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Wheres My T-R-U-C-K? ❴PDF❵ ✪ Wheres My T-R-U-C-K? Author Karen Beaumont – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Tommy's not himself today He's lost his T R U C K And no matter what Mom Dad sis brother and Grandma offer it's just not as fun as his best red truck The family dog isn't as picky and sharp eyed reade Tommy's not himself today He's lost his T R U C K And no matter what Mom Dad sis brother and Grandma offer it's just not as fun as his Wheres My PDF or best red truck The family dog isn't as picky and sharp eyed readers will wonder what happens to the cast off toys Bowser gets his mouth around Meanwhile Tommy tears through the house and yard to hilarious and poignant effect only to discover in a grand moment of triumph sneaky Bowser's secret stash Hooray Tommy's found his T R U C K Come on Bowser let's go playA welcome addition to the community of strong willed but endearing picture book protagonists Tommy proves you can be in a funk and still be a sweet kid.

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  1. Dolly Dolly says:

    This is another terrific collaboration between Karen Beaumont and David Catrow Our girls just loved I Ain't Gonna Paint No More and we refer to it often especially when we read other books illustrated by Mr Catrow This book has a zippy rhyming narrative and humorous illustrations that give clues to the ending The story is entertaining and silly and the characters are hilarious We really enjoyed reading this book together and hope that this authorillustrator pair publish another book soon

  2. Colby Sharp Colby Sharp says:

    I would love to have David Catrow come to my house and draw pictures of the craziness that goes with having three kids 4 and under Those would be some fun pictures

  3. David David says:

    Where's My T·R·U·C·K? by Karen Beaumont illustrated by David Catrow is a very funny book about an unconsoleable single minded boy who has lost his favorite red toy truck and Tommy won't give up until he finds itTommy is NOT himself today He's lost his T R U C K Nothing he is offered is as fun as his best red truck Sharp eyed readers may note that the family dog is scampering off with a variety of objects Meanwhile Tommy tears through the house and yard to hilarious and poignant effect Finally Tommy discovers sneaky Bowser's stash and he's off to play with his truckThe rhyming text matches the rollicking action of the illustrations Tommy is portrayed as single minded and unconsoleable over the unexplained disappearance of his favorite toy The illustrations were created using pencil and watercolor Catrow's art rachets up the hilarity They also well portray the sadness of a boy who's lost his favorite toy The details will keep readers busy looking at each page The mess and mayhem created by Tommy's search are something to behold The variety of objects and colors is very entertaining My favorite images include the title page with Tommy kicking some toys the toybox mess the tools falling out of the toolshed and Bowser hauling Tommy and the cat off in the red truck The antics of Bowser and the cat add humor to this storyThis collaboration by the same duo that produced the storytime favorite I Ain't Gonna Paint No More is another winner This book effectively shows sadness perseverance and joy It should be a fun read aloud but also fun to look at one on one where the funny details can be savored I recommend this for school and public library collectionsFor ages 3 to 7 families rhyming toys transportation lost and found pets dogs and fans of Karen Beaumont and David Catrow

  4. Nicole Harding Nicole Harding says:

    I have been reading this book as part of my Go Go Go storytime I get to talk about how David Catrow is one of my favorite illustrators so I love to read any book that he has illustrated He is able to capture the emotion of children so beautifully in his artwork it makes it easy to read and change my voice from sadness to frustration to anger and finally to happiness depending on the situationPrint motivation I have been able to talk with the kids about grownups who spell words instead of saying the word And how kids learn to sound out words so they know what the grownups are saying I read the title of the book again then talk about the TR sound and then the CK sound and then how the U has a short vowel sound We then blend the sounds together faster and faster Letter Knowledge As I read the book and the T R U C K is spelled out I encourage the kids when they say Truck afterwards There are two adjustments I make when reading this book The first is when Tommy looks in Grandma's smelly trunk I pinch my nose and exclaim that Grandma must use smelly perfume I assume that Karen Beaumont is thinking of a mothball smell Since most 4 year old kids grandmothers aren't much older than I am they won't have much contact with trunks with mothballs since it was discovered that mothballs are dangerous to children so many years ago The second is when Tommy is looking in the tree and the ladder falls away I add Gosh I hope the cat's ok The ladder looks like it is falling on the cat and the words fit right in with the rhyme At the end with the last page I ask the kids what Tommy is making the dog do and wonder if that is why Tommy couldn't find his truck Would they want to have to do that?

  5. Natasha North Natasha North says:

    If your kiddo has ever misplaced a precious toy and which one hasn't? this is the book for you Beaumont captures the heartbreak and frustration with the clueless helpful family members perfectly Balance that with the hilarious moments during the search for the missing truck and the satisfying conclusion and you have a winnerA second read had Bowser the portly pooch winning me over At first I didn't find him as appealing as other Catrow pups but I've always had somewhat mixed feelings about Catrow's art Sometimes I find his palette a touch garish and the expressions grotesue Much of his work strikes me as vibrant comedic and pitch perfect though and that's the overall take away from Truck

  6. June June says:

    Depicts a boy who can't find his favorite toy Tommy is not himself today He's lost his T R U C K An alert reader might notice Bowser running off with things I had to go re read the story to notice I found the rhymes fun and thought the character spot on I think I'll try this in my January toy story time 5112Well running low on story time ideas so doing toys now One alert boy noticed the dog taking things while I was reading it 121912Used again 11414 Good for Letter KnowledgeThis was the life saver the only book that was a hit in story time today 122314I always have fun doing this one Yelling pounding my kneeA little long for the young ones but they still seemed to enjoy it

  7. Joan Joan says:

    This is so much fun It is obvious how to share this book with the kids First start by having them learn how to spell T R U C K then have them chime in on the refrain By the end those kids will know how to spell one word anyway While the story is fun Catrow steals the show as usual with his wonderful illustrations and a secondary story going on while our young protagonist is trying to find his red T R U C K Watch that dog BTW I never did figure out where the iPod came from in the hole Anyone who knows please enlighten me

  8. Candice Candice says:

    A very amusing book about what it's like to lose a favorite toy Told in rhyme it's the story of Tommy who is not himself today He's lost his t r u c k His brother and sister try to suggest other activities or toys but Tommy searches diligently Meanwhile we see Bowser the dog on almost every page Is he a clue to the truck's disappearance? Colorful and funny illustrations complement the story of the lost t r u c k

  9. midnightfaerie midnightfaerie says:

    This was probably my 3 yr old twins favorite of the day One they continually went through and uoted even after we were done reading it A plot they could relate to it was about a boy with a whole bunch of toys that only wants to play with this red truck and can't find it The illustrations are colorful and detailed and so it had something for everyone Not enough words to be a reading level 1 reader however still some entertainment value for the family as a whole

  10. ShamSham ShamSham says:

    The stages of loss confusion frustration fury and then resigned sadness If you're one of the lucky ones like Tommy here there is the ecstasy of reuniting with one's property giving away to the realization of one's shallow and vacuous materialismBut children seem to find this all amusing

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