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The Fire (Witch Wizard, #3) [Epub] ❧ The Fire (Witch Wizard, #3) By James Patterson – Whit and Wisty Allgood have sacrificed everything to lead the resistance against the merciless totalitarian regime that governs their world Its supreme leader The One Who Is The One has banned everyth Whit and Wisty Allgood have sacrificed everything to lead the resistance against the merciless totalitarian regime that governs their world Its supreme leader The One Who Is The One has banned everything they hold dear books music art and imagination But the growing strength of the siblings' magic hasn't been enough to stop the One's evil rampage and now he's executed the only family they had leftWisty knows that the time has finally come for her to face The One But her fight and her fire only channel power to this already invincible being How can she and Whit possibly prepare for their imminent showdown with the ruthless villain that devastated their world before he can truly become all powerfulIn this stunning third installment of the epic Witch Wizard series the stakes have never been higher and the conseuences will change everything.

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  1. Corey Holst Corey Holst says:

    Well I stuck it out What a waste of time Patterson changed writing partners for each of the 3 books and I don't think it helped 3 full books of the Allgood siblings being afraid never growing never learning Three uarters of the way through this 3rd volume and Wisty is still petrified of the One and doesn't have a clue how to fight him and Whit is still instantly distracted by his dead girldfriend Celia uicker than a retreiver by a SUIRREL Whit is the most fickle scatter brained person in the world and the last person I would ever want to depend on to save anybody He starts out on a mission and immediately deviates from the plan to go off on his own after his beloved Celia so many times I wished the One would just kill him Supposedly Wisty's gift of FIRE as the title suggests is the main thing that the One wants and is her special ability that can defeat him 3 books have led us to this point but alas no it's a new special ability to connect electrically to nerve synapses that seems to be her TRUE powerHUH? Where the hell did THAT come from? She is the one person with the power who can defeat the One but apparently she can't do it until Whit can concentrate for like two seconds on something other than his dead girlfriendwow whatever Then they finally defeat the badguy in the bowels of hell with their almost dead parents watching from the sidelines who still aren't helping in any way and then are suddenly in a van driving home with their parents??????? DRIVING HOME? Wasn't their home and their entire community DESTROYED in the last book? Whit had only recognized where they were because of the oak tree that used to be in their backyard that was the only thing still standing And yet here they are with Mom and Dad pulling into their driveway talking about the garage door and the bathroom that needs paint Don't even get me started on Byron the weasel Swain who flip flopped back and forth between bad guy fink and good buddy than a politician in an election year If there are any books coming in this series they won't be making onto any of my bookshelves

  2. Shelby Shelby says:

    I'm sorry but I have to say that I really have no idea how this book got so many five star reviews Now granted I read about a few chapters offered on James Patterson's website and I couldn't even bring myself to finish that The first book was lacking The second made no sense whatsoever And the few chapters I read of The Fire showed that it was going to be exactly the same This series is not well written The plot jumps around until it becomes clear that there isn't really a clear objective the characters are inconsistent and in many ways it's like we're still stuck at the first book which like I said was not great to begin with This could have been an interesting story The original premise sounded nice Now every other chapter sounds like it was written by someone else with a little information from the previous chapters I have no idea where the story is going and in reading the first few chapters it sounds like there are new plots and twists that might have been good and interesting but it's much too late in the game now I have no idea who Whit and Wisty are really as I haven't seem them grow at all aside from the fact that Whit is obsessed with his dead girlfriend and Wisty likes music I don't feel any sympathy for these characters at all I almost feel like I must have read a different book than the other reviewers as this feels like a rough draft that no one bothered to edit or rewrite before sending it off to be published The only redeeming uality about this series are some of the snarky remarks said by Whit and Wisty but they are few and far betweenIn reality if this is one of the first YA books someone reads they might think it's good But personally I can name ten books actually many off the top of my head that are leaps and bounds ahead of this book I am extremely disappointed in this book

  3. Megan Megan says:

    In The Fire we discover just how powerful our friends are Wisty cannot only burst into flames but she can control electricity as well Whit not only can heal himself but he can heal others which is convenient when he must save his sister for real this time He's lost everything; his girlfriend his parents and his friends Whit will die before he loses his one and only sister and she is dying He sees her flame smoldering out of existence and he's terrified scared than ever because he cannot figure out how to save her With the support of one of the few free families left in this totalitarian world he learns about himself than he ever knew Apparently Whit is not all muscle but passion and power and strength Just enough to bring his sister back to life to fight along his side once one last timeThe world they once knew is now in total chaos however The New Order would consider it order They take the fight to the one last place The One has managed to control The Shadowland where the dead reside Probably one of the most terrifying places described in all three books our heroes and their friends find themselves helpless yet manage to find the power to fight one last time and through strength power and determination they manage to defeat The One A happy ending to a very sad and fearsome story But is this the end for our heroes? Will they hang up their magic drumsticks and journals? Only time will tellUpon recent discovery this is indeed not the end for our young heroes; thanks James I cannot wait to see what you have in store come March

  4. Liana Liana says:

    That was awesomeI'm just so glad I decided to read this book at all and ignore all the negative reviews it got Book 1 was okay Book 2 was better And now this KLJFKLDJSDLKSFJDSFJKLSDJLSDFJDSKSJDFSDKLFJDSKLFJSD It was fabulous The first page is action packed already Well that apparently is because The Gift just ended in the middle of nowhere Anyways this sort of reminds me of City of Glass by Cassandra Clare in a way because it has a happy ending where the antagonist is truly defeated And I have a feeling book 4 isn't entirely necessary This series would do great as a trilogy Honestly I can't bear to be seen holding a book in public called The Kiss Ou no But we'll just see won't we? ; Okay I'm just sort of frustrated at the covergirl because Wisty is supposed to be a redhead Sheesh Now that I read the book I completely understand the significance of the title When I first saw it I was like That is so general I can't even and it turns out that it's really importantGood job JP But I still can't get over his writing style Ohmygoodness But I ranted enough about that in previous reviews for this seriesAnd really that's all This review and others can be found on my blog at bookaholicnesscom

  5. Maria Maria says:

    I didn't like The FireJames Patterson ran out of fuel The Fire started out great but Whit Wisty STILL could not figure out their Magic For goodness sake it’s the third book already Surely they thought of something by now on how to defeat The One Who Is The One sigh No still not there until the last few pages What a disappointing final book i hope it’s the last one for one of my fave series Whit was so indecisive A lot of things he wanted to do Kiss Janine the cute revolutionary? Save Celia his dead girlfriend? Save Wisty? Save his parents? It was very tiring Wisty is hot and cold all time Kill The One Who Is The One But I’m afraid Kill The One Who Is The One But I’m terrified Kill The One Who Is The One But I don’t know how to use my Gift Wait what is my Gift again??? Sheesh My head ached for the all the going in circles of the story I really liked Witch Wizard and The Gift Unfortunately The Fire is a failure in so many ways The only thing i liked about it is Byron Hey Weasel Have you started this series yet? If yes then don’t bother reading The Fire Leave me a message then I will summarize it up for you I want to spare you the burden that’s all ;

  6. Jen B. Jen B. says:

    I can't believe that this is part of the same Witch and Wizard series that I loved so much This book was horrible I had to force myself to finish it and even that was off of principle alone Otherwise I would've walked away from this It was so boring I'm sorry but this was so out of character for James Patterson Horrible ending also It was like all of the sudden and very lackluster they defeat the One and resume their normal lives The family just casually went back home and discussed mundane things like fixing a rusty garage door and reprinting the bathroom? Really?? So weirdThey don't even thoroughly explain their Mwtf? I got so fed up with them being elusive and vague between their parents and people NOT telling them how to use their magic but eluding that they know how toI was ready to shoot myself And Wisty and Whit being so indecisive? Annoying Wisty being courageous then Wisty being a wuss Whit wanting to save the world and whit just wanting to die so he can be with Celia again Never thought I'd say thisbut I hated it

  7. Christy Christy says:

    The Fire is the third and final installment of Patterson's Witch Wizard series and it didn't disappoint me I wasn't sure what I expected from this book but it did reuire some suspension of disbelief to really understand it Whit and Wisty are still trying to figure out how there powers work while dealing with strange and deadly people along with the dreaded Shadowland This book was very action oriented and just when I'd think things were coming to a close I was wrong Without giving away any spoilers I think it's best to say that we get a happy ending which I expected although not without it's losses Overall I enjoyed the series even though it was a little bizarre than my taste usually runs I have not read much from James Patterson although I know a little bit about his writing and this doesn't seem like his typical fare Still I'd recommend it for any adventurefantasy lover out there Fans of Patterson though may want to stick to his established novels though

  8. Alissa Alissa says:

    The third installment of this series definitely kept the pace that I have come to expect from James Patterson This book was filled with action and had me turning the pages as fast as I could to try to keep up view spoilerThis book starts off much like the others giving the reader an update on all that has happened while stressing the horrors that are to come Regardless of who begins the book be it Whit or Wisty their ultimate goal is to remind the reader that this is not a fairy tale and that things are not going well for all of the world Since they escaped from execution at the end of the last novel this book starts with Whit on the run carrying Wisty as she dies from the latest horror to befall anyone that still had the courage to resist The One Who Is The One The Blood PlagueThis plague is the latest war tactic that The One has brought upon all nonconforming citizens in the New Order Whit and Wisty found themselves in makeshift emergency camps trying to use their healing powers to save thousands of children and adults but Wisty contracts the plague herselfWhit finds a dilapidated building and tries to catch his breath Unfortunately one young officer locates them and threatens to kill them All hope seems lost when the young soldier suddenly falls to the ground unconscious Enter a small jaded child to save the day This little girl Pearl Marie Neederman decides to help them and gives Whit a choice to follow her Whit follows this girl unsure if she can truly be trusted or where their destination might lie After running forever the girl brings him to a partially collapsed building where her family lives In the remaining basement apartment Whit finds a moment to rest and allow Wisty to lay in relative peace Pearl Marie lives in this small space with what remains of her family There are many characters that call this basement home all under the watchful eyes of Pearl Marie's mother Mama May Pearl Marie convinces Mama May that the fugitives can stay stating that if they were going to contract the plague they would have already After Mama May gives her approval the rest of the family begins to warm to the Allgoods The Allgoods end up staying with the Nedderman's since Wisty is in no condition to move Whit is told by Pearl Marie that he needs to pull his weight Whit changes his features so that he will not be recognized but Pearl Marie makes fun of the fact that he changed his features into a previously famous celebrity Whit gets defensive stating that the musician used to be one of Celia's favorite things to listen to Pearl Marie dismisses this statement and promises to watch Wisty at least until she officially dies while Whit is out in the city Whit leaves but is lost in thoughts of Celia and loses his ability to reason He races through the streets trying to escape as much from the NO as from himself and the hell that this world has become Finally he launches himself into a brick wall hoping to find a portal to the Shadowland and his lost love After not going through the wall because come on the chances of it really being a portal are pretty low Whit pulls himself together He focuses on their old friends from the Resistance and on his sister He turns and runs back to the Nedderman's with a plan to possible revive his sister's health but finds Pearl Marie no where to be found When she finally returns he is fuming but reuests her help to save his sister He plans on channeling Magic through her much as Byron did to see if that will help heal Wisty Whit calls upon a poem and focuses on healing his sister Pearl Marie says a prayer for Wisty and resigns to actually helping Whit even though she believes that it is hopeless After some intense concentration Whit feels his Magic finally responding He is able to heal Wisty of the Blood Plague but she will still need time to regain her strength and fully heal from the brink of death They stay with the Nedderman's while Wisty continues to recover enjoying the family atmosphere and celebrating the Holiday with them When Whit goes out again into the city he comes across a horrible sight something that will stay with him for the rest of his life He comes across a mob of New Order citizens surrounding a bonfire complete with the charred remains of a body The New Order has brought back witch burnings Whit is too late to help this unfortunate soul and he tries to convince Wisty that they need to leave wanting to get out of the city and away from what he had just witnessed However he withholds the event from Wisty since she is still recovering and he doesn't want her to have to live with the knowledge of what the NO are doing They enjoy the moment and use their returning Magic to create a Holiday feast and decorations All of this is greatly appreciated by the family but Pearl Marie speaks up She asks why if they are indeed the children of the Prophecy they haven't fixed everything yet? This is a sobering moment for the small party but Whit and Wisty understand what she means Will this small child push them towards their fears and actually taking on The One? Will her stating what everyone is thinking cause Whit and Wisty to finally man up and work harder than every to fulfill the prophecy?Unfortunately the celebrations are interrupted by officers of the NO Apparently The One knows exactly where the Allgoods are having been watching everything through a camera in the basement Panic ensues but Wisty turns the Neederman's into rodents so that they can fell safely from the NO officers and they zombie dogs After that Whit and Wisty escape up the stairs and run through the broken building to the higher floors Eventually they are forced to jump out a window luckily landing in a pile of garbage that helps to cushion the blow As they turn to make their leave they find that Pearl Marie has actually been captured Apparently she disappeared before everyone was changed into rodents fearing the wolves and not heading Whit's warning to stay with Mama May Whit knows they have to run even though Wisty wants to rescue her and promises that they will come back and save her and her family He pulls Wisty away telling her they won't save anyone if they are dead and they resume their running escape from the city They run for miles but Wisty is still weak from the plague and they are forced to stop and sleep in a dumpster behind a burger place eating some of the food that has been thrown out Whit either gets a visit from Celia or dreams of a visit from her while they sleep in the dumpster She relays a message from their parents and presents him with a special pen as a gift Upon hearing the message from their parents they decide to go to a parking garage at which Wisty used to help tend victims of the Blood Plague They also plan on looking for clues as to where other Resistance members might be looking first in the pipe where they had separated from them in the first place Whit and Wisty transform their bodies into mid aged adults and head into the clinic to try and pass their gift of healing onto the suffering victims They wander around and eventually begin with the worse off after a fellow nurse states that those victims might just need a hand to hold since they are not going to make it They are able to save tons of children although some are too far gone for their help They also come across Jamilla but can't believe that it is her She is now skin and bones obviously dying They greet her and make sure that she knows that they are only disguised but this only causes her to panic She informs them that the Resistance members are lost but loses consciousness or actually dies I am not really sure on this fact before being able to give them information on what this means A group of NO soldiers enter the area to inspect and Wisty fears that their disguises will wear off leaving them trapped Once again they flee from the scene though at a much slower pace than normal since they haven't reverted from creaky bones and arthritis They run for the steam pipe to try to get some clues as to what Jamilla is talking about for the rest of the Resistance kids On the way they come across a familiar site for Whit A group of NO citizens are surrounding wooden posts that have two girls tied to them Wisty is horrified as she realizes what is about to happen but gets even upset when Whit lets on that this has been seen before They ban together and run after the crowd Wisty a flaming torch screaming at the top of her lungs While Wisty distracts scares and scatters the angry crowd Whit unties the girls After the girls decided to head home instead of traveling with the Allgoods to get the Resistance back together Wisty changes them into rodents so that they have a better chance of making it all the way home The troops from early have followed them The leader Pearce and his goons begin to surround them Unable to escape they decide to try to make a stand Pearce tells them that he will be hand delivering Wisty to The One but that Whit is expendable At this point Pearce uses his Gift on Whit the ability to melt off people's faces and kill them Whit fights even though he is in excruciating pain and is able to overcome Pearce somehow Pearce falls to the ground momentarily unconscious and all of his goons stand around scared and confused Whit is also down for the count and Wisty is forced to waste valuable escape time trying to A make sure he isn't dead and B trying to wake him back up Enter Mrs H in dramatic fashion She is in normal NO accepted attire and Wisty fears that she might have switched sides Mrs H helps them escape using Magic to help them flee to her new apartment in the main city So basically they backtracked and are now stranded even further in the city they were trying to escape from WhoopsShe helps Whit use his powers allowing him to see his parents in the Shadowland by a river His parents absolutely forbid Whit and Wisty from entering the Shadowland and trying to find them After the communication is cut off the siblings inform Mrs H that they are going to save their parents and she can help if she wants but they will do it alone if necessary Mrs H proudly informs them that there is a time when all parents must be disobeyed and gives them knowledge about how the rest of the journey for them will progress if it is to be successful Per Mrs H Whit and Wisty split up Whit heads to the only know Portal to the Shadowland that Mrs H knows about with the mission to make it to the river and seesave his parents Her main advice to him is not to fear the dead Wisty heads to the capital disguised as a blonde She is to infiltrate the NO ranks because her mission is to deal with The One Wisty is able to join the NO Kill Suad after coming across one marching through the city and stating that she wanted to join They take her in expecting her to be punished or executed but Wisty is able to use her power on the man in charge and changes his mind to allowing her to join After getting into the suad she has to maintain her cover and look for an opportunity to learn about The One and get close to him She comes face to face with Pearce but is left mainly unharmed after the encounter due to her disguise suffering only a forced kiss of grossness She mets with Byron and enlists his help to get moved to the cleaning crew of the higher up NO officers elite She begins scrubbing toilets and eventually is assigned to The One's throne room While in his sparse apartment she searches through things to find weaknesses She finds color contacts dentures and a locked drawer that holds clues to his past Eventually she gets the courage to confront The One and sneaks into the building where he lives He is however waiting for her when she arrives claiming that he has always known who she was but was waiting for her to join him on her own He shows her a room full of mirrors and she almost loses to her own ego Then he shows her an endless room filled with all that they people are now denied and banned from enjoying All books music etc The One tries to force her to give him his Gift but she turns the power around and knocks him unconscious Fleeing the room scared for her life she runs into Pearce outside of the building He tries to kill her but Wisty is able to turn her power on him instead She would have succeeded in killing Pearce but Byron interfered misreading the situation Leaving Pearce unconscious in a corner Byron and Wisty make a run for a secret portal into the Shadowland Per Byron's intel Whit is in trouble in the Shadowland and running out of time Whit makes it into the Shadowland passed the confused guards and immediately is captured by the Lost Ones He is taken prisoner and brought further into the Shadowland than he has ever been before Located on the outskirts of a forest made of bones the Lost Ones' camp is the scene where Whit spends most of his time in the Shadowlands this book He is reunited with main faces from the Resistance the kids having been captured and prisoners of the Lost Ones as well The Lost Ones gear up for a feast Whit fearing that he will be first to be eaten since he is kept separate from everyone else But the Lost Ones inform him that the prophecy states that his is their savior so he won't be eaten as long as he saves them The other children are the anticipated food and are tied to spits and covered with seasoning and sauce to baste them with Enter Celia telling Whit that he will survive she is sure of it She acts strangely and claims that she can't bail him out this time but comes back with a horde of Half Lights and sends the Lost Ones fleeing After the Lost Ones are gone and everyone is untied and unharmed they agree to head on with Whit some convincing is necessary and make their way to the river Celia leading the way They are ambushed on the way there by soul suckers and there are casualties and severely wounded after the battle is over They still continue on since there is really no safe place any and eventually crest a hill to see the River Leaving most of the group together working on helping the ones that need healing Whit and a couple main Resistance kids set off through the crowds of dead people looking for his parents They finally find his parents trying to organize and help the lost souls unable to cross over since The One has raised the bridge to the other side After a reunion of happiness Celia informs the group that she can feel Wisty is also in the Shadowlands causing Whit to take off to find her Byron and Wisty have made it into the Shadowland even though they were ambushed before the portal by The One Pearce and tons of soldiers all with the intent to kill them Wisty almost lost everything getting stuck with fear until Byron manages to get her moving again They are traveling through the forest of bones Wisty following the pull of the River on her magic when they are startled by Pearce apparently a Curve They stand together hoping that it will be enough to take on Pearce But Pearce is stronger now since Wisty using her power on him earlier has powered him up Pearce moves so fast that he becomes invisible and is able to land blows on both Wisty and Byron Byron is thrown into a heap of illogical angles not moving and Wisty fears that he is dead She is about to lose to Pearce when Whit charges in and tackles him A fight ensues where Pearce molds Whit into a football and punts him across the forest Thinking that he won Pearce is blindsided by Whit returning unharmed and slamming into him at an incredible speed Pearce is knocked unconscious if not killed by the hit and Whit and Wisty gather Byron not actually dead to head off to safety They make it to the River and Wisty is reunited with her parents finally The joy is short lived however as The One arrives on the scene Wisty's attack on him back at his apartment has powered him up enough where he can finally enter the Shadowland no longer a Straight and NarrowThe most intense epic battle ensues between The One and the siblings of the Prophecy The one calls on all the forces that he controls splitting the earth causing tornadoes calling forth hail freezing the air and water He is so overpowered and all the souls flee in fear All except for Wisty's mother She stands tall and calls out The One for upsetting the balance of the world and playing God The One attacks their mother and Wisty is finally kicked into action Wisty calls forth a flaming meteor and barely manages to throw it at The One It misses because The One has disappeared but it is enough to release their mother from her torture in the sky and she falls into Whit's arms The One's storms draw Wisty's power out against her will She becomes an electrical storm hovering in the air Whit is unable to help and tries to focus on healing the world around them to keep from falling into the ever expanding earth Celia sacrifices herself and launches directly into the eye of The One's storm She is able to distract The One long enough for Wisty to be released alive and relatively unharmed Wisty manages to get Whit to concentrate enough to launch a counter attack on The One All around them souls and Resistance alike start to chant the words of the Prophecy A boy and a girl fated to rule all Two will rise and One will fall The power of the chant adds to the magic that they are throwing at The One focusing on bringing an end to this evil The strength of the crowd and their powers are enough to bring about the end of The One He disappears into a cloud of smoke and the siblings are victorious They heal the Shadowland rebuilding the bridge and allowing everyone to cross Celia finally can cross over her unfinished business completed However the Allgoods aren't like all the other lost souls They are solid and Whit and Wisty speculate that they can actually leave Cut to the family together and happy heading back to their old home The destruction of The One has caused his magic to undo and neighborhoods have returned All that died were not restored but things are beginning to move in a positive direction Whit and Wisty once again say goodbye to their parents knowing that they need to continue the Prophecy and help recreate the world They gather some of the Resistance kids and set out to help make sure that the world doesn't fall back into chaos Byron and Wisty seem to now be a couple As is Whit and Janine although their relationship will probably have to move past the whole Celia thing The next book is called the Kiss which has me wondering if it has to do with the electrifying kiss that Byron planted on Wisty I assume the next two books will be how they rebuild since the world will be ruled by the next generation Is The One truly gone? Will Pearce be back? Is there anything that actually comes of the passing fact of him being from a land of Magic? Will Whit and Wisty continue to improve on their powers or slowly become irrelevant? How exactly do you return to school and listening to your parents after saving the world? Their whole relationship dynamic has changed since their parents literally owe their lives and the return of normalcy to their children hide spoiler

  9. Hannah Hannah says:

    Read for OWLs 2020 History of MagicThis was extremely disappointing As this is where the original trilogy ended I'm not even going to read the last 2 that were added later I just don't care about these characters any The main positive for me was that I have now completed my OWLs

  10. Mandy Mandy says:

    Another awesome book by this author I was surprised in a good way during this book

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