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Tempted [PDF / Epub] ✎ Tempted ☂ P.C. Cast – Num mundo igual ao nosso mas onde os vampyros não só existem como são tolerados A Casa da Noite é uma escola de referência Um local cheio de perigos e segredos onde os jovens marcados têm dois d Num mundo igual ao nosso mas onde os vampyros não só existem como são tolerados A Casa da Noite é uma escola de referência Um local cheio de perigos e segredos onde os jovens marcados têm dois destinos ou se transformam em vampyros ou morrem destroçados Zoey Redbird é uma das melhores alunas e foi escolhida pela deusa Nyx para um grande destino Mas como se não bastassem todas as invejas de ue é alvo agora enfrnta desafios cada vez mais difíceis para além de ter de lidar com três rapazes ue disputam os seus afectos sendo um deles um Guerreiro destinado a proteger Zoey e a sentir as suas emoções também terá de enfrentar as forças negras ue despertam nos túneis sob Tulsa Estranhas visões avisam Zoey de ue deverá resistir aos encantos de Kalona e também mostram ue apenas ela terá o poder de travar esse imortal maléfico Cedo se torna claro ue Zoey não tem escolha se não se render a Kalona ele vingar se á sobre os seus amigos mais próximos e a família Terá Zoey Redbird a coragem para arriscar perder a sua vida o seu coração e a sua alma.

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  • 311 pages
  • Tempted
  • P.C. Cast
  • Portuguese
  • 09 June 2016
  • 9789896373078

About the Author: P.C. Cast

PC was born in the Midwest and grew up being shuttled back and forth between Illinois and Oklahoma which is where she fell in love with uarter Horses and mythology at about the same time After high school she joined the United States Air Force and began public speaking and writing After her tour in the USAF she taught high school for years before retiring to write full time PC is a .

10 thoughts on “Tempted

  1. Penny Penny says:

    Have you ever read a book that's so irritating you can't help but think ' It would be great if most of the characters died right now especially the main character because she sucks'? Possibly even go so far as consider writing and posting your own ending to said book on fanfictionnet? An ending in which Buffy the Vampire Slayer shows up and kills everyone in a hilarious yet incredibly violent fashion? If your answer is YES then you've probably been reading this series XDSeriously though Tempted killed my addiction to the House of Night series And I know I should be grateful in a way I am but than anything I can't help but be incredibly disappointed The first HON book had some potential but instead of getting better as the series continued it just got worse So Much Worse Zoey Redbird went from being a normal teenage girl who just so happened to be a vampire to a complete slut faced ho bag vampire with extrasuperspecial powers by the sixth book To be completely honest the full transformation to Supernatural Slut Face Sue occurred a few books back Zoey is so much worse then Aphrodite was at the beginning of the series And I think we can all agree Aphrodite was kind of slutty way back then what with her forcing her company on an obviously uninterested slightly disgusted Eric all the time Now that I think about it that's way sad then it is slutty I digress My point is now Aphrodite is committed to a nice guy who loves respects her and Zoey is lusting aftersexingheavily pettinggropingmaking out with just about every guy that comes her way For whatever reason Zoey's behavior is not considered slutty because she's a priestess or whatever Apparently if you wield the power of Nyx you can get away with anything even being the Whore of Babylon How nice ErikStarkKalonaeveryotherwaytotallyhotguyevuh? Hate them So much Because seriously Zoey is the Whore of all Babylon has no redeeming ualities whatsoever yet they're all hot and bothered over her Morons All of them Obviously Kalona is just some disgusting evilGod? Demon? Whatever who wants to get Zoey in the sack and then kill her I'm sorry but where's the downside to that plan? Just kidding not really And I really don't understand Erik's attraction to her especially since she cheated on him with THEIR ADULT TEACHER the same day Erik became a full fledged vampire It was what? An hour after the fact??? And Stark? Ugh Don't even get me started on the StarkZoey 'ship That whole complicatednonsensical mess just makes me want to bash my head against a brick wall Repeatedly Moving onThe gay couple in this series is completely ridiculous Look I don't have an issue with homosexuality in YA fiction but I do have a problem with the way it's portrayed in this series Damien and Jack are like a parody of a stereotype if that makes sense Their relationship is so dare I say gay for lack of a better description It's just a bunch of rainbows puppies kittens lollipops fluffy clouds sunshine glitter farting unicorns and of course fabulousness in Damien and Jack Townshipville The Twins? Sooooooo stuuuuuuuuuupid These are two of my least favorite characters and were I to write a Buffy the Vampire SlayerHON crossover these two would go first at the exact same time It wouldn't be pretty either Stevie Rae? I don't even know what to think about where her story is going I mean seems like the girl's gonna be gettin' it on with some sort of demented raven man thing which is incredibly disgusting That whole weird relationship aside? Stevie Rae just isn't the same In fact she hasn't been since she died and came back Stevie Rae just flat out gives me the creeps so I don't like her either Then there's Heath Poor stupid very mortal Heath One of the few characters I still kind of liked in this horrible horrible oh so very horrible series And yes I know I'm probably the only person who actually liked Heath you slags were wanting him to die and you know it but I don't care The fact is he's the only person that really knew Zoey and he still loved her despite all her faults He loved her so much he decided it was time to grow up and uit drinkingpartying And put his life on the line for her He's the only person that kept Zoey grounded besides her grandmother of course I actually liked the interactions between Zoey and Heath Their conversations were cute and sweet and fun I actually kind of liked Zoey when she was with Heath I could relate to her And what did the Casts' do? They killed him KILLED At the end of the last chapter And because he's mortal he's actually dead dead As in never coming back dead unlike Stevie Rae and Stark whou should have stayed dead IMHO And I've got the feeling the Casts only killed him because their story got away from them and they didn't know what else to doThe Casts are going to drag this series out for SIX MORE BOOKS people And considering the fact that they've already lost control of their story It's pretty safe to say that this series won't end well Don't say I didn't warn youAnd it needs to be said I am dumber for having read the first six books in the House of Night series That is all

  2. Lola Lola says:

    Like a lot of people like me and all I'm important and shit this god also does Oh yeah I have like three hawt guys after me I seriously can't believe he insert one of three guys name would do that It's his fault Enough loving me already Oh wait I forgot this sick thing happened insert spoiler Oh my gawd Well that's my perspective on Miss so effing beautiful high and mighty mary sue Zoey this book Cue head bangingI was thinking that since the last book wasn't very impressive this would make up for it I mean seriously I get that there are some fillers or at least one bad book in a series but this has got to be one of the worst Let me rephrase that There are some to little interesting developments regarding the plot and where Zoey was left of last time and another twist Sadly all this takes a backseat well at least they mention it Why? Because Zoey is in a freaking love suare and she can't decide who to choose gasp She the important one with a shitload of problems involving danger can't concentrate because something happened I thought it was kinda okay not bad and she can't choose the right guy Zoey we have a word for you chica with troubles with the amount of guys you have and how uickly you switch it's called being loose and a slut I can't even say emotional development because while the main character kind of gets things sometime I would expect her to oh I don't know mature a little after 5 books? Nope And while it is cool to see other POV's in this book it seemed suddenly out place because the authors just threw them in for the sake of what? Understanding? View points? It didn't seem right after 5 books on just Zoey's view unfortunately It wasn't much use anyways since it was a recap of actions that already happened and how they viewed it And it was pretty much about I can't believe Zoey Oh no Maybe this It was messed up and to suddenly add later in the series? Incoherent and Well moving on the who to choose I swear at least lessen it to two don't decide on a third there was this pretty awesome development on the story and I liked the direction the authors were taking it But man the pace of the story was uneven with it that the authors weren't able to execute it properly I just hope they concentrate on that then Zoey's love dilemma I like the concept of the story but I just don't like the round about way the authors are taking and focusing on lesser problems Remember the main focus in the last book? There is a completely useless side plot that distracts everything and is an obstacle; the series is starting to drag the plot line And since I'm already used to the over the top use of slang I'll skim that part And what about other side characters? What happened to them here? My love for Stevie Ray and Aprodite grew I prefer them as the main characters instead I actually liked Stevie Ray's part of the story and her POV Also WTF happened that made others whiny and unlikable? I already find Zoey annoying dude you have to take the blame sometimes and including other characters that are going downhill because of you guess it Zoey Seems like the authors are doing switches on others too Crap well there goes the rest of the series Suffice to say something plot wise does happen to Zoey that took a turn Well I can sympathize a bit on that Kinda sad Reminded me of the risks and all and will the plot actually go straight forward instead of a detour and off the cliff? Hmm I'm seriously giving up this although the ending where some things were redeemed was cool and I think hopefully some ties are done though the cliff hanger had me hesitating The love suare is kinda done There are some characters I want to keep reading The actual plot is weakening but I'd like to see what happens after a side problem is complete Blah forget it I'm done I'll just ask my friends if it gets worse or we'll just snark from the campus library

  3. Jen Jen says:

    I put it down after 190 pages of nothing I'm tempted to burn it It's that terrible When I say nothing I almost literally mean NOTHING happened The word u we tsi a ge ya or whatever the hell her grandmother calls her in EVERY sentence was used probably 756 times Listen grams I know you're trying to be affectionate but Zoey's actual name is only 2 syllablesit's got to be a lot easier just saying the two as opposed to the six Hell why not just Z if you want to really take a shortcut As a reader we don't need to witness that word a bunch of times in one conversation She used it in 4 consecutive sentences FOUR Give it a rest Jack and Damien Namely Jack It's completely stereotypical that he cries everytime anything happens A gay male does not a pregnant bipolar moody female make The Casts are basically counteracting their overt display of being all for human euality and accepting of homosexuality by pointing out their gayness uite often within these books Damien is feminine and smart Jack cries anytime Zoey sneezes Give them some dignity Speaking of stereotypes Kramisha What the hell? Because she's black she must automatically speak like a complete illiterate? Them kids be bad You's stupid They is whack Where you be at located from? Okay so each of these uotes may not be from the book but it's pretty damn close We're supposed to believe this girl is a talented poet when the Casts have her speaking like that? All of Zoey's obsessed male minions No guy with attached testicles and dignity is going to follow Zoey around like a puppy catering to her and watching her make out with each of her boyfriends then act like she is a victim and agree to sharing her with each of the guys That's where Erik went right But of course Zoey was made out to be the hero in that situation Because she broke up with the guy who wasn't okay with sharing her with 2 other guys and a dead angeldemon from under the dirt She's always the victim And the rest of the characters are vapid enough to believe it Stevie Rae's impending beastiality That is all The plot went like this Zoey does something magicKal can't forget the K Everyone agrees Jack cries Zoey considers something and kind of makes a decision The Twins say twin 15 times Jack cries Zoey kisses Erik Zoey contemplates her boyfriend situation and resolves to make a decision She doesn't Zoey sleeps with Stark Zoey delegates a task to everyone They happily oblige 10 pages pass and they still haven't done anything Her friends delegate to some other friends who agree Zoey dreams about Kalona feeling her up She drinks brown pop Zoey makes out with Stark while Heath is rubbing her feet and cooking her dinner all the while knitting a new scarf for her Everyone tells Zoey that she needs to sleep because she's so beautiful and all powerful and wise Grandma calls her u wan sum pud din and tells her some nonsensical and life changing cliche about truth that doesn't actually mean anything Then the POV changes to the birdman's and I uit readingI'm absolutely done with this series I thought I'd continue reading it because I'd like to see if the Casts could either a redeem themselves through the next 54 books or b outdo themselves in stupidity They've succeeded at the latter except that it wasn't even entertaining stupidity It was boring stupidity I hope Neferet comes back and blows everyone up with some sort of magic with a K diabolical fire power Or that Aphrodite remembers what a bad ass she is and refuses to further take place in this Barney and Friends bullcrap and punches Zoey in the face I've never been this angry at a book This shouldn't concern the Casts too much as they're likely cackling away at negative reviewers like myself from the highest tower of their money castleAnd yet this book has 5 stars on goodreadsMake your peace with God everyone The end is near

  4. ~Poppy~ ~Poppy~ says:

    35 Stars Stevie Rae and Rephaim❤️

  5. DarienMoya DarienMoya says:

    ^^TEMPTED TO DO A BOOK BURNINGONLY FOR THIS BOOK^^So after I gave birth to my son lazing around the house cus “come on” my newborn slept around the clock So I thought “heck I am gonna give this series a try” Well I am not going to front I was in love with the first five books of this series blame it on the hormones or trying to re live some form of my youth I was addicted and gobbled up all the books in less than a weekThe sixth book happened and I am now uestioning my sanity I will say this “WHAT THE HELL KIND OF BULLSHIT WAS THIS” I am all kinds of annoyed with this series and I am weeping for the trees lost and the ink that could have been used for something productive The House of Night series I feel has become a great disappointment don’t know what the HON series is I don’t have the time to explainThis book picks up right after the showdown between Kelona and Zoey and her goons I was expecting this book to be wrapped in action and have this storm a brewing Wanna know what I got? Zoey and her boyfriend drama some psychic visions Zoey and her messed up feelings of being in love with the entire universe Basically just a bunch of adolescents using swear words and throwing in slang’s because nothing says teenager like slang’sDid anything eventful happen in this book honestly I can’t even say because I am trying to forget the time I wasted on this the Cast’s needs a serious reality check I am not the type to spend time talking the politics of a book buuttttt I realize this book is filled with stereotypesHeads up to the authors not every black person speaks like they stepped out of a rap video not every gay man tends to over exaggerate and go crazy for shoes and I am a little sad that this was the best way they portrayed diversity MOVING ONThe use of language This book is a blow to teenagers I was one not toooo long ago and I don’t remember speaking like an idiot This book hit me with such deep words like“ I heart me some brown pop” Are you thinking what I am thinking? Just pick a brand already“I love Z than white bread” I don’t even know what that meansNot to mention the “sex thing” that pops up all around Like sex is everything to these characters but lest we forget “ Zoey ain’t no HO” thing is she can’t help how she feels cus all these guys r so hot Of course puritan Zoey has sworn of sex since she slept with a teacher at the house of night a person she knew all for a tremendous amount of time of a month Since Zoey ain’t no Ho she will not sleep with the guy she’s pretty much known all her life you tell me if Zoey ain’t no HOThen to make matters worse they kill of my fave character I am all kinds of pissed Something I did like well Stevie Rae and a Raven Mocker I don’t know but that is sounding all kinds of hotI just cannot believe a series with such promise turned out like this I could go on about all the ways I dislike Zoey but uite frankly this review will never end I will not continue just ask around to see what’s up Jesu I am in the mood for some Edward Cullen

  6. Alex Alex says:

    I just have to continue this series to see what happens to Kalona I hope Zoey dies in this oneUPDATESo I've made my disdain for Zoey uite clear So why do I keep reading this? Simple the plot is actually really good I really enjoy the Kalona and Neferet story arc and I REALLY liked that we finally got some chapters from other character's perspectives The beginning of this book was hard for me to get through though I'm sorry but the Zoey going out of her way not to cuss thing is getting RIDICULOUS It would be one thing if the authors were trying to prove a point that they don't have to cuss to sell books But that's not the case as every other character drops constant f bombs So Zoey saying things like I'm sorry I dragged you into all this poo and That's a bunch of bullpoopie is just downright ridiculous She can't even say the word crap? Or crud? Or ANYTHING other than bullpoopie? It is just really ridiculous and drags me out of the plot everytime she says itI was happy this book focused less on her guy problems though I laughed my butt off when Eric said I'm sick of you cheating on me with everyone who has a dick HAHAHA Even the characters in the book think she is a hoeBut even with all my ranting the last half of the book was awesome and I couldn't put it down And thanks a lot for ending the book so ambiguously that I am now actually excited to read the next one

  7. Armendia Armendia says:

    OMFG Okay The End For Now Who ends a book like that???? And I was just starting to like Heath I was totally Blissed out that she finally dumped that asshat Eric But I was just starting to like Heath He wasn't a Stark but he did get really sweet Random thought Zoey beat one of Aphrodites' latest death visions I really don't think there is any way for her to fall for Kolana now Butdadadummmmshe only altered another one She didn't drown on the island with Stark just out of her reach Her soul shattered with Stark just out of her reach I think it had the same intended affectDAMN WHEN DOES BURNED COME OUT???????

  8. Tori Tori says:

    I tried I really did But this book blew it really hard I literally skimmed over pages and pages of useless and boring things This is the first book of the series that wasn't interesting to me I almost gave up on it And I think I should have Instead I wasted 2 bucks in late fees trying to finish it And all the characters seemed so OUT of character that I just couldn't really focus or really care about it And you know what was really annoying? All the I heart me some shit Really annoying I mean why did everyone in this book just start saying this phrase? I did like the ending though 1 boyfriend down right? I mean seriously how many guys can be in love with her? Maybe she really is dead and the next book will just be some even crazier random shit about Buffy killng all of them and then the humans live happily ever after Okay I can dream though right? I know this is a vampire book but can we at least be a LITTLE bit realistic? Please? And how can she be such a 'heroine' for lack of a better word if she keeps passing out and almost dying and really dying? I mean not a good role model for girls who want to be strong independent women What is this? Twilight? In the least it's a huge lame soap opera Don't know why it took me this long to realize it Oh and excuse me I'm out 250 2 effin 50 And whoever can say that they liked this book obviously doesn't know what a good detailed book isT

  9. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Still he was too late The book with the two very important deaths and the shuttering of a very important soulOne of the best cliff hangers that I have ever read In a voice torn from her soul and so filled with anguish Stark hardly recognized her Zoey screamed “No” and threw the glowing ball of spirit at Kalona In contrast to the first books in the series Tempted has 6 points of view by Zoey Stevie Rae Aphrodite Rephaim Heath and StarkLots of things happen in the book that make Zoey’a story take another devastating turn Although this is a young adult novel it does not lack scenes of seduction and cruel deathsThis is also the book where Rephaim and Stevie Ray get closer “Kill me End this” he gasped panting in painThe sound of his voice was so human so completely unexpected that Stevie Rae dropped her hands and staggered a step back “You can talk” she blurtedThen the Raven Mocker did something that utterly shocked Stevie Rae and irrevocably changed the course of her lifeHe laughed Aphrodite and Darius are together “She’s really amazing” Darius said as he gazed lovingly after her The truth is that Aphrodite has changed remarkably since book 1 and she has become one of the most interesting characterswhile Erik has become one if the most annoying characters

  10. Brigid ✩ Brigid ✩ says:

    Okay I might spoil a few things here so be warnedThere are so many things I hate about these books I hate Zoey for starters She is a terrible MC I mean you have books like Twilight getting all that crap about the MC being a bad influence but come on  Zoey does next to nothing except walk around and let boys drool over her I don't even understand why so many guys are obsessed with her when she's such an annoying idiot Sure she has all the magic power thingies but even that's not all so impressive It's like she just magically calms people down and like drives away evil spirits I don't even knowSo yeah the boy drama also really gets on my nerves I'm so glad that Erik is out of the picture pretty much the only cool thing Zoey has ever done is break up with him Rolls eyes I always thought he was a total asshat Stark  Stark is cool I liked him better in books 4 and 5 and now he's getting all arrogant and obnoxious But he's the least annoyingasshole ish of Zoey's bfs soooo if I had to choose a team – Team Stark Heath I just hate He's a stupid annoying little puppy dog who has absolutely no life whose world revolves around obsessing over Zoey So in that way he is essentially like a male Bella Swan Heh heh on him later Evil grin I must say I do like Kalona in a twisted way He just confuses me so much On one hand he is very very evil On the other hand he seems really hot  and he has a backstory He's the only character in the book who comes close to actually being developed Plus I love that thing he did at the very end  Heehee But yeah Zoey obviously isn't going to end up with him Too badAs for the other couples It sort of ticks me off that Stevie Rae is now becoming like Zoey and has like three boyfriends which is stupid because I don't even know what the significance of those boyfriends is Like  Dallas and  that other kid whose name I don't even remember It's like whatever who cares? I hated how Zoey was like Heehee I hope Stevie Rae will have lots of boyfriends like me and then everyone can start calling her a slut instead of me I mean really? Yeah that's a great friend right there But anyway I liked Raphaim He seemed cool Although I didn't really understand why he was pretending to help out those other vampyres trap Stevie Rae and then he was like Nooo Stevie Rae it's a trap But then it's like Well then why did you agree to be part of this plan which involved you getting beaten nearly to death just to tell Stevie Rae that it was a trap? It makes NO SENSE So Couples Right Damien and Jack are cute together as always I also like Aphrodite and Darius together And yeah I guess that's pretty much itOk now to rant about the writing a bit I ABSOLUTELY HATE HOW THESE BOOKS ARE WRITTEN What I mostly hate is that the authors seem to think it's cool to write in text speech Like being all like So my BFF Stevie Rae and I heart you Really? headdesk And then Zoey being like I'm too pure to swear teehee BULLPOOPY I mean helloooo? You're the one whose had FIVE BOYFRIENDS USUALLY 3 4 SIMULTANEOUSLY ARGH YOU ARE NOT PURE ZOEY REDBIRD YOU CAN SAY SHIT I'm sorry for the outburst But really It gets on my nerves I also hate Zoey and her stupid brown pop What? Who says that? Can't they just say Coke? Or is that like illegal? Could they at least say soda? GAAHHHhhh And I hate the way they spell vampire like vampyre WTH? It doesn't make me think you guys are original or anything it just makes me think you can't spell Also the writing is so repetitive They use the same description about 50 billion times It came to the point where I would just scream in frustration every time I read about Kalona's amber eyes or – oh God – Stark's cocky smilegrin Just remembering it makes me shudder If I ever see the word cocky again I will explode IT'S CALLED A THESAURUS PEOPLES USE ITAs for the plot Ahhh I don't know what to say I'll just narrow it down because I could rant about every stupid little plot twist but I won'tFirst off Not so original you guys The High Vampyre Council? In ITALY? I believe I have heard this one before It was this book called Twilight And the ending –  OMIGOD AKJF;AKDSJ;FKJS;DF Ok well the ending actually did shock me I'm still trying to comprehend Heath  Heath is  DEAD? The sun comes out and the birds sing YES YES YES YESSSSS Well this would be good for many reasons First of all it would end the boy drama for the most part Erik has been eliminated because he is a jerkface Kalona has been eliminated because he killed Heath and he's an evil jerkface also but I love him for killing Heath Wow I am so mean Heath is eliminated because he is dead So I guess that only leaves Stark Yesssshhh Thank goodness Second of all I just hate Heath He always annoyed the crap out of me Please let him stay dead forever If he comes back from the dead somehow I will be majorly MAJORLY pissed off Thirdly these books could use some substance like an actual death Something that would actually make me feel slightly bad for the charactersSo  In conclusion I felt like my brain was being raped as I read this book But as always it's a decent fluff read if you're bored and don't mind killing off your brain cells It wasn't my favorite of the books I can see it going downhill from here But you never know I guess I'll have to wait and see And I only have to wait like two months  because these books multiply like rabbitsWow that was a very long ranting review OO But I am done now D

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