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The Misanthropes Guide to Life [Reading] ➰ The Misanthropes Guide to Life ➸ Meghan Rowland – Being Left AloneOne Irritating Situation at a Time In The Misanthrope's Guide to Life readers learn how to get away from the pain in the asses who make readers wish they owned a deserted island Reader Being Left AloneOne Irritating Situation at a Time Guide to ePUB ☆ In The Misanthrope's Guide to Life readers learn how to get away from the pain in the asses who make readers wish they owned a deserted island Readers owe it to themselves to memorise The Misanthropes PDF or these survival strategies for obnoxious situations including channel a weeping year old boy in urine soaked X Men pajamas to avoid the post coital cuddle; conduct managed incoherence to get the delivery boy from the lobby to your door; and taking a Misanthropes Guide to Kindle Ó 'French leave' in order to eat alone at work Featuring everything readers need to know to get out of the most undesirable social scene this is the survival guide readers will be annoyed not to have.

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  1. Reading Wolf Reading Wolf says:

    I am not even gonna lieI wanna marry this book Seriously if you like tongue in the cheek humor and don't mind a little bit of offensiveness and if you do then lighten up you need to read this book soon It's free on Barnes Noble and so you have no excuse NOT to go get it download it and read it Other than having no computerin which case how in the world are you seeing this review????NOW

  2. Erin Erin says:

    Pretty sure only a true misanthrope would love this book You don't count if you just sometimes feel that way in which caseyou might be mildly amused by it or just not understand it at all Then you'll probably jump on Goodreads to give it one or two stars and say it was childish or contained too many bad words But if you hate people and love the word sht you'll love this book I loved this book so hard and am pretty sure I will feel the need to read it once or twice a month

  3. M Hanson M Hanson says:

    The Misanthrope's Guide to Life Go Away is the Bible for people who hate people This book is written by two award winning comedy writers They are called the thinking man's Beavis and butthead 1 Even the authors of this book live in separate states one in Washington DC and one in New Orleans The authors start with the definition of a misanthrope and give you a choice of three definitions to pick from from a loner to a realist This book is organized into ten basic chapters Each chapter shows the misanthrope relating to people in various life situations It even includes the misanthrope's prayer I found myself laughing my whole way through the book I found myself relating to almost all of the situations in the book Each chapter gives examples related to the chapter's theme For example chapter one The Agnew to my Nixon a Misanthrope Among Friends talks about a situation and what to say or do when your friend in a terrible band asks for your honest opinion of their music Situation like this when any sane person would want to lie are numerous in the book They talk about convincing your friend to elope so you are not stuck having the honor of being in their wedding partyDo you wonder if you would enjoy reading this book? Do motivational posters make you gag? Do you only date orphans so that you never have to meet any potential in laws? Do you dream of releasing hoards of iguanas just to keep trick or treaters off your lawn? If the thought of the office Christmas party makes you instinctively reach for the whisky and the only contact on your phone is the take out place down the street then this book will change your life just like it did mine This book talks about what we would all like to say sometimes instead of being tactful This book talks about dignity and tact versus what we really want to do sometimesDon't worry my fellow misanthropes you are not alone For all of my life I thought something was wrong with me Whenever the other children would play tag my response to you're it was always Touch me again and I will scream And in my later years I would always get ostracized from groups of friends for saying things like small children disgust me every time one was within punting distance Or people would get upset when I would start harassing PETA volunteers by shouting I LIKE MY TUNA TO HAVE DOLPHINS IN IT and I would begin laughing when they would start crying The book is about the small things like preferring a long distance relationship with bi monthly visits versus living with anyone that isn't my morbidly obese housecat This book has it all the history of misanthropy to guides on how to deal with every major holiday in a way that lets every misanthrope enjoy themselves It also tells you how to convince your boss to let you work from home surviving the horrors of public transportation how to act just crazy enough to keep the neighborhood kids from bothering you dealing with that one thing that your roommate does that makes you so angry that your eyes leak blood and even a simple uiz to see what kind of misanthrope you are You can flip to any page in this book and learn something useful No seriously the first time I picked up this book I just flipped to a random page and learned how to say I hate everyone in Hebrew Everyone who picks up this book will find something that they identify with and enjoy Citations 1 Rowland M Turner Neal C 2011 The Misanthrope's Guide to Life Go Away Avon MA Adams Media page 199 about the authors

  4. Erin Erin says:

    Taken from my blog; wwwtheultimatebooknookblogspotcomJust the description alone made me want to read this book I have my moments of I hate everything and everyone so I really wanted to read this And it was worth it for the most part There were parts that seemed to be taken right out of my brain at times Others I just thought were great ideas The book had me from the start I laughed out loud several times About half way through it though I got bored It was almost like the authors ran out of things to talk about and just started randomly throwing stuff in just so they could have a book Also if you get the e book version be prepared for a lot of punctuation errors It drove me nuts which is kind of ironic actuallyThe book has a lot of strong language a ton of f bombs and can be pretty crude at times but it is funny If you don't mind those things and you have those thoughts of I hate you all I suggest reading it It is fun and very fast It is the perfect book to put on your coffee table or in your bathroom You can read little snippets at a time have a good laugh then move on to other things

  5. Jess Jess says:

    I know a person who would love this book for the somewhat crude humor definitely laugh out loud at some points and descriptions of misanthropic behavior which I find a little extreme but suit that person very well They'd probably give it 4 stars at least but I'm leaving a 3 it just doesn't strike that chord with me The whole book is essentially a big inside joke so as you can tell from the other reviews it's definitely going to leave some cold and others wiping away tears of mirth at the familiarity of it allA warning This book is very US centric with lots of references to American pop culture I didn't get at least half of them but I sort of guessed the meanings so it was still funnyI also read the print edition which doesn't have the little editing errors that seem to be pissing ebook readers off

  6. C. C. says:

    I obtained this as a Kindle freebie; I would rather have paid for it and not read it than read it and not paid for it It's not funny it's not useful and it has a small but real need to be reviewed by a copy editor

  7. Angie Angie says:

    Hilarious book Forget that bored expression you generally reserve for reading non fiction; dig in and be a hater You will not read anything funnier

  8. Metro Mutt Metro Mutt says:

    Meh Kinda funny Kinda not Its partly about how to deal with not liking people but how to fake it well other parts is just the authors exp in situations It was a read

  9. Douglas Brown Douglas Brown says:

    great bookvery funny and most informative i discovered that i am OMG a misanthrope oh the pain a must read book

  10. Shay Caroline Shay Caroline says:

    I bought this for a friend and after reading the first few pages i thought it was going to be hilarious and bought my own copy a few days later It was okay it had its moments but on the whole it was only all right To my mind the humor crosses a line at times

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