Driving Like Crazy: Thirty Years of Vehicular Hellbending

Driving Like Crazy: Thirty Years of Vehicular Hellbending Celebrating America as it Ought to be-an Oil Well in Each Backyard, a Cadillac Escalade in Every ... Potentates Trying to Rope a Goat for Dinner ❮Ebook❯ ➬ Driving Like Crazy: Thirty Years of Vehicular Hellbending Celebrating America as it Ought to be-an Oil Well in Each Backyard, a Cadillac Escalade in Every ... Potentates Trying to Rope a Goat for Dinner ➭ Author P.J. ORourke – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Driving Like Crazy celebrates cars and author P J O’Rourke’s love for them while chronicling the golden age of the automobile in America O’Rourke takes us on a whirlwind tour of the world’s mo Driving Like Crazy celebrates Crazy: Thirty Epub Ü cars and author P J O’Rourke’s love for them while chronicling the golden age of the automobile in America O’Rourke takes us on a whirlwind tour of the world’s most scenic and bumpiest roads in trouble laden cross country treks from a Florida to California escapade in a special four door Buick sedan to a thousand mile effort across Mexico in the Baja to a trek through Kyrgyzstan in on the Driving Like PDF/EPUB or back of a Soviet army surplus six wheel drive truck For longtime fans of the celebrated humorist the collection features a host of O’Rourke’s classic pieces on driving including “How to Drive Fast on Drugs While Getting Your Wing Wang Sueezed and Not Spill Your Drink” about the potential misdeeds one might perform in the front and back seat of an automobile; “The Rolling Organ Donors Motorcycle Club” which chronicles a seven hundred mile weekend trip through Michigan and Indiana that Like Crazy: Thirty MOBI ñ O’Rourke took on Like Crazy: Thirty Years of PDF/EPUB or a Harley Davidson alongside Car Driver publisher David E Davis Jr; his brilliant and funny piece from Rolling Stone on NASCAR and its peculiar culture recorded during an alcohol fueled weekend in Charlotte North Carolina in ; and an hilarious account of a trek from Islamabad to Calcutta in Land Rover’s new Discovery Trek.

About the Author: P.J. ORourke

Patrick Jake P J Crazy: Thirty Epub Ü O'Rourke is an American political satirist journalist writer and author O'Rourke is the H L Mencken Research Fellow at the Cato Institute and is a regular correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly The American Spectator and The Weekly Standard and freuent panelist on National Public Radio's game show Wait Wait Don't Tell Me Since O'Rourke has been a columnist.

10 thoughts on “Driving Like Crazy: Thirty Years of Vehicular Hellbending Celebrating America as it Ought to be-an Oil Well in Each Backyard, a Cadillac Escalade in Every ... Potentates Trying to Rope a Goat for Dinner

  1. Kelley Kelley says:

    I love O'Rourke It is just that simple While he is best known for his political writing he has covered a multitude of topics over the years True O'Rourke fans know he has written for Car and Driver over the years and that he loves muscle cars Driving Like Crazy is a collection of automotive essays and adventures The humor that succeeds so well when describing how Congress doesn't work also succeeds when describing a drive through Baja California with Mike NesmithI give the book a high rating knowing that it isn't for everyone It is not a good introduction to PJ O'Rourke but it is good O'Rourke

  2. William William says:

    I've been and remain a huge fan of P J O'Rourke's I've always liked his PG 13 Gonzo style of writing a tamer version of Hunter Thompson Witt Cynicism are the accounting firm of O'Rourke's mind and they are well used here Part travel book part car book with digressions into politicseconomicsfamily life offer something for everyone While not my favorite O'Rourke book Eat The Rich retains that honor it is a nice book to escape into after watching the evening news or having just tried to replace the wiper blades on your Honda

  3. Brooks Brooks says:

    A lot of re tread material from O'Rourke's magazine articles Some stuff from the early 1970s Only 5 10 pages of new material on the current crises However still had me giggling

  4. Rich Rich says:

    I can't write about PJ O'Rourke and not put in endless uotes He is the funniest man writing today Every night I pray God will turn me into PJ or at least give me the direct phone number and email addresses of his agent and editor Recently I read Peace Kills which is a little somber than I'm used but then having been written in the shadow of 91101 what else could it be?Here he's back to his usual irreverent hilarious self a collection from his 30 years of automotive writing These pieces have appeared in all kinds of magazines Rolling Stone Esuire Automotive Week Car and Driver and even National Lampoon For those of you who are not into the political this is a perfect book with very few political shots But just enough to retain his political wonk status It's time to say How shall we put it? sayonara to the American car The American Automotive industry GM Ford even Chrysler will live on in some form a Marley's ghost dragging its corporate chains at taxpayer expense The fools in the corner offices of Detroit and the fool officials of Detroit's unions will retire to their vacation homes in Palm Beach and St Pete They no deserve our sympathy than the malevolent trolls under the Capitol dome But pity the poor American car when congress and the White House get through with it a light weight vehicle with a small carbon footprint using alternative energy and renewable resources to operate in a sustainable way When I was a kid we called it a Schwinn On NASCAR mechanicsThere was one ole boy there hunkered down with all manner of folksy verb tenses I asked him something about what kind of steel the tube frames are made from He launched into a Nobel Prize lecture on metallurgy in which 'molybdenum' was the smallest word I noticedPJ goes to Baja not once but three times and that's probably 2 12 times too many; he goes to India Russia defends the American SUV to the British press runs all over LA in a beat up Mustang and several other wild and wooley adventures On the Los Angeles automotive sceneContrary to received wisdom Los Angeles was a tiresome place for an automotive enthusiast to be Not because of lack of wonderful automobiles but because of an excess The city was full of desirable arousing priapism inducing cars of every kind Bugattis Facel Vegas Cords three wheeled Morgans SS100 Jaguars Testarossa Ferraris Lancias Aurelias not to mention bevies of MG TCs and TDs slews of bug eyed Sprites bathtub Porsches than Germany had bathtubs and ranks and files of plain vanilla cars you'd love to own The problem was with the folks who owned the view The Hollywooden heads would buy a car for almost any purpose except a worthy one Many automobiles were purchased to attract members of LA's eight or ten opposite sexes Since the denizens of America's Gomorrah were incapable of verbalizing any idea complex than box office gross the expensive car served as a substitute for witty come on and seductive chat It should be noted that the persuit of libidinous satisfaction was such a mania in the '80s in LA that if the local citizens had ever performed any normal acts of copulation our country would now be three fathoms deep in twenty eight year olds named after astrological signsThis is fall down laughing funny Coca cola out the nose guffawing hysterical stuff It almost made me love life again

  5. Noah Noah says:

    O'Rourke is one of my favorite writers and humorists so I expected a lot from this book In most of the new material it feels like he's playing a caricature of himself and in the old material he hasn't finished sharpening his voice yet Maybe he just loses something when he's not talking politics I'm not sure what the root cause is but this book is very skippable even for a big PJ O'Rourke fan

  6. Robert Robert says:

    You have heard of a book you cannot put down? This is one you CAN put downI thought I would go waaaay off course for my reading taste and try it I suspect if you are a gearhead it might be something to read It was an interesting choice after reading Chris Hedges Empire of Illusion This culture is part of what he was ranting about Maybe it's a generational thing I don't know I found it uninteresting and unfunny

  7. Christopher Christopher says:

    PJ O'Rourke pulls no punches in this compendium of essays about cars and driving that he wrote over a few decades O'Rourke is a master of the metaphor a king of hilarious comparisons a samurai swordsman of similes His humor cuts to the bone spares almost no one and is often as dry as the deserts of the Baja However his writing and wry observations are chock full of intelligent witticism deserved criticism and enlightening wisdom O'Rourke's writing has a way of putting the reader smack dab in the driver's seat and the middle of the action through description and familiar comparisons Whether it's off road racing with Michael Nesmith yes that Michael Nesmith or barreling down the twisty roads of Southern California in a Mustang from Rent a Wreck or riding Harley Davidsons across the midwest this collection is for certified gearheads and the laid back part time car enthusiast I enjoyed it Also as a writer I learned a lot about metaphor humor and direct writing If you write humor or aspire to write humor there are plenty of great lessons to be learned from this collection

  8. Larry Hostetler Larry Hostetler says:

    One of the humorous of the O'Rourke books I've read Covering decades of writings for car magazines the book nonetheless maintains interestSeveral chapters cover PJ's friendship with Michael Nesmith and the escapades they enjoyed But the stories go far beyond the subject of those chapters off road racing through Baja and the western USThe first chapter was a bit unsettling as it glorified drunk driving and afterward O'Rourke explained it in part as the stupidity of youth Other than that it was enjoyable and educational reading But because of that I could not give it five stars A uick read with a variety of stories to interest anyone who drives

  9. Trever Trever says:

    Entertaining and at times hugely funny but also disjointed and largely composed of material I'd already read in Car Driver There's PJ's usual streak of conservative politics laced throughout which will probably put off or offend some readers but I enjoyed his observations even when I didn't agree with some of them I enjoy reading considered opinions that challenge my own preconceptions I'm weird that way At its best it's a rousing series of car adventure stories that will have you laughing out loud; at its worst it becomes a jumbled bunch of disconnected vignettes that often don't really go anywhere and then just sort of 'end'

  10. Peter Tillman Peter Tillman says:

    Full titleDriving like crazy thirty years of vehicular hell bending celebrating America the way it's supposed to be with an oil well in every backyard a Cadillac Escalade in every carport and the chairman of the Federal Reserve mowing our lawn No real memory of the book but great title

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