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Devil-Devil ➺ [Download] ➶ Devil-Devil By Graeme Kent ➻ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk It's not easy being Ben Kella As a sergeant in the Solomon Islands Police Force as well as an aofia a hereditary spiritual peacekeeper of the Lau people he is viewed with distrust by both the indigeno It's not easy being Ben Kella As a sergeant in the Solomon Islands Police Force as well as an aofia a hereditary spiritual peacekeeper of the Lau people he is viewed with distrust by both the indigenous islanders and the British colonial authorities In the past few days he has been cursed by a magic man stumbled across evidence of a cargo cult uprising and failed to find an American anthropologist who had been scouring the mountains for a priceless pornographic icon Then at a mission station Kella discovers an independent and rebellious young American nun Sister Conchita secretly trying to bury a skeleton The unlikely pair of Kella and Conchita are forced to team up to solve a series of murders that tie into all these other strange goingson Set in the 's in one of the most beautiful and dangerous areas of the South Pacific Devil Devil launches an exciting new series.

  • ebook
  • 288 pages
  • Devil-Devil
  • Graeme Kent
  • English
  • 22 September 2014
  • 9781569478745

10 thoughts on “Devil-Devil

  1. April (Aprilius Maximus) April (Aprilius Maximus) says:

    This started off really strong and I loved learning about the different cultures of the Solomon Islands but I didn't get those feelings of shock thrill and excitement that I would normally expect from a book of this genre murder mystery and it seemed almost anti climactic

  2. Rusalka Rusalka says:

    This This book was perfect for Singapore I couldn't uite get my head into a space with Norwegian Wood where I could imagine snow What I needed after that was somewhere where there was 28C temp and 85% humidity like Singapore This book filled it So what about it?Straight upThis book had 1 major error that I had problems getting past It just SCREAMED outsider it was written by a Brit who had lived in the Solomons All these intelligent islanders were sent to Australia for an education If and I understand they were in the 60s they had the unfortunate experience of drinking XXXX they would know to spell it XXXX As an Aussie you spell it XXXXNot definitely not 4X The whole joke is Why is spelt XXXX? Because ueenslanders can't spell BeerBahSo with all that aside Murder mystery Traditional culture vs colonial culture clash Hiking around the bush in the heat and the humidity The fact that there were too many fallible characters that any one of them could be the killer Grumpy precocious nunYou like the main character Ben Kella He is straddling a world that is drastically changing which he knows and has to balance them both He is the traditional peace keeper of his traditional culture yet a policeman of the new world order You respect him and empathise with him Same with Nun face yes I called her nun face I call everyone whats his face if I don't know their name and I have no idea how to pronounce the rest of her South American name so nun face will have to do You respect her for what she is doing and where she is Also as much of me resents it in the 1960s it was probably the most amount of independence she was going to get as a woman to become a nun and end up in the PacificBest read ever? No But fun read? Yes Nice murder mystery? Yes Nice Pacific Island read? Yup Read it It gives you perspective and education it comes with a map inside Bonus and I think shines light on a place that hasn't got that much light shining on it what is it with the lack of Pacific fiction? Seriously? 4 starsFor reviews visit

  3. Shomeret Shomeret says:

    I was fascinated by the idea of a mystery taking place in the Solomon Islands so I couldn't wait to read this one I loved both the protagonists Both Sergeant Kella and Sister Conchita are mavericks who do what's right even if they get into loads of hot water as a result I also really liked the customs and rituals from the native culture which Kent shares with us in this book It reminded me of The Coroner's Lunchwhich takes place in Laos and also has a protagonist who participates in traditional practices like Sergeant Kella Yet I felt that Kent is distant from his characters than Colin Cotterill So it lacked immediacy and dramatic intensity for me

  4. Josie Josie says:

    I really enjoyed reading this who dunnit murder mystery set in the Solomon IslandsHaving been to Honiara this year it was easy for me to picture the sceneI loved the rebellious young American nun Sister Conchita Always good to have a spunky nun in a storyThe writing for me was enjoyable in a relaxed narrative I also enjoyed the mystical side intwined into the story along with the goodies and the baddiesWill certainly look for the other books in this 3 part series

  5. Andrea Andrea says:

    For my collection of mysteries in exotic settings Devil Devil is set in the Solomon Islands in 1960 Beautiful setting charming protagonists and a variety of challenges uniue to the time and place In particular the post WWII cultural and religious tensions between the native people and the British colonizers There's a cargo cult uick fun read

  6. Diana Diana says:

    This was a lot different than what I expected Initially it was really slow going but I ended up really liking it It's a very well thought out mystery I really liked the mixture of the cultures the small moments of humor and the characters I know there are people who can figure out who is responsible before the ending but I am not one of those people In this particular book there were a couple of different mysteries that needed to be solved I was stuck and there were moments where I was surprised at the resolution that was reached Turns out the kidnapped guy was having a really good time wink wink In addition there was a really good ending and it was satisfying

  7. Pamela Bronson Pamela Bronson says:

    I love this book because it has a slew of interesting believable characters two very likable protagonists a intriguing complicated plot and a fascinating setting still colonial Solomon Islands in 1960 Sergeant Ben Kella uncomfortably bridges two worlds and two worldviews as the highest ranking native policeman in the islands as well as the aofia or hereditary peacemaker and effectively head of his tribe His British bosses don't know uite what to do with him some value his vast cultural competence and diplomacy others object to his independent insistence on going beyond his assignments to seek his idea of justice but none of them really understand the custom situations he deals with He has a new acuaintance the brash curious young American nun Sister Conchita who shares his independence of mind desire to right wrongs and tendency to stick one's nose into everything Someone is trying to kill Sister Conchita and since the aofia is charged with protecting the defenseless Sgt Kella must find out who and stop him; he also needs to solve several murders and find a missing anthropologist Is everything connected? I enjoyed this book so much that I immediately started reading it again though part of that is because the plot is so tricky I didn't uite get it the first time It has inspired me to learn everything I can about Solomon Islands though this book is still my best source for such knowledge I'm looking forward to reading the seuel One Blood soon Despite its educational value I personally probably wouldn't give this book to a young teenager because of the suggestion bolstered by a Catholic priest that all faiths are valid and the implication that recreational sex is fine There are two sex scenes not really explicit

  8. John John says:

    Think of Sister Bertrille and Carlos from The Flying Nun set not that much later in an exotic tropical location also and you'll get the idea though that's not an exact parallel Sister Conchita is very much the pre feminist model of the early 1960's dodging bullets engaging generally in events suited to Mrs Pollifax than the Singing Nun Sgt Kella the local bi cultural between two worlds super cop didn't impress me all that much; then again I find dual identity angst grating in general The one character whom I particularly liked was Father Pierre who'd lived in the islands for many years and was suspected as having gone native in his respect for indigenous beliefs Cardboard British officials and nasty violent villains round out the lot Still I'm not sorry I bought the book just that I don't see myself going on with the series So this one's recommended At Your Own Risk if you're interested in trying out a series set in a remote localeAs a note on the audio narration Price Lewis does a decent job with local and English voices but her American repertoire seems limited to a Boston accent for Sister Conchita that sounded almost Brooklyn ish to me She re uses almost the exact same voice for the two American males who appear later in the book making them seem almost cartoonish especially since one is an academic and the other specifically identified as being from Chicago

  9. Gerry Gerry says:

    The exotic setting of the Solomon Islands lends enchantment to this thriller and the pairing albeit tentatively of the native Sergeant Ben Kella and the American nun Sister Conchita works well Their relationship is often puzzling but there is plenty of humour and also mutual respectSet in 1960 the miscellaneous array of characters is sometimes difficult to take in and what they are doing is also sometimes confusing But perhaps the latter is what we should expect from a thrillerSergeant Kella sets out to find an American anthropologist who has disappeared in the hinterland while searching for a priceless erotic icon It turns out that there is smuggling ring dealing in artefacts and Kella and Conchita eventually uncover it and arrest the main man despite attempts being made on their lives along the way In addition a series of seemingly unconnected murders take place and it is all credit to Sergeant Kella that he discovers what they are all about something which could possibly escape the reader including this one But overall the setting and the strange array of characters keeps the attention until the end

  10. Phair Phair says:

    I hesitate to list this on my historical mystery shelf as the setting is 1960s I'm not ready to admit to that as history uite yet While the mystery itself was almost hum drum complex but far from exciting I loved the unusual setting and time period These are characters and a culture I will enjoy getting to know as the series progresses Loved the south seas feel of it This is going to be an interesting series to follow

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