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The Sigma Protocol [Epub] ➞ The Sigma Protocol By Robert Ludlum – Editorial ReviewscomRobert Ludlum's trademark skills of intricate plotting breakneck pacing and high wire drama are all on display in this gripping thriller After his twin brother dies in a plane cras Editorial ReviewscomRobert Ludlum's trademark skills of intricate plotting breakneck pacing and high wire drama are all on display in this gripping thriller After his twin brother The Sigma PDF \ dies in a plane crash Ben Hartman reluctantly takes his place in the investment firm started by their father a Holocaust survivor But then an old college buddy tries to kill Ben on a crowded Zurich street setting off a chain of events that ultimately leads Ben into the thick of a worldwide conspiracy Behind it is Sigma a multinational cartel built on the rubble of World War II by industrialists and financiers bent on exploiting wartime technology and protecting their wealth from the threat of communismAccompanied by a beautiful American justice department agent Ben eludes the assassins on his trail and follows Sigma's tentacles across Europe to Brazil Washington and finally to a sanitarium known as the Clockworks in the Austrian Alps where the horrifying agenda of a perverted new world order is revealed Ludlum who died between the writing and publishing of this book was a master of the genre he helped popularize and The Sigma Protocol shows him at the peak of his craft Jane Adams This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this titleFrom Library JournalAnna Navarro special agent for the Justice Department has been assigned to investigate the deaths of several eminent men all advanced in age and all connected to a mysterious group called Sigma founded in the last years of World War II An accident brings her together with Ben Hartman an American investment banker who is in Zurich investigating the death of his twin brother and finds himself the target of an assassination attempt Who is Sigma and why are some of its members being killed More importantly what grand project is in the works Readers may find the answer to these uestions simplistic Sigma is a partnership of high ranking statesmen and industrialists put together not only to spirit wealth out of Germany at the end of the war but also to stop communism's spread Sigma's goal is to make the world safe for capitalism a corporation whose board of directors is in charge of Western history itself Unfortunately Ludlum's latest novel he died in March but left outlines for posthumous thrillers is not one of his better efforts Even the sparks that eventually fly between Anna and Ben seem tepid Ronnie H Terpening Univ of Arizona TucsonCopyright Reed Business Information Inc This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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  1. K.D. Absolutely K.D. Absolutely says:

    This is my nth Robert Ludlum book but unlike those that I've so far read this surprised me the most Why? It's backdrop is the Holocaust And for those who know me or those who regularly read my reviews Holocaust novels have never fail to touch choose one grip wretch warm my heartWhat will you do if the Jewish father that you loved all your life and who people respected and pitied because he claimed to be a Holocaust survivor was in fact a Nazi torturer? And you found out this ugly incomprehensible truth only now that he is already dead?This is the basic premise of the book Something that could have win him a Nobel like Wiesel Kertesz Agnon etcHowever this is a Robert Ludlum book This is said to be the last one what he wrote himself and completed before he died So there must be the Robert Ludlum ingredients One there has to be a secret powerful worldwide organization and yes you guessed it right it is called Sigma see the title and it is an organization founded during the last year of Nazi's existence The group however is still operating nowadays and it is composed of the rich and famous people around the globe It controls the world economy and can influence presidential elections in many big countriesThen there has to be two agents a man and a woman who you think will fall in love because they are cute together This time they are Ben Hartman the surviving son of the dead father and US DoJ agent Anna Navarro They are both haunted by the Sigma tentacles so they run together in their uest to find out the truth about the organizationThe last uarter of the book is totally unexpected They went to the Austria Alps and found something sinister there that will totally make you wonder and regret why Robert Ludlum did not pass on his wall less imagination to the current herd of mystery thriller writers He was just one of a kind in terms of concocting books belonging to this genreI hope the Robert Ludlum estate continue to write and write books that are reflective of Ludlum's intricate plots like this one

  2. Ana Tijanić Ana Tijanić says:


  3. Tim Tim says:

    Nazis I hate these guys —Indiana JonesYeah Ludlum is a famous author And I loved The Eiger Sanction when I read it as a teenager I know it's genre fiction but I love a good escape so I thought I'd give Robert Ludlum another tryI suppose it's what it's supposed to be fast paced easy reading But I was expecting It's not a total waste; it must have been a lot of work to put together that many pages But come on it's just not fair for a guy to get that rich for such basically mediocre writing and plotting Let me kvetch about three thingsMistakes If you're making that much money and getting that big an advance you owe it to your readers to get the basics right The publisher should be embarrassed at their own copyediting but given that many publishers don't do suat it falls to the author And if your characters are jet setting all over Europe and the Americas 1 a lot of readers will have been there and 2 checking it out is tax deductible So there's no excuse For example a sign in a French police station reads DÉFENCE DE FUMER Honestly Such things erode our confidence and make us suspect all sorts of geographical temporal and linguistic lazinessBrand dropping Many of the characters are obscenely rich There is a fascination with these things and great wealth gives characters a plausible excuse to have access to specialized knowledge and cool stuff like private jets But please we don't need to be told at every turn that character xyz has a beautifully tailored gray pinstripe bespoke Savile Row suit or an Hermès scarf; or Volant Ti Super skis—none of which have any bearing on the plot except to tell us that the owner is tasteful and rich enough to afford it In Legally Blonde knowledge of clothes and accessories is part of the plot; when you do not reach the standard of that screenplay you're in troublePlot Grandiosity I have complained about this before elsewhere It's a bee in my bonnet And of course all of these things are matters of taste But one of the things that makes say John LeCarré's works so terrific is that what the spies spy about never really amounts to much It's important to them but the Earth never uite moves Here well no spoilers but the stakes are very high indeed Ridiculously high To give Ludlum credit he does bring interesting moral dilemmas into play but they get buried rather than resolved

  4. Hertzan Chimera Hertzan Chimera says:

    Well though there's a woman Anna Vavarro who works for US Intelligence it's not really a spy novel though there's a wealthy businessman Ben Hartman it's not a legalmoney laundering novel though there's a background of international intrigue it's not simply about world domination as those who're following global governmental revelations would expect It's a simple murder mystery that uses the main themes as a backdrop nothing elseBut with a catch Motive There is none Until and it's like the world we know is shrouded by the world we can never be allowed to know The Sigma Protocol is a page turning dream of a read Ludlum's books are so good because he just wrote 'crumbling rope bridge fiction' and REALLY enjoyed what he was doing I blog'd about my second reading of this novel this morning with specific reference to the eponymous Sigma SG of the title

  5. Clint Morey Clint Morey says:

    I first read a Robert Ludlum novel after watching The Bourne Identity movie I started with the Bourne series of books and was hooked If you're into thrillers I would encourage you to read those booksTHE SIGMA PROTOCOL is a stand alone story and has a captivating beginning as all thrillers should placing the hero in an untenable position right from the start From there things only get worse for the hero Trying to determine who the good guys and bad guys are is part of the fun for the readerLudlum does an excellent job of making you want to stay up a few minutes at night to read the next chapter just to see how the latest wrinkle will unfold in the storyIf you like thrillers I think you'll like this book

  6. Anna Anna says:

    I didn't care for this Ludlum book as much as other ones I originally got hooked on Ludlum by reading his Covert One novels The Sigma Protocol started out good grabbing my attention and pulling me in but I don't think the characters were realistic or compelling I also found the whole thing to be a bit of a stretch The biggest conspiracy in the history of the world is just a bit too much for me to swallowI will keep reading Ludlum my next book is the Bourne Identity I love the movies I will enjoy reading about a character who can handle himself in any situation

  7. Steve Shilstone Steve Shilstone says:

    How to almost but not uite be killed over and over and over again for 500 pages

  8. Ronna Ronna says:

    I enjoyed reading this book until the last few pages I laughed out loud but I don't think a humorous ending was intended I just couldn't help myself All of that build up for that?

  9. Mareli Thalwitzer Mareli Thalwitzer says:

    My husband loves Robert Ludlum so I've decided to give it a try Not completely bad but definitely a man's world

  10. Fredrick Danysh Fredrick Danysh says:

    Wealthy banker Ben Hartman is in in Switzerland on holiday when an attempt is made on his life American Department of Justice investigator is assigned to to investigate if a series of the elderly are related and comes under attempts on her life Soon the two are on the run for their lives and team up to find out who and why they are in danger A thrilling read by a master of suspense

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