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The Pack Serenity Falls Book 2 [EPUB] ✴ The Pack Serenity Falls Book 2 Author James A. Moore – The town of Serenity Falls has a history of the unspeakable One man unearthed it He paid the price So will all who fail to heed the warningSomething is coming to Serenity Falls something that has alre The town of Serenity Falls Serenity Falls PDF ↠ has a history of the unspeakable One man unearthed it He paid the price So will all who fail to heed the warningSomething is coming to Serenity Falls something that has already touched the town with its demonic power A young girl is horribly tortured a boy becomes a conduit to hell the dogs of the town turn feral One man a stranger to the town but not to the powers of darkness has been enlisted to stop The Pack Kindle - the encroaching evil And soon he will discover that the true horror lies not with those who walk the earth but with those who lie beneath it in the damp dark graves of the restless dead.

10 thoughts on “The Pack Serenity Falls Book 2

  1. Donna Donna says:

    The main idea of the story is interesting but there's too much filler There are a lot of bits about the local children that don't seem all that necessary and the best character from the previous book didn't put in an appearance until halfway throughIt also could have been edited better Sure there are a lot of characters But having one whose name changes back and forth between Nona and Nora is just sloppySome of the action scenes especially the ones that involve Crowley are fantastic but others felt kind of dull As a horror buff I'm still not exactly sure how a pack of dogs ripping off a guy's face can feel dull But just like some of the story some of the horror scenes were hard to get intoMost of this book still feels like setup so the third one better have one hell of a payoff to make it worthwhile

  2. Beth Roberts Beth Roberts says:

    Other reviewers have compared this trilogy to the early writing of Stephen King and in some ways I think that's an apt analogy This book is the second in the trilogy and both the writing and storylines are strong The comparison between the two authors has to do with length and scope than anything else Stephen King novels are so successful in part because they are fully crafted psychological studies of the characters within the pages The reader becomes fully invested in them emotionally; they could be the folks next door Thid novel attempts the same and while it succeeds the edge is not uite as finely honed The length of this one caused it to drag a little but only a little A lot of the book appears to be almost a study of Stephen King's seminal It both have young pre teen characters named Stanley I don't mean the comparison harshly or gushingly It's just there My only real complaint is that I think it's sad that a these books have not been re published and are currently out of print Yes they are a bit dated but they are only in reality 11 years old They should have been re published and opted for Kindle I'm not sure why they haven't been I had to track them down in used paoerback versions As others have noted they should also have had stronger editing lots of typos and a character name inconsistency that didn't bother me the way it did others I also had about a 4 month gap between reading the first book and this one I wish I hadn't waited I forgot some of the finer details I am going to immediately read the final book I'm thinking this is a trilogy that should probably be edited and marketed as one long work again a la Stephen King We'll see True rating 45 stars

  3. Mommacat Mommacat says:

    Serenity Hills Trilogy author manuscript

  4. Strega Strega says:

    Middle book of the Serenity Falls trilogy and it's good Moves the storyline along and manages not to get bogged down in the process This isn't a 'filler' book this is a story

  5. Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* says:

    Enjoyed this as much as the first perhaps a little as it continued the story fleshed it out but kept familiar charactersMainly Crowley stays as the interesting character I loved reading about and most held their own too while other characters lagged a bit Almost a little too much perspective shifting which doesn’t help interest and pacing but makes it convenient on building the main storylineGore and violence is stronger especially with the dogs that have been employed to be vicious weapons Body count in the present rises not just from stories of the past Simon is seen little from the first novel which is understood because of the last book’s mini cliffhanger I’m happy the past doesn’t have to be visited uite as much anyAnnoyingly the book cuts off in the middle of action despise when that happens but thankfully I had the next book waiting for me to continue it It probably would have irked me and maybe brought the rating down a little if I read it as it was published and had to waitOverall a good addition even better than the first and of course I'm loving the cover style for these

  6. Wendy Wendy says:

    Really enjoyed this second book in the Serenity Falls trilogy This book is written uite differently than the first but I think that you definitely want to read the first book before this one so that you can have the background of the town and the introduction to the town that you get in the first book With this second book we actually get into the current day happenings in the town There really seem to be two different forces at work here One is the evil being that has lured the Hunter to town and seems to be possessing people to taunt Crowley and then we have the evil that is being generated by the man who placed the curse on the town can not remember his name off hand It occasionally gets confusing as to which evil we are currently dealing with but it also makes for a much involved and intricate plot I do have to say that this book ended right in the middle of the story and I would be very unhappy if I did not already have the last book in the trilogy laying here to read right away I do look forward to finishing the story though

  7. Korynn Korynn says:

    After the first volume detailing the history of the town of Serenity Falls with many editorial inconsisitencies we welcome this volume in which bad things begin to happen in the present with many typos and one editorial inconsistency It is amazing the ability of people to deny and deny that something unnatural is happening before their eyes It is also amazing how this novel runs the gauntlet of the horror cliche including zombie dogs possessed children evil clowns dead people popping out of graves ominous dreams rolling heads that speak the stalker in the dark and my personal favorite the attack at lovers lane Yet this volume also introduces individual town folk to us and we feel for them although it also makes us wonder just when will they pull their heads from their asses and run for the hills?

  8. Victoria Victoria says:

    This seuel felt uite different from the first installment First of all the overlying structure that so organized the first one is gone here The chapters are still divided but now the story follows characters and the whole book follows a chronological path It took uite a while for Crawley to be re introduced but overall I think that this seuel is even stronger than the first book I had a hard time putting it down and all in all found it to be uite thrilling

  9. H3yd00 H3yd00 says:

    It had been a while since I read the first book in this trilogy but I picked up where it left off with ease A very engrossing tale about strange and supernatural things going on in a small town There were a lot of characters to keep up with but I'm sure that's just laying the groundwork for the final book which I will be reading next

  10. Damond Damond says:

    Very good continuation Completely different from the first book which was designed to give an extended history of the town and introduce some of the major players This chapter begins to bring everything involving Serenity Falls' curse to a slow boil Cannot wait to see how things wrap up in part three

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