyond anything they've experienced before yes terrified than they were 20 pages ago but give them ten pages and it gets EVEN worse encountering magic to a degree never imagined etc The weird doubting of each other's love and constant disbelief of it got old really uickly They are constantly in new castleskeeps amazing than the last but won't be spoiled by this since who knows when they will have such accomadations again hintyou will in a few pages I kept forgetting what the goal of all this was never did understand the terrible idea of collecting spells but not destroying them until they had them all and didn't get how with all the magic in the family so many people were NOT killed at the well and no one knew itnot even the all powerful grandparents And what's the deal with Drochwhat is he at the keep for why do they put up with him? His ease of ability to capture people for pawns and other evils seem like they'd be an issue for others at the keep This book was really frustrating since I really like the world Kurland created but this was rambling and the points that seemed like they were introducing something or someone really interesting uickly devolved into something we've read before Still holding out hope that the next book will develop some of the interesting ideas develop a personality for Sarah other than stunned scared or determined and redeem the series but I'm not as anxious for the next one as I would have hoped to be

  2. Ashley Daviau Ashley Daviau says:

    The beginning of this series was absolutely stellar but as it goes on it's getting kind of old and a bit stale The same themes keep popping up a person thought to be dead for years has really been in hiding and keeping their identity secret Or person thought to be dead is actually alive but has no knowledge of who they are and then their identity is revealed and they turn out to be long lost royalty Despite that I did still find some aspects of this book very interesting I loved learning about Sarah's particular kind of magic and the big reveal at the ending was a surprise to me so I am still looking forward to continuing the series

  3. The UHQ Nasanta The UHQ Nasanta says:

    This review may be rife with spoilers for Spellweaver and the previous Nine Kingdoms books Tread with caution Also note long review is long Dear Author I was all prepared to love this book as I had loved Morgan and Miach's books and liked Ruith and Sarah's first book The slight uneasiness I had felt upon reading A Tapestry of Spells a worry that the characters and story were starting to sound familiar was easily set aside to immerse myself in the Nine Kingdoms world again Unfortunately I could not say the same for this book To give this book a rating less than Liked was a dismay because I have loved the Nine Kingdoms series However I honestly could not give it a higher rating; and even worse this book has weakened my enthusiasm for the series itself Where I Describe My Love for Morgan and MiachI loved Morgan's personality She was prickly confident with a dead panned sense of humor She was a than competent swordsman which meant that she could take care of herself When it was discovered that she had inherited than her fair share of magical ability from her parents that made her even stronger in a sense It was a little disappointing that she starting falling apart and needed to depend on Miach to keep her safe for Books 2 and 3 Nonetheless I really enjoyed reading the sweet romance that developed between her and Miach and enjoyed their interactions and banter I loved Miach Miach I suppose is what one might call a beta hero He was sweet sensitive gentle thoughtful and considerate But he had a tendency to cry too often I don't mind crying men but I myself am not a weepy emotional person so many times I felt exasperated and wondered why all these men were crying With some effort I managed to push this irritation aside I still loved the first three books Miach was also uiet serious and seemed like the type of guy who liked to fade into the background He also happened to be the most powerful mage in the whole of the Nine Kingdoms I could live with that But it did irk me when he also became a than competent swordsman under Scrymgeour Weger's tutelage because this meant that he overpowered Morgan not only in the magical sense but in the physical sense because now in the only area where she had had the upper hand Miach is her eual Still I did get the sense that Morgan had much magical potential so although Miach would be her superior as a mage and her eual in swordsmanship with much application to her magic studies it was possible for Morgan to be just as powerful a mage I could live with this as well Why did I describe my thoughts about the main characters of the first three books? Because the main characters for the next three started sounding just like them Where I Describe Why I Felt Sarah and Ruith Sounded Like Morgan and MiachSarah was prickly and although not too confident because she had no magical ability when she felt she ought to have one she was confident in her own way and had a sense of humor similar to Morgan's I suppose this is no surprise since you author created them both but one could have wished that you had made of an effort to make Sarah an individual rather than someone who resembled a former beloved character Ruith was a bit gruff and he was cruel to Sarah if he felt that it was for her own good We did not get to see Miach reveal this side to his Morgan But he was also sweet sensitive he cries too ; gentle thoughtful and considerate He is a powerful mage just like Miach Not only did he sound like Miach in terms of characteristics he sounded like Miach in speech as well with his gallantry and chivalry towards Sarah Yes they were both of royal lines where they had gallantry and chivalry towards women bred into them but did they really have to sound so much alike that I started forgetting whose story I was reading? And I did start writing Morgan instead of Sarah in the most recent mentionWhere I Discuss My Problems with the First Half of the BookOne of the things that had bothered me in A Tapestry of Spells and was carried into Spellweaver was the lack of a timeline and the lack of shared information It prompted uestions that were not answered CS Lewis could get away with it in The Chronicles of Narnia with Aslan's This is not your story but that method did not work here I had a feeling that you made things vague to allow you some leniency regarding the development of the storyline but all it did was vex me When Ruith first met Sgath did Sgath know about Morgan? If so why did he not tell Ruith that his little sister lived? If Sgath had not met Morgan until later why did he not tell anyone else that Ruith still lived? When Ruith meets Solleir why does his brother Runach not reveal himself to him or let him know that Morgan too had survived? I suppose Solleir keeping secrets was somewhat acceptable although he did freely provide the information once Ruith demanded it which made it less acceptable because then I was left to wonder why he did not tell anyone about the survival of Gair and Sarait's children particularly to Runach who had lived and worked as his servant for many years What was the point of all this secrecy? This particular uestion nagged and frustrated the hell out of me to the point that I was nearly fuming for the first half of the book I will admit that Miach agreeing to keep Ruith's survival from Morgan for the time being was somewhat acceptable since there were probably doubts about Ruith's survival of his task and thus the uestion of the point of secrecy being answered I had also wondered why Runach and Ruith had not fled to their relations for protection after the tragedy at the well I felt that you tried to address those uestions in this book but the answers were not very satisfactory Where I Discuss My Problems with the Second Half of the BookThe second half of the book did not weather through my now critical eyes much better than the first half because Sarah's story was starting to sound most eerily like Morgan's A common apparently unmagical young gel from the village of Who Knows Where turns out to be a rather special and magical gel with a royal bloodline thus making her an acceptable mate for the acknowledged royal companion The young gels' stories began rather tragically but ends well with the revelation of other relations especially powerful ones who had been watching over them from afar or near The princes in disguise discovers the true identity of their lovely companions and must find a way to break the truth to their objects of affection as gently as they can As the book started revealing this aspect of the story I will admit to being tempted to throw the book across the room I could not believe that this storyline was being reused and since it was the dead of the night and not being the type to abuse books like that I settled for verbal expressions of disgust and dismay Ruith had since his first book been worried about his heritage and whether he might turn out to be like his mad evil father That was the basis for him hiding away in the backwater of Nowhere and for thoroughly hiding his magic I suppose since he was still a child at the time of the tragedy of the well this may have been an acceptable reason for him to refuse his magical heritage But when you juxtapose Ruith's concerns that Sile's garden will not let him through with Ruith's recollections of playing in that same garden when he was younger it really destroyed all credibility for Ruith's concerns at least for this reader I had had difficulty accepting Ruith's angst about his paternal heritage in A Tapestry of Spells This particularly scene made me snort in disbelief and exasperation And finally shape changing horses that Hearn would lust after? WTH?PS You didn't have to bang our heads with the unsubtle hints of a possible trilogy for Solleir's HEA Although I did enjoy that banter PPS What did I enjoy about this book? It was a Nine Kingdoms book the romance was still sweet the characters were still enjoyable and Ruith's and Sarah's haggling over how and when Ruith might court her was pretty funny

  4. Bookaholics Bookaholics says:

    Spellweaver by Lynn KurlandParanormal Romance Jan 4th 20114 ½ starsSpellweaver is a part of a spellbinding saga and the 5th in the fantasy series by Lynn Kurland Spellweaver is the 2nd story concerning Sarah of Doire and Ruithneadh of Ceangail The 1st three book concerned Ruith's sister MorganRuith is a powerful mage with elvish magic Handsome and talented he hides his magic because he is haunted by his father’s evil use of magic and wants none to taint him But there are dangerous people who want his father’s dark spells The most dangerous one of them steals magic from others Ruith knows he can't let anyone use these spells but he needs Sarah's talent to see spells to find them But Sarah's past with magic has burned her And although she is attracted to Ruith she wants to stay as far away from magic as possible Can their budding attraction for each other have a chance to grow in this atmosphere of mistrust and secrets?This is a gentle fantasy world that reminds me of Robin Owens’s Heart series but on a grander epic scale The 1st of 3 books concern the impetuous swordswoman Morgan Because there is a lot of detail and rather involving cast of characters that interrelate I would highly suggest reading them in order starting with Morgan's 1st book Star of the Morning which I felt was a joy to read At the very least read the beginning of Ruith's journey in A Tapestry of SpellsThis series has a gentle charm that almost seems poetic Evil villains and tortured heroes and heroines are slowly and skillfully revealed by the author This series is mesmerizing as I became invested in the main characters and wanted them to find peace and conuer evil Ruith is not as charismatic as is his sister Morgan who lost her memory and had to search for her identity Ruith is of an enigma He suffers because of his father's evil and how it destroyed his family He has had many years to lick his wounds and try to come to terms with his family’s destruction Sarah also has many issues to resolve Her troubled relationship with her magical and power hungry brother and the disappointment she was to her magical mother Because Sarah does not have any real magic she was tormented when she was younger and generally branded an outcast Being around a mage even one who chooses not to use his powers is difficult for herThis story is complex Anyone who loves epic fantasies with emotion rich history and deep characters will enjoy this slow moving story I was particularly interested to know about Ruith's evil father Gair and can't wait for Ruith to begin using his powerful magic I would also like to know about the powerful and wise mage Soilleir and his past He seems very similar to Gandalf's character in Lord of the Rings And I would love to hear about his history and how he came into his powers or what will happen in his futureMagical swords evil villains dangerous spells courageous heroes and an epic adventure create an addictive readReviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

  5. Lara Lara says:

    It's been a couple of years since I read the previous book so I had forgotten some of the details About midway through the book I realized that this series is actually three trilogies about siblings who share a tragic past and became separated for at least a decade Each book is written so that the action comes to a pause by the end but nothing is fully resolved until the end of the corresponding trilogy However I think the entire series revolves around the fallout of the tragic event that happened all those years in the pastIn this book we have Sarah who can see magic and had an unhappy upbringing and Ruith who has been hiding from himself Ruith finds he has to come to terms with himself and his heritage in order to complete his uest and keep Sarah safe Sarah finds herself in one unexpected situation after another While she is strong willed she isn't trained as anything but weaving So she is pretty dependent and vulnerable Fortunately she isn't a wilting flower and does her best to keep her head about her This becomes harder as she learns about her past However she holds her head up even as it exhausts herThere are plenty of uestions raised during this book only some of which are answered There are some uestions raised in the previous book that are answered in this one such as who Francisco is However there are a lot of characters from the first book who don't make a reappearance other than Sarah and Ruich wondering where they went to However we do meet with some characters from the first trilogy and also with the sibling for the next one I was surprised that there was no effort made to figuring out what Sarah can do view spoilerAnd I was disappointed that of course she is a member of a royal family Though not on both sides hide spoiler

  6. Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) says:

    I've made the mistake of not reviewing this book when I finished it because I put it down and picked up Gift of Magic the 6t and last book in the series the next minute I have been totally into this series since I began reading it five weeks ago I probably have rated them against each other in a way ending up with giving four of them five stars and two of them four Loved the world the characters and the story This fifth book continues with Sarah and Ruith's uest to find all of his evil father's spells so they will not fall into the hands of another black mage and to destroy them Sarah does not have magic but she has the ability to see things and can see where every spell has been hidden Only for that reason does Ruith bear to have her come with him and into one dangerous situation after another There are many wonderful entities in this story elves dwarves mortals not many of them mages some good and some very evil It is full of magic which is beautifully written There are a lot of names I can not pronounce and different kinds of magic all with names but I did not have a hard time following it I learned to pronounce the names in my head even if I probably can not say them Ruith is Prince Ruithneadh of CeangailI think one of the reasons I liked this series so much is simply because it is enjoyable to be in this world It isn't a scary read although there are some tense scenes the romance is there throughout but it is a love story with humor at times and if one wants torrid scenes in a story they are not here It has nothing in it that a young teen should not read although it may be too complex for a lot of them I simply loved being in the world and a part of these great magical men and woman And Sarah of courseNo spoilers but as had to happen in this book Ruith finds that he is going to have to embrace his magic and no longer keep it buried within himself The stakes are too high and his ability to protect Sarah is not there without magic very powerful magicBest of all Miach comes back into the story The first three books were the story of Miach the Archmage of Neroche and Morgan Miach uickly became one of my all time favorite book heroes which is one reason why I spent the fourth book missing him These last three books take place in the same nine Kingdoms but just very slightly after the events of the first three books I loved the parts in this book where Ruith and Miach reminisce about their boyhood friendship when they spent much of it sneaking into libraries and stealing spells they were not supposed to have Good thing they didNow I have to figure out how to do a good review without spoilers for the sixth book Gift of Magic It will be a five star If you like fantasy romance with lots of magic I highly recommend this series

  7. Anne Marsh Anne Marsh says:

    The Nine Kingdom novels had me riveted from the first pages the romance is lushly sweet and the Nine Kingdoms themselves are a magical spot My only complaint is that Kurland appears to be on a one book per year schedule so I have another year to wait for the conclusion of Ruith and Sarah's romance

  8. Brenda Brenda says:

    Nyeh I've read better She's written better I enjoy the pace and overall charm of the author's work but it was yet another story about making friends with the author's favorite characters

  9. Kathy Davie Kathy Davie says:

    Fifth in the Nine Kingdoms fantasy series revolving around the surviving siblings of the blackest mage known in the history of the Nine Kingdoms; it's also a bridge story continuing the adventures of Ruith of Ceangail and Sarah of Doìre I also believe it takes place during or shortly after the adventures in Princess of the SwordMy TakePart of what I enjoy about the Nine Kingdoms is the casual manners of its good royals and mages The mischievousness of the main characters as children and their resultant scoldings as recalled by both the characters and the mages catching them creates a warmth and an empathy between the reader and the story Although I will admit Kurland does not make it easy to figure out Sarah's reasons for confronting the world Ruith's purpose is easy enough but Kurland just keeps dropping hints and you need to read the entire story to get a glimmerThe main purpose of this story is for Ruith to realize that he must use his magic and for Sarah to come to understand her particular ability and her true origins He cannot continuing burying his abilities if he is to keep those he loves safe and Sarah has an entire history to absorb The purpose of the series is to reunite the siblingsas far as I can tellPoor Ruith His courtship is on rocky ground although I do enjoy his efforts to get those ten princesses out of the way Then there's Sarah's ruthless efficiency I loved Ruith's comment about resigning the position of her guardsmanso that he mayhire her to protect himOoh a spell of invisibility allows Ruith and Sarah to eavesdrop on Morag and Phillip; it provides uite a back history on important eventsThe StoryBetween her mother brother and Ruith Sarah has vowed to have no to do with mages or their magics And this kidnapping is only solidifying her choice Still Sarah sees and it is this ability that Ruith needs if he is to locate every one of his father's spells and destroy them If only he could do it without Sarah He wants no danger to threaten this womanUnfortunately there are too many who would hurt her and between providing Sarah with protection and her ability to see Sarah is compelled to set out on this dangerous journey of discovery with RuithThe CharactersSarah of Doìre is a weaver and the daughter of Seleg the witchwoman; her brother Daniel worships at Gair's altar of world domination Franciscus the alemaster of Doìre has loved Sarah as though she were his ownand it seems he had reasonPrince Ruithneadh Ruith of Ceangail has spent the last 20 years as a hermit mage on the mountainside After the trauma of losing his entire family at the well when his father betrayed them all Ruith wants nothing to do with magic Rùnach is another brother whom Ruith discoversSoilléir of Cothromaiche is a master wizard who lives in Buidseachd and is the keeper of the spells of essence changing He prefers to approach life in a very roundabout manner Droch of Saothair is another of the wizards at Buidseachd; he is the master of the spells of Olc King Uachdaran king of the dwarves has a bard historian Master Eachdraidh who is excessively interested in SarahRuith's Family BackgroundRuith's mother was Princess Sarait of Tòrr Dòrainn King Sìle of Tòrr Dòrainn is Ruith and Morgan's elven grandfather; Brèagha his grandmother Rùnach and Keir are other brothers Sgath and Eulasaid are Ruith's other grandparentsKing Mochriadhemiach Miach of Neroche is to betrothed to Mhorghain Morgan Ruith's younger sister Ruith and Miach have a childhood history of sneaking into relatives' studies and libraries to steal spells A habit that continues to haunt their reception stillRuith's bastard and evil brothers include Droch and Urchaid of Saothair Táir and Mosach while Amitàn of Ceangail is one of the bastards' sonsThoir is the youngest son of Làidir the crown prince of Tòrr Dòrainn And cousin to the children of Gair of Ceangail The extremely rude and nasty Ardan of Ainneamh is one of the elves who helps Ruith and SarahA story that keeps cropping up is of the tragic death of Athair and his lovely dreamweaver bride Sorchaueen Morag of An uallach is determined to suck the magic out of every person capable of holding magic Everyone wonders how her husband Prince Phillip has stayed with her all these yearsThe various types of magic include but are not limited to Olc a black magic wielded by Gair Droch Daniel and the bastards; Croxteth used by Ruith's mother; Caochladh spells of essence changing; Fadaire is elvish magic; Camanaë; and Caol is the magic practiced by MoragThe Cover and TitleThe cover is a closeup of Ruith in leggings boots with a diamond shaped inset in the cuff a long jerkin and a blousy sleeved linen shirt all of it topped by a very fuzzy hooded cloak His belt is festooned with what I assume are various magickal vials and objects he uses on his travels with a beautifully sheathed dagger One foot propped on a large rock his stance is casual as his hands rest atop the hilt of his sword its tip resting on the dried grasses that make up the foreground In the background a late fall is obvious in the drying yet colorful foliage between Ruith and the turreted castle itself brought into focus by the mountain range behind itThe title Spellweaver is all too accurate as Ruith's abilities to wield magic speeds up and Sarah's family history slowly emerges

  10. Anne Hamilton Anne Hamilton says:

    I loved the idea of names woven into the soul It's so right The romance between elven prince Ruith and the weavergirl Sarah started to get a bit tedious since it round and round in the same circles Ruith realises that if he wants to protect those he loves he's going to have to make the choice to face his own demons and start using the magic he'd give up twenty years previously He's become besotted by Sarah and would dearly like to leave her tucked away in a magical garden full of endless delights but she's the only one who can see the toxic spells his black mage father collected and which are now scattered across the landscape in a disturbing pattern Almost like a lure Ruith spends time with his old teacher Solleir who asks him to take a gift of a strange sword to a dwarf king The dwarf immediately gifts it to him drawing Ruith's suspicions that something very strange and dangerous is going on uite apart from the strangeness and danger of the spells that could destroy the world with their darkness Only as Ruith and Sarah encounter the ambitious ueen do they realise that perhaps Sarah isn't an ordinary girl after all

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