FlowDreaming: A Radical New Technique for Manifesting

6 thoughts on “FlowDreaming: A Radical New Technique for Manifesting Anything You Want

  1. Catalina Carmen Catalina Carmen says:

    The perfect book for people who don't do well with meditation I've been consciously manifesting for two years now but this is the first book I've ever read about it having only watched videos in the past It's nothing new to someone experienced in manifesting however I believe the better you understand what you're doing the easier it is and McStravick gives such a lovely perspective So even if you've been attracting for a while I would recommend reading this because her way of seeing the universe has really made me think of manifesting in a different and clearer light What I also liked about this book is that she uses common sayings alongside what she's explaining such as referencing uphill battles as people going against the flow I'd never heard of flow dreaming before this book but as a person who can never reap the benefits of meditation due to an overactive imagination it's such a great solution to me or to anyone who finds meditation boring Mine also came with a CD which is an added support It's a gorgeous little book and a uick read in a very easy to digest format as it only took me a couple of hours

  2. Amy Dale Amy Dale says:

    I really enjoyed this book True I didn't actually learn anything I haven't read beforebut she put it in new ways that really spoke to me and made me think The book does feel like a rip off of Abraham Hicks material written in a less archaic way for newbies to manifesting but since I love AbeI don't mind I'd say it's a fantastic book to introduce people to law of attractionif they've read The Secret this is a lovelyeasy next read

  3. Asrai Devin Asrai Devin says:

    I've been listening to Summer's Flowdreaming show on Hay House Radio at HayHouseRadiocom for a few years I really enjoyed it at the start It's a new techniue for manifesting as the title says It's easy to do and with my yappy dog mind I find it hard to meditate The book was good basic information Nothing new to me as most of it was from her radio show Lately she's become rather preachy in her beliefs I know she feels strongly about her beliefs But she talks as if hers are the only ones that could possibly be valid

  4. Noella Risley Downs Noella Risley Downs says:

    Love the content Flowdreaming is a really fascinating idea which is backed by scientific research and authenticated by the many students who have taken her program and tried it out for themselves It's an easy read and if you're interested in the subject of Manifesting or the Law of Attraction as in the book The Secret you will not only enjoy reading it you'll probably be drawn into trying Flowdreaming for yourself

  5. Theodora Theodora says:

    one night when i couldn't sleepa few years agoi stumbled onto Summer McStravick's show she has a great radio voice i don't like the calls or the material in the book about attracting money and relationshipsseems kind of sketchy to me like maybe she's not tapped into the Flow

  6. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Not really witchy per se but a great manifesting guide

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FlowDreaming: A Radical New Technique for Manifesting Anything You Want ➿ [Download] ➽ FlowDreaming: A Radical New Technique for Manifesting Anything You Want By Summer McStravick ➵ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk          This beautiful hardcover book comes with an instructional CD to teach you the art of Flowdreaming Author Summer McStravick pioneered this fascinating techniue that rolls the best of m          This beautiful hardcover book comes with an Radical New Epub â instructional CD to teach you the art of Flowdreaming Author Summer McStravick pioneered this fascinating techniue that rolls the best FlowDreaming: A eBook Ý of meditation affirmations self hypnosis prayer and creative visualization into a powerful techniue that can turn anyone into a true manifestorThis step by step instructional book which includes a A Radical New PDF/EPUB ¾ full length introductory Flowdreaming CD shows you how to find the Flow—a place accessible in our minds where our uantum reality emerges as an energetic cosmic river that flows A Radical New Technique for PDF or in a positive direction throughout our lives Flowdreaming is both a fascinating philosophy and a simple techniue to help you start manifesting your future in this great energetic spaceSummer’s powerful abilities and understanding of universal energies has been recognized by such preeminent teachers as Dr Wayne Dyer Gregg Braden Cheryl Richardson Denise Linn Carol Ritberger and Colette Baron Reid She has emerged as a leader in the field of manifesting and has been referred to as a rare teacher of the “mysteries” If you enjoy writers such as Esther and Jerry Hicks Dr Wayne Dyer Gregg Braden Eckhart Tolle or Sandra Anne Taylor then this book is a choice find that belongs in your library Countless people have enjoyed Summer’s wisdom and elegant explanations in her weekly Internet radio program on HayHouseRadiocom and her genuine honest assessment of manifesting in her blog at wwwFlowdreamingcomConsider this excerpt from Flowdreaming in which Summer writes We’ve always known that the Flow is all around us On some intuitive level we feel its presence and know when we’re moving with life just as we recognize when we’re moving against it And on rare occasions—though just  often enough to shake us up each time it happens—when we look A Radical New Technique for PDF or at a sunset or up at the stars we can even sense that we’re part of the Flow; that is made from the stuff  The Flow is both the glue that holds the cosmos together and the cosmos itself If you have any doubt about this just think of how often you’ve used the expression  'Just go with the flow'         Every time you’ve been moved to use that phrase you’ve acknowledged perhaps instinctually that there is some life force—some peculiar essence— that we’re caught up in and that is flowing forward into the future and that if we go with it will ease our burdens and bring us to a better place We intuit that this essence is good and pure  and we want to be flowing with it In other words when we’re going with the Flow we’re saying that we are in fact on the right path whatever that path may be  What I’m going to show you now is how you can start  aligning yourself with this majesty and in so doing discover the explosive creative manifestational power that is the Flow “You’ll find much wisdom in this insightful book from my co host on HayHouseRadiocom” — Dr Wayne W Dyer.

  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • FlowDreaming: A Radical New Technique for Manifesting Anything You Want
  • Summer McStravick
  • English
  • 28 March 2016
  • 9781401905613