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  1. Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions says:

    I really liked the story and I loved Nathan and Jason I did not like Ryan and even by the end i still just couldn't like him view spoilerRyan and Nathan are broken up because on Christmas Ryan slept with his ex fiancé Later you learn that not only did he cheat on Nathan with her but he didn't even care enough to use a condom and got the girl pregnant Plus he only slept with her because he wanted to hurt Nathan and he knew that would do itThe time line for the relationship also did not work for me Ryan was still engaged to Allison less than two years ago so by the time the story takes place Ryan and Nathan have already been broken up for 7 months That leaves them less than a year and a half together and Ryan is already cheating The story never talks about what Ryan was doing in those seven months but from his character i assume he was sleeping with random people He never even decided to go after Nathan after Allison convinced him to go to LA so that's why he was there That's all the back story between Ryan and Nathan When the story ended I felt like they should have had some type of a talk about their relationship honestly I was hoping Nathan would end up with his coworker Jason who was a lot better than Ryan There was no relationship talk though and I wonder if every time they have a fight or misunderstanding Ryan didn't just run off and fuck someone else just to hurt Nathan The epilogue shows they are together until they die but it never explains how they worked out the issues in their relationship or anything like that hide spoiler

  2. Ami Ami says:

    I read this merely two days after the devastating EarthuakeTsunami disaster that hits Japan on March 11 2011 So in a way this story about survival hits me in full blown effect a reminder how fragile human lives are in amidst of Mother Nature's power Just like the survivors in Japan which I'm sure will also have stories to told All The King's Men focuses on three lives Nathan his ex Ryan and his best friend Jason on a day where earthuake hits Los Angeles and destroys the cityIt is not a romance in my point of view It's a drama and a touch of humanity Ryan who tries to win Nathan back after a disastrous break up where Ryan cheats on Nathan by sleeping with Allison due to a jealousy arrives in LA and heads to Nathan's home when the earthuake happens He is able to save Nathan and the two of them fight to escape the fire resulted from the earthuake This captures their struggle their saving a little girl the emergency situation when Ryan's health collapse and the reconciliation There is also a secondary storyline about Allison which adds another drama to the life of Ryan and NathanThere is no love making scene here which definitely is a good decision to make I feel if there is a sex scene during this kind of horrible hours it will be pushing it a little bit too much It's important to read how the three men interact the small tidbits about rescuing the kids and testament of Ryan and Nathan to finally acknowledge their love after experiencing this disaster The epilogue is nice and the way Ms Scott adds the The Aftermath of 2011 Earthuake portion in the end becomes an eerie reminder of how this might even happen in not so distant future

  3. Don Bradshaw Don Bradshaw says:

    I don't know how RJ Scott can bat out excellent stories on a consistent basis but she does Her latest book puts the reader right in the middle of a devastating earthuake centered in Los Angeles Nathan and Ryan's progression from ex lovers to lovers again as they fought their way to safety was action packed and touching The side story of Ryan's pregnant ex girlfriend put an interesting twist on the men's relationship Complex characters a great plot and plenty of action made this a real page turner

  4. Lexi Ander Lexi Ander says:

    I was not sure what to expect when I started reading this This was stark and moving Watching these two men move through such disaster trying to stay ahead of the dangers protecting the ones that they love and those in their care bent my heart I loved that I got to see it through to the very end how the choices that they made reverberated even if in small ways across time

  5. Craig Sharp Craig Sharp says:

    Where do I even begin on this book? All the King's Men by RJ Scott in one word Amazing This story had me spell bound from the first paragraph to the last period Giving this short story a 5 star doesn’t do it justice It’s like Gone With the Wind of the west coast If you had to pick one short to read this year this would be it

  6. ❧A Bookish Berkeley Girl❧ ❧A Bookish Berkeley Girl❧ says:

    3 StarsThe StoryDiasterSurvivalLove itI freaking love disaster book when they feel so very realThis book did an outstanding job in thatreally really impressively outstanding The fu'pa lies in my own pet peevesthe epilogue and I normally love my epilogues but this time span was not for meThis might have been 5 Stars if I did not read that endingview spoiler Till death do us partI hate death in my booksI'd rather stay in la la landplease note its a VERY REALISTIC DEATH some might even say AWWWW butits just is not for me I mean I really had nightmares because he died first in his old age and left the other ALONE for a brief time spanI mean I want to live in la la land let them die of old age curled up in another disateryep not VERY realistic but it only a matter of FICTION right hide spoiler

  7. Susan65 Susan65 says:

    This was a great change of pace story about survival and secon chances both in love and life Very intense moments during a horrific natural disaster and the aftermathThis must be a different version because I've read many reviews about cheating but there was nothing at all about cheating on this version

  8. Melanie Melanie says:

    Review written for JoyfullyJay blog on 3242012Rating 4 starsReview of All the King's Men by R J ScottWhen Nathan Richardson and his boyfriend Ryan Ortiz broke up over Ryan's cheating Nathan headed for LA to pursue his acting career But all those miles between them didn't stop their love or need for each other Months later Ryan is heading for Los Angeles determined to reunite with Nathan beg his forgiveness and hope that love will bring him home But Nature throws the biggest obstacle of all in their path when the doomsday earthuake hits southern California Now LA is destroyed Nathan is trapped under the rubble and Ryan is his only hopeI liked the characters of Nathan and Ryan although they did not seem to have the usual amount of layers to them that I have come to expect of R J Scott Ryan's insecurity that led to his infidelity never felt particularly real in fact of the two main characters he is the least fleshed out Nathan on the other hand with his impetuous flight to California and then his regret over ending his relationship seems credibly young in outlook and emotions It is RJ Scott's vivid descriptions of the destruction of Los Angeles the fires the carnage that make this book come to life The shear desperation that comes from the inability to get to a road use a cell phone and even finding a method of transportation when all is collapsing around you rises up from each and every page as Ryan struggles with the new harsh reality of the earthuake and its aftershocks The author skillfully pulls you along with Ryan up the hills above LA now burning with wildfires All the angst and heartbreaking moments that occur during that climb will stay with you and remind you of similar scenes on the screen during any natural disaster Nathan trapped under the rubble of his building alone with his fears and pain brings the plight of the disaster victim home the reader empathizing with him in the dark wondering if anyone will comeIn many ways this story is also a cautionary tale of how easily the infrastructure we all depend upon can crumble While it is clear that RJ Scott has done her research it is a credit to her that it never feels that way from the National Guard to the makeshift mobile medical tents all beautifully rendered in every detail The true main character here is not Ryan or Nathan it is the earthuake and the destructive power of Nature It will leave the greatest impact upon the readerIf you are wondering why this book did not get a higher rating with all I have said about it above it comes down to two things one minor and one huge The prologue and the epilogue to be exact The Prologue is short and gives us information that most of us already know that California is prone to earthuakes and that the biggest is yet to come This is all general knowledge but ok just a minor uibble But oh that Epilogue That's simply not needed and to be it bluntly kind of cheesy And not in a good way cheesy I mean cheesy in the way they tacked on endings to the disaster films of the 70's and 80's way As the last credits rolled pictures popped up of the survivors along with a couple of lines of text telling us what happened to them You know what I mean something like Little Sally cute child lived to become a famous AstronautBrain Surgeon likable Granny lived to a ripe old age of 100 Peter Everyman died in a car accident a year after fill in the blank happened I believe the SyFy channel is still carrying on this proud tradition in its over the top cheesy in a good way movies That I applaud while this appalled I would not have minded if it stated that Ryan and Nathan moved where ever but it gave too much information about them and everyone else than I needed or wanted to know But the worst was to come That would be the ridiculous future of Los Angeles laid out here It looked at though it was a outline for a book she meant to write but then threw it in a part of the epilogue It had nothing to do with Nathan and Ryan like History of LA part Deau In fact that almost brought the rating down to a 3 I disliked it that much But if you discard the prologue ditch the epilogue then you have a great tale So yes read this but like an Oreo cookie start with the Middle then the prologue if you have too and give the end away Really you don't need it Trust meCover I liked the cover with the flames and helicopter but wonder at the pictures of the naked guys Did they lose their clothes in the fire? Because as both protagonists were so badly injured for the entire book sex was the last thing on their minds Head desk Half a great cover

  9. Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews says:

    4 12 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsReview of 2nd Edition 2013Ryan and Nathan parted ways two months ago when Nathan’s ambitions took him to LA now Ryan has decided to fight for their relationship not wanting to lose the man he loves Traveling to LA to try for a second chance he walks into destruction when an earthuake hits and he becomes Nathan’s only chance of survival It’s a race against time to rescue Nathan and to flee the hills of LA as after tremors hit and a fire races after them the life and death race puts their feelings into perspective and now they just have to survive to share their loveRJ Scott takes a natural occurrence and turns it into the stuff of nightmares she takes our fears and brings them to life while twining a love story with terror and determination to survive Ryan was insecure and jealous in his relationship with Nathan so when Nathan decided to follow his dream of acting Ryan let him go thinking it was the start of the end Nathan wanted Ryan to fight for their relationship even though he knew that Ryan wouldn’t fight for them he still loves Ryan but their only hope of ever being together is if Ryan tries Ryan has missed Nathan and wants to make a go of it but just before he reaches Nathan the earthuake strikesThis is an incredibly descriptive story not just in the stark and horrifying settings but of the emotional trauma and feelings that the characters have We are dragged through the entire book with the sense of hopeless loss with just a glimmer of light to shine our way; the knowledge that Ryan and Nathan will become stronger for their experience at the hands of Mother Nature Ryan and Nathan are just a couple who have lost their way letting stupid insignificant things come between them until one of them makes the first step towards reconciliation They have to work together they have to have determination and they have to make sacrificesFocusing on any one thing in this story is hard to do because to focus on one aspect would diminish the effects of the other Ryan and Nathan’s relationship might be important and they are trying to sort it out but they have love and Mother Nature shows them that petty differences are just that petty The earthuake angle is shocking and devastating and RJ Scott drops us into the centre of a hell hole with her horrifying descriptions and terrifying feelings damn she does it so well that you could imagine she has experienced it first hand that’s how terrifyingly realistic the settings come across I will recommend this to those who love realistic settings and emotions love and drama death and hope danger and rescues and finally a relationship being forged in the fires of hell

  10. Lasha Lasha says:

    This could have been a great Irwin Allen type disaster book but I found one of the main characters to be annoying and self centered throughout much of the novel that I cannot give it higher than 25 stars When a reader doesn't have a likability factor for a MC there are problemsAlso there were editing issues in the novel not the author's fault but need to be addressed by the publisher

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All the Kings Men ✰ All the Kings Men Epub ✶ Author R.J. Scott – Ryan Ortiz and Nathan Richardson are estranged lovers who shouldn't be apart When Ryan decides to go direct to LA to fight for a second chance he is caught up in the biggest earthuake to hit the city Ryan Ortiz and Nathan Richardson are estranged lovers who shouldn't be apart When Ryan decides to go direct to LA to fight for a second chance he is caught up in the biggest earthuake to hit the All the Kindle - city since records beganLA is destroyed burning people homeless and fires are ignited high in the LA hills above Nathan's apartment Nathan is trapped and Ryan is his only hopeIt is a race against time and the powerful all consuming destruction of nature for Ryan to find Nathan trapped in the ruins of his home in the hills and to get both of them to help before the fire reaches them.

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