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  1. Nicky Nicky says:

    There are some beautiful aspects of this book and then there's the fact that nearly every female character is raped often multiple times The beauty is mostly in some of the writing and descriptions though some of the ideas are also pretty interesting in theory Lee blends the story of Snow White with the Greco Roman myth of Hades and PersephoneThis isn't either story as you know it though and for me it ultimately didn't work The two stories didn't blend very well because I was spending so much time drawing parallels and because some of the parallels seemed a little laboured Some of it is very sensual writing while during a lot of it the heroines act like pieces of cardboard I understand that is the reaction of some rape victims some of whom may never snap out of it but it does unfortunately cut out a lot of the potential feeling of the storyI did enjoy the introduction which goes into the background of the story and introduced me to a glorious poem by Delia Sherman Snow White to the Prince which endsDo you think I did not know herRagged and gnarled and stooped like a wind bent treeHer basket full of combs and pins and laces?Of course I took her poisoned gifts I wantedTo feel her hands combing out my hairTo let her lace me up to take an appleFrom her hand a smile from her lipsAs when I was a child

  2. Alice Alice says:

    I certainly didn't expect this book to be a chore when I first picked it up It sounded intriguing A retelling of Snow White? With the ueen's perspective? Told with some of the Persephone myth thrown in? Sign me upAnd I think having my hopes way up is worse somehow than not being sure what to expect Because I got two thirds through this before I realized how much I disliked it and then I was invested in finishing itI didn't like that almost all the female characters are raped I guess it was supposed to add a layer of gritty realism but it only served to sap my enthusiasm to continue readingI didn't like the voice Yes fairy tales are often told in the same omniscient detached voice But fairy tales aren't over 200 pages long with character developmentThis didn't have much character development either for that matter Why did the characters act as they did? I don't know Apparently because the story made them There was no real insight into anyone's characters no motivations no actual change except in where they were and who they were with There are two love stories within this book but damned if I know what any member of either couple saw in hisher beloved We get a few sentences of how hot the ladies found their suitors and then they're boning with lots of references to magic and rituals and things that made me think maybe even these supposedly consensual encounters were coercedI heard a lot of good things about this book and now I'm really annoyed at everyone who recommended it It could've been done so much better Instead I had to force myself through this mess

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    This is simply the finest novelization of a fairy tale Tanith Lee has created a simply marvelous world where the Snow White tale is retold Read it again in June 2015; some books truly are my old friends92108 Ok so I'm rereading this one again too A patron was talking to me about books at the library and how sad it was when there was only one book left in the system I told him that one of my favorite books of all times which I own has only one copy in the system and he wanted to know what it was After hem hawing that he probably wouldn't be interested in a fairy tale novelization he corrected me by naming three similar books that he's read and enjoyed So I reserved this book for him and of course I need to read it againas it's fresh in my mindHow sad the library only owns one copy sigh93008Finished re reading this last night and blushed nearly through the whole thing I am sure it's because I recommended this book to a semi regular male library patron and I guess I repressed how sensual or eeeerotic if you're Larry the book is Still the finest novelization of a fairy tale and definitely a grown up version The story is not sensual in a romantic novel way; it's dark and eerie

  4. Meredith Meredith says:

    And the girl went on staring at the forest Her name was Arpazia Her hair was black as the woods her pale skin better than the snow Her eyes though were a light water gray She was fourteen years of age She longed for change not knowing the change of all things was almost upon her not what it could mean This story starts out about Arpazia Tanith lee's reimagined 'evil ueen' of the Snow White tale Except the ueen is not really evil we learn early on of the tragedy Arpazia went through that ends up forming her personality This retelling also combined Snow White with the mythological tale of Persephone Here it was said at time's start the earth had opened and a young goddess was snatched into it in one volcanic moment from which drama the seasons had begunBelgra Demitu was named for it and for the goddess mother of the abducted maiden The myth of Persephone was woven with the pagan religion the people of Belgra Demitu followed The forest imagery was gorgeous The outings in the woods and descriptions of the pagan religion were some of my favorite aspects of this book This was a dark eerie retelling of Snow White Full of twists and turns I never knew where the author was going with the story I probably would only recommend this to fans of Tanith Lee or people who I know like dark retellings At times the tone felt austere chilly cold as ice This was especially true in regard to Arpazia's point of view Coira's story was heart wrenching Very sad and bleak It was also beautiful This story was so tragic yet there was an amazing romance that I did not see coming I was afraid there would be a sad ending but Tanith left the story with a glimmer of hope Soon the watching mirror saw in the East that always place of renewals advents a brightness like itself The mirror offered neither uestion nor reply The mirror's dialogues were done And when the sun rose it rose blood red

  5. Joshua Joshua says:

    Tanith lee's White As Snow is yet another rewrite of the classic fairy tale Snow White All the original elements can be found here the wicked ueen the young princess and the dwarves the enchanted mirror and apple make an appearance as well but to a lesser degree In this authors work everything is tilted twisted and warped into a dark blood soaked novel I appreciate lee's vision I understand the barbaric cruelty and tortured motherdaughter relationship she try's and partly succeeds in getting across However lee never seems to have an exact idea of what exactly it is she is trying to say She combines the original fairy tale with the myth of Demeter and Persephone and the afore mentioned motherdaughter struggle Add to this a smattering of mystic religion and a barbaric setting and what you have is an interesting and often convoluted book But the books real weakness is it's characters who vary from cruel to brutal Rarely if ever is there an even semi coherent character not lost in the mists of madness or icy trances Both of the female leads remain in a trance for the vast majority of the book they rarely interact with the other characters and almost never display an ounce of emotion Both Arpazia and Coira are detached icy unemotional messes and I found it hard to feel for eitherOn the other hand this novel is chock full of gorgeous prose than one memorable moment and a bleak atmospheric uality Overall White As Snow is an interesting read that has moments of greatness But it's main attraction is lee's heavily atmospheric prose which paints a black and white portrait drenched in bright red blood

  6. Jessica Lewenda Jessica Lewenda says:

    I'm sure everyone should know by now that I absolutely love fairytale retellings And if you didn't know well now you doThis book is basically everything I want in a fairytale retelling and so much It takes the tale of Snow White and spins it on its head mixing in elements from Greek mythology particularly the tale of Persephone and Demeter It sometimes doesn't read like a fairytale retelling; oftentimes it's so loose it may as well be its own story But even so it keeps the imagery red white and black the number seven the mirror which becomes it's own character and the apple as well as taking themes from the Persephone and Hades mythsOf course what I simply can't ignore is the writing It is absolutely gorgeous so lyrical so fantastical I swear I swooned and sighed several times Here's an example of the gorgeous writing And the mirror gazed through the night window and met the slim white face of the three uarters moonI have passed this way before said the moon to the mirrorI too answered the mirror began in the EastAlready I must go on said the moon Farewell until another nightBut watching the mirror still saw a moon a face as white as the moon in a midnight of hairAm I beautiful? the ueen asked the mirrorpg 87Oh isn't that simply gorgeous?I urge everyone to read this book It might be a bit hard to get your hands on but oh so worth it

  7. James Kibirige James Kibirige says:

    Wow what an incredible feat of creative writing this book is I absolutely loved this book I was drawn in and hooked too the end Tanith Lee deftly weaves the snow white story with celtic legend and classical mythology into a marvel of fantasy literature Tanith Lee's writing is artistic; uniue uirks accents and touches abound The story is like a dance with pivots and twirls that would challenge the best ballet dancer You can tell that this book was lovingly made it is the best snow white re telling that I have ever read Tanith Lee has written a book that challenges the sanitised sickly sweet fantasies churned out by the likes of Disney This book is full of pain the violence will shock you the sadness will touch you The trials that women in medieval times would have faced are realistically presented here With themes ranging from rape misogyny murder and filicide this is not a teen flick novel As a dessert this is dark chocolate with a splash of bitter lemon it really packs a punch Only a talented writer can weave so many elements into a convincing well written tale; the story is magical whilst set in an utterly realistic and unforgiving world If you haven't read this book now I will read this again soon

  8. Jenny Jenny says:

    Tanith Lee's White as Snow is elegent and sensual and terrible Not terrible as in badly written but terrible in it's absence of feeling hideous in it's coldness It's a fairy tale in which there can be no truly happy ending This version of Snow White is twined with the myth of Demeter and Persephone It begins with Arpazia the little girl who becomes the witch ueen then follows with Coira her unwanted daughter product of rape In fact about halfway through the book I lost track of how many rapes had been committed against one of the women or the other It's a tale in which you can't tell the difference between love and hate and the tiny pinprick of light the author finally offers in the last page is not enough to banish the clinging darkness

  9. Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* says:

    This is one of my favorites by Lee and one of my favorite retellings It was so rich and weird and dark But there were moments of softness that isn't typical of Lee but which were really well doneI found Arpazia's story arc unbearably sad I even cried a little at the endAnd the romance—I am DEAD Loved it

  10. Jean Jean says:

    There was a lot I liked about this book and a lot that I didn't or a lot that I was just indifferent to Weaving the tale of Hades and Persephone into Snow White always seemed superfluous and odd; there are no natural parallels and the ones Lee makes feels like one tale being forced onto another and sometimes the elements of Snow White of which this is allegedly a retelling disappear into the other And there are what I feel like small fudgings or just plain mistakes like saying that it was Persephone going underground that caused the first winter not Demeter's sorrow at losing her daughter refusing to let anything grow until she got her back Since this is a story by nature of a women who has murderous intentions towards her daughter the heart of the connection never fit and that's the perfect example right thereAnd then there are the characters themselves the two women Aloof and inscrutable I've written about this type before and how it makes them almost impossible to like not because of these characteristics but because giving them these characteristics seems to then make it impossible to relay what they're thinking and feeling in anything but a clinical manner We know how damaged they are we want to sympathize we definitely want to empathize but I'm sad to say that they both came off as stuck up instead of damaged too often and often than that just plain stupid There are the good points like the dwarf Stormy named so to represent one of the seven deadliest sins in a show he and his compatriots are forced to perform in; for a book with such a strong feminist leaning I'm sad to see that the strongest and most likeable character is actually the man even if all other men come off as nothing but dicks seeking young girls' holes to stick themselves inWhich brings me to the rape Ah yes The rape Even in the last few pages of the book and I do not exaggerate there's an implied male on male sexual act of extremely dubious consent The first hundred pages or so are actually difficult to get through partly because they focus so heavily on this tale's wicked ueen but mostly because the prose is still in violent mode and Arpazia's fears of being raped again are not idle since every man's thoughts seem to turn to how they can force underage girls under them Once all of that calmed down I could just enjoy the book and then it starts up again and I was able to sort of compartmentalize it Being from the Mediterranean myself the suggestion that that's all men thought about and did in what appears to be Eastern Europe left me with a bad taste in my mouth for than just the reason that I've long ago abandoned the idea as a feminist that we have to show men as greedy inferior characters to vaunt the female characters I like an eual balance But maybe because neither Arpazia or Coira actually come across as particularly intelligent or controlled characters they are on an even keel with the menThe prose is beautiful in some places plain in other but always readable; Lee doesn't feel the need to go overboard as I've sometimes read her do And the story is compelling The way she bends and twists the story are fabulous and I would have liked to have seen it without the direct comparisons to PersephoneDemeterHades just have the readers notice that for themselves so it didn't distract from the cleverness of what she was doing It was definitely worth the read especially for someone who adores fairy tales and their clever retellings But this can't even hold a candle to Lee's earlier Red as Blood It reminded me uite a bit of Margo Lanagan's Tender Morsels and that's good and bad as a comparison because that had a lot of the same faultsOn a side note does anyone else think that the seven dwarves could be compared to seven Olympian gods? We find out that Stormy's real name is a tribute to Hephaestus but what about the others? Is Pride golden Apollo? Vinka vain and jealous Aphrodite? An argument could be made

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White as Snow ➽ White as Snow Download ➺ Author Tanith Lee – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Once upon a time there was a mirror So begins this dark unusual retelling of the story of Snow White by the writer reviewers have called the Angela Carter of the fantasy field Tanith Lee's collection Once upon a time there was a mirror So begins this dark unusual retelling of the story of Snow White by the writer White as eBook ↠ reviewers have called the Angela Carter of the fantasy field Tanith Lee's collection of fairy stories Red as Blood Tales from the Sisters Grimmer is an acknowledged classic of fairy tale literature for adults Now this mistress of the fairy tale form gives readers a whole novel based on a beloved story turning it into a dark and sensual drama full of myth and magicArpazia is the aging ueen who paces the halls of a warlord's palace Cold as winter she has only one passion—for the mysterious hunter who courts the outlawed old gods of the woodland Coira is the princess raised in the shadow of her mother's hatred Avoided by both her parents and half forgotten by her father's court she grows into womanhood alone until the mirror speaks and blood is spilled and the forest claims herThe tragic myth of the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone stolen by the king of the underworld is woven together with the tale of Snow White to create a powerful story of mothers and daughters and the blood that binds them together for good or ill Black ueen White maid Royal huntsman Seven little folk who live in the forest Come inside sit by the fire and listen to this fairy tale as you've never heard it before.