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  • 10 September 2015
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  1. Stephanie G Stephanie G says:

    35 StarsCassandra Stevens is a muse a human woman who can be impregnated by a fallen angel and give birth to a heinous creature She has been taught to defend herself against them at all costs but when her destined Fallen finds her Cassandra can't stop the desire Samandriel stirs up inside of her Sam has no intention of harming his muse Instead plans to protect her against his brethren that are being called to earth by a vampire lord who will do anything to get his hands on a nephilim offspring of the Fallen and muse If Cassandra and Sam don't stop him soon it could mean the start of the apocalypseCassandra has always known about the Fallen and what will happen if her's is called to earth That hasn't stopped her inner romantic from fantasizing what it would be like to have her angel come to her and sweep her off her feet When she finally meets Sam he is handsome than Cassandra ever imagined but she doesn't let that distract her from fleeing and arming herself against him Sam pursues her but will not force himself onto Cassandra His ultimate goal is to redeem himself and be welcomed back into Above heaven As you can guess his meeting Cassandra changes all thatThere were things I liked and didn't like about both characters and their relationship For Cassandra I liked that she defends herself against Sam the other Fallen and the vampires and doesn't just sit around and wait to be rescued What I didn't care for was how back and forth she was on her feelings for Sam One minute she wanted him and the next she didn't trust him I also found a few of her decisions uestionable For Sam I liked that he was considered an outlaw by his kind because he wanted to get to know a woman completely instead of forcing himself on her His fighting skills were also impressive but no matter how many fallen demons or vampires he defeated I couldn't help feel like he was of beta I know not all male characters can have alpha personalities but when compared to the male leads in previous books Sam left something to be desired As for their relationship it too left me wanting It was sweet in that Cassandra finally meets the man she's been dreaming about her entire life and Sam starts to think about giving up heaven for her but it didn't have much to it than thatThe Fallen are coming to earth at an alarming rate because a vampire lord is summing them He plans to force a muse and Fallen together to create a nephilim for his own purpose By doing this he is also on the verge of bring something catastrophic upon everyone Since the first book the vampire's plan has been escalating and everything comes to a head in Ashes of Angels The final confrontation with the vampires fell a little flat but I've found the vampire story line interesting since book one because they've made great villains I hope they'll be making appearances in future books The side characters of Coco Cassandra's sister and her vampire lover Zane were both great Their relationship felt solid and they were necessary to the story instead of feeling like they were placed in just to have characters involved I'm even tempted to buy their short story in order to find out about themAshes of Angels wasn't as great as the first book in this series but it was still a good read with a healthy dose of action and a variety of different paranormal creatures Cassandra and Sam were decent enough but sometimes they were out shined by Coco and Zane The climatic scene with the vampires was a little disappointing but I was glad to finally see what a nephilim looks like and people have been right to fear its birth The story and characters had their faults but what I absolutely loved and is my favorite part of this series are the descriptions of the Fallen and Sinistari demons Each Fallen is different and looks to be made out of different materials and the Sinistari appear to be hand crafted out of metals It's a very different take on angels and demons and I love how descriptive Michele Hauf is each time she introduces a new one This is the 3rd book in the Of Angels and Demons series and if it's something you're interested in reading go back and read Angel Slayer first So far it is the best book in this series and an all around amazing read Stephanie

  2. Jess the Romanceaholic Jess the Romanceaholic says:

    This is a uickie Review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicExpected Release Date July 26 2011Publisher HarleuinImprint NocturneAuthor’s Website Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series Yes Book 3 Of Angels and DemonsSeries Best Read In Order YesSteam Level SteamyCassandra is a Muse the one woman on earth with whom a particular Fallen Angel can sire a nephilim an abomination that can bring about the world's destruction Having known of her destiny her entire life she's extensively trained in self defense determined to be able to protect herself when the evil Fallen angel comes after herHowever when the day finally comes she discovers that Samandriel the oh so sexy Fallen angel whose sigil matches her own is nothing like the evil rapist she's been taught to expect and can't help but feel an immediate connection and attractionHowever another muse was not so lucky with her Fallen angel and soon evil incarnate walks the earth and it's up to Sam and Cassandra to stop itI really wavered hard with this rating I couldn't decide if it was 25 or 3 stars Looking strictly at all my negative points I was definitely leaning towards the 25 but when I think about how much I enjoyed the mythology behind the narrative I think I am going to have to settle with a 35There was also a Nocturne Bites short story at the end that tells Coco and Zane's story That rated a 155 for me mainly because of the first person narrative that kept switching back and forth between Coco and Zane with no warning The storyline itself was fine and the sex was wonderfully hot just the shifting POV was flat out awful

  3. Wendy *Sebella Blue* Mitchell Wendy *Sebella Blue* Mitchell says:

    In this book the reader gets 2 stories The Ninja Vampire's Girl about Coco and Zane and Ashes of Angels Sam and Cassandra's story The Ninja Vampire's Girl was cute and funny I liked both characters and wished this had been the main focus Coco was on a mission for her sister Cassandra who just happens to be an unfortunate muse Coco is on a halo hunt and just as she is about to lay her hands on the halo she is interrupted by Zane a vampire who is after the same halo At first she is put off by the scarred visage of Zane but as she learns about him she becomes wildly attracted Coco who swears her middle name is danger insists on teaming up with Zane in killing the summoned Fallen Fun and lust ensues Cassandra and Sam's story was not as palatable to me Sam while not bad sometimes came off a little beta to me Cassandra hmmm well while her heart was in the right place her head definitely was not Maybe it was because she was an artist I don't know but I was almost to the point of Oh well thinning of the herd It was a decent story but not one I think will be reread

  4. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries Of Angels and Demons

  5. Tracy Tracy says:

    Intriguing World But The Characters Note This book includes the novella The Ninja Vampire's Girl Book 25 of the Of Angels and Demons seriesCassandra Stevens is a muse a mortal woman who is marked from birth to be a mate for the Fallen That may sound romantic; it's anything but When lust crazed Fallen find their muse they are mindless and fierce demonic in their intent on raping and impregnating their female regardless of the muse's wishes Then when they impregnate the women what is birthed is a monster of horrific proportions a flesh and blood hungry nephilim that will consume everything in its pathHer grandmother had warned her taught her prepared her and Cassandra has spent her life training and learning to protect herself because one thing Cassandra has always known her Fallen would find her And she had no intention of being a homicidal baby's mamaFor all that preparation Cassandra wasn't ready when she felt the mark on her wrist start to tingle then glow as she was dancing in a club with a sexy stranger To her growing horror the wait was over Samandirial has been summoned from Below and has come for herHe's only been on Earth for a day and after a uick walkabout he's in Berlin with an intensity of purpose unlike any other Fallen He has no intention of raping and impregnating the delectable Cassandra not that he doesn't desire her because he does above all others but he wants one thing even than that Above When he'd been spit out of Below and called to Earth by the vampires Samandirial knew they were planning to start the sort of battle that could lead to an apocalypse If he stops them he may finally have a chance at redemption and forgiveness He may finally be able to go home It is everything that ever mattered to himAnd he needs the help of his muse the one person guaranteed to distrust him the mostIt was uite clear from the start of this book that it was a part of a previously established series That can often be a problem for me especially in shorter novels where the dearth of sufficient exposition seems common when making room for character introduction and relationship development That wasn't a large issue for me with this book I didn't feel I had any trouble catching on to the world that Hauf created In fact I enjoyed that world though I'm weary of the large upsurge of angels in fiction lately They're not my favorite paranormal creature Still in this book their history and the mythos surrounding the multiple supernatural races was intriguing Hauf did a nice job conceptualizing the rolls of the muses Fallen vampires and the rest weaving together their purposes and motivations into a cohesive whole supported by the storyMy problems lay in the execution of that storyThe characters were wildly inconsistent Cassandra's initial distrust of Sam made sense given her history but the too fast lust induced about face while necessary for the romance didn't make sense because of that same history She trained for years in preparation for Sam's arrival was supposed to be an accomplished fighter and a real hard ass but came across as a giggling blushing tittering twit far too often for my tastes as soon as she stopped fearing Sam eg A nephalim is raging around destroying Berlin and she and her sister take a time out for a slumber party complete with hand holding and lover comparison sex talk Really??Oh and speaking of SamCupcake? Bunny?? Seriously?He's supposed to be an ages old Fallen who's been spending most of the past few thousand years Below Have some self respect man It's hard to get lusty and appreciative of a male romantic lead who strikes me like a nerdy puppy with a nipping habit than a warrior Fallen intent on redemption and regaining Above at all costs He also spends one day on Earth and is suddenly spouting the slang and lingo of an average twelve year old when he's not sounding all stiff and proper knows everything there is to know about the history he's missed can speak every language and is up on all the cultural referencesright up until it's convenient for the story if he isn't Sam's numerous inconsistencies boggled my mindSo did the apparent and oft mentioned glass heart of his Talk about your less than sturdy containment I was not happy with that aspect of his physiologyBesides the characters the narrative caused me a few moments of grief as well The prose was fairly pedestrian descriptive scenes and action passages lacked sophistication and variety and the dialogue had some rough spots that failed in achieving a natural organic conversational flow There were brights spots too of course and a few scenes that made me chuckle or things that made me smile It wasn't all badThere was this snippet of conversation between Sam and Cassandra in fact that made me grinYou need any help Sam? Sam swung the halo across a vampire's throat reducing his opponent to ash Oh hey Cassandra Just making some new friendsI can see thatI've got everything under controlSo I should have saved the one you tossed at me for you?Did I toss a vampire at you? That was rudeI do wish I'd taken the advice of the author given at the beginning and read The Ninja Vampire's Girl first It was short but it offered a few nice glimpses of the world that was created for the series It also reflected some of the same problems I had with the main story The good news is that you can dive into this book even if you haven't read the preceding books in the series Less rosy is my lack of desire to go back and find out where this series all began nor do I have plans to continue with it from here It was just a bit too lacking in sophistication maturity and polish for my personal taste Disclosure An ARC of this book was provided to me by Harleuin via NetGalley This rating review and all included thoughts and comments are my ownReviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another

  6. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading Romance This is my first time reading a book by Michele Hauf but it will not be the last I just finished Ashes of Angels the third book in her Of Angels and Demons series and it was an engaging paranormal romance with hot vampires and sexy Fallen Angels The book is being released tomorrow July 19 and includes the novella that takes place between the second and third books The Ninja Vampire’s Girl In a letter from the author Ms Hauf states that the events in the novella take place about 5 months before those in the novel and suggests that you read the novella first if you want to keep events in order but that’s not necessary as both novella and novel can be read as stand alone works In fact I did read the novella first and now I wish I’d read it last because the novella was not nearly as good as the novel and I almost didn’t go on to read the novel That would have been a shame because the novel is tightly written with appealing characters and I definitely recommend it Artist Cassandra Caz Stevens is celebrating finishing a statue of an angel when she meets a stunning looking man in a club All too uickly she realizes that she’s in terrible danger because he’s a Fallen Angel and the glowing mark on her wrist indicates that she’s his muse Fallen Angels who are summoned to Earth seek out mortal women their muses and sexually assault them impregnating them with Nephilim monstrous killers Caz’s grandmother warned her and her sister Coco years ago that they needed to prepare to fight off the Fallen but Samandiriel Sam is different from the others He regrets the Fallen Angels’ decision to leave Heaven and wants to protect Caz from the others who will seek her out It seems that a group of Vampires in Germany is summoning the Fallen Angels to Earth hoping to lead them to their muses and perform tests on the resulting Nephilim The vampires’ leader believes that the Nephilim blood will allow the vampires to walk in the sun but the Fallen Angels he summons the danger Caz and her fellow muses are in Sam offers to help Caz in her fight against the vampires and the other Fallen and the two agree to work together fighting an overwhelming attraction that if acted upon could result in Caz’s death The world building in this novel is complex but clearly explained and easy to pick up even though I jumped into the series at book three I appreciated how seamlessly the world was introduced to a new reader The mix of Angels demons and vampires was fascinating and Ms Hauf integrated religious elements into her novel while still leaving a lot open to speculation The background of the Fallen and the demons is explained clearly but I’m still uncertain about the origins of the vampires in this world Given the focus on the muse heroine and angel hero however the origins of the vampires were not necessary to the story and didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the novelSam and Caz were likeable characters and since Sam had only recently returned to Earth after the vampires summoned him he’s an interesting mix of innocence and experience that Caz finds irresistible I like that Ms Hauf turned the tables on the trope of the “virgin” heroine learning about her sexuality with this one since Caz has to teach Sam how to kiss The sexual tension between the two was sizzling and dangerous since there's the possibility that Sam will assault Caz if he reverts to his stronger angel form Caz is a sensual creative woman and it’s easy to see that Sam’s attraction to her soon becomes than just the link between a muse and a Fallen AngelWhile most of the novel was action packed with Caz and Sam fighting demons Fallen Angels and vampires there were also some really funny lines I laughed out loud several times especially at the scene where Sam gets a little tipsy and is informed that the feelings he’s describing for Caz are definitely love When he and Caz first meet he teases her by calling her hilarious nicknames just to annoy her Sam may be an Angel but he’s got a wicked sense of humor When Caz calls him on the endearments he asks if she would “prefer sweetie? Perhaps mein little cupcake?” And later he tells her that he’d kill any Fallen who tried to attack her claiming that he prefers the word “smite over murder” Who wouldn’t? I only have two criticisms about the novel The first is that the epilogue wraps everything up in a neat package but I’m not sure it’s absolutely necessary The book ends with a dramatic fight that packs a strong punch and the epilogue seems a bit uick to resolve everything I suspect the novel could have ended either without the epilogue or with another chapter and the ending wouldn’t have felt so rushed The second complaint is not really related to the novel at all but rather the novella The Ninja Vampire’s Girl was previously published in an anthology and feels really short possibly less than 20000 words although that could merely be my perception Because the novel is so well written with such engaging characters and dialogue the much shorter novella suffers by comparison It details how Caz’s sister Coco met her vampire boyfriend Zane while searching for a Fallen Angel’s halo The story is cute but it’s written in 2 separate first person points of view with a lot of jumping from one POV to the next In the advanced reader copy there was no separation to indicate the jump from one POV to the other which was a bit confusing but I’m sure in the published version that is not the case Ms Hauf wrote the third person POV so well in the novel that the first person POVs of Coco and Zane in the novella come across as underdeveloped Despite the novella’s shortcomings I really enjoyed Ashes of Angels and as soon as I finished it I went online to check out Ms Hauf’s webpage to look up the other books and novellas in the series The summaries of the first and second books make it clear that they take place in the same world and focus on different types of heroes and heroines which further impresses me with Ms Hauf’s creativity I’ll definitely be catching up on the rest of the series and look forward to future installments of the seriesI received a copy of this book for review from the Publisher through NetGalley

  7. Marcela (BookaholicCat) Marcela (BookaholicCat) says:

    This review is also published at Ashes of Angels is book three in the Of Angels and Demons series by Michele Hauf This book also contains a bonus novella at the end of the book called The Ninja Vampire’s Girl At the beginning of the book Mrs Hauf recommends to read the novella first and let me tell you I was glad I did it if I haven’t done it I would have been lost for awhile while reading Ashes of AngelsAshes of AngelsThousands of years ago a group of many horny angels wanted to experience carnal pleasures They decided to leave above heaven and come to the world fall to have their new experiences thus becoming Fallen angels Some of those angels were taken away before touching land and were converted in Sinistari demons whose only purpose would be to hunt and kill their old friends now Fallen Hours after the Fallen landed Big Almighty brought in a flooding to take away the remaining ones to another realm called the Ninth Void there they will reside until somebody summon them And there is another key factor each Fallen has a predetermined mate called a muse and this woman is the only one with whom they can mate but sometimes the muses are not amenable partners and let’s say that the Fallen are so lost in lust they don’t care about their muses willingness and end up raping them And to top the cake if they get pregnant they will have a beautiful little monster that will tear them apart during birth and most probably will leave them there bleeding to dead if they are not already dead because 10 cm are not enough to birth these babies called Nephilim These cuties will walk away from their mothers after birth you read correctly the babies walk away in their two little legs and two little feet After this book Renesme’s birth seems like stroll in the parkCassandra has the luck to be a muse she has a sigil in her arm with an intrinsic design that will matches the one her Fallen will have She has known all her life that sooner or later her Fallen will come for her Since she has use of reason she has been preparing for that encounter She knows martial arts how to use a weapon repellent spells and other self defense mechanisms But when Samandriel Sam comes to her life she finds herself with a big dilemma because Sam is not at all what she was expecting First he is not trying to rape her and actually seems to care for her he even wants to protect her form other evil forces around herSam knew shortly after he had fallen that he had made a mistake He couldn’t understand how his brethren could behave so despicably with their muses And since then his only intention has been to find a way to be forgiven and accepted again in Above Many years later he has been summoned to earth he sees this as is his opportunity to change things and get his ticket back to Above But after meeting Cassandra his priorities start to change maybe there are better things than AboveI had serious problems liking Cassandra she was a good heroine in the sense that she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty but for me she overwrite all her training and knowledge about the Fallen to fast She was also a yo yo with Sam she was on top of him one moment one hour later she was afraid of him I was like ok decided do you trust him or not and stick to your decision sadly she didn’t listen to my pleasSam was a little bit too beta for me I know he wants to be good and protect and all that also he wins his fights but I think he needed to have character and being less softy he is a powerful being and should have behaved like one I didn’t like at all the endearments he uses for Cassandra like bunny or cupcake they didn’t felt right especially coming from a being like him as I said before he was too Beta for meTheir relationship was not believable for the reasons I said before about Cassandra being on and off with him It was difficult to picture them with a happy future especially after the way the book ended view spoiler Sam’s memory was completely wiped He doesn’t have any recollection of what or who he was he just remembers Cassandra and that he has feelings for her nothing else After this a HEA is difficult to believe hide spoiler

  8. Sharon Roberts Sharon Roberts says:

    I must say even though i like the book it had me confused the ending i thought happened to uickly and could of been added to make the ending explosive Angels are not my thing but i decided to read this as i have seen them mentioned in other books so wanted to know before i make judgement on the whole Angel series i think i will read them all first I do love how the Angels are described and the feathers with the ash they leave behind is slightly enchanting as i love the fact that if you see a feather a loved one is watching over you

  9. Joanna Joanna says:

    didn't know it was book#3

  10. Jen Davis Jen Davis says:

    This book actually contains two stories a novella that's about 40 pages called The Ninja Vampire's Girl in addition to the full lengths Ashes of Angels Both are part of Michelle Hauf's ongoing series Of Angels and Demons And believe me it was very apparent that I came into the series lateI'll talk first about the full length story featuring Sam a Fallen Angel and Cassandra his muse The story starts out with too many characters and too much terminology out of the gate For people who have been reading this series all along that's unlikely to be a problem But I on the other hand was scrambling to the Club Scarlet online page to see if the glossaries or character description pages the author provided would help me fill in the blanks They helped a little and in all honesty I did eventually figure out what was going on but my utter cluelessness distracted me in the first half of the bookFor those of you unfamiliar with the world building I'll save you some trouble A long time ago a group of Angels decided to fall from Heaven or Above as they call it Their primary motivation was lust; they wanted to experience carnal pleasures with human women Before their feet hit the ground a handful of Fallen were snatched away from their brethren destined to become demons who would hunt the others who fell After a time a great flood swept the remaining Fallen into an otherworldly planet where they have lived ever since Some have made it back to Earth though with their minds set on finding their Muse the one human woman who is their predestined mate The thing is not all the Muses are willing partners but the Fallen don't care They just want that carnal pleasure And physical unions result in pregnancies and later births of hideous flesh eating monsters called NephilimAnyway Cassandra is a Muse who has been preparing for the day she would need to defend herself against her Fallen But when Sam finds her she discovers he is nothing like the others of his kind He wants to stop the other Fallen and protect the Muses in the hope he may one day return to live Above He's actually a good guy; and that's very fortunate because the vampires are summoning the Fallen back to Earth They want Nephilim created because they think the monsters are the key to help them one day walk again in the sun Cassandra and Sam decide to work together to foil that plan and protect the MusesWhile Sam's motives are pure he is still fiercly attracted to Cassandra And with her desire for danger she finds she wants him too Now I understand what's going on with Sam but frankly Cassandra's thing for flirting with danger was a turn off for me Her grandmother groomed her since childhood to fear and fight the Fallen And here she is with her tongue in his mouth in a New York minute Oh yeah and other stuff too That's a lot of trust for your life long enemy Caz No matter how hot he isThere was just too much for me to take in And for Cassandra to be this woman who is trained and prepared and smart she struck me as pretty stupid to let herself be lead by lust I don't know if I would have loved it even if I knew what was going on the whole time I know I would have never been ok with Sam calling Cassandra Bunny in any scenario But I am sure I would have at least enjoyed it than I didAs for The Ninja Vampire's Girl this short story features Cassandra's sister Coco At the beginning of the book the author recommends that you read this first I wish I had It clearly and consisely lays out the world building that took so long for me to grasp in the full length book Unlike Cassandra's story this was told in first person switching back and forth between Coco and Zane's perspective Basically our hero and heroine meet as Coco is trying to steal a halo to give to Cassandra for protection Zane is hunting the Fallen it belonged to And as they book work toward their respective goals their paths cross and a spark is born between them I liked this novella uite a lot It was action packed straightforward and sexy More than the full length story did the novella makes me want to check out the backlist in the series3 12 stars ARC Provided by NetGalley

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Ashes of Angels[Download] ➵ Ashes of Angels Author Michele Hauf – Cassandra knows her dark destiny She is a muse who will one day be sought by a Fallen angel to be the mother of his nephilim child a fate that will destroy her Samandiriel walks alone amongst his Fall Cassandra knows her dark destiny She is a muse who will one day be sought by a Fallen angel to be the mother of his nephilim child a fate that will destroy her Samandiriel walks alone amongst his Fallen brethren He refuses to use mortal Ashes of ePUB ´ females as vessels for his evil offspring He's determined to protect them But now he's been summoned to capture a muse Cassandra against his will Together Sam and Cassandra must fight to keep her alive and to prevent the Fallen from achieving their sinister goals Cassandra trusts Sam but he can't trust his own compulsion to mate with her Can they stop the apocalypse before Sam's desire overtakes him.

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