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Honey Baby Sweetheart [KINDLE] ❄ Honey Baby Sweetheart By Deb Caletti – Buyprobolan50.co.uk I'm not usually a reckless person What happened the summer of my junior year was not about recklessness It was about the way a moment a single moment can change things and make you decide to try to be I'm not usually a reckless person What happened the summer of my junior year was not about recklessness It was about Honey Baby PDF or the way a moment a single moment can change things and make you decide to try to be someone different Ruby Mcueen is a sixteen year old high school student with the name she thinks of a rodeo cowgirl porn star or maybe worse a Texas beauty ueen runner up Her mother Ann one of the town librarians was reading too much Southern literature before Ruby was born and Chip Ruby's father who was already dreaming of Nashville stardom thought it would make a great stage name someday Soon after Chip Jr was born Chip left to try his luck in the music business and ended up at the Gold Nugget Amusement Park one state over He returns occasionally for visits that turn Ann's heart upside down and Ruby's stomach inside outIt is summer in the northwest town of Nine Mile Falls a place where brown bears sometimes show up in the shopping mall and people in hang gliders soar down the mountains and sometimes get stuck dangling from the trees Ruby ordinarily dubbed The uiet Girl finds herself hanging out with gorgeous rich thrill seeking Travis Becker With Travis Ruby can be someone she's never been before Fearless Powerful But Ruby is in over her head and finds she is risking and when she's with himIn an effort to keep Ruby occupied and mend her own broken heart Ann drags Ruby to the weekly book club she runs for seniors At first Ruby can't imagine a boring way to spend an afternoon but she is soon charmed by the Casserole ueens named uite ironically after women who bring casseroles to new widowers' homes in hopes of snagging a husband When the group discovers one of their own members is the subject of the tragic love story they are reading Ann and Ruby ditch their respective obsessions to spearhead a reunion between the long ago lovers But this mission turns out to be than just a road trip Somewhere along the way Ruby and her mother learn the true meaning of love and freedom from it individual purpose and the real ties that bindThis lyrical multigenerational story of love loss and redemption speaks to everyone who has ever been in love and lived to tell the taleRight then one of the garage doors went up giving me the fright of my life I felt frozen in place and I wasn't sure if I would seem guilty staying where I was or walking on after I'd already surely been spotted I don't even know why I felt so bad when it was really only a glimpse I had been stealing My feet by default made the decision whether we were staying or going they wouldn't move So as the door went up same as a curtain when a play is starting revealing Travis Becker on that almost stage I was still standing there staringI didn't know it was Travis then of course I only saw this boy good looking oh God with a helmet under one arm looking at me with this bemused smile Right away I got that Something About To Happen feeling Right away I knew he was bad and that it didn't matter from Honey Baby Sweetheart.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Honey Baby Sweetheart
  • Deb Caletti
  • English
  • 02 July 2016
  • 9780689867651

About the Author: Deb Caletti

Deb Caletti is the award winning and critically acclaimed author of over sixteen books for adults and young adults including Honey Honey Baby PDF or Baby Sweetheart a finalist for the National Book Award and A Heart in a Body in the World a Michael L Printz Honor Book Her books have also won the Josette Frank Award for Fiction the Washington State Book Award and numerous other state awards and honors and.

10 thoughts on “Honey Baby Sweetheart

  1. Milly Milly says:

    I don't often dislike books but this one I truly had a difficult time completing I started skimming through this book towards the middle of the book when I realized it was not getting any better I didn't want to just abandon it as I've never ever abandoned a book before so I skimmed it all the way to the end It was just really sad that I found this book boring and insignificant I didn't find any of the characters appealing or interesting enough to follow their stories I just didn't connect with any of them and therefore made me very uninterested and unattached to the book I also didn't like the writing style for this book even in the very beginning The way the author built the stories for each of the character was just disjointed There was no flow in the story line I found myself scratching my head and wondering why the author just won't continue the story of the female protagonist but instead starts a new story about the protagonist's mother in the next paragraph She could have introduced new characters and their stories a little better and a lot less intrusive It just didn't appeal to my personal tastes This is the very first book I've picked up from Deb Caletti's collection Unfortunately it did not impress me and unfortunately this does not make me want to try any of her new books anytime soon

  2. Katy Katy says:

    This is one of the greatest YA fiction novels I have ever read I went into it with skeptism because the person who recommended the book to me loves stories where one of the lovers in a relationship dies at the end and I hate those sorts of stories This was a lot than a story about summer love In fact I guess it is nothing about that It's about love in general between family friends and your soul mate It's about finding and completing yourself not by someone else but in yourself All too often we gravitate to the wrong sorts of friends and boyfriendsgirlfriends because we think they give us something we desperately want adventure a snappy attitude coolness when in reality we find those things in ourselves It's about letting go of people who aren't helping you The characters are vivacious and hilarious The Casserole ueens are amazing I envisioned the old ladies from Steel Magnolias without a doubt Weezer would be Peach I loved this story and I will definitely read her other books

  3. Dani Dani says:

    I was on the line about whether to add this book to the enjoyably bad shelf since I couldn't decide if it was actually bad Cheesy fluffy and overly uirky sure but bad? Well I'm on disc 5 now and I've decided It is bad Still enjoyable though What's best about this book dead on portrayal of bad love The teenage main character and her mother each have a dumbass bad boy in their life that they can't seem to uit The magnetism and idiocy of the boys and the addictive results of that very special blend were done really well The author must have been there because she captured it perfectly What's also good about this book it's entertaining It's consistent The main characters daughter mother and teenage bad boy love interest are interesting and you want to know about themWhat's annoyingToooooo many similes and metaphors at least two per page I'm guessing some of them very amusing many awkwardToo many irritating comedic relief devices The brother the dog the casserole ueens really the irreverent pastor guy on and on and on and onOne of the characters is named PeachToo many lines end with he said and she said Probably less annoying in print Sounds terrible when there are five of those in a row in an audio bookWhat put this decisively on the bad shelfIf you read the back of the book it says that the mom drags the daughter to her old folks' book club to distract her from her toxic boyfriend type thing This is true This is where the story goes from being about characters to being about caricatures And I'm just kinda like did I pay 0 all right so I got it at the library to go into this whole side trip with all these yammering old people? No I did not Take me back to the disaster waiting to happen love story That's what I came here forSpoiler I wasn't in love with him I was in love with his motorcycleLMAO Best epiphany ever

  4. Nic Nic says:

    Rating A 35 stars This is a realistic and tender coming of age story I love Caletti writing style So thoughtful and beautiful I highlighted so many uotes from this book Enjoyed the plot at the beginning but about two thirds of the way in I got a little bored If it had a strong plot it could have been a brilliant read All the characters were interesting and well rounded Overall another good book from Caletti but not uite as strong Stay which I read recently also Sorry for the lack of review but I just left it too long and my thoughts are gone about it Bookers Challenge #5 Thank you Crystal

  5. Thomas Thomas says:

    The unavoidable factor that underlies all of Deb Calleti's books is their uniueness Sometimes the uniueness is good streamlined writing interesting characters that are not too uirky and a well defined plot Other times it is bad This was one of the bad onesThis being my third book by Deb Calleti I was not uite sure what to expect One of her other books I had given two stars while her most recent novel I had given five On the other hand Honey Baby Sweetheart is a National Book Award Finalist In the end I was disappointed but not staggeringlyI had a lot of issues with this book None of the characters were particularly amiable so I did not really care to see what happened as the plot progressed The plot itself was pretty mundane A girl named Ruby Mcueen who points out the ridiculousness of her name herself dates the resident bad boy and precedes to get her heart broken Throw in some over stated life lessons a pretty strong feminist viewpoint and a couple of elderly people and there you go Suffice to say something went awry hereIf you liked Calleti's other books I would give this one a shot If not skip it

  6. Nomes Nomes says:

    I have mixed feelings about my first Deb Caletti readI loved the idea of this book the uiet Girl and the rich wild boy and one summer where everything goes a little crazyI also loved portions of the prose Every now and then a sentenceparagraphsentiment would just be perfectly captured you could highlight this little book like crazy with all those hidden gemsUnfortunately those gems do get hidden drowning in often over written passages If I were to edit this book I would pare it right back because at it's core it's a thrilling story that teenagers could easily connect tooHowever I found myself feeling all too often like I was trudging through so many words without the plot moving along Caletti is obviously the fan of the extended metaphor and similes which while cutemeaningful bogged the story right down I also found the structure of this book confusing in parts The story would often be reminiscing about a certain event and then it would swing to a past event for a few pages then hop back to the initial scene and then move on to another time and place altogether In places I was confused as to whether I was reading back story or present especially with family scenes I wish the story had been linear as I would have connected to what was going on or maybe I just needed to be concentrating harder you could blame some of my confusion on occasionally skimming a passage to find where the plot was going to pop up again Despite my mini rant I did mostly enjoy this book and in particular I liked the little snippets of gorgeous writing I also think she captured the teenage protag and internal strugglesfeelings really well and has a great ear for dialogue It's a shame I lost my way in this story by confusion and boredom in parts as I think that made me feel less connected to Ruby you know? Still bring on Deb Caletti I am keen to try out of her work Thanks Nic D

  7. Books and Literature for Teens Books and Literature for Teens says:

    Once again Caletti has created a vividly adventurous and humorous home spun coming of age story My first Caletti novel was The Secret Life of Prince Charming and oh the characters It's the same with Honey Baby Sweetheart The characters are jewelsand the story is so familiar yet so enjoyableRuby Mcueen doesn't hang out with boys She's a good girl has one girlfriend a love sick insecure librarian mother a little brother and a chewing machine of a dog Typical family typical girl falls for the bad boy next door Or is it?I love how Caletti takes a stereotype plot like this and whips it around into a heartwarming story about something completely different–something that makes you sad when the last page turns Ruby was naturally a keep to yourself type When she suddenly catches the eye of the motorcyle ridin' bad boy Travis Ruby unleashes her alter ego that has been hiding inside her Suddenly things starts turning upside down Does Ruby really like Travis or does she just like the thrill of the wind rushing against her skin as they zoom down the highway When Ruby and her family become invovled in a complicated mission to help Lillian an elderly woman and fellow book club member unite with her true love Ruby gets a lesson in than just love Sometimes adventure is way excitingI love the characters–Miz June Ann Bee Harold he's a hoot Peach Lillian Chip Jr Ruby Ann and even the guy in the whale van They're so normal they're people you knowbut yet throw them together and you get an unforgettable journey of strength love friendship and breaking away The humorous yet serious advice the seniors give Ruby is uplifting and inspiring Highly highly recommend If you're a Deb Caletti fan already–what are you waiting for? Ages 13

  8. nidah05 (SleepDreamWrite) nidah05 (SleepDreamWrite) says:

    For the most part I liked this When it wasn't focused on the bad boy subplot But I liked how it got resolved at leastI found myself interested in the mom's book club members and helping out a fellow member That also includes a road trip And Ruby and her family bonding along the way etcOther than that this was an okay but good in moments kind of read

  9. Sarah Marie Sarah Marie says:

    Honey Baby Sweetheart by Deb Caletti325 starsRuby Mcueen is sixteen years old and finds herself hanging out with Travis Becker a bad boy with a motorcycle and an obscene amount of money Ruby finds herself on a road trip with her mother’s book club and reuniting one of the members with the man who got away The writing drags a little at times It’s not always the most immersive and at times I found myself struggling to care However the humor in this novel makes up for the rocky writing It’s absolutely hilarious and it’s one of the best things about Honey Baby Sweetheart There is a lot of slut shaming and girl on girl hate which is distasteful This novel was written in 2005 and a lot of this was prevalent in YA contemporaries but that doesn’t excuse how often it pops upWhimsical Writing Scale 325I really like Ruby She’s relatable and uirky Ruby has a lot of growth and it is awesome to see a character actually change and see the world from a different perspective as opposed to staying the same However as much as I like Ruby she is incredibly judgmental towards her mother It becomes grating and I really liked her mom and it seemed like Ruby was being a brat because it’s easy to pretend like life is so hard and tragic as opposed to living in gratitudeKick Butt Heroine Scale 3Travis is a complete douchecanoe I don’t see the appeal of him at all or why Ruby wanted anything to do with him in the first placeSwoon Worthy Scale 1The Caserole ueens are hands down the best thing about this novel They are funny and make the story much entertaining I loved the plot that surrounded them and Lillian and the writer It’s the strongest aspect of this novel and a delight I was a huge fan of Ruby’s family I loved her mom Chip and her grandmother They were so funny and it was nice to see a strong family dynamic as opposed to a family that never sees each other and just says they are familyCharacter Scale 5I should also state that I’ve read Honey Baby Sweetheart twice The first time I really liked it but didn’t love it and the second time I had the same reaction I think this is a strong contemporary novel but it has a lot of faults and it can be a bit frustrating at times but the progression of characters and the Casserole ueens made this novel awesome I do recommend itPlotastic Scale 375Cover Thoughts I love this cover It’s so summery and fun2011 ReviewHoney Baby Sweetheart was a good read and the characters were likeable I liked how Ruby learned to a lesson and became a stronger character

  10. Chachic Chachic says:

    Originally posted hereBased on the summary above you'd think that this is just a contemporary YA novel with a love story While the romance is a huge aspect of the novel Honey Baby Sweetheart contains much This is a story about a teenage girl finding herself She believes she's in love with a bad boy when in fact she's in love with the idea of falling in love I could totally relate to Ruby even though she's known as The uiet Girl and I've never been the shy type In fact I'm the opposite because I'm outgoing and really talkative But Ruby's experiences in this book are universal I also enjoyed reading about the secondary characters Ruby's relationship with her librarian mother is pretty interesting and I like her closeness to her offbeat brother The Casserole ueens the book club for old people that Ruby's mother handles also has a fascinating set of members Each geriatric person has a uniue personality and they're all so uirky From time to time they also spout out some sort of wisdom probably the kind that comes with old age The road trip orchestrated by the Casserole ueens is one of the highlights of the book Old people rockThere are so many good lines in this book I wanted to pause every time I found one so I could mark it Good thing Goodreads has a feature where you can add your favorite uotes in a book Here's one of my favoritesA man's identity is complete through action a woman's when she has a man Through him We fall off our high heels into the narrow crevasse of what it means to be female Let me tell you You fall in love and you think you're finding yourself But too often you're looking inside him for you and that's a fact There's only one place you can find yourself She patted her chestThis uote goes out to all my single girl friends out there I know I keep saying this about well written YA books that I discover nowadays but I really wish I could have read this when I was a teenager It's a beautiful book that tackles a topic that probably every teenager has experienced how you try to change yourself because of other people I know I went through that phase This doesn't mean that the book doesn't have its share of humor because it does Ruby is pretty funny and I found myself chuckling in certain scenes of the book Plus like I mentioned earlier the book has a great set of characters I even liked the guy who owns the whale van even though he had such a small role in the book I highly recommend this one and I hope people get to read it This is the first Deb Caletti book that I've read but if her other books are as good as this then I'm excited to read the rest of them

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