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February [Download] ➶ February ✤ Gabrielle Lord – Callum Ormond foi avisado Ele tem 365 dias A contagem decrescente começou A pacata vida de Cal acabou assim ue a mortífera contagem decrescente começou Entretanto foi atacado por tubarões acusado Callum Ormond foi avisado Ele tem dias A contagem decrescente começou A pacata vida de Cal acabou assim ue a mortífera contagem decrescente começou Entretanto foi atacado por tubarões acusado de um violento ataue à sua família raptado por dois gangues e uase ue o afogaram num depósito de óleo Ele é um fugitivo procurado ue fará tudo para sobreviver Mas estará Cal desesperado o suficiente para se aproximar de um traidor envolvido com assassinos Ou para se arriscar a voltar ao cenário da tentativa do seu homicídio Deverá ele encontrar se com um misterioso informador podendo tratar se de uma armadilha O relógio não pára Cada segundo pode ser o último Uma aventura de cortar a respiração.

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  • Gabrielle Lord
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  • 09 April 2015

About the Author: Gabrielle Lord

Gabrielle Craig Lord is an Australian writer who has been described as Australia's first lady of crimeShe survived being ‘razed’ by the nuns acuired an education despite this and after working in many different areas sales teaching brick cleaning peach picking and packing and in the Public Service as an employment officer started writing seriously aged Her first two manuscripts ended.

10 thoughts on “February

  1. Melanie Melanie says:

    25 stars February was a fast read one and a half hours and it was done in the read pile so uickly I was actually planning to read this in February because I read January in January but it was at the library glaring at me so I finally gave in and finished it off Cal a teen fugitive is on the run like never before getting saved by a mysterious typical much girl Winter from the rapidly raising oil tank he unravels clues of his father's drawingsIf you haven't read my January review I suggest you read that as it pretty much covers my thoughts of this seuel There still wasn't enough depth everything was rushed and had no emotions to wring out of it Also as a recent discovery I have found the excessive use of exclamation marks There were at least 1 on every page I mean come on not everything was that exciting to opt in every minute What I really enjoyed about February was the action mystery and suspense I loved the concept of the 'Ormond Singularity' as it was so confusing yet original February was slightly better than January and I totally recommend this book to lovers of suspense and uick reads

  2. Kailey (BooksforMKs) Kailey (BooksforMKs) says:

    This series is fantastic After reading book one which left me on a horrible cliffhanger I immediately picked up book two and dived into the action suspense and mysteryI wish there were development on the puzzling enigmas that confront Cal but that part of the story moves very slowly with very few clues to the mystery of the Ormond Singularity popping up in each book The action and danger and adventure however moves very uickly So I guess each book in the series focuses mostly on Cal surviving through a ton of dangerous scenes and bad guys chasing him and then we get one little clue one bit of forward motion with the big picture mystery That of course is a very good way to keep the suspense going in a mysteryadventure series but the suspense is killing me I want to know the answers now Which just shows how great this series is because I care so much about the outcomeIn this second book Cal is on his own on the run as a fugitive and he's learning to be self sufficient out on the streets I'm so interested to see his character changing and developing especially since he goes through times of hope and depression I love his relationship with his best friend Boges and how the two of them joke around and rely on each other That friendship is such a bright spot in this bookThe mysterious girl Winter plays a large role in this book and it was so interesting getting to know her character and figuring out what makes her tick She's another big puzzle for Cal to solve and we as the reader have to make up our minds too whether she is trustworthy or hiding somethingI am loving this series and I can't wait to dive into the next bookDisclaimer I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review

  3. Darcy Darcy says:

    When the book opens Cal is in a bad place with the threat eminent the oil tank he is in is filling fast and he has not escape At the last minute he the oil is shut off and the escape hatch is opened As Cal climbs out he sees the person who saved his life Winter a girl around his age As they talk Cal discovers her dubious link to the man that placed him in the tank and isn't real sure about her Cal is also having a hard time with life on the run The daily fight of where to sleep and what to eat takes up much of his time leaving little for him to research the info his dad left him If it wasn't for his friend Boges things would be harder Boges is automatically suspicious of Winter but Cal seems to trust her It is through Winter that Cal finds clues to the riddle He is also called again by the mystery woman who was with his dad in his last days He wants to know what she can tell him but every time he sets up a time to speak with her something very bad happens this time is no different Cal is still on the run and this time he may not find a way out

  4. Deepthi Deepthi says:

    An exceptionally good book I actually happened to stumble on this book in my library I couldn't find the 1st book hence decided to give this try And guess what? You could get the main gist of the story and everything but yeah I'm not asking you read this without the first bookYou can totally give these series a tryPS can anyone comment down where I can get the rest of the books???

  5. Linda Linda says:

    I had to pick up book #2 in this series as soon as I finished reading book #2 Fifteen year old Callum Ormond continues to hide out in February following the slim clues his father left him and avoiding the people who are trying to capture him Plenty of danger and action in this book again I went out to my local library this afternoon and picked up the next 4 books Stay tuned

  6. Aaron Bower Aaron Bower says:

    Callum still really doesn't know what is going on and why people are after him Now he is on the run and can't live with his family any be cause the police and other people are after him These are pretty good books I think sixth graders would really like them

  7. Ashleigh Ashleigh says:

    In the fast paced suspenseful series Conspiracy 360 by Gabrielle Lord teenager Callum Ormond is stopped by a crazy man on New Year’s Eve who told Callum “They killed your father They'll kill you You must survive the next 365 days” So far Callum has survived a boating accident in shark infested waters him getting kidnapped and interrogated twice along while trying to decode the Ormond Riddle a secret left by his father for him to figure out Now he is in February and has just been saved by a girl from drowning in a filling pit of oil while on the run from the police accused of brutally attacking his sister and uncle Callum still has to solve the Ormond Riddle a huge secret of his father’s that is connected to his family The second installment of the series is an enjoyable short read for teens Gabrielle Lord does a fantastic job relaying her tone to transition into the mood to the readers Although Lord does many things right there are a few things that could use some improving For example Lord could have developed the characters and relationships Overall the book is an engaging short read for teens who prefer suspense series but there are a few things that could be improved upon There are many elements that Gabrielle Lord did right in her writing of the Conspiracy 360 book series For example Lord did an amazing job using imagery to not only develop the setting but to also develop mood Lord writes “I struggled to keep my mouth above the rising tide as I bashed my slippery fists against the manhole cover over my head” This detail helps you imagine the situation Callum is in by using words such as “manhole cover over me” but also conveys a tense mood to the reader by use of the words “struggled” and “rising tide” Lord also writes “It had been a warm summer night but now a cold wind had blown in lifting the dead leaves making them skitter in an eerie little whirl” which gives you a sense that the setting is spooky Even though Lord did not develop the character’s too deeply the characterization she did include clued you into the person’s personality For example Lord through dialogue writes “ Who’s a clever boy?” she said in a mocking way This reveals that the character Winter is a witty or in a way sarcastic person Gabrielle Lord did an amazing job developing the setting with imagery and did a decent job with what characterization she did include In addition to what Lord did right she also can improve her writing by developing the characters and the relationships in the book For example Lord writes “ Green gold flecks in her dark eyes” While that could be considered good characterization by itself this is one of the only times Lord describes a character’s appearance She could have at the least used a simile to help with visualization especially if she was going to be that brief on characterization Lord also did not develop the apparent relationship Callum and Winter Lord had them meet in person with each other maybe 3 times out of the whole book and had cell phone conversations twice Lord did not give the time for the development of essential relationships that would have made the book better if time was dedicated to it Lord without a doubt could have spent just another half a chapter developing essential characteristics and relationships that would have made the book much engaging to the readersI would say that Gabrielle Lord wrote a good short read for teens to not get super engaged in but enough for the readers to understand the story Lord took time on imagery that paid off in the end because this imagery helped the readers visualize the setting in their heads like a movie On the other hand Lord did not spend as much time characterizing crucial characters in the book that would have made her book a better read Overall I would score Conspiracy 365 February a generous 6 out of 10 because of the imagery if you are a teen interested in short reads

  8. old account (rl) old account (rl) says:

    25 StarsSome unavoidable spoilers for January contain in this review The secret to writing a good mystery novel is obviously debatable Is it the suspenseful and cryptic clue hunting? The wise cracking detectives and their plucky sidekicks? Or the actual mysterious mystery itself? Honestly I think the best answer is a blend of all three which is what makes the Conspiracy 365 series such a disappointment It doesn't include many aspects needed to make this as gripping as it could be In January we saw Cal become a fugitive and in February we see him begin to live his life as one He desperately begins the slow and laborious progress of solving the rather few and cryptic puzzle pieces of what Boges has nicknamed the DMO the Dangerous Mystery of the Ormonds The Ormond Singularity the Ormond Riddle the Ormond Angel I think you get the pictureA lot of emphasis is placed on the action scenes in February The very unrealistic over dramatized action scenes Look everyone can over look a certain amount of unrealistic scenes in novels otherwise who would ever read an urban fantasy book or anything with vampires werewolves faeries or other mythical creatures Anyone that read a Alex Rider series book can tell you that in real life Alex would be dead several times over but what the point of a teen spy book without a little drama? The problem with the Conspiracy 365 series is that we have already seen half of these death defying action packed scenes before They aren't exciting any They don't make me grip the pages with anticipation and terror will Cal survive? Honestly I knew he would so it didn't really bother me Cal and Boges are also a little dense at times They keep trusting people that they should not and they seem to think that they are going to be able to hide forever They are fifteen year old boys And they start a blog for Cal to rally some supporters or something Have they never had a school computing lesson or watched a crime television show? They can track you Yes your a tech whiz Boges but really? The DMO keeps you reading though It makes you grip the pages a little harder wondering waiting thinking What's the angel got to do with anything? What do the drawings stand for? What does the red headed lady have to do with anything? And how is Sligo involved? And this time we got some answers Bless Winter Frey and her sadness spot I won't say any though You'll have to find out for yourself What ruins this book is the writing Its so simple and bland There is no life to it whatsoever It doesn't provoke any sort of feelings good or bad within me and it barely contains any sort of imaginative descriptions let alone beautiful imageries and prose which I know probably wouldn't suit the genre of this book but it needs something anything Gabrielle Lord also seems to enjoy adding a exclamation mark to every second sentence of hers Its annoying Really annoyingOn some positive note while it earned a lower rating from me it was a far enjoyable book plot wise than JanuaryThis book is fun A little clichéd a little bland but fun A short and easy read for fans of mystery and suspense

  9. Carter Carter says:

    The book I am reviewing is called Conspiracy 365 February and it’s by Gabrielle Lord It is a twelve book series called Conspiracy 365 The lexile level of this book is 790 This book is about an Australian boy named Callum Ormond who is fifteen years old and who is a hunted fugitive So far he’s been attacked by sharks blamed for a vicious assault on his family kidnapped by two criminal gangs and was left to drown in a fast filling oil tank Callum gets stuck in a lot situations and has to find a way to get out of themThe theme of this book is to trust your family members and to stick with them all your life because they are the only people who you truly have When Callums mom found out what happened to Rafe and Gabbi and thinking that Callum was the one who hurt them she goes nuts Callums mom keeps telling Callum to come home but he never listens because if he goes home he will get thrown in jail for a crime he never did The Callum doesn’t listen to her the crazier she gets She never lets up Which if I were her I wouldn't either One of my favorite parts in the book was when it said ‘I froze and so did he stopping dead in his tracks raising his huge head higher to stare at me with merciless yellow eyes a massive lion golden brown with a black mane’ It got my heart going a little bit This book is told in both first and third point of views It switches back and forth uite a bit That’s one reason I like this book is because you know all of the characters feelings and emotionsI would recommend this book to kids who like action adventure and crime I liked this book because it was a pretty easy to read book and because I like action It was a very predictable book I guessed a few times about what was going to probably happen but I was wrong The same type of bad things that happen to Callum happened to the Baudelaire children in the Series of the Unfortunate Events Not the exact same events but similar The setting of the book is in Australian so the author used a lot of the words like “mum” for mom The ending was one of my favorite parts in the book It said “In slow motion I watched the train come closer my body frozen in horror Time seemed to stop” That was another part of the book that got my heart going faster then usual My favorite part of the book was when Callum got stuck in the animal cage with a lion and also the ending

  10. Ethan Goman Ethan Goman says:

    The action doesn’t let up in the second volume of Conspiracy 365 February Fifteen year old Callum Ormond is still on the run for attacking his uncle Rafe and leaving his younger sister in a coma And he’s still not any closer to solving the riddle of the “Ormond Singularity” He’s still being aided by Boges perhaps his last friend left in the world as police forces throughout Australia are on the watch for him I personally liked reading the book because of all the action and the riddles and puzzles it leaves at a cliff hangar and makes me want to read the next book I just loved the action in the book and all the the times Callum Ormond had to fight of the gangs and the bad guys and run away from the cops I recommend this book to kids in 7th grade and older mostly because the violence and the action in the book I give this book at least 5 stars because of all the mystery and action in the book

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