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A Cat Like That ➳ [Reading] ➶ A Cat Like That By Wendy Wahman ➩ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk What does a cat want in a best friend Someone who knows just where to scratch Someone who can read the many moods of a cat's tail Someone who knows when to play and when to stay awayIn fact this cat m What does a cat want in a best friend Someone who knows just where to scratch Someone who can read the many moods of a cat's tail Someone who knows when to play and A Cat PDF/EPUB or when to stay awayIn fact this cat might just have someone special in mindWith characteristic humor and a light touch Wendy Wahman shows readers what cats like and what they don't A Cat Like That is perfect for every kid who meets a feline friend—from the overeager ones to the scaredy cats.

10 thoughts on “A Cat Like That

  1. Ariel Cummins Ariel Cummins says:

    Great book about how to treat a cat if you want them to be your best friend Really practical stuff in here admire their claws from afar that's given in a simple breezy wayThis book tells me the illustrations were made in Photoshop using the Lasso tool Having used Photoshop once or twice in my life I am than a bit impressed The illustrations are primarily primary ha colors in bold simple shapes with few textures thrown in for good measureRecommended as a read together for families that are getting a cat

  2. Peacegal Peacegal says:

    Imagine A Cat Like that as the superior flipside to I Don’t Want a Cool Cat This time the cat himself is naming what he wants in an owner—and he’s not nearly as shallow as the young girl who doesn’t want cat who’s too needy or too fat The cat in this story just wants a person who’s caring and loving and knows the right way to pet and hold a feline Gentle messages about cat care are imparted throughout

  3. Edward Sullivan Edward Sullivan says:

    What every cat wants in a human

  4. Cora Cora says:

    It was cute and awesome It was incredible and funny The pictures were bright and colorful According to my first graders verbatim

  5. Navindrran Navindrran says:

    Nice but not that interesting

  6. Christi Knoll Christi Knoll says:

    Very cute book Excellent for young children who are being introduced to cats and other animals for the first time

  7. Julie Julie says:

    No rating because while the subject matter of this book was well treated a cat describing her perfect human companion the colors and artwork were truly off putting Mustard yellow children orange tress with purple and blue flowers and oddly shaped cobalt blue people figures were just too much for my eyes

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    Nice non preachy list of good cat owner behaviors I am working on appreciating the art; I'm not wild about some of the color choices the yellow faced boy on the orange background for instance I know it's supposed to be as jarring to look at as yelling in the ear is to hear but still and the shapes primitive than I prefer BUT there are some really perfect details like the look on the cat's face and his elongated body as he's being dragged around and the tip of the tail on the Read my tail page and the tail wrapped times than possibile around the child's leg on the pick a friend page

  9. Karen Karen says:

    My five year old son picked this book out from the library this week He likes cats; we have three So much about this book is wonderful Cats really don't want much They just want attention when they want attention and they want to be left alone when they want to be left alone And it is not hard to tell which time is which As the cat was describing his purr fect friend my son was delighted to realize that he was a purr fect friend to his cat Molly He was pleased with himself and I was proud of him The artwork is striking and lovely I would have like to see some of the rough edges smoothed out a bit but I'm pretty picky when it comes to illustrations

  10. Patricia Patricia says:

    A cat Like That is a average book I think that both the images and the text are very to the point I would like to see text and of a story to this but it is very short and says positive things about a best friend I guess it would be a good way of teaching children to be good friends and too look for this things in their friends The illustrations were very in your face and colorful it even included darker colors for the dark brown cat

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