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Island Magic [PDF / Epub] ☉ Island Magic By Elizabeth Goudge – A lonely wanderer A magical island And Two People Bewitched By LoveThe Channel Islands were divided in allegiance between France and England Of French blood and yet subjects of ueen Victoria the islan A lonely wanderer A magical island And Two People Bewitched By LoveThe Channel Islands were divided in allegiance between France and England Of French blood and yet subjects of ueen Victoria the islanders were curious hybrid creatures But now in England is slowly stretching out her arms to themColin du Froc is eight years old and his dreams are of the sea that surrounds his home By day he steals away and takes to the sea in any boat that is sailing At night he lies in bed listening to the waves beating against the shore Then one night in a wild storm a ship drives onto the nearby cliffs and a strange man enters Colin's life changing Colin's course foreverA twist of fate brought Ranulph back to a springtime place that had forgotten him A proud and beautiful woman offered him refuge even though she did not understand why as she trembled before his gazeNow Ranulph could feel the spell of the Island twisting around him binding him to the world of love and companionship he had rejected foreverA storm wracked sea had brought him home It was the magnificent fury of another storm that taught him the splendor of life and the power of love.

About the Author: Elizabeth Goudge

Elizabeth Goudge was an English author of novels short stories and children's booksElizabeth de Beauchamp Goudge was born on April in Wells Somerset in Tower House close by the cathedral in an area known as The Liberty Her father the Reverend Henry Leighton Goudge taught in the cathedral school Her mother was Miss Ida Collenette from the Channel Isles Elizabeth was an only child.

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  1. Theresa Theresa says:

    Ranulph is one of the survivors of a shipwreck rescued by the inhabitants of one of the Islands off the coast of France and England He is invited by Rachell Du Froc to spend his recovery time at their farm Why would Rachell invite a complete stranger into her busy life? after all she has a husband five children a servant and a farm to manage This part of the story is one example of the 'magic' Goudge weaves into her novels In Rachell's case she has had a 'seeing' what we today might call a premonition that this stranger is going to be instrumental in saving her farm home and family life Just one of the 'mysteries' in this novel but somehow Goudge makes it workThis was her first novel and I have to confess the first time I tried to read it I put it aside This time the second time around this book has really caught me up into the setting the personalities and the story itself I read this book slowly so as to savor the wonderful language and play on description and characterization that Goudge does so well Her insight into human character is unparalleled and how does she do it I wonder? in this novel as in her others she once again manages to unerringly put her finger on the vulnerabilities of the human heartPsychology? The study of the mind Put simply a psychologist employs himself by finding out where people are being fools and whyDoes it interest you to see where people are being fools Uncle Ranulph?Enormously said Ranulph I like to get human beings under the microscope I like the feeling of Olympian detachment which it gives me and it is a delight to find that idiotic as I am myself others are freuently soMichelle interested sat up and cupped her chin in her hands Her eyes so dull all the morning began to look alive againAre we all idiots? she askedWe are all uite uite mad said Ranulph solemnly Some of us so and some of us less soSomehow E Goudge weaves together the points of view of several of her characters into a story that makes sense that works Ranulph who is tortured by the decisions of the past and despairs of ever being at peace Andre who seems to be failing at everything he has tried and who now stands to lose the farm of Bon Repos itself Jacueline Rachell and Andre's daughter who is 'priggish' and who desperately needs to discover that there is value not only in the material things of this world and cleverness but in simply being the person God created one to be Colette whose brush with death transforms a poor servant girl The entrancing Island village market scene on Christmas Eve The grumpy and obstinate grandfather who sees everyone else's faults but his own and who never hesitates to point them out So many stories and yet the author is able to work them into a plot that comes together Although naturally being a Goudge novel the pietism and superstition of the Island was also part of the story it was portrayed within the hearts of the Islanders themselves among the legends and stories that had been passed down to succeeding generations The charm of her writing is in the descriptive power of Goudge's sense of place They came down the last lane on to a flat white road winding across a stretch of common and in front of them was the sea This side of the Island was so entirely different from the Bon Repos side that it seemed a different country Here there were no cliffs Stretches of sand and grass seal holly and feathery fennel ran level with the beach Little low white washed cottages edged the road their gardens full of veronica and tamarisk trees and low rocks of rose pink granite ran out into a sea of an intense blue Nowhere else round the Island was the sea uite so blue as it was at L'Autel beach Ranulph stopped caught his breath and stared Until today he had been too lazy to come to L'Autel He had forgotten its magic He had forgotten that any sea anywhere in the world could be so blue I was sorry to finish this book Disappointed with the affected romanticism of her novel The Middle Window I was afraid to repeat the experience here but I so enjoyed the multi layered story within Island Magic that I was sad when I came to the endThey must not keep their father and mother and Lupin waiting he said and they must go early to bed in preparation for the morrow The children their thoughts turning to their stockings submitted with a good grace and followed him up the gay ribbons of the streets in and out of the old grey brooding houses that has seen so many Christmas Eves come and go over the old cobbles that had spread themselves through the centuries beneath the feet of so great a multitude of children Overhead the stars shone frostily brilliant in a clear sky just as they had shone when the Island was only a great grey rock set in the hungry sea and far away in Bethlehem a Child was born

  2. Lisa Mason Lisa Mason says:

    A generous extra star due to the delightful nostalgia of reading this on a holiday to Guernsey surrounded by wonderful family memories and that magical island airI loved the home and the family Goudge created in this book relieved that the characters were less introspective and unbelievably intuitive than in some of her later books A pleasant and unchallenging read

  3. Lynne Lynne says:

    Her first book and I think you can tell It’s has all the ingredients of what makes her books so lovely but she hasn’t uite mastered the art yet worth reading because it’s Goudge but not uite as gripping as her others says the critic who has never written anything worth publishing

  4. Carol Bakker Carol Bakker says:

    The setting is St Pierre the capital of Guernsey a channel island between England and France Island Magic uenches two of my current fascinations island culture and late 19th century rural life André and Rachell du Froc with their five children are barely eeking out a living on a farm called Bon Repos “Good Rest” or as I like to translate it “Sweet Tranuility” a place that comes with a benediction written on stone outside the farmhouse Harbour and good rest to those who enter here courage to those who go forth Let those who go and those who stay forget not GodThe story is sad and yet not without hope The children have individual minor tragedies they also have the confidence and security of being part of a bustling family The tension resides between husband and wife as they begin to think about conceding failure at farming The stranger’s assistance is helping the bottom line but brings marital conflictTypical of Goudge there is a fairy element in the story Themes of faith bitterness the value of beauty hard work service gratitude grief and sacrifice make the story shimmer One point of the plot beggars belief Of course I can’t identify it without giving away part of the storyRarely—and happily— I come across a sentence with which I can fully relate and about something I’ve never before seen in literature Island Magic delivered This is used to be me How thankful she was for her one great gift—the gift of making her nose bleed at willGoudge’s mother was a native of Guernsey; summer visits to the grandparents were part of Goudge’s childhood Her final thoughts on island living in this book are a bit idealistic but they reflect some of the necessities of interpersonal relationships in a closed society You can’t be an individualist on our Island There’s so much magic packed into so small a space With the sea flung round us and holding us so tightly we are all thrown into each other’s arms—souls and seasons and birds and flowers and running water People understand unity who live on an island And peace Unity is such peace

  5. Hope Hope says:

    Rachell and André are the proud parents of five high spirited children Their lives though are not peaches and cream The year is 1888 and they live on a run down farm in the town of St Pierre on one of the Channel Islands between England and the coast of Normandy Their sixteen year marriage has been tried by fire as they’ve buried three babies and used up all of Rachell’s inheritance to keep the farm going When a shipwrecked man is brought to the island Rachell immediately takes him in sensing that somehow he’ll be the solution to their problems The man Ranulph has spent his whole life refusing to be tied down to anyone or any place yet he finds the du Froc family hard to resist As the story unfolds he finds healing for some of his past hurts and contributes to the welfare of the family in various ways Goudge throws in a few twists and surprises for good measureAs always Goudge succeeds in writing a beautiful story while weaving in themes of mortality committed love and the freedom of “tying oneself down” to duty and to family Goudge Magic

  6. Woolfhead Woolfhead says:

    The rather lurid cover art and copy on the mass market paperback copy made me hesitate but I'm glad I added it to my stack to purchase in a used bookshop This is the second book by Elizabeth Goudge I've read A friend sent Green Dolphin Street to me last year and I was simply enchanted by that story This one wasn't as good but it was still delightful I love her interesting characters and her vivid lush descriptions Perhaps a bit old fashioned but lovely to immerse yourself in The written euivalent of a cup of tea on a rainy day Looking forward to reading of Goudge

  7. Tabitha Tabitha says:

    Now Guernsey is at the top of my travel list

  8. Saphraneet Saphraneet says:

    Miss Goudge was a painter of stories and her medium was words With no other author am I able to see scenes so vividly

  9. Kelsey Bryant Kelsey Bryant says:

    This was Elizabeth Goudge's first novel and all the elements that make her work so deep rich and lovely are present in it A family that isn't perfect but learn many things throughout the course of the novel and come together strongly bonded in the end Characters who are each eually wonderfully developed and explored so that we readers get to know and understand all of them A home that is a character in its own right A gorgeous setting described in poetic detail A blending of reality and fantasy even if it's only in the characters' minds Symbolism A throbbing undercurrent of spiritual truths revealed slowly and potently as the chapters unfold Island Magic was perhaps not as deep in all these elements as Goudge's later works but they are breathtaking all the sameThe du Froc family were all such interesting individuals with dreams and arcs of character Andre Rachell Michelle Peronelle Jacueline Colin and Collette I was intrigued by how Ranulph Mabier related to them and helped them and by the end I cared about him greatly too I felt the appropriate pity and loathing for their grandpapa Their home and farm Bon Repos on the Island was a splendid personality And of course so was the ever present sky and sea

  10. Fiona Fiona says:

    A beautiful and profound story entwining the natural wonders of Guernsey with the intricacies and labyrinths of family relationships and the troubles of hearts and minds searching for their place in the world Just as in real life every character in this story is flawed a mix of selflessness and selfishness some one than the other making it hard not to be drawn to them in some way even those that are the most unlovableElizabeth Goudge’s descriptions of the Guernsey landscape in all its seasons are incredibly detailed and evocative If you have ever been to this beautiful island they will bring to life many remembered sight and scenes and if not will still create delightful pictures in your mind For me these descriptions were often reminiscent of L M Montgomery and passages in the Anne books not simply describing the physical aspects of nature but also the emotional and spiritualI enjoyed reading this book through the heat of an Australian summer but feel it would be even powerful if accompanied by the winds and storms of winter Either way you are sure not to be disappointed with Island Magic

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