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Smuggler's Love ➽ [Reading] ➿ Smuggler's Love By Emma Goldrick ➲ – Maeve would get to the bottom of this There was no way she was going to let Uncle Shamus — that con man with his underhanded ways — get his hands on her property She wasn't going to let the last p Maeve would get to the bottom of this There was no way she was going to let Uncle Shamus — that con man with his underhanded ways — get his hands on her property She wasn't going to let the last part of her inheritance be sold right out from beneath her feet However the longer she spent in the tiny oceanside community of Smuggler's Cove the Maeve realized there were certain other matters there that needed closer investigation And the largest and most puzzling of all was lawyer Ash Corbet He had the most infuriating habit of kissing her — without her consent.

  • Paperback
  • Smuggler's Love
  • Emma Goldrick
  • English
  • 01 January 2015
  • 9780263771701

About the Author: Emma Goldrick

Emma Goldrick is the penname used by the marriage formed by Emma Elizabeth Jean Sutcliffe borned February in Puerto Rico and Robert N Goldrick borned on March in Massachusetts USA They met in Puerto Rico where married She was a licensed practical nurse volunteered with American Red Cross and she taught American Sign Language and he was a career USA military man Thirty year.

2 thoughts on “Smuggler's Love

  1. Paula Paula says:

    A con man claiming to be Maeve's Uncle Shamus has been selling off her inheritance of properties and has had her declared dead in the process So Maeve heads to Smuggler's Cove in Florida to find this Uncle Shamus before he gets to her oceanside property there too She needs to establish a new identity since she is supposed to be dead She gets help from a most unlikely and elderly man Packy who is eighty something and on the wrong side of the law She also meets a handsome but bothersome resident of Smuggler's Cove named Ash He claims he is the unofficial mayor the sheriff and a lawyer too Maeve thinks he's not being completely on the level but she can't help but be attracted to himThe romance is cute and the story is amusing and a lot of fun I liked the setting by the ocean and the nearby swamps Packy was a great secondary character and I loved Maeve's dog wolfhound Beowulf This was lighthearted fun and a uick and easy read

  2. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re Smuggler's Love Emma Goldrick is back with the wacky campy but so funny non HP outingThis one involves a computer genius h who has been declared dead by a con man relative who is rapidly running through the h's inheritance by selling off large properties the h was left for lower than average pricesThe h has one place in a little spot in Florida left and so the h is determined to keep her claim on it and get her inheritance back and get herself declared undead She has a giant kinda mastiff mix dog named Beowulf Beowulf is awesome and smart and a super tracker and a fierce defender of his person the h The H who is really the new county attorney that no one knows cause the job offer was by mail sees the h and can't stay away or stop trying to kiss her He tells the h a ton of tall tales about who he is and what he does in the little eccentric community including being the mayor a sheriff's deputy and what ever other official persona will get him close to the h at the time The h also meets a very elderly forger side kick for her shenanigans who soon sets her up with a new identity and the EG campyness is onThere is lots of H and h roofie kissing moments interspersed with banter as the h tries to track down her con man relative and the H chases around after the h and looks for smuggler rings making use of the local swamps There is lots of details about drug smuggling in Florida and the usual EG in depth travelogue as well as a ton of snarky comments about every thing from the h's physical assets to how the H lies so much he should be a politicianEventually the h finds a real smuggler ring via her super excellent computer hacking skillz and since she thinks the H is the man behind it all she and her 80 yr old side kick go to get help in stopping the ring who is using her dock from the real ringleader of the gangA dramatic fight and chase scene ensues Beowulf takes a slight gunshot abrasion but leads the H in pursuit to save the day from the evil diamond smugglers who were having problems cause the DEA was so great at catching drug runners they weren't able to move their diamonds either Finally when both the H and the h have rolled around in the stinky mud enough to host a whole month's worth of mud wrestling matches the H saves the h and declares his love and proposes The h agrees to the proposition and steamy shower moments ensue The H who has investigators available as the county attorney finds the h's con artist relative and hauls him in and makes him give back the h's money and the remainder of her property in lieu of prison time Beowulf is fine the H has told the h's mum about the marriage and we leave the riotous pair planning for six kids and a wedding for the grande finale HEAThis one was very fluffy very fast and fairly funny EG has the campy snark down pat and it makes for a pretty fun HP outing

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