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Only Shot at a Good Tombstone [PDF / Epub] ✈ Only Shot at a Good Tombstone ☀ Robert R. Mitchell – Two profane humorously tragic days in the life of an anonymous young man Growing up in the suburbs he hung with the freaks and the geeks Now older he's on his own in the big city Guided by a tormented Two profane humorously tragic days at a PDF/EPUB » in the life of an anonymous young man Growing up in the suburbs he hung with the freaks and the geeks Now older he's on his own in the big city Guided by a tormented mentor than twice his age and a young woman he clumsily alienates the young man learns than he cares to in the hours we're allowed to follow him.

About the Author: Robert R. Mitchell

Robert was born in at a PDF/EPUB » a year filled with news of the Vietnam War revolutions riots coups the Miranda decision the civil rights movement the last public concert of the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix’s artistry in London He grew up mowing lawns and house sitting for neighbors and got his first job with an actual paycheck in high school mopping floors in a nursing home with his future wife After.

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  1. ἀρχαῖος (arkhaîos)(RK) ἀρχαῖος (arkhaîos)(RK) says:

    You're a goddamn fool if you expect anything new here We're telling a story but that doesn't mean it's a new one Everything in this book you should already have heard before a million times at leastOkay I tried to write this story 25 years or so ago Different title different time different place different characters and different words But the same story Only real difference is that Robert R Mitchell wrote it I had a problem finding the words Mr Mitchell seems to have found them just fine The writing in this book is wonderful It just flows like liuid gold I could have read it in one sitting if life's contingencies hadn't insisted on getting in the way I lost 10 hours driving from Ottawa to Trois Rivières and back hitting Montréal just as rush hour swooped in The biggest problem was finding natural breaks between scenes to eat and go to the bathroom The flow almost never stopped as the young man wandered or stumbled effortlessly from one incident to the next Just as I was thinking a scene was ending I was well into the next and couldn't stop reading Perfect segues So what was it about? It was basically a day in the life of somewhat in the manner of Ulysses with a night before and a morning after tucked on Our hero much to my annoyance is basically drunk all day I was also annoyed with him because he had stupidly broken up with his girl friend who he obviously should stayed with to give sense to his life I often become annoyed with characters who do self destructive things Here we have a nice guy who seems totally incapable of making decisions for his own good Any thought of future happiness seems to be beyond him He simply has no goals beyond going to work getting drunk and trying to get laid His day is set against a world which is largely made up of people with eually self destructive habits Whether good or evil intentioned these people are out to ruin their own lives And they are real I've met them all before in my life Again the style of writing is incredible So the World has gone to wrack and ruin and our nice guy hero seems to be hell bent on going with it He can't even get laid He just continues to drink After all it is his day off work at the coffee shop But we all know this guy Right? He needs no name in the book because we have already met him and know his name Rocky I used to work with himNow comes the problem with the story How does it end? What do you do with a guy like this? Generally you can kill him off Herman Hesse killed off or 'disappeared' most of his protagonists let him wander off dejectedly into the sunset Most unsatisfying or come up with a happily ever after for the immediate future anyway ending None of the options is perfect but not every writer can just continue on like Proust Mr Mitchell chose the same ending as I did when I didn't write this story a long time ago I won't spoil it Now if Robert R Mitchell would just teach me how to overcome my hang ups and make the words flow and create real characters in real places I could send him my version of the story Or he could give us another book of his own I'll await it Thanks to Nancy Bevilaua for the beta

  2. Sm1696 Sm1696 says:

    This book is so witty and elouently written It takes a great author to be able to paint a portrait of a characters' personality and inner feelings along with their surroundings so the reader can intimately relate to him and clearly visualize all that they go through I truly feel that Robert Mitchell has this gift and I eagerly await his next novel

  3. Nancy Bevilaqua Nancy Bevilaqua says:

    Yes Robert Mitchell the author of Only Shot at a Good Tombstone DID write a wonderful and thoughtful review of my own book a week or two ago However my review of his book truly has nothing to do with that and is unbiased In fact I had read an excerpt from OSAAGT on BEFORE I even knew that Robert was going to read my book and was haunted by it and had every intention of going back and reading the rest as soon as I finished at least one of the two Merton books I was reading And I did That saidAs I read Only Shot at a Good Tombstone I kept thinking about how I could possibly describe it to anyone else On one of my Goodreads updates early on I said something about how reading it was a little like getting on a ride at an amusement park and having no idea what the ride would be like and then finding yourself hanging on for dear life as the ride takes you to all kinds of unexpected places I stand by that descriptionIf you're the kind of reader who needs a conventional story line unfailingly upstanding and respectable characters and tidy answers in order to enjoy a book OSAAGT probably isn't for you There is no real discernible plot to the book; it simply follows a protagonist known only as the young man through a couple of days as he wanders around the smog choked chaotic city of LA allowing himself to be drawn into one tableau after another But if you can just allow yourself to be led where the young man takes you and keep in mind that real life doesn't have any particular plot either except perhaps in retrospectperhaps and tends to be of a long series of encounters that are defined in large part by what you make of them you should be able to really enjoy the rideIt's those encounters each one elegantly detailed and engaging that make up the book What binds them all together and keeps the book from being nothing than a random piecemeal albeit remarkably literate and well written gathering of scenes leading nowhere is the world view and unfailing humanity of the young man Although a self described freak his and the author's compassion for every lost soul he comes across during his wanderings one of the things that he considers freaky about himself is his ability to see the beauty in just about everyone and his easy willingness to care in an unassuming way for others allows US to see the characters in his world and perhaps our own as real significant and deserving of our attention Each one of those characters and his or her circumstances is fully drawn and remarkable and each tableau draws the reader in and turns pre conceived ideas about types inside out so that perhaps when she closes the book and goes out into her own world she will be forced in a truly positive way to look beyond those types out there as well And that can only be a good thing I found the character of Harold a Jesus like kind of street prophet particularly affectingBut there is nothing boring about the book and the author is not trying to hit the reader over the head to make a point although the book is anything but pointless Every story and encounter is fascinating and often haunting Only Shot at a Good Tombstone is by turns funny heartbreaking illuminating profane obscene but not gratuitously so cynical shocking and just plain sweet As in life there are no easy answers and no tidy conclusions and each situation and character we meet will be affected by what we ourselves bring to itYeah I kinda loved this book It's one of those good old fashioned books in which the writer can actually write and thinks deeply about what he's writing and is willing to take all kinds of unconventional chances and has the talent to do so I believe that it's what we used to call literature

  4. Jeff Suwak Jeff Suwak says:

    I came across this book at a book festival The poet sitting in the booth next to me had purchased a copy and I opened it up to take a gander I was instantly drawn in by the voice read the first two pages and went over to get a copy The book is fairly uniue in that it combines a simple narrative with extended contemplations on various subjects everything from history to science to sexuality Obviously those who do not appreciate that kind of intellectualization might not appreciate those ualities but I found them to be some of the most fascinating aspects of the book The history of ueer culture in San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest for instance was endlessly interesting The book has no chapters or breaks in textual continuum of any kind I've seen this done before McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses comes to mind and have always felt that it has a curious effect Because things are not compartmentalized into chapters the story feels rather rambling and consuently akin to reality When it's over it felt like I'd actually lived a couple days of life and was left to figure out what it meantor to impose my own meaning upon it The narrator mentions Salinger's Franny and Zooey and an appreciation for the extended dialogue in the book I can't help but think that the author is speaking directly through the narrator in this aspect because OSGT also has long chunks of dialogue Dialogue in fact probably constitutes the greatest portion of the novel Ultimately the book had a really strange effect In terms of pure narrative I felt that it meandered and drifted at times yet whenever I set the book down I found my throughts gravitating back towards it There are some passages of beautiful description but it was the philisophicalhistorical musings that stuck with me the most Ultimately I gave the book four stars based on my personal scale of literature which is weighted entirely on the ultimate effect of the book I don't disconstruct works of art and weigh them according to their pieces and detailsI make my assessment based on the book's ability to provoke worthwhile thought and emotion OSGT definitely left me with a lot to think about and many of the characters stick in my mind like real people I wish things went better for them and hope the narrator finds his peace In saying all of the above I nearly forgot to mention that there are also some really funny sections in the bookit's a dark kind of gallows humor that had me laughing out loud than once OSGT isn't a popcorn read full of plot driven action that leaves you overful but undernourishedit demands attention but pays off that demand with plenty of food for thought To me that's the surest sign of a book worth reading

  5. Fred Jeske Fred Jeske says:

    Mr Mitchell really came through with Only Shot at a Good Tombstone I am one of those going to read three books at the same time sort of peeps and that changed Wednesday I was gripped with the delivery the urgency the raw yet delicate undertow and this particular story covered 2 days with retro fills that were essential in delivering an overall gritty tone of Hope In a good book I will usually remember a uote or two that sing me home In OSAAGT there are numerous ultra life moments and great pairings I would simply suggest you pick up the darn book and see for yourself The Young man never named perfect by the way is older than his age comprehending all of the problems around him feeling all of the internals with fire drive and curiosity whilst battling the obvious yet asking uestions that will develop his future and this all happens in two days The OTHER portion near the end was fabulously delivered Let me be clear Very rarely will I discover a writer who can lure one into a story so real and simultaneously allow you the wiggle room to seek out understanding in historical events while working through inner contemplations I was stripped down to the core and Robert M is to blame Side note The Mr Wilson character was essential for this story and he appeared whether in real time or memory in the perfect slotted spots to bridge this story when reuired There is a feeling created while reading this novel and upon its end that continues to ping me My only defense has been to share the good news with others immediately I leave with this pg 216 Do you stand and observe it enter it or travel through it? I travel through itYes you have Robert yes you have

  6. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I met Robert Mitchell at the Indie Book Fair which is where I got his novel Only Shot at a Good Tombstone is an awesome narrative without a plot The Young Man leaves his home neighborhood in Bothell WA to a big city The young man becomes a voice of his generation so I have no idea to talk about this book without giving spoilers I will say it is my favorite kind of book The characters are so well writtened that I was sucked into their lives The novel leaves you wanting to know about every character even the little ones such as the kids playing in a drug infested neighborhood

  7. David Davies David Davies says:

    Realistic Imaginative UnconventionalOnly Shot at a Good Tombstone provides a uniue abstract but realistic view of everyday life It’s unconventional approach of not providing chapters section breaks etc may at first be off putting to a traditionalist reader however what Mitchell has skillfully done is to take everyday occurrences and provide a narrative that lends itself to true story tellingThe story follows the life of a young nameless man leaving the reader to fill that gap of imagination or perhaps let us relate to someone we know or have seen – a clever stroke Mitchell presents this character well as he highlights the challenges of a young adult loneliness the need for acceptance and the search for basic answers The story is full of eclectic personalities that range from weird obscene disgusting through to mentors heroes and just plain folk some of which are on the same path as the young man It is very much a down to earth hard but identifiable story with some colorful language that fits to the confusion that the young man faces during a two day journey through a complex society in a large city If you are looking for a thought provoking book in the realm of the unusual to discuss debate dissect or simply say – what the hell? Then this is for you

  8. Leonide Martin Leonide Martin says:

    This evocative tale of philosophy and sualor immerses the reader in a young man’s experiences eking out a living in downtown Los Angeles After a long introduction giving context for both the author’s view of the shaping of US history in recent decades and the young man’s family situation as a neighbor in Seattle the story takes up in LA Here readers meet a strange assortment of characters living in the young man’s seedy apartment complex drunks spouting Biblical verses gay guys conversing energetics and psychology a mental case trying to commit suicide with coat hanger scratches a Hollywood stud wannabe a bionic middle age slut held together with wires and screws All through outrageous encounters laced with booze and relentlessly foul language the young man expounds his philosophy of life sex death flies and spiders The description is compelling although often too lengthy the language at times poetic the characters vividly hewn larger than life We never learn the young man’s name but come to appreciate his helpfulness to his sordid neighbors and his ability to “see something good or beautiful” in everything while uestioning his “foolish lack of discernment”

  9. Jan Jan says:

    I won this book from Goodreads as part of the Goodreads first reads giveaways Hmm I think I am in the minority of the reviewers of this book I didn't see this as some sort of life changing tome that will stay with me for a long time It was certainly interesting but I guess that when I read this I was looking for a book with plot It is the story of an unnamed young man over a two day period A gritty down and dirty look at life in big city it includes in great detail his relationships and connections with both people and the world over that period It is written almost as a stream of consciousness with no chapter breaks I got rather bored with the long details of what he was thinking and why While it did leave me with a sense of hope I just wasn't in the mood for all the deep thoughts along the way Maybe if I had read it when I wasn't so stressed

  10. Morgan Morgan says:

    I received this book as a giveaway winnerI really enjoyed this book At first having no chapters confused me as I didn't know where to stop when I was done for the night but it really worked for the flow of the story It was interesting to see how the days unfolded for the young man and how differently his day went after he followed the girl into the building with the telemarketing company

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