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Exile ❰Reading❯ ➷ Exile Author R.A. Salvatore – Após renegar a sua própria família e partir para longe de Menzoberranzan a sua pátria Drizzt tem ue aprender a sobreviver e conuistar um novo lar no imenso labirinto dos túneis subterrâneos onde Após renegar a sua própria família e partir para longe de Menzoberranzan a sua pátria Drizzt tem ue aprender a sobreviver e conuistar um novo lar no imenso labirinto dos túneis subterrâneos onde se ocultam criaturas das trevas Mas o verdadeiro perigo parte da sua própria raça e Drizzt terá ue estar atento a sinais de perseguição pois os elfos negros não são um povo misericordiosoVenha descobrir Drizzt o elfo negro uma das personagens mais lendárias da fantasia E acompanhe o na épica e intrépida jornada para longe de um mundo onde não tem lugar em busca de outro na superfície onde talvez nunca o aceitem.

About the Author: R.A. Salvatore

As one of the fantasy genre’s most successful authors RA Salvatore enjoys an ever expanding and tremendously loyal following His books regularly appear on The New York Times best seller lists and have sold than copies Salvatore’s original hardcover The Two Swords Book III of The Hunter’s Blade Trilogy October debuted at on The Wall Street Journal best seller list.

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  1. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

    The murderous crustaceans and my little nefarious self deeply regret to inform you that this Drizzt adventure is boring as fish And we’re not just saying that to get even because crabs were eaten during this installment CRABS I mean seriously? How DARE you Mr Salvatore? Some things are just NOT done And where the shrimp is PETA when you need them anyway? Not in this book obviously Huh that’s puny humans for you They’re all controversial tactics and extreme actions when despicably cute fluffy animals view spoiler EW hide spoiler

  2. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    A buddy read with Kristen Gavin and KaoraThis book picks up right where the first one ended For this reason I cannot give any big details about plot as they will spoil the ending of the first book Sufficient to say Drizzt is still alive which is not a big surprise as this is the second book of the series about him featuring 15 He struggles trying to retain his humanity or elfinity in his case hey look I made up a new word He also finally made some real friends We also get to have a fairly good glimpse at a very interesting civilization of guys who came straight from the pages of this bookThis book avoids the dreaded Second Book of a Trilogy syndrome it is not boring In fact it is much action oriented than the first one Drizzt simply does not have much time for brooding This was a deciding factor in my rating I saw too many trilogies with interesting world building in the first book exciting conclusion in the last one and throwaway filling in the second one I expected mindless entertainment and this is exactly what I got I am eager to start the last book of the trilogy especially considering the way this one ended

  3. Carmen Carmen says:

    Reading RA Salvatore is a guilty pleasure As someone who has a college education and has waded through Moby Dick Ulysses and The Canterbury Tales reading a book with characters who have names like Pikel Bouldershoulder can be a wee bit embarrassing For an english major Salvatore’s books often seem like something that should be read under a flashlight in bed at night so no one sees us Its like Tiger Woods playing a round of golf at a mini golf course He knows all his skill and experience doesn’t really bear on the challenge of getting the golf ball past the mini windmill blades but hey its fun anyway Salvatore’s books can be read in a day or two or they can be picked up and put down while at the gym or in between housecleaning chores They are fun but they are an acuired taste Willing suspension of disbelief only goes so far And some readers suspending disbelief in the face of a cookie cutter plot and stereotyped characters is beyond their understanding of good faith However as any reader of Salvatore’s book’s knows his plots and characters are not cookie cutter There is a depth to Drizzt as a character that seems to stretch beyond the confines of fantasy A loneliness as deep and wide as the great underdark he comes from A need of friendship and understanding to calm the raging winds of madness and despair too much isolation can bring on us Drizzt’s isolation speaks no doubt well to teenagers who are emerging from their own shadowy self involved world to the world of adults They must navigate their way through the strange and pitfall laden land of responsibility and loss that makes up every life But Drizzt’s isolation also speaks no doubt to adults Most of us for whatever reason come to a place in life where we feel we are beyond human The loss of a love a child a career our life’s work can often make us feel that we are the misfits or unwanted ones We become in a word useless We can learn to survive or adapt but what we crave what we want most in our deepest most innermost being is to belong To belong to somewhere someone some group And not just be accepted for mutual benefit or to complete a task like a corporation or simply just a job But to have someone look at us in our darkest and most dangerous hours and know that we make sense to another person This one was as good as the first and in some ways poignant I will hand it to the guy he calls himself a storyteller and does not presume to talk about art but this book had than a few moments that made me say that is life like Off the top of my head one of the first images that comes to mind is the character Clacker a former pech a race who works with the stone and can ‘listen’ to the rocks A character who has been changed into a form of life completely alien to him by a mean spirited wizard The character also knows that he is slowly forgetting that part of himself and will soon become a monster His friends Drizzt and Belwar try to find a way to save him but can’t And the poor creature dies and ends his misery in an act of saving his friends Salvatore knows how to construct counterpoint character arcs Another image that comes to mind is Drizzt who after ten years of living in the underdark wild and devolving into a primal and savage “Hunter” shows up at the gnome city He has observed their society from afar and sees them as fun loving and well meaning He wants so much to be a part of that he appears at the gates of the city without weapons and is taken prisoner His race is the mortal enemy of the gnomes and he knows in all likelihood he will be executed and accepts his fate How often do we see in fantasy a character really driven by despair? Drizzt is accepted into the society although he suffers from a form of ptsd Eventually his past the malicious drow of Menzoberranzan are looking for him for the insult to their spider goddess Drizzt is returned to the wilds of the underdark but not without a friend this time Belwar goes with him One of the reasons I think these books are so resonant with my students is that they know they do not belong They have dysfunctional families they have destructive cultures that see them as merely instruments in power politics They know they do not matter to the world at large like Drizzt But they also know they want the best life has to offer Frienship trust love All the things a character needs and holds dear Perhaps the best statement I have heard of this dilemma is by Salvatore himself in the afterword interview in Sojourn the next book in the serieswhich I peeked ahead and read Drizzt is unlike most fantasy heroes in that he occupies a small part in a big world He is not a savior of the world nor is he a major player He just goes on In a way he invokes the firefly principle Everyday people just trying to get buy And I think that is what makes Drizzt one of us He just wants to go on For me the primary element in fantasy that makes me stand up and take notice is the invention or as the ancient rhetoricians call it inventio To them the term meant discovery and organization of a literary work To moderns it means the discovery of an idea or fact and the arranging of words and ideas in a fresh and arresting fashion To me invention in a fantasy novel is what I percieve when I realize the way the writer has created his world and the elements in it add something new yet somehow his creation of a fantasy element adds to my understanding or reframes what I see or know to exist in the world For example it is the opposite of the feeling you get when you feel the writer of a fantasy has pulled this structural element “out of his ass” It is an invention that is somehow deeply imbedded within the framework of the characters before me there but not visible at all times Salvatore pulls this off with the Hunter aspect of Drizzt He emerges as a primal being but also it foregrounds the society he lives in now What to Drizzt’s world are modern rites and priestesses and societal roles are stripped away when Drizzt reverts to a primal state of being The author also pulls it off with the Mindflayer culture Their control and dominance of other races by manipulating their thought processes

  4. Choko Choko says:

    335 A buddy read with the FBR groupWell this was not bad it was even entertaining but it had waaaaay too much fighting seuences and waaaaaaaaayyyy too little plot It takes place 10 years after book one and our hero has been living as an exile from Menzoberranzan fighting for survival in the wild However he realizes that he is turning into what he hated to begin with without the communication with other thinking beings so he goes to the gnomes where he makes a friend with Belwar Dissengulp whose life he once saved This puts the little gnome community in danger because the evil matriarch of Drizzt's family is hunting him and wants him dead to please the wishes of the Spider ueen So back on the exile's path he goes this time with a friend On their run they encounter a ton of different species of creatures and get into never ending amnont of fights make new friends lose some friends kill many of foe and Drizzt proves once and again he is a master of the swords “In my stubborn youth I believed that I could stand alone that I was strong enough to conuer my enemies with sword and with principles Arrogance convinced me that by sheer determination I could conuer helplessness itself Stubborn and foolish youth I must admit for when I look back on those years now I see uite clearly that rarely did I stand alone and rarely did I have to stand alone Always there were friends true and dear lending me support even when I believed I did not want it and even when I did not realize they were doing it” We also had the great black Panther and some of the very few humorous situations were when he would try to cuddle with the gnome This is when we first learned of this world's very peculiar cursing phrase Magga cammara The Underdark is not a humorous world the cat Guenhwyvar lumbered over and plopped across the burrow warden’s legs Drizzt moved away into the shielding entrance of a tunnel to watch Only a few minutes later Belwar awoke with a snarl “Magga cammara panther” the deep gnome growled “Why must you always bed down on me instead of beside me?” Guenhwyvar shifted slightly but let out only a deep sigh in response “Magga cammara cat” Belwar roared again He wiggled his toes frantically trying futilely to keep the circulation going and dismiss the tingles that had already begun “Away with you” The burrow warden propped himself up on one elbow and swung his hammer hand at Guenhwyvar’s backside Guenhwyvar sprang away in feigned flight uicker than Belwar’s swat But just as the burrow warden relaxed the panther cut back on its tracks pivoted completely and leaped atop Belwar burying him and pinning him flat to the stone” I enjoyed it enough to want to continue with the series and hope for some plot growth as we go along Will recommend for newbies to the genre and those who like action in their books I wish you all Happy Reading and many wonderful books to come

  5. Markus Markus says:

    Exile picks up almost right where Homeland left off that is to say three decades later but nothing has happened in that time Drizzt Do'Urden has spent a long time we are told becoming The Hunter an apparently epic persona or alter ego wandering the cavernous corridors of the Underdark with an insatiable bloodlust except when he's nice which is most of the timeDespite my making fun of it I really enjoyed the second book of the Dark Elf trilogy even so than the first This seuel has a well constructed plotline than Homeland and despite the unfortunate fact that most of it is remarkably predictable and self evident it is an immensely enjoyable story to readBonus points for Jarlaxle and Zaknafein two drow who are uite a bit interesting than Drizzt

  6. Gavin Gavin says:

    This was a decent read but it did not uite live up to the uality of Homeland The story picked up 10 years after the final events of Homeland and found Drizzt hiding out in the Underdark trying to avoid the murderous vengeance of his family He had to fight against losing himself to the despair of loneliness It actually started a bit dull as Drizzt was very gloomy and his plodding from place to place in the Underdark meeting random monsters was not all that exciting Things picked up when he encountered people he could actually communicate with Some of the action scenes were OK but after a while they all started to blend together a bit The main problem was that there was no sense of tension during any of the battles as it was obvious it was only a matter of time before Drizzt pulped the monster of the moment On the plus side I still really like Drizzt as a character After he recovered a bit from his early despair we got to see a few examples of his kind and very un Drow like nature We did get to meet a few interesting new characters in this installment Drizzt was in bad need of a friend and found one in the shape of Belwar Dissengulp the gnome who's life he helped save during the first book The friendship between the pair saved both from despair and helped them grow as people The most interesting character we meet along the way was Drizzt's second companion Clapper Clapper's tale was a surprisingly sad one and one of the few story arcs that managed to engage me emotionally The happenings back it Menzoberranzan were interesting Drizzt's family deal with the fallout of falling out of favor with the Spider Goddess They must fight the usual political scheming while also trying to find and kill Drizzt to appease the Spider Goddess The negative is that I thought the politics were a bit simplistic this time around Some characters made some inexplicably idiotic decisions We did get to meet an interesting new character in the form of the unusual mercenary JarlaxleAll in all this was an OK read that did not uite hit the heights of the first book in the seriesRating 3 starsAudio Note This was narrated by Victor Bevine who did a good job

  7. Veronica Veronica says:

    This was light on plot middle book syndrome? unless you consider Drizzt's wanderings through the Underdark a great plot but it was a uick read

  8. Forrest Forrest says:

    In which Forrest's children con him into reading yet another book that wasn't originally on his TBR pile Yet another inadvertent social science commentary this time of a psychological bent than sociological Here we see Drizzt the renegade drow elf struggle to regain his well his self It's a lonely life out in the tunnels of the Underdark worse even than the halls of your local middle or high school if you can believe that You see the Underdark is full of bullies Not your pudgy freckle faced push you into a mud puddle class bullies but bullies that really want to kill you and eat you and not necessarily in that order As a result of this environment the kind gentle Drizzt has become a killing machine a survivor a bully's worst nightmare Worst of all Drizzt has suffered abuse at the hands of his own sisters and mother No that's not exactly true His mother wants to kill him More than anything else in the world This does nothing for his self esteemI'm no psychiatrist but it shouldn't take a PhD to figure out that this guy is pretty messed up Still he has to have friends right? Even the most awkward social reject has friends who are also awkward social rejects Enter Belwar a svirfneblin that Drizzt encountered in the first book Exile Yes there was the relationship limiting issue of Drizzt having ordered Belwar's hands being cut off if I'm remembering that right but let's let bygones be bygones Can't we all just get along? And who better to forgive an outcast good drow who has abandoned the evil ways of his family than a gnome with a pickaxe and magical hammer for hands? Reasonable no? While we're at it let's throw in a Pech that has been polymorphed into a Hook Horror if I were the wizard who did this think I would have changed him into a slug or a pudding or a soggy cardboard box or something but what do I know of wizarding? Three buddies all trying to help Drizzt overcome his evil inner selfIf that's not enough let's throw in some foes Of course there's Matron Malice Drizzt's mother Then there's the undead corpse of his father Zaknafein which is being controlled by Matron Malice who really wears the pants in all this? Add in a few random encounters with mindless whatnots and a whole section of Mind Flayers and you've got a recipe for a pretty good bookSeriously as much as I mock I admire Not the writing Salvatore has a penchant for using words that don't make sense though they sound like they should make sense we call those malapropisms children In the words of Inigo Montoya You keep using that word I do not think it means what you think it means But other than a bit of grammatical sloppiness and a touch of overly sappy dialogue both external and internal I do like this book It was written for teenagers no doubt and I'm a little older than that Just a little But the action was exciting the characters were good but not great and the Underdark is fascinating What really pushed this from a 3 to a 4 star book however was the intrigue between the drow themselves Homeland set the stage for this but watching the theory play out into practice was absolutely amazing Hopefully I'll see of that when I kowtow to my son's desires for me to read the final book in the trilogy and maybe even take a sidestep into one or two other Forgotten Realms books

  9. Luke Taylor Luke Taylor says:

    Frightening and fantastic seuel twisting and turning through the wilds of the Underdark Exile is a tightly wrought tale of humanity with Drizzt fighting for the values he holds harder than ever As always RA Salvatore's action is fierce and his world building flawless and Drizzt's philosophical reminiscence at the beginning of each new section the rueful highlight of the book

  10. Laura Laura says:

    Buddy read with ChrisI didn't find this uite as good as the first book in the series but it was still a good readTo many fight scenes that we could have done without if you ask me and less of depth I loved the ending though and will continue with the series

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