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  1. Lori Lori says:

    Today's secret word is nostalgiaPee wee was a favorite in our house We watched it every Saturday morning it was all synched up and ready to go so me and my older sister wouldn't even have to wake our parents to put it on We watched Pee wee's Big Adventure incessantly with my parents even uoting from the movie Everyone I know has a big 'but' Let's talk about your big 'but' I got a Pee wee doll for Christmas one year And now I watch the show with my kids Whenever I put it on one of my 6 year old twins always says Awww no not this guy He's too crazy Which is ironic since it's the crazier twin saying this But as the intro starts she's immediately hypnotized and I have to force them to turn it off after it continuously plays on Hulu After reading the Jim Henson biography I remembered that this book had been released a few years ago and decided to read it This is an unauthorized story and it kind of shows a bit in the writing but it was still full of interviews and good information It goes into a lot of detail about why I personally like this show and why I don't bat an eye when I decide to force my kids er I mean let my kids watch it it's incredibly creative and silly but still teaches some great lessons especially about accepting people and puppets no matter what they look like One of my favorite episodes is when Roger the monster is in Puppetland He's snarling and growling away and Pee wee realizes he doesn't speak his language so he uses his one wish per episode to be able to speak to Roger Turns out Roger just wants to be friends How's that for a lesson on learning to listen and give people a chance?But that aside it's also just a visually fun and stimulating show and all of the puppets are so coolReubens seemed to have had some faults as the creator of this show and I'm not talking about THE incident but he also did a lot of really commendable things The stage show was originally full of white people When they decided to bring it to TV Reubens wanted the cast to be as diverse as the audience watching at home would be so he made sure to hire a diverse group of people They also featured one of the first cartoons exclusively in Spanish The book went into depth talking about the Christmas special which is one of my favorite things to watch at Christmas The dinosaurs celebrate Hanukkah and Mrs Rene sings dreidel with Pee wee The guest stars include Charo Whoopi Goldberg Little Richard Grace Jones kd lang Zsa Zsa Gabor Cher it's fantasticAt the end of the book is an episode guide so you can know the secret word to every single episode Woo

  2. Joe Joe says:

    Not as engaging I was hoping I imagine this is for the super fan Lots of tedious info I found to be a bit dry though The bits on set design and puppet creation were much appreciated The final uarter of the book is a handy episode guidein case you're ever wondering what the secret word of the day was on season two episode six

  3. Jay Jay says:

    When I graduated from college I got a job in the big city To prove I was a grown up I opened a checking account in a bank in one of the tallest buildings in the world same building I worked in And to whom did I write the first check from that highfalutin bank? The Pee wee Herman Fan Club This would have been in the middle of the run of “Pee wee’s Playhouse” one of my favorite get away from it all shows that I rarely was awake to see For my hard earned dollars I received a single one page newsletter from the fan club Seemed a little stingy I got the same impression about Pee wee from this book He is described here as creative at all costs especially when it comes to dealing with people He was always firing and occasionally rehiring the people that made his show uniue But in addition to the human resources rollercoaster you get the details of the production of the show with plenty of additional info on Pee wee’s movies shows talk show appearances and future plans Most interesting were the many pictures of the production of the Playhouse the behind the scenes stories about the production of key pieces of the Playhouse like the short films and the various characters like the King of Cartoons The plentiful pictures of the cast and crew really were an interesting glimpse into what it must have been like working on that show The last uarter of the book is an episode guide with some great insight into the details of the cartoons and filmed parts the guests and the bloopers Overall I enjoyed this book I hadn’t heard most of these stories before – I guess I wasn’t as much of a fan boy as I thought

  4. Aaron Mcquiston Aaron Mcquiston says:

    I grew up watching and loving Pee wee's Playhouse so I was pretty excited about reding this especially with the tagline Untold Unauthorized and Unpredicatable What I found in this was a short piece of boring garbage Even as a fan there was nothing worth really learning about Pee wee Herman or the show in this bookThe author Caseen Gaines spends most of the book tiptoeing around some of the serious issues that might have plagued Pee wee's Playhouse like Pee wee himself There is not a negative word about the man who hired and fired so many people that the list of credits of the people who worked on the five years of the show is longer that the end credits of a movie Even though anyone who is a fan has an inkling that Paul Reubens is probably a pretty hard person to get along with no one will say this in the book no one will admit it It is all Pee wee had a vision Pee wee got his way This was Pee wee's show There is a way that Gaine's side steps around subjects that makes the terms untold and unpredictable truly predictable This reaction could be because I feel let down by the book I anticipated stories and conflict and tension and drama There is space dedicated to construction of puppets and the set than to any of these things I feel like there might be a good book about Pee wee Herman and about his show and troubles in the future but this one isn't it

  5. treva treva says:

    It definitely feels like this book only reveals the tip of the iceberg as far as Reubens' polarizing effect on his colleagues To other reviewers who claim 'no one has anything negative to say' about him I wonder if we actually read the same book Halfway through I told my husband Sometimes reading this book is like watching a bunch of toddlers throw mudballs at each other and we agreed we're both glad we're not in show businessIt does read a bit like an extended Wikipedia entry with a Pee wee fan blog tacked on but for someone like me who never watched the show as a kid it is interesting and entertaining I do wonder if his indecent exposure scandal would be as big a deal today when it would only be one of ten such incidents in a given news week It's not like he was voting on legislature when he did it

  6. Rebecca Cynamon-murphy Rebecca Cynamon-murphy says:

    What kept impressing me about this was how well the author creates a narrative that is affectionate and non judgemental like the best meditations It also weaves uotes from those involved smoothly into the telling which is no mean writing featMy kids are watching the show on Netflix and I watched it both as a child and 20 years ago as a student teacher over breakfast on cable reruns This time around I identify as a Maker and it was marveling at the artistry of the sets and props that inspired me to get the book and read it I might have liked a little detail in that area but the overall story kept my attention to the end most likely because it didn't get bogged down in too many details

  7. Zach Koenig Zach Koenig says:

    For a generation of children who were born in the 1980s Pee Wee's Playhouse was THE destination on Saturday mornings in front of the television As a youngster who couldn't get excited about the man child Pee Wee's exuberance for life and being surrounded by such an eclectic group of characters? This book recalls some of the stories behind the Playhouse wallsThe meat of this book centers on how Paul Reubens turned his little comedy sketch routine into one of the most well loved kids TV shows of all time From the initial idea the movies the production the characters and Pee Wee's comeback after Reubens' embarrassing disgrace this book is adept at covering all the major topics of the Pee Wee phenomenonThe final uarter of the text also provides an episode guide for the entire show complete with plot synopsis and little tidbits about each episode that hardcore fans will really enjoy Even the casual viewer of the show is almost certain to recall some part of an episode here or thereSimply put this book like the show itself is truly a labor of love The character of Pee Wee Herman some how some way has managed to transcend multiple decades and still remain culturally relevant This book will be most thoroughly enjoyed by the grown up children who watched the show in their younger years but it also provides interesting information about how to create such wacky animation and the thought processes behind the comedyIn terms of Inside Pee Wee's Playhouse the secret word of the day is Buy

  8. Garrett Zecker Garrett Zecker says:

    This was an excellent little guide to the origins and inner workings of the development of one of the most under appreciated programs that ever aired on television and one that ended up becoming extremely controversial in its own right This book contains the origins of the stage show with the Groundlings the financial and pre production development of the first season the translation from Big Adventure the silver screen into the show and then back again Big Top the move from NY to LA the end of the program a biography of all of the important players in the show and a complete episode guideI picked this up after two things happened I watched Wayne White's incredible 'Beauty is Embarassing' read White's art book and I also was able to rewatch the brilliant Playhouse in its entirety when it came onto Netflix in December 2014 with my six year oldMy fascination with the program grew along with my nostalgia and understanding the back end inner workings of the program and its history was fascinating The book details its growing pains Reubens' intense dedication and vision to the final product the behind the scenes amazingness the fact that they reshot the entirety of Season 2 ep 1 when their director and cinematographer had no idea what they were doing and it cost double the original 400000 episode cost; that Cindi Lauper wrote and performed the theme and credited her backup singer because she felt bad that she could not perform in the manner Lauper and Reubens wanted; that Ms Yvonne is considered to be a virgin and is referring to someday kissing when being tongue in cheek an entire incredible subchapter on the Christmas episode and a variety of other really great factsI really liked this book and the material that was presented was fascinating I do have a couple complaints namely that the book has a strange tone and voice most of the time that wavers in style as the book progresses and the author approached writing some of it as if he was writing somewhat of an expose at times somewhat of an anecdotal oral history that she editorializes over and sometimes a list of facts that read like a documentary I wish that the book as a whole sort of stuck to an objective documentary and where there was an oral history component which was great that its inclusion was a little bit streamlined into the documentary narrative if that makes sense As it stands it felt at times like I was looking at a few different jigsaw puzzles fit together to be one picture Still regardless of these editorial decisions the well researched contents of the book was excellentAll in all I really enjoyed this stroll down memory lane and learning about the people and processes behind this edgy postmodern MTVGroundlings originated children's show

  9. Terry Collins Terry Collins says:

    As someone who wrote a book on a uncooperative subject Andy Griffith I know that many are uick to criticize biographies or pop culture histories without input from the key player In this case Paul Reubens did not contribute to this book about the making of Pee wee's Playhouse but it seems like the lion's share of behind the scenes folks were happy to discuss their creative past with the author Is this a perfect book on the making of? No not even close Then again I'm currently spoiled since I was reading THESE ARE THE VOYAGES Season One on the making of STAR TREK at the same time and the research on display in the Trek book is almost too much of a good thing I loved the first Pee wee film and the original HBO special the Saturday Morning stuff not so much This is a fun read for fans of Pee wee Herman have at thee

  10. Chris Chris says:

    A decently engaging overview of the hit children's show and it's impact on American culture For an unauthorized book the author goes out of their way to sidestep some of the controversial aspects of Pee wee I guess this is a missed opportunity although perhaps those stories have less to do with the television show than a reader might think I got the feeling while reading this that Inside Pee wee's Playhouse is probably not a great book for super fans of the show or the character but as someone who only has a couple of stray happy memories of watching on Saturday mornings this was an enjoyable diversion

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Inside Pee-wees Playhouse [EPUB] ✹ Inside Pee-wees Playhouse ✾ Caseen Gaines – Between 1986 and 1991 nearly ten million people a week watched Peewee’s Playhouse the critically acclaimed and widely successful children’s program broadcast on CBS Now on the 25th anniversary of Between and nearly ten million people a week watched Peewee’s Playhouse the critically acclaimed and widely successful children’s program broadcast on CBS Now on the th anniversary of the show the complete behind the scenes story is being told for the first time by those who Inside Pee-wees PDF \ experienced it Complete with an episode guide biographical information about the cast and key members of the show’s creative team never before told anecdotes and previously unpublished photos Inside Pee wee’s Playhouse takes the first in depth look behind the program TV Guide recently cited as one of the top ten cult classics of all time Paul Reubens as Pee wee Herman has been making a comeback since August appearing on Saturday Night Live The View The Jimmy Kimmel Show Conan and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno He starred in a successful stage revival of his live show in January and February of and it hit Broadway later that year It’s been turned into a special on HBO His public Twitter and Facebook accounts boast over one million fans and followers Inside Pee wee’s Playhouse is the first comprehensive look at this amazingly successful and still revered children’s program Pee wee Herman fans have been energized recently by the character’s reemerging presence From casual fans to devout followers everyone will be interested in taking a look Inside Pee wee’s Playhouse.

  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • Inside Pee-wees Playhouse
  • Caseen Gaines
  • English
  • 16 November 2016
  • 9781550229981