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Curious Wine ❴KINDLE❵ ✽ Curious Wine Author Katherine V. Forrest – The intimacy of a cabin at Lake Tahoe provides the combustible circumstances that bring Diana Holland and Lane Christianson together in this passionate novel of first discoveryCandid in its eroticism The intimacy of a cabin at Lake Tahoe provides the combustible circumstances that bring Diana Holland and Lane Christianson together in this passionate novel of first discoveryCandid in its eroticism intensely romantic remarkably beautiful Curious Wine is a love story that will remain in your memory.

About the Author: Katherine V. Forrest

Katherine V Forrest is the groundbreaking author of Curious Wine the Kate Delafield mystery series and the Daughters science fiction series She’s also known as a prolific editor with anthology and non fiction credits in her own name as well as the editor of hundreds of novels Dozens of lesbian writers count her among their mentors Selected as the recipient of the Publishing Triangle’s Bi.

10 thoughts on “Curious Wine

  1. Lex Kent Lex Kent says:

    There are certain books classified as classics that are important in lesfic Forrest's name comes up a lot because she was writing lesfic before many others At least lesbian books that weren't considered pulp that had horrible endings This is a classic lesbian romance that if you changed a few things could be written today And considering this was published when I was 1 years old that's pretty goodThe main characters do fall in love very uickly but what I like about it was its sensuality We don't see that often in books any The touching and stroking and kissing that doesn't just lead to sex but is done because you love a person It was nice to read And overall I thought the sex scenes were pretty well written for 1983I do wish there wasn't a rape scene It's not overly horrific but I wasn't expecting it so it was a bit jarring And the character seemed to get over what happened to her at light speed I did feel like Daughters of a Coral Dawn Forrest's classic sci fi book made me feel But I do understand why this is considered a classic

  2. Bethany Bethany says:

    I love Lex Kent's idea of starting a Fallback Friday read This one is one that I've been wanting to read for a while but life kept getting in the way and it just kept falling further down on my to read list I'm sorry I put it off so longSet in 1978 I expected it to be a little dated but it really wasn't I mean aside from the women smoking cigarettes and a joint and a bit of dialogue this could have been set today Mostly the main things that stuck out to me as dated was just the treatment of women in the workplace Unfortunately that's still going on to some degree but not nearly as much as it was back then I'm thankful for women who pioneered the way before us to make our lives easier as out lesbians and out lesbians in many workplaces tooIt's a sweet tender coming out story for two women with lots of secrecy which was very normal for the time Hell for me the tender touches and kisses were even erotic than reading a Meghan O'Brien novel Yes the I love you came uick but this novel was exactly what I needed to read I loved every minute of this one As for holding up over time this is a solid novel that really doesn't feel dated I think every lover of lesfic should read this one at some point It's a classic for a reason and it's going on my favorites re read shelf I think I'll make a goal to re visit this one once yearlySolid 475 stars

  3. Arien Arien says:

    35 starsIt's interesting that almost nothing really told me this is a 40 year old book Yes smartphones are not around and certain attitudes are but the book doesn't really mention anything out of date we don't use or experience today The writing is stiff at times especially in dialogue but it comes off as real as if people felt less need to sugarcoat the realities of life But at the same time the notion of love feels idealized less jaded than what we read in books of todayAs other reviewers have already mentioned I really enjoyed the sensuality and intimacy of their budding relationship No clothes are torn down in this read only love is madeNow where the book comes short is view spoilerin using rape as a cheap plot device that is forgotten and gotten over in 2 seconds it's added only to make the character change her mind about something which is a terrible use of the theme hide spoiler

  4. Velvet Lounger Velvet Lounger says:

    “Nothing interesting can possibly happen in a cabin full of women” So ends the first chapter of Curious Wine Katherine Forrest’s classic novel of the early 80’s in which 6 women bring their personal issues to a beautiful Tahoe cabin for a weeks skiing in an era when encounter groups were in padded shoulders were the norm and lesbian romance was definitely still in the closetDiane is depressed about breaking up with her boyfriend As she meets the group she instantly bonds with the gorgeous but cool Lane high powered lawyer with a trail of downtrodden men The remaining four women are led by Liz the angry and bullish “first wife” Chris her uptight and narrow minded spinster sister Millie the aging hippy and Madge who’s too scared of the truth to find out if she is being betrayed Add into the mix a large uantity of alcohol and some grass; a meltdown is bound to happenNeedless to say the encounter games don’t go to well feelings of pain and anger get out of hand and rather than bonding the group ends up hurting each other with truths they don’t want to know Out of which the sensitive Diane reaches out to Lane for comfort One thing leads to another and suddenly they are on the verge of a sexual encounter———————————— Let me start by saying I LOVE THIS BOOK Yes its short and obvious and so unrealistic but i love the characters the story is so sweet and i can fogive the dated games clothes and behaviour because of what it representsCurious Wine was Katherine V Forrest’s first novel published in 1983 and is without a doubt a classic It is one of the groundbreaking novels of its generation it moved away from the pulp fiction into romance was solidly about women and was written by a lesbian for lesbiansToday many reviews criticize it for the soppy and cheesy sex the paucity of terminology and the unlikelihood of two ‘straight’ women having sex falling in love and deciding to live happily ever after in 3 days People – normally women who probably were barely born in 1983 – complain about the ridiculous encounter games the dated fashions and the shallow plot and characterisationBut to do so is to take the book out of context This is a first novel written in a virtual vacuum of lesbian romance In 1983 women did try to bond in stupid games they were this nasty to each other – they thought they were ‘helping’ when in retrospect they were destroying each other At that time there was virtually no current lesbian fiction – the pulp fiction of the 50’s and 60’s was homophobic and freuently written for a sleezy male audience And the sexual norm of the day was either Deep Throat style porn or uptight bosom heaving Mills and BoonIf you want to read an novel full of deep characters agonizing over coming out or compare this to modern sexplicit girl on girl action you will be disappointed But it is a great novel It is well worth the read – at 160 pages it wont even take too long And it deserves the title classic for its groundbreaking exploration of a woman’s reaction to her first lesbian encounter

  5. Lexxi Kitty Lexxi Kitty says:

    This is the second library book I’ve read in a long time Second library book since I moved And oddly enough and unexpectedly both include a wlw or ff plot line One has that as the main theme this book; other has that as a subplot Mira Grant’s ‘Into the Drowning Deep’I’d like to say something along the lines of ‘this is the oldest lesbian fiction book that was both a romance and one with a ‘happy for now’ type ending’ – unlike lesbian pulp that I’ve read that tended to have unhappy endings andor if there is a happy ending it definitely didn’t involve two women together at the end Except neither of the main characters though only one has POV are lesbians before meeting each other; both show signs of being much likely to being somewhere on the bisexual scale than lesbian as in both still seem happy with the idea of sex with men though one might have decided that they are all the way lesbian now – the one without POV thoughts so not sure; other though is in the ‘I find men attractive no woman – but for you’ column Sooo happiest oldest in publication terms bisexual fiction? Something like thatI really need an ff shelf so I can look for those books Since bisexual fiction ‘doesn’t rest upon’ lesbian fiction shelf unless I’m 100% certain a lesbian is 1 involved; 2 has POV neither is present in this specific book; I’m not 100% certain and the one that might be a lesbian now does not have POV I make that comment because I’m now going through my Lesbian Fiction shelf looking at publication datesNeither of the first two I’ve read fall inside the ‘lesbian pulp’ genre but neither have happy outcomes for lesbians Then a bunch of lesbian pulp books 6 Then the ones I read published in the 1980s which includes this book here Including this book here I’ve read four published in the 1980s lesbian fiction books – and only this one has a ‘happy outcome’ for lesbians the other three were lesbian mysteries by the same author as of this book hereRight now that I’ve lost everyone this book hereA massively huge number of women at least it appears that way at first spend a few days together at Lake Tahoe in Nevada Millie Madge Chris Liz and I think Vivian are all friends Vivian who annoyingly includes her own name in her conversations; ala ‘Vivian is happy to see you’ though she does occasionally use I isn’t staying at the cabin owned by Liz and so I’m not sure if she actually is one of the groups friends – though I assume she is and that is why the main and only point of view character is staying at Liz’s cabin – Diana Holland No one staying at the cabin has meet Diana before though some information about her past has been shared by Vivian with Liz Another guest not yet named is also brand new to most of the group Lane Christianson was invited to join the group by her friend Madge I’ve a vague idea that Millie might be in her twenties but everyone else is somewhere between 34 and 54 give or take ten years though on the upper end As noted – all are there for a few days vacation all but Diana there for skiing Diana doesn’t ski when the others are skiing she drives to town to gamble Also as expected all of them wait what’s this? Completely confusing me when I came across this information every bloody single person including Vivian who isn’t staying at the cabin is 100% heterosexual And talk a lot about men And screwing and stuff Most have boyfriends or husbands For example Diana the POV just broke up after a long term 5 year? relationship with a man named Jack who cheated on her; she’d also previously been married for 7 years? So I entered this book expecting to find lesbians in this lesbian fiction book to find a bunch of disgruntled heterosexual women There’s a lot of drinking and drug partaking but no that does not lead to ‘accidental’ woman on woman action Two of the women though seem uite taken with another woman at the party Happily both have fixated on each other as opposed to other members of the vacation party Weirdly and conveniently the two share the same upper loft sleeping area Before either even think of using the bed for anything than sleep both suggest ‘sharing heat’ or whatever words they used by using that bed instead of having the other back in the other room which wasn’t really described but seemed small cramped and might not actually have a full fledged bedEvents conspire to have both become huggyconsoling the other Kissing breaks out Groping as well When Lane starts pulling on Diana’s pj bottoms Diana has a ‘holy fuck I’m NOT A LESBIAN’ moment that causes Lane to stop her actions And Diana to flee the next morning even though her body is screaming ‘please continue this new experience with the other women PLEASE’Diana grapples with the idea she isisn’t interested in Lane Gazes upon other women while gambling Finds none attractive sexually Spots men Finds them sexually interesting So much so she goes to one of their rooms Whereupon well I’d not normally state this spoiler opening but it’s important to note that a dubious consent ‘can there be consenting rape?’ moment occursOne thing I haven’t mentioned yet I’ve indirectly noted that this book was published in the 1980s but did not mention when the book was set If I recall correctly the book was set in 1978 or 1979 A time I’m much able to except the concept of ‘noooo I can’t be a lesbian’ reactions What with society being uite negative and even the somewhat underground books for people of a certain persuasion were uite negative about lesbians see lesbian pulp Basically what I’m saying is that in the exact right circumstances a positive vibe might have developed for a specific woman in this era but 999999% of women even if they come from a family that’s deeply to the left politically are going to fear finding themselves being attracted to women Or at least that’s my understanding I was not in my mid 30s in 1978 though I was alive in that yearRight I went into that long diversion because I needed to note that this specific trope comes up a lot in lesbian fiction It is something like reuired almost that the books be about two non lesbians who find each other then realize reluctantly that they might like women at least there’s a ton of lesbian fiction that goes that route; I’ve also read a ton involving women 100% okay with the idea of being attracted to women and having relationships with women who find women who are similarly 100% okay with the idea I’ve forgotten how this paragraph started Certain tropes annoy me in lesbian fiction; based on certain factors it is easier for me to ‘accept’ these tropes since they are probably closer to reality than many other possible paths This was an interesting book though hampered by being a solo point of view book Also too large focus on men and humping men But no matter still interestingI rated this book 35 as in put on that shelf though now that I come to the part where I actually rate the book in my review I’m not actually sure what to rate it So 35 it shall be ratedRating 35July 27 2018

  6. Tara Tara says:

    Lane and Diana are a swoonworthy couple Both women are brilliant and beautiful and it’s no wonder that they’re drawn to each other Their chemistry is palpable even before Diana starts to figure out her feelings for Lane and Diana’s journey of self discovery had me enthralled as she figures out what their relationship means for her lifeFull review

  7. Lucky Luc Lucky Luc says:

    While set in the very late 1970s this is a pretty amazing book about two women who meet on a girls’ camping trip to Tahoe and fall in love The build up to the first time they made love was so tender honest and incredibly sexy The sex scenes were very well done and would hold up as uite steamy even by today’s standards Good read if you want a FF

  8. Guerunche Guerunche says:

    This updated review is for the Audiobook version 4 Stars The paperback version 5 StarsFor lesbians over the age of 40 maybe 50? the book Curious Wine by Katherine V Forrest is something like the holy grail of lesbian literature We are so fortunate now to have numerous sources to purchase or even read for free stories featuring lesbian characters but back in the early 80s there were very few publishers that produced it And people searching for representation had to seek out gay and lesbian bookstores to be able to find stories that reflected our lives Keep in mind it would be another decade before com was founded For many of us this book was the first lesbian fiction we'd ever read It's the story of San Francisco attorney also rare in the early 80s Lane Christianson who travels to Lake Tahoe to meet up with a group of professional women in a cabin where they planned to enjoy a skiing weekend There she immediately makes a connection with Diane Holland a human resource professional and they are assigned a room together Diana has never been attracted to a woman before but is immediately drawn to Lane And Lane had a brief encounter with a woman once but has been with men since When they meet their attraction is immediate and strong This is the story of how their love blossoms It is SO beautiful and tender I have lost count of how many times I've read it over the years And yes though it's a little dated now it still holds up uite well When I saw that an audiobook was produced of the book back in 2009 I decided to give it a try This audiobook is short at 3 hours and 16 minutes and is priced accordingly on Audible at 650 The experience listening to it was uite different than reading it First the audiobook begins with a snippet from the opera Lakme The Flower Duet by Delibes If you're not familiar with the music please do listen to it here on YouTube It's a lesbian staple and absolutely gorgeous work is narrated by English actress Jane Merrow She's got a beautiful English accent and reads well though I'm not sure why she was chosen to do this particular book because the women in the story are from California It made me wonder Then at the end of sections of the book a clip of classical music plays That made me chuckle and took some adjusting I would say if you have never read Curious Wine you'd definitely want to read the book first It really is a classic and a must read if you love lesbian literature or the history of it Then if you want to listen go for it It's not uite as affecting I couldn't help but think how much improved it would be if Abby Craden or Angela Dawe narrated it I would love to see a 40th anniversary edition made of it in 2023 with special features and updated narration Five stars for the story 4 stars for the narration and 4 stars for the production It was 2009 so cutting it some slack

  9. Jaie Jaie says:

    This was on a list of classic lesbian romance novels so I read it Written in 1983 and set in 1978 it was very dated Like watching Dessert Hearts now I can understand that it was maybe groundbreaking in its day but it just doesn't hold up well The romance happened fast which I found hard to believe And spoiler there was a rape which I found disconcerting and inadeuately processed And if it was there to compare a hetero relationship with a gay one a bit problematic

  10. Mel Nestor Mel Nestor says:

    I thought this book was an absolutely beautiful love story about two people that were meant to be together I loved the constant references to Emily Dickenson I thought it was an original story line and way ahead of it's time I will definately be reading books by Katherine V Forrest in the very near future This book made me laugh smile and almost cry I really enjoyed how the author had such a perfect way of describing the emotions felt by the characters in the book One of my favorite books

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