A Touch of Chill: Stories of Horror, Suspense and Fantasy

A Touch of Chill: Stories of Horror, Suspense and Fantasy ❰Epub❯ ❧ A Touch of Chill: Stories of Horror, Suspense and Fantasy Author Joan Aiken – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The homely and the exotic mix in fifteen uniue tales The macabre and witty stories are a melange of horror guaranteed to send chills up the spine of any sleepless readerThe Cat Flap And The Apple PieH The homely and the of Chill: Kindle Ñ exotic mix in fifteen uniue tales The macabre and witty stories are a melange of horror guaranteed to send chills up the spine of any sleepless readerThe Cat Flap And The Apple PieHeTime To LaughLodgersListeningSailors' LegendsA Game Of Black And WhiteElephant's EarThe Sewanee GlideShe Was Afraid Of UpstairsThe Birthday PartyMouseworkA Long Way A Touch PDF/EPUB or To SwimWho Goes Down This Dark RoadPower Cut.

10 thoughts on “A Touch of Chill: Stories of Horror, Suspense and Fantasy

  1. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Kinda weird I don't 'get' most of the stories; it seems as if they're mysteries missing the last page And it's marketed to a juvenile audience but I'm sorry if I'm having trouble how would kids get out of it? And most of the characters are adultsThe writing is atmospheric though; it's a spooky sort of a book and worth a try

  2. Cameron Trost Cameron Trost says:

    I almost stopped reading this collection but I'm glad I didn't The first story in A Touch of Chill didn't impress me so I decided to read the last two in the book They didn't impress me much either At that point I put the book aside Later I discovered Time to Laugh one of the stories from this collection in an anthology I was reading Lo and behold I uite liked that creepy atmospheric tale So I decided to give the collection another shot As it turned out although I found about half the stories not especially interesting there were a number that were uite chilling and a few real gems I've given the collection three stars overall but if I were to rate each story individually the range would be from two to five The two tales that deserve a very special mention are Listening and A Game of Black and White They are both beautifully written and extremely eerie The former is so wonderfully strange and uite profound In fact it's still got me wondering

  3. Alissa Alissa says:

    I had a copy of this when I was 10 or 11 and it got lost somewhere Probably packed away and given to Goodwill or something by my well meaning mom who figured it was a children's book and I had grown too old for such things all the lost books my heart weepsIn fact I'd forgotten all about it until I watched Mirror Mask a totally trippy film I'm not sure if I liked or hated In part of the movie the main character glances into a mirror or through a window and sees a woman who looks like her mother who had fallen ill in the real world asleep I suddenly remembered a story from this book A Game of Black and White although I wouldn't recall the name of either the book or the story until the Great Goodreads Brain would lead me to it based on some truly random clues all I remembered is a boy got transported to an alternate universe during an eclipse and had to save his momalso something about a dentist There was a lot I'd forgotten too About the story and about the rest of the bookOverall Some creepy stuff in here but of the variety that's less scary and weird Some is straight up unsettlingespecially to someone as young as I was when I read it Maybe that's what really happened to the book Maybe I got rid of it myself in a fit of out of sight out of mind I get that I do I was still a year or two away from my Christopher Pike phase and wouldn't discover the likes of Ann Rice or Stephen King for several years after that I may not yet have even been exposed to Mary Downing Hahn's Wait Till Helen Comes which I got at my 5th Grade Spring Book Fair and was the first truly scary book I remember reading in detail so I can see how some of the stories in here would scare the crap out of me On the re read though there wasn't anything in there I wish I could unseeunread Just some weird little short stories Some better than others

  4. Fantasy Literature Fantasy Literature says:

    Joan Aiken is one of my favourite authors best known among children as the writer of the alternative history series The Wolves Chronicles She is also a writer for adults and the same sense of imagination wit and mystery found in her earlier books are found in this collected anthology of creepy and twisted short stories Although the title claims that these are stories of horror suspense and fantasy this is a little misleading It's not that these stories aren't any of these things it's just that Aiken does not write typical short stories in this genre — these tales are seldom wrapped up in a neat little bow and often Aiken is interested in crafting an unsettling atmosphere than answering uestions that her stories raise As such many of the stories do not seem particularly creepy and those who are used to their horror stories being filled Read More

  5. SmarterLilac SmarterLilac says:

    Charming and well chilling this book contains my favorite horror story of all time 'He' A must read for horror fans of any age

  6. Kari Kari says:

    These spooky little tales leave you guessing

  7. Pam Baddeley Pam Baddeley says:

    My previous acuaintance with the work of this author was with her children's novels set in an alternate version of British history This collection of short stories published in 1979 is described as 'stories of horror suspense and fantasy' but rather than outright horror the effect is of creepiness uite a few are inconclusive and fizzle out at the end with no definitive notion of what happened The one which makes the closest approach to horror is the first in the collection 'The Lodgers' about some decidedly nasty characters who move in when a mother is overworked and harried by both her boss at work and the simultaneous infectious illnesses of her two children Rather ahead of its time in its foregrounding of a single parentSome stories are predictable such as 'The Sewanne Glide' where the interest is in the execution and characterisation or 'Jugged Hare' where a woman with a violent husband tempts fate by having an affair Some are downright odd for example 'Listening' seemingly a disconnected series of events where the teacher protagonist has to sit in on another teacher's lesson to assess her after witnessing an animal's upsetting death enroute then sees her crumble under a devastating personal tragedy and then sees himself portrayed rather oddly in a museum Unsettling but you are left wondering what it was all about 'A Game of Black and White' about a boy's misadventures in a world that suddenly turns into a nightmare under the influence of a total solar eclipse is similar in effectOthers are in the style of fairy tales 'The Rented Swan' for example or are or less traditional ghost stories 'The Companion' 'He' is a cautionary folktale about the personal penalties for taking revenge In 'The Story about Caruso' a woman is driven to take extreme action by the stress of caring for an impossible relative 'Mrs Considine' is an inconseuential tale of the friendship between an old lady and a young girl who has prophetic dreams almost a 'tell it by numbers' the denoument is spelled out in advance although we don't get to actually see it but it left a feeling of So what?Two stories 'Power Cut' and 'A Train Full of War Lords' feature blind protagonists at the mercy of others in their environment even members of their own families who don't intend their malicious effects luckily averted uite by chance in the second of the two stories 'Who Goes Down this Dark Road' and 'The Helper' are downright weird in the first we don't really know the reason for the tragedy that has ruined the protagonist's life or its connection with a malicious young woman daughter of a French Professor or why he should still intend to help them by registering the Professor's invention of a mechanical companion at the UK Patent Office where he works and it is unclear whether we are dealing with a haunting or the psychological effects of guilt by the end The second is a short tale based on a very peculiar What if? uestion posed and answeredProbably the most effective tale in the collection is 'Time to Laugh' the story of what happens to a boy with criminal tendencies who decides to explore the local not exactly haunted house with creepy conseuences Overall a 3 star rating

  8. Carole Tyrrell Carole Tyrrell says:

    A Touch of ChillJoan Aiken is a an author that I’ve always associated with some classic children’s stories So when I found a collection of her stories in my local library I thought it would be an good introduction to her work aimed at adultsAs a commuter I do look out for short story collections to read on my journey home during the dark season and this was one that didn’t disappoint There was a slightly Aickman uality to some of the stories – that slightly enigmatic uality that makes you go back and re read it to find out if you’ve missed something The stand out ones were for meMrs Considine in which a young girl Julia has prophetic dreams which seem to tell the future When introduced to her new teacher Mrs Considine she isn’t frightened of her dog as she had seen him in a dream the previous night and knew that she could trust him But the dreams become disturbing when she dreams of Mrs Considine’s gardener Mr Wickenden being carried heavenwards by angels The next day he has died and then she dreams of her teacher entering dark gates and the next day she runs off down to the house She misses the fateful telephone call In The Companion Mrs Clyrard takes up residence at No 3 Vascoe’s Cottages as the new tenant She is a formidable lady and has a freuent visitor Miss Morgan who is the housekeeper to Mrs Clyrard’s landlady Mrs Soames Prior to this she was housekeeper to Mrs Soames’ mother and after her death took up her post with Mrs Soames They both visit Mrs CAlyrard to complain about the other Eventually Miss Morgan is dismissed and goes to live with her married sister And then Mrs Clyrard has the uncomfortable feeling that she is no longer alone in the house and resolves to deal with itThe Rented Swan is the tale of how a renowned writer take up residence to discover that his landlady is a swanAiken make this completely believable and the final paragraph is chillingIn Time to Laugh Matt a bored teenager decides to explore the local apparently abandoned house ‘The Croft’ He’s found an unobtrusive way in and soon enters through an open window He explores the cobwebbed rooms until he hears mocking laughter and follows itbut the last laugh will be on himPower Cut was a very visceral story in which an answering machine delivers a final message despite there being no power in the house The owners Celia and Thomas are staying there in an attempt to mend their marriage but their housekeeper Mrs Tredennis who was supposed to switch on everything is nowhere to be found Until she knocks on the door looking for her cat and Thomas will forever wish that he hadn’t found itespecially when he hears it mewing from inside the cottageI enjoyed the author’s confidence in evoking the uncanny in everyday surroundings and there were some excellent twists in the tale in the endings of several of the stories

  9. Jeff Hobbs Jeff Hobbs says:

    Read so farLodgers Mrs Considine The Sewanee glide Listening The companion The rented swan Jugged hare A game of black and white Time to laugh He The story about Caruso The helper Power cut Who goes down this dark road? A train full of war lords

  10. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Most stories were a bit weak really I was not that scared and do not think I would have been even as a ten year old Most of them were just a bit silly the black a white story for instance it really didn't work the way it was supposed to Maybe they just needed a bit work

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