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  • Doctor Who Minuet in Hell Big Finish Audio Drama #19
  • Gary Russell
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  • 08 February 2015
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10 thoughts on “Doctor Who Minuet in Hell Big Finish Audio Drama #19

  1. Ken Ken says:

    The final story in McGann's first season of Big Finish Audios primary function is to allow Nicholas Courtney to have worked with all Eight Classic Series Doctor'sIt's frustratingly teased as this incarnation of the Time Lord is currently struggling to recall who he spends most of the story arguing with a fellow patient who also claims he is the DoctorThese exchanges allow for much fanwank as numerous stories and companions are mentioned most notably Sam from the EDAsIt trys too hard to have an end of season feel about it with Charley's arrival on the TARDIS in Storm Warning feeling even significantWhile Ramsay the Vortisaurs feels like a pointless addition to these run of storiesBoth the American setting and The Doctor uestioning his identity is a clear callback to McGann's only TV adventureThe lack of screen time has definitely hindered Big Finish's approach compared to the other Doctor's atleast they're able to build one these missteps and produce some brilliant stories for this TARDIS team

  2. Drew Drew says:

    Oh good grief I want that two hours back There's the seed of an interesting tale here but the execution backfired so badly that Ol' Screwtape had to be involved The idea of using the historical Hellfire Clubs as a basis for the story is interesting enough But why move it from the UK to the Southern United States? And then why engage in the worst of southern stereotyping in the process? Do the producers of this series think that everyone below the Mason Dixon line sounds like a combination of Yosemite Sam and Foghorn Leghorn? Is everyone either a corrupt politician or a televangelist? The suick factor is brought into play when Charley gets rounded up and sent to work in what is essentially a brothel and it's pretty disturbing at points but she's eventually rescued by Buffy the Vampire Slayer I'm not making that up Okay her name is Becky Lee not Buffy and according to her uickly glossed over backstory she's part of an ancient order trained to fight demons rather than vampires But basically she's Buffy Meanwhile the head of the Hellfire Club is posing as a televangelist naturally trying to defeat another stereotypical southern character in a gubernatorial election the guy who sounds like Yosemite Sam and uses words like tarnation and varmint and other nonsense Naturally he's Becky Lee's grandpoppy The Hellfire Televangelist calls up a demon of course this being Doctor Who it's really an alien to possess his rival Meanwhile the Doctor himself has amnesia and is sent to some kind of insane assylum where the crazy people's brains are being emptied out so demon aliens can possess them Because of an accident with the brain sucking machine the Doctor's mind gets imprinted on another patient who immediately thinks he's the Doctor This plot device was used to good method in The Next Doctor on television Unfortunately in this story the Doctor spends three of the four episodes with amnesia while Charley runs around with Buffy Ack Ack Ack I can barely go on The one bright spot in the entire story is the inclusion of Nicholas Courtney reprising his role as the Brigadier He lifts up the entire story You can tell because every time he's not part of the action you realize just how much the story sucks without him Also keeping you interested is that tantalizing expectation for the moment when the Brig meets this new regeneration of the Doctor Unfortunately it doesn't happen until the final episode In the final moments there's a bit of a reminder that there's sort of a series arc here involving time being messed up because Charley was supposed to die on the R101 And I'll just have to assume that the reason this story was so horrible was because it all took place in an alternate universe created by Charley's survival Yeah that's got to be it

  3. Stephen Robert Collins Stephen Robert Collins says:

    The Doctor is locked up in the local Loony Bin he as lost his memory the man in the next cell claims he is the Doctor has all the Doctor's memories tooThe local Priest has a 8 foot demon in his pocket and the Hell Fire Club as his baseThen We have mind drain machine that straight out of Mind of Evil The Brig to add some spice we have giant 8 foot high Demons a Buffy style girl this great funA cross between Daemons Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Boss from Green Death Mind of Evil meets Mrs Peel in The Hell Fire Club

  4. Meredith Meredith says:

    Yikes This is wretched It's as if someone decided to find out how many tropes could be stuffed into a story that already involves a time traveling alien called The Doctor In no particular order 1 amnesia 2 demons 25 demons that feed off of negative feelings3 a Holy order with magical powers4 science beyond the time 5 an alternate reality with a 51st state coming into being in the US6 titillating misogyny were women are forced into being negligee wearing hostesses with men who can punish them if deemed necessary7 mad ethically challenged scientists8 ethically challenged politicians85 ethically challenged psuedo clergy9 an 18th century style insane asylum in 20th century America 10 homeless people being snagged off the street for the unethical science 11 a secret agent of a foreign government12 poison13 secret romantic relationships14 female self loathing15 hand wavey explanation of part of the supernatural element but not all of itJust to name a few If they'd stuck with amnesia and one other element that could have been interesting but this was an absolute messThe only likable parts were with the secret agent attempting to work his email address as it's a newish concept a la 2001 and hearing the old dial up modem noise

  5. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy Jayaprakash Satyamurthy says:

    Oh dear this just won't do There is some great stuff about the identity and nature of the Doctor occasioned by him being found in an amnesiac state and a great moment when different aspects of his psyche are downloaded into multiple human minds but not enough is made of this Most of all having Charlie and the Doc spend most of the story unable to recall who they are just doesn't work when neither character has been established for long enough in these audio dramas or in the eight Doc's case anywhere Then there are the atrocious American accents some of these make good old Peri sound like the real thing If there was such a lack of suitable vocal talent surely a rewrite would have helped? As is stands the absymal attempts at American accents and dialogue and the cartoon ish demon voices make this a cringe worthy experience whatever its merits purely as a story

  6. Mel Mel says:

    Ok the accents were AWFUL but I also kinda think that was the point This was definitely not an audio to take seriously but was definitely a parody of American culture Televangelists being secretly evil politicians being secretly evil medical researchers being secretly evil satanic conspiracies white sexual slavery and of course a Buffy parody there to save them all The fact that the Americans had gotten the history WRONG and that their Hellfire club was actually trying to summon the devil and control the world I loved all the scenes where Charley and the Doctor went but this isn't what the real Hellfire club was like And then proceeded to give a great political history explanation This combined with the most British of Brigadiers was pretty amusing Not to mention the fabulous and ridiculous scenes of Charley in her red Bride of the Devil dress with very amusing comments about leather corsets and spiked heels Yes totally different to their other adventures but it was definitely worth the £1 I spent on it and the two hours listening to it

  7. Theo Kallström Theo Kallström says:

    Minuet in Hell throws in too many plot strands into the same story The resulting mix is an overambitious and not fully focused adventureStory 4The story starts with a confusing premise very heavy in exposition so it takes time before things start to become clearer Even though some parts are frustratingly confusing the script keeps the listener interested by revealing small fragments of the plot all the time while building up tensionThe script throws in just enough twists and turns and small new details to keep from becoming stale The ending to Part 2 is pretty shocking That being said it does feel like Gary Russell is trying too hard to stuff the script with too many plots and subplots from amnesia and Satanistic rites to love affairs and political scheming And then we have some kind of alternate future as well The amnesia thing seems to be the main plot though so most of the other stuff could have been cut down to a minimum or left out completelyI like the nonlinear storytelling which shows the capabilities of Big Finish audios Despite the nonlinearity and the constant twists and sudden reveals the overall plot is fairly well put together The ending is disappointing howeverActing 5Nicholas Courtney is never bad in anything and the same goes for Minuet in Hell The Brig feels somewhat out of place in this story but its not Courtney's fault He isn't needed for this story either and I believe he in it just to allow a meeting between him and EightGoddammit some of the American accents are annoying and terrible Some actors overdo the accents to such an extent that it becomes difficult to enjoy the story Worst of the lot is most likely Morgan Deare Delta and the Bannermen 1987; Rosa 2018 who plays Waldo or Helen Goldwyn who previously appeared as Chev in Sword of Orion and Triskele in Storm Warning both from 2001 as Becky LeeThe Doctor 5The Doctor barely appears in the first part of the story but his appearance is fascinating and very well performed by McGann The story places the Doctor in a new and unfamiliar position making him a part of the central mystery here For most of the story it's somewhat unclear who exactly is the Doctor since the script throws the listener off track with several possible answersThe Companions 4Charley also doesn't appear very much initially and isn't up to much interesting Her part in the story remains mostly superfluous other than connecting the Brigadier with the Doctor And of course she gets into proper trouble againThe MonsterVillain 4Marchosias sounds and seems like just another dimension devouring Satan incarnation His voice is both hilarious and too mich to take in at the same time I don't know whether I should find him scary or laughable He sounds like a cartoon monsterThe sad thing is that a monster feeding of the negative emotions of people is a fascinating concept that could have made for a completely separate adventure Attached to this story it kind of gets lost in the mix The Fearmonger 2000 comes pretty close but is not the same thing Production 5The editing and soundscapes make many seuences very messy and difficult to follow I also would have liked to hear some eerie music to support the atmosphere In the last episode things turn pretty messy again so it's difficult to keep up Then the story needs to rush to tie all loose ends together so it's all a hit jumbled up at the climaxPacing 5Despite the story progressing slowly revealing small snippets slowly but steadily its pretty well paced But since several parts of the story are messy and convoluted that also affects the pace at times The most frustrating thing is that the story seems to pick up speed several times only to suddenly halt again The longer than usual length of the episodes is a problem as well And then the script keeps treading water on the same plot details for too long so they turn staleAtmosphere 4Things start slightly confusing but oddly interesting since the Brig is in the US and the Doctor and Charley have lost their memories From there the excitement and tension as to what has happened feel stronger than the supposed suspense from the rise if Satan or something along those linesIt feels like this story never goes off properly It doesn't feel scary and barely feels tense and there are so many things to keep track of that you hardly have time to take everything in Impact 2A bit like Sirens of Time 1999 before it Minuet in Hell sometimes feel like its a bit too ambitious for its good There are plenty of good ideas at play here but too many of them are thrown into the same mix at the same time so none of them is given the attention they deserve Replay Value 3I could imagine listening to this again sometime but only when I feel fully focused because otherwise I will find myself lostRandom ObservationsCrane You're a Time Master from the planet Chardonnay That's one of the funniest lines in BFDW so farThe Brigadier once again gets involved in some demonic action after The Dæmons 1971 and The Spectre of Lanyon Moor 2000I don't know how many times Doctor Who can do variations of Satanistic stories The aforementioned The Dæmons was the first one and another famous example is The Impossible PlanetThe Satan Pit 2006Dr Grace Holloway the Doctor's companion from the 1996 TV movie is namedropped here The same goes for many companions of previous incarnationsScore 41120

  8. Christopher Buchanan Christopher Buchanan says:

    Not spectacular per se but uite a fun little Faustian romp none the less The Doctor stuck in a nut house the Brig Charlie running around in nighties and leather corsets daemons and some serious mocking of fundamentalists and corrupt politicians There's a whole lot for me to love Some of the accents weren't great but in my opinion anyone talking in a southern accent sounds like a tool and the Daemon was a little hammy but it's okay Decent if not particularly imaginative story with some good acting and as I said a lot of fun stuff thrown in Entertaining and enjoyable

  9. Nicholas Whyte Nicholas Whyte says:

    Fandom seems fairly evenly divided between those who thought that the fantastic acting of McGann Fisher and Nicholas Courtney made this a success and those who could not get past the ludicrously bad American accents and absurd plot a new American state is being inaugurated but the governor has done a deal with some demons I'm afraid I am firmly in the latter camp The episodes are far too long as well at 35 minutes each Really one to avoid

  10. Wart Hill Wart Hill says:

    35That whole business with Pargeter towards the end had me sideeying like mad

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Doctor Who Minuet in Hell Big Finish Audio Drama #19➳ [Reading] ➶ Doctor Who Minuet in Hell Big Finish Audio Drama #19 By Gary Russell ➩ – The twenty first century has just begun and Malebolgia is enjoying its status as the newest state in America After his successful involvement with Scotland's devolution Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethb The twenty first century has just begun and Minuet in Epub Ù Malebolgia is enjoying its status as the newest state in America After his successful involvement with Scotland's devolution Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart has been invited over to Malebolgia to offer some of his experiences and expertise There he encounters the charismatic Brigham Elisha Dashwood III an evangelical statesman running for Governor who may not be uite as Doctor Who ePUB ´ clean cut and wholesome as he makes out One of Dashwood's other roles in society is as patron of a new medical institute concentrating on curing the ills of the human mind One of the patients there interests the Brigadier someone who claims he travels through space and time in something called a TARDIS Charley however has than a few problems of her own Amnesiac she is Who Minuet in PDF/EPUB ä working as a hostess at the local chapter of the Hell Fire Club populated by local dignitaries who have summoned forth the demon Marchosias And the leader of the Club None other than Dashwood who seems determined to achieve congressional power by the most malevolent means at his disposalChronological Placement This story takes place after the TV Movie and after the Big Finish audio adventure The Who Minuet in Hell Big PDF/EPUB ² Stones of Venice.

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Gary Russell is one of the script editing Minuet in Epub Ù team for Doctor Who Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures and the author of many novels and reference books in the Doctor Who range A former editor of Doctor Who Magazine he also was the producer of Doctor Who audio dramas for Big Finish Productions for eight years He was also an actor and is best known for Doctor Who ePUB ´ his role as Dick in the television se.