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  1. James James says:

    I'm a committed Joanne Fluke Hannah Swensen fan I love the cozy mystery and these novels just have such a calming and positive effect on me I'm giving 35 stars to Apple Turnover Murder the 13th in this series It was good and hit all the right spots but left room for growth and complexity With 20 books in the series I can't give them all a 5 and even a 4 is sometimes too high It doesn't mean I don't adore them I just think it wasn't one of the top ones in the series I like re visiting all the characters and seeing the wonderful relationships between Hannah her sisters and her mothers And I was even excited that there's uite an interesting turn of events in Hannah's relationships with her two suitors Mike and Norman Perhaps it's finally moving in the right direction That said not enough time was spent exploring the possible culprits or the depth of the victim who was murdered I think there was history to be told I've already got books 14 and 15 from the series in my ueue and I was awarded the most current 22? on NetGalley so I have to catch up soon

  2. Michaele Michaele says:

    I really didn't like this book I've read every one in the series but I doubt I will read any The murder didn't take place until than 100 pages in but I had already figured out who was going to be murdered who was going to do it and why It could not have been predictableI am not fond of love triangles to begin with but the one in this series is incredibly obnoxious and makes the lead character completely unlikable The last few books made it seem like she was leaning towards Norman because she didn't like that Mike was seeing other women what a hypocrite She expects 2 men to be faithful to her but she doesn't have to be faithful to either one of them? How ridiculous and obnoxious is that? And up until this book Norman has been a bit of a spineless lap dog and suddenly he starts acting shady? How out of character is that? Further she is a condescending know it all who apparently thinks she's a detective because she bumbles around investigating until she figures out who the murderer is about 3 seconds before they try to kill her after she has gone somewhere secluded with them or gone somewhere secluded to meet with them you'd think she'd learn not to do that after the first few murders she investigated So annoying

  3. Mary C Mary C says:

    OK I'm done with this series I'm so tired of the love triangle thing Pick one already and get back to the murder mysteries Now I like having the characters personal lives included in my cozies But this is like the same book over and over again Hannah can't make up her mind between Norman and Mike but gets ticked off when Mike shows an interest in another woman Well maybe he's tired of taking cold showers They drink lots of coffee she has stupid dreams she doesn't get enough sleep and she can't fit into this or that dress I'm filing this with Stephanie Plum into the only get it free from the library if I happen to see it while I'm there

  4. Donna in Southern Maryland Donna in Southern Maryland says:

    As always I enjoyed reading this Hannah book It is written by a formula which isn't so bad really Hannah always gets by with too little sleepwhen is the poor girl going to get a vacation or some time to catch up on her sleep? She also never goes to the grocery store but always seems to have what she needs in the pantry or refrigerator at home when she starts a new recipeShe bakes some cookies talks to the people at the Cookie Shop takes on an extra load of work or job finds a dead body comes home and bakes and makes coffee gives her statement to Mike gets too little sleep and starts her days all over again Along the way she bakes something new in each chapter investigates the murder tries to help people has dinner with Norman tries to evade her mother falls asleep on the work table at the Cookie Jar helps out her sisters and eventually finds herself face to face with the murderer She's rescued in the nick of time All in good clean fun with some very interesting recipes along the wayI'm getting a little tired with the 'should I marry Mike or Norman' thing but I guess she will resolve that eventually I'll continue to read each new episode; great fun light reading in the middle of some of the other darker mysterythrillers I read

  5. Kat Kat says:

    It’s summer in Lake Eden Minnesota and Hannah and her crew have been enlisted to bake a gazillion apple turnovers for a charity event Hannah has also been volunteered to serve as a magician’s assistant again her favorite duty when things go wrong she discovers a murder This one had some interesting developments Cat sitting for Cuddles and something up with Norman A lecherous college professor who I can’t say I was sorry to see view spoiler bumped off hide spoiler

  6. Readaholic Jenn Readaholic Jenn says:

    The Hannah Swensen series is an outstanding series The characters are just amazing and the plot is always interesting

  7. Lori McD Lori McD says:

    First let me begin by saying that when I started reading the Hannah Swensen series I truly enjoyed the books they were light fluffy confections that were easy to read I enjoyed getting to know the small town folk family and about the town itself It's a shame that I've been soured on these books because of the ridiculous love triangle of MikeHannahNorman Hannah is becoming and unlikeable whiny self centered prude and sarcastic I find it difficult to relate or to feel pity for her at allShe whines when Mike tells her that she'd be better off with Norman She's obviously been leaning towards Norman for some time now At least Hannah and Norman spend time together on true dates They get each others' jokes and can complete each others' sentences Norman doesn't care if Hannah is a bit plump; Norman doesn't want to change Hannah Mike sees Hannah as a never ending supply of cookies coffee and home cooked meals; someone he can relate to as a detective not a man In this book something is troubling Norman For the first time Hannah considers that she might lose both men she's been playing with as her cat Moishe plays with duck feet mice and his Kitty Condo But it doesn't stop her from feeling sorry for herself while others around her get on with the business of life and loveHannah can't even say the word sex what? The murder victim is a professor that Hannah fell in love with as a grad student and obviously had an affair with not knowing that he was married at the time Are we supposed to believe that this lothario has stunted Hannah's ability to love again after now many years? And now Hannah finds out her sister Michelle is one of a long string of women that the professor is involved with including the town mayor's wife probably paying the roving mayor back for his own dalliancesHannah admits the truth or most of it to both Mike Norman I'm surprised that they didn't ask uestions such as If you slept with this jerk why can't you even get to second base with me? But instead they try to protect her WowIf you're a fan of the series or the characters or even the love triangle my apologies I feel like a masochist continuing to read the series but what else can I do?

  8. Sara Sara says:

    Could Hannah drink any cups of coffee in this book?? I swear on every page she was dying to drink up a cup of coffee before pouring herself anotheror Michelle had made the coffee and was pouring a cup for Hannahor Hannah was making coffee for late night visitorsor people were having coffee in her cookie shopor Hannah was pouring coffee for AndreaI could go on FOREVER Usually this doesn’t bother me but DANG If I read about another cup of coffee I’ll go nuts Deep breathWell I was cheering for Norman up to this point but now I'm not so sure He has suddenly changed and now Hannah has to deal with his big news Regardless of this overall this was one of the better stories that has come out of this series I enjoyed hearing about Hannah's past but I do have to make a slight complaint Hannah is still uite young and she has some of the most prudish ideas about sex normally I don't complain about his because I am able to just enjoy the story without the sex but I felt this plot needed to discuss it a little She hinted that she made bad decisions in her past but when you look at her current views on sex she is unrecognizable to her college self and she isn't that much older She went from someone who had made bad decisions in high school to someone that can barely even say the word sex I understand trying to show how Hannah has grown as a person and is wiser than her college self but there was too much of an extreme here Now I’m not asking Hannah to start having sex with her two boyfriends but I just wish she didn’t struggle so much with it She needs to stop being such a scary cat lady for a little bit and embrace her youth and all that goes with itSo having ranted about Hannah’s sex life I can continue the rest of the review Overall this was a good book in the series but I’m afraid it might be the last book that I like Norman in I’ve already dived into the next book to find out what is going to happen with her and Norman but I am worried I really hope things don’t get too fuddled up However I will probably see this series to the end because I am enjoying them and they make for a good break between other bigger books

  9. Amber Hahn Amber Hahn says:

    I have to say first off that I love this series I have read every book except the newly released Devil's Food Cake Mystery and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them except this oneI don't know if it's Hannah's fickleness in choosing Norman or Mike if it's the way she is constantly correcting everyone's grammar ok yes that is definitely part of it the same old tired phrases through 13 books Swedish plasma? Ok we get it the fact that every recipe is the same with just a slight variant in what's added to it chocolate chips instead of white chocolate chips it's a whole new cookie The arguments she had with herself actually talking to herself in this one? aren't helping things eitherThis book was predictable and hard to finish I know that I will read the next book because I am the type of person that wants to finish out a series when it eventually ends but I am hoping for less of the same This book made it seem like the writer had grown tired of the series was slogging through a storyline to make a buck off a series that has been hugely popular I hope that isn't the case because up until this one I thought it was a great series Here's hoping that the Devil's Food Cake does not disappoint

  10. Denise Denise says:

    There has been much discussion over Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swensen series Many have decided to stop reading it because of Joanne's refusal to listen to reader's frustration over the Hannah Mike Norman triangle I feel that Joanne has listened to us the reader as I found much discussion and Hannah giving thought to her relationship with the two men It appears that Norman may be going to have another love interest being introduced into the story line I actually look forward to reading the next book and seeing where this goesAs for the mystery many have commented that it was boring I did not find it so I felt that we got insight into Hannah's past and the reason she may not be able to make a commitment with either Mike or Norman due to her past relationship with Bradford Ramsey It seems that Hannah was truly hurt many years ago and her indecision over her love triangle seems to come from her feelings regarding that episode in her life I'm still going to continue with Hannah and see what happens in the future

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Apple Turnover Murder ❰Download❯ ➹ Apple Turnover Murder Author Joanne Fluke – The Luscious Los Angeles Times And USA Today BestsellerEarly summer brings plenty of work for baker Hannah Swensen even before Mayor Bascomb's wife drops by The Cookie Jar to place an order for her ch The Luscious Los Angeles Times And USA Today BestsellerEarly summer brings plenty of work for baker Hannah Swensen even before Mayor Bascomb's wife drops by The Cookie Jar to place an order for her charity eventfor eleven hundred cookies And Hannah almost flips when her business partner Lisa suggests setting up an apple turnover stand But she places her faith in Lisa and agrees to be a magician's assistant in Apple Turnover eBook Ü the fundraiser's talent showThe only snag is the show's host college professor Bradford Ramsey Hannah and her sister Michelle each had unfortunate romances with Ramsey and when the cad comes sniffing around between acts Hannah tells him off But when the curtain doesn't go up she discovers Ramsey backstage dead with a turnover in his hand Now Hannah must find a killer who's flakier than puff pastry and far dangerous Includes Over Ten Cookie and Dessert Recipes From The Cookie Jar Including Chocolate Sugar Cookies and Breakfast in a Muffin The ever popular Fluke writes engaging cozies with one part great characters one part gentle story and three parts the best recipes in the genre –Library JournalCatch up with the gang in this delightful thoroughly entertaining series that keeps readers coming back for –Romantic Times.

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