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  1. Amy Amy says:

    The original 1914 Jane Austen fan fiction Initial reaction? I finally finished it Are you sure that was only 377 pages? It felt like 3000Second reaction? Wowthat was really really satisfying In this imaginary seuel to Jane Austen's novels Sybil G Brinton takes all the secondary characters from Austen's six major novels and pairs them up Ever wonder what happened to Kitty Bennett Georgiana Darcy Anne Steele or James Morland? Well now is your chance to find out I struggled with this book initially because I could not remember half of the characters and their original novels This of course called for a Jane Austen Marathon to re watch all the movies and catch myself up A delightful challenge Having reminded myself of the existence of Mr Yates William Price and Mary Crawford I jumped back in with much enthusiasm Only to ignore the novel for several monthsBut I picked it up again and I am glad I did This book is a worthy rambling and fun homage to the original novels I probably wouldn't have paired the couples up the way she does or made Emma so annoying but it works and stays true to the original characters I strongly recommend this one to all lovers of Jane Austen If you don't loveremember her characters it might be harder to jump into About half the plot is Georgiana sitting in silence wishing she could ask for details to plot points the reader already knows

  2. Emily Emily says:

    This imaginary seuel to the novels of Jane Austen is distinct from the plethora of published Austen fan fiction in two ways Firstly it is the first such work ever published in 1913 which made it of interest to me I probably wouldn't have sought it out otherwise Secondly it includes characters from all six of Austen's novels a very ambitious undertaking which makes for uite a crowded bookWhile nothing in the style of writing or characterization grated the language did seem a little flat it probably wasn't the wisest idea to read this immediately after rereading Emma Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility and the story line plodded along at a very dull pace and the ending was predictable in all respects Still I found the book to be interesting as a curiosity and it was amusing to see who Brinton chose to pair up it would be rather fun to discuss and argue her choices with a like minded reader Amongst the large cast of characters Georgiana Darcy is given the most attention but Brinton also did an admirable job of bringing Kitty Bennett to life although I'm not sure she deserves the fate Brinton gives her In this book Elizabeth Darcy Elinor Ferrars and Anne Wentworth all know each other and are great friends they all roll their eyes a bit at Emma Knightly and seeing them all together gave me the realization that a great part of the reason they are such wonderful characters in their respective books is that each one is such a contrast to the idiotic people surrounding her Seen altogether they rather lose their power and I couldn't help wondering if they really would esteem each other as much as all that Austen's own Emma amply illustrates the fact that we don't always like the people we know we shouldYet another book that I'm glad to have read but am now glad to pass along to its next reader

  3. Katharine Katharine says:

    I had to laugh at the subtitle of Old Friends and New Fancies an imaginary seuel? I don't know It seemed like a real book to me But it was written in 1919 before anyone had invented the word fanfiction so I suppose imaginary seuel was the best description they could come up with It's interesting that the first published Austen paraliterature is also the best I've ever read – a delightfully rambly story that includes characters from all six of the original Austen novels The author's creative way of imagining relationships between surprising pairings is enough to make me wish there were modern cross novel fanfic She also writes in a very authentically Austenian style I noted several startlingly good passages with that uniuely JA way of communicating worlds in a few phrases My complaints? Only a few Although the writing style is on target the characterizations lack any of JA's sharp insight or sparkling wit The plot is fairly well crafted but not as tight as an Austen novel It develops in a leisurely way and comes to a satisfying conclusion but not with any breathtaking brilliance Really though if I can only condemn a book for being not uite a genius as Austen that's fairly high praiseI would have given it five stars except for one unfortunate final note the author clearly misses the entire point of Emma and that is my favorite novel Alas Still I recommend this whole heartedly than any published Austen fic I've read yet

  4. Elisabeth Elisabeth says:

    Old Friends and New Fancies first published in 1913 holds the distinction of being the first ever seuel or continuation of Jane Austen's novels a type of book that has become practically a genre to itself nowadays I'd heard of it before but was always hesitant to read it because I just couldn't see anybody being able to do justice to Austen's characters even a hundred years ago But after reading a friend's enthusiastic review and happening to be in an Austenish mood after re reading two of her novels I decided to go for it And I'm glad I did It's really uite good fun You won't find the depth of a genuine Austen novel but you will find a very pleasant imitation of her style and a plot whose main object seems to be to link together as many of her characters as possible in one story That's where much of the fun lies—it seems entirely natural that Mr Gardiner would be acuainted with John Knightley that the Wentworths would know William Price and that Mr Yates would be a friend of Robert FerrarsBrinton wisely I think doesn't try to do too much with the major characters but instead focuses on developing some of the best supporting ones—concocting happy endings for deserving people like Colonel Fitzwilliam and Georgiana Darcy and making a very creditable effort at imagining what a reformed Mary Crawford would look like She catches the personality of several supporting characters uite well such as Kitty Bennet Mrs Jennings and the Steeles There are a few minor missteps of course—I have a hard time seeing Mr Knightley standing for Parliament and living in London for instance; and I think rather too drastic measures were taken to get Edward and Elinor Ferrars to Pemberley—but not enough to spoil anything But by far my favorite thing about the book was what Brinton does with the character of William Price I always thought he was such a nice boy in his supporting role in Mansfield Park and here he's given a real chance to shine developed into one of the most engaging and lovable characters in the book Some of the conversations between him and Georgiana sound like the closest thing to real Austen like dialogue that we get; and the ending of his storylinewell I won't spoil it for youWhile I don't have any great desire to read further Austen seuels that's possibly in part because I liked most of the endings imagined by this one so well The pleasant old fashioned style and the author's obvious affection for Austen and her characters are what makes it do justice as a tribute to the original novels and the result is a very sweet and entertaining read

  5. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) says:

    This book has the honor of being the first seuel to Jane Austen's books ever written This brave attempt by Ms Brinton was published in 1913 That being said the authors attempt at writing a seuel and trying to include characters from Jane Austen's six major novels was in my opinion very successful I would recommend being familiar with all six novels before reading this seuel as you will appreciate and understand all the characters Those six novels are Pride and Prejudice Barnes Noble ClassicsSense and Sensibility Barnes Noble Classics Series BN ClassicsMansfield Park Barnes Noble Classics SeriesNorthanger Abbey Barnes Noble ClassicsEmma Barnes Noble ClassicsPersuasion Barnes Noble Classics The story centers on the characters from Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth and Darcy are overjoyed at the engagement of Colonel Fitzwilliam and Georgiana But when six months later both are unhappy and don't appear to be in love Elizabeth takes matters into her own hands Throughout the course of the story we meet with familiar people such as Lucy and Robert Ferrars from Sense and Sensibility who cause a lot of trouble while trying to get into Lady Catherine's good graces We also meet with William Price from Mansfield Park who Kitty Bennet is very attached to and Mrs Emma Knightley back to match making attempts to set up In addition Mary Crawford and Mrs Grant from Mansfield Park appear in Bath and become known to the Darcy's Some characters we see very little of like Mr and Mrs Collins from Pride and Prejudice Edmund Bertram and Fanny Bertram from Mansfield Park Marianne and Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility But let's face it the author couldn't include them all It mostly focused on the relationships of Georgiana Kitty and Colonel Fitzwilliam The story was captivating with a very interesting plot and lovable characters I believe this book is a must for any Jane Austen fan and I found it hard to put down Of course this book is not in Jane Austen's writing and does not use her language I don't think Jane Austen's writing CAN be duplicated so I wouldn't read this book expecting to hear the voice of Jane Austen What I would expect is to find the lives of some of our favorite characters intertwined and explore the possibilities of new relationships For example What would Elizabeth Darcy think of Elinor Ferrars if they were to meet? Would Mrs Jennings be a good confidant and friend to Kitty Bennet? What would Thomas Bertram think of the Darcy's?

  6. Rebekah Rebekah says:

    Old friends and New Fancies is a real charmer of a Jane Austen “seuel” that is really 6 seuels for the price of one The author Sybil G Brinton incorporates important characters from all 6 Austen novels to essentially pair off 3 couples that were left unmatched in the original works The story is pretty much based around Pride and Prejudice her most famous and beloved novel and whose gentle and shy Georgiana has long been the focus of the most speculation and spinoffs about her future She is freuently paired up with Colonel Fitzwilliam another well liked character from the novel for whom Austen devotees wish a happy ending And this is how this one starts offBrinton does an admirable job of maintain the integrity of Austen's characters even while developing and maturing them She brings much of Austen population including the villains and the ridiculous but lovable together in a natural believable way that never seems forced Three of her heroines have become have acuainted with each other and are well on the way to becoming fast friends They like and esteem each other Elizabeth Darcy Elinor Ferrars and Anne Wentworth It was an amusement to me that Fanny Bertram And Emma Knightly are not included in this circle As William Fanny’s beloved brother says and I paraphrase “ Fanny is very good but she is very strict” She does not make an appearance Emma is in the book Although happily married to Mr Knightly She regrettably hasn’t changed a bit “it was always a little difficult for Emma to realize that people had important affairs of their own; and that they should have had any existence apart from that which she had chosen to imagine for them”In fact she is not surprisingly due to her foolish and clueless matchmaking the catalyst for a big misunderstanding regarding two of our main couples that causes much pain and heartache and drives much of the plot “Emma though fond of Donwell had grown weary of the neighbourhood and took a keen pleasure in forming round her in London a large circle of acuaintances whom she loved to entertain and in whose characters and careers she took the deepest interest”Needless to say those whom she takes the deepest interest are those whom she can influence and manipulate Not those who can influence and elevate her Enter Kitty BennettThose who are very familiar with Austen’s novels will begin to notice that Brinton cleverly incorporates well known scenes from the originals only turned on their heads and put in a new light and context I started to notice these inside joke like Easter eggs about halfway through I’m sure if I re read the book I would discover The theatricals that caused so much trouble in Mansfield Park are echoed by a game of charades produced and directed by Tom Bertram Only this time they are a lot of fun and stay firmly inside the line of proprietyWhat does this exchange remind you of?“Do pray Miss Bennet come down exclaimed William and several other persons joined their entreaties to his Do not try to do it; you will set your dress on fire—your sleeve is so dangerously near Do let me help you down lest you fall and hurt yourself And this?“Miss Bennet It is possible that you thought I was paying attentions to Miss Bennet? Miss Darcy you cannot be serious This is too frightful”There is a conversation regarding the fickleness of sailors that echoes the debate that Anne has with Captain Bennick in Persuasion Kitty Bennett’s pining for the object of her affection recalls Marianne’s suffering in Sense and sensibility Though William’s avoidance of her during the latter part of the previous evening his strange altered looks and his embarrassed way of saying goodnight had undermined her hopes to such an extent that she had been all night facing the terrible desolation caused by the thought If he does not care for me after all yet she had not actually given all up in despair until the moment of hearing him leave the house Some note some message might have arrived—might still arrive; but since parting from him Kitty had not been able to uell the horrible fear that all was overBeing almost 120 years closer to Austen’s time than we are The tone and the style of Brinton’s writing is very similar It does lack the sly wit although there are some amusing exchanges When Elizabeth is trying to repair a fractured romance Darcy remarks “I know you are prepared to undertake herculean tasks in the interests of your friends my dear but when a man has been so decidedly repulsed it is a delicate manner to heal the breach I imagine your scheme would be straightaway to invite Miss Crawford here and send them both off for a walk with instructions to return in half an hour an engaged couple?Still reserved shy? Darcy has reluctantly agreed to host a ball at Pemberley His feelings provide an insight into his and Lizzie’s relationship“and not having altogether looked forward to the evening he surprised himself by discovering how much with Elizabeth at his side he could enjoy both his own pleasure in entertaining guests which he had not previously done on so large a scale and also the pleasure of others who were important to him Elizabeth Georgiana and the Bingleys” Italics are mineIsn’t that sweet?I enjoyed Brinton’s work thoroughly It is probably the most authentic Austen pastiche I have ever read I was at times awestruck at what she was able to accomplish I’m sure I am not the only Austen devotee to wonder about this mysterious obscure talent and regret this is her only work I would recommend this book only to those very familiar with the books andor movies

  7. Schuyler Schuyler says:

    45 stars I'm liking this spend a Saturday with a vintage novel trend

  8. Anna Anna says:

    Review originally posted on Diary of an EccentricWritten in 1913 and published the following year Old Friends and New Fancies is considered the first ever Jane Austen seuel Sybil G Brinton manages to believably bring together characters from all six of Austen’s novels to create happily ever afters for several secondary characters The book centers on the romantic ups and downs of Georgiana Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam Pride and Prejudice whose broken engagement in the first chapter leads to some awkward moments as they try to find true love elsewhere Colonel Fitzwilliam and the happily married Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy make their annual visit to Bath where Lady Catherine de Bourgh mingles with characters from the other novelsMrs Robert Ferrars and Anne Steele Sense and Sensibility are desperate to gain Lady Catherine’s approval and their loose lips churn up events that Mary Crawford Mansfield Park would rather forget separating her from the man she loves and making her vulnerable to the attentions of the obnoxiously vain Sir Walter Elliot Persuasion as he seeks a beautiful well to do second wifeMeanwhile Kitty Bennet Pride and Prejudice is living it up in London as the protégé of Emma Knightley Emma who still fancies herself a matchmaker Back at Pemberley Elizabeth and Georgiana warn Kitty not to assume the subject of her infatuation will make her an offer of marriage but that doesn’t stop Kitty from confiding in the obnoxiously gossipy Mrs Jennings Sense and Sensibility — a move that threatens her happiness and that of GeorgianaNearly every important character in Austen’s novels is at least mentioned in Old Friends and New Fancies with a list included at the beginning of the book for reference Although I had to pay attention to follow the mingling of the characters I never felt lost or overwhelmed I’m glad I waited until I finished all of Austen’s novels before delving into this one but I suppose you could still follow and enjoy it with at least a working knowledge of Austen’s plots and charactersBringing together characters from six novels is very ambitious but Brinton makes it seem easy The characters meet in believable circumstances and forge convincing relationships and Brinton deftly knits together numerous plot threads into a story that captivated me from the very beginning The story branches out from two endearing but struggling characters Georgiana and Colonel Fitzwilliam and Brinton has fleshed them out so that they truly do feel like old friendsOld Friends and New Fancies is one of the best Austen seuels I’ve read so far I had so much fun revisiting these characters and imagining a world where they could all live together If you’ve ever wondered what might happen if characters from one Austen novel hopped into the pages of another you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this book

  9. Eva Eva says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable mostly satisfying read Colonel Fitzwilliam is so awesome

  10. Ann Ann says:

    I really enjoyed this book It had a very pleasing tone uite Austenesue The author brought in so many characters I almost made a diagram to keep all the old and new friends in order I thought some of the author's renderings of Austen's beloved characters were a little off she was especially ungracious to Emma However she captured the feel of her stories very well

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