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Jenna Jonah's Fauxmance [Reading] ➶ Jenna Jonah's Fauxmance ➬ Emily Franklin – Teen TV celebrities Jenna and Jonah make money in a month than most people do in a lifetime They can't stand to be in the same room as each other but to boost the TV ratings their agents make them a ' Teen TV celebrities Jenna and Jonah make money in a month than most people do in a lifetime They can't stand to be in the same room as each other but to boost the TV ratings their agents make them a 'real life' couple Then the deception is uncovered by the paparazzi and Charlie and Fielding have to disappear to weather the media storm.

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  1. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    Teen heart throbs Charlie and Fielding are together on their long running show and in real life also Or are they? After years faking their lives for the ever present and judging public our hero is caught in the forced push from the closet of his friend The judgy people automatically assume he is gay and think our teen sweethearts have been faking it for a completely different reason Next stop—cancellation of their show So while riding out the scandal our two heroes spend time together and get to really know each other Sweet little enemies to lovers romance

  2. Princess Bookie Princess Bookie says:

    My Thoughts We are introduced to Jenna and Jonah who are television stars Of course that isn't their real names The chapters go back and forth between Charlie Tucker Jenna and Fielding Withers Jonah We get to see things from each perspective They are on screen next door neighbors friends and off screen fake lovers They have a big fan base They basically always have to put on a show for the paparazzi get snaps of them together for magazines and liven up the hype of their show They than find themselves in an awkward position and the media thinks that Jonah is gay Their publicist thinks its a good idea for them to go off the grid for a while so they get shipped to the middle of nowhere to do a small play titled Much Ado About Nothing Of course that is Shakespeare so the play itself isn't small but the people in the play are basically nobodies to the media Jenna and Jonah get to know each other a bit better and realize they know each other better than they ever thought And they realize how connected their lives have been since they started working together Honestly where do I start here? I really wanted to love this book I loved the idea of the plot I started it with such high hopes Yes I did enjoy the snarky back and forth ramble between the two but after a while the story started to fizzle out I felt myself wanting it to just end It started to drag on and I just wanted a conclusion already I wanted to know what was going to happen between FieldingTucker I just felt it lacked a certain substance to make me want to keep reading Overall I liked well enough reading Jenna and Jonah's Fauxmance but I didn't love it like I thought I would I was happy with the way things played out in the end but I didn't see enough romance throughout the novel like I wanted too Cover I think its cute I love the pink cover and the little suare with the heartWhat I'd Give It 35 CupcakesTaken from Princess Bookiewwwprincessbookiecom

  3. Lili Lili says:

    This might as well have been a DNF for me but I managed to get through the majority of this book without developing a headache from the non sense of acting If anything in this corny book was true it was that actors or people in general really are made up of many people and that sums up who they are As actors they not only have to characterize themselves with a new persona but let a piece of themselves be that person in order to portray any sort of bond between the fictional and the visual This nugget is not presented till the end of the book where Charlie and FieldingAaron find out who they really are I have few points I want to outline about the flaws I found in this bookWarning Spoilers read with reservationsFirst it's the Fielding slash Aaron issue what were they thinking? Isn't it confusing enough that everybody calls him Jonah anyway? Why add the issue of faking a stage name as his real one? And that's not the only thing the authors toss in there to create some drama there's also a gay factor Let's just say that it's not true now and save the trouble later shall we?Second Charlie's temperament what is that chick's damage? You know how I mentioned that actors are made up of multiple people? Well I said that the book doesn't exactly state it till the very end but this clue was obvious from the start She has the potential to be a three dimensional character the cooking she loves to do but never does expected the fondness of singing that she also doesn't do because of the nauseating songs on Jenna Jonah's How to Be a Rock Star show again expected What doesn't add up is that this potential is not clearly shown in the fake Charlie acting is my life Tracker persona Why even put that in the book if it really doesn't provide anything other than filler? The only time Charlie even does some of her cookingsinging is when her and Aaron are stuck in the abandoned beach house that is supposed to miraculously solve their problems I'm going to say right now that they only spent a week there and it took up about a uarter of the book versus the second half I thought it was implied to beThird what a coincidence that after their reputation as a couple is trashed and as the Jenna Jonah show goes along with it their next gig together is being a part of Charlie's favorite play Much Ado About Nothing Now the part that I expected would be the plot building and climaxing point of the book turned out to be nothing than problem solving with a hint of fauxmance First of all they don't feature the main characters as much as the side characters in the second half of the book The authors use them to fix Charlie and Aaron's problems without actually any interaction between the main characters; because all they do throughout the WHOLE book is non stop bickering It really gets on your nerves after page 132And finally what really did me in they never said admitted their feelings about one another to each other This is where I might give away some spoilers so be prepared You know how everything was mostly communicated through the side characters in this case the other actress in Much Ado About Nothing and Charlie's mentor The mentor mentions at a ball game to Aaron that Charlie is affectionate toward him and that he should stop being such a distraction OkayNow there's the other actress that if anything says the same to Charlie about Aaron's feelings for her You're kidding me right?So there you have it readers My justified rant against Jenna Jonah's Fauxmance Well I like to think it's justified anyway for my sanityI cannot recommend this book in any way shape or form Skip it when you go to the bookstore you'll thank me laterGrade D

  4. Steph Su Steph Su says:

    I gave this book a try despite its predictable synopsis because hey who doesn’t enjoy a he saidshe said formula romance every once in a while if it’s done well? Unfortunately JENNA AND JONAH’S FAUXMANCE was a solid miss for me Clunky writing undeveloped characters with minimal chemistry and an ambitious but failed conclusion all contributedLet’s talk about the characters first YA has seen its fair share of Hollywood teen divas Charlie and Fielding failed at being distinct or memorable Charlie is supposedly this uptight overachiever who when relaxed can be a lot of fun But when she was relaxed in the book she was flat and uninteresting and the only time I felt like she had fun all happened in brief flashbacks Fielding is an ordinary boy who hails from the Midwest and who is only in this industry to make enough money so that he doesn’t have to work hard like his dad for the rest of his life and can enjoy his books in anonymity Now I like my boys smart but again Fielding’s bookishness didn’t ring true for me The authors seemed to portray Fielding’s literary knowledge only in extremely awkward uotes that fell flat and didn’t lend to his bookish credibility at allIn fact that was probably the problem I had with the whole book Tiny details were fine—Hollywood Fielding’s bookishness the Shakespearean performance—but they all lacked cohesiveness Imagine two people having a conversation in which both just talked about their own interests instead of engaging in a flowing back and forth That was kind of how I felt reading Charlie and Fielding’s supposed get to know ya interactions Uh whut? Fielding are you really seeing who Charlie is or are you still attempting to talk at your idea of who she is? That justdoesn’t work for me The writing was jarring and off puttingI can think of better examples of Hollywood drama he saidshe said romances or plots involving acting JENNA AND JONAH’S FAUXMANCE didn’t have a bad premise being what it intended to be but little within the book had the seemingly effortless chemistry that I want in a good book

  5. Amelia, free market Puritan Amelia, free market Puritan says:

    Okay so here's the thing I loved the premise but the actual story fell a little flat for meI actually think the book tried to be complicated than it needed to be Very early in the story before pg 50 the main characters' ruse is exposed and they immediately have to go into problem solving mode I think it would have been a better idea to give readers a chance to see the two characters' lives not only as a fake couple but also as young on their own stars before pulling the rug out from under their world I just thought that were was too much action before development My favorite part of the novel was way too brief for my liking Here's the thing so much of the story revolves around Charlie Fielding's relationship and how they perceive each other to be verses how they actually are in real life When your whole relationship with someone anyone is based on assumptions and easy judgments there's a whole lot that's taken for granted I was so hoping that the time they spent together in a secluded beach house so California would have been a time for raw conversations and deep character exploration The story could have been simpler and meaningful I think but instead those scenes accounted for very little of the overall story In fact the second half of the book has Charlie and Fielding doing a regional theater production of A Midsummer Night's Dream and somehow realizing through conversations with other people not each other that they're in love after all I guess the book just didn't really seem like it flowed together well There was too much plot for such a short book and the result is that I didn't really feel any connection to the charactersI always like books told in dual perspectives because I love being able to see things from multiple viewpoints In this case though I felt like there wasn't enough of a contrast between Fielding and Charlie They're both intelligent They both are reasonably responsible for their age They both are good cooks They both sing well They both are in of course perfect physical condition And they both are extremely rude and crass to each other If the chapter titles didn't say Charlie or FieldingAaron the character's real name at the top I wouldn't know which voice belong to which characterAnd nowthe romance This book is lighthearted it's humorous it's trendy but is it romantic?For me the answer is 'no' From what I've read in other reviews the number one thing that most people seem to like was actually kind of off putting for me and that was the snappy bantering and downright mean dialogue between the main characters If you like snappy sassy banter you'll love the exchanges here For me who kind of likes sweet genuine dialogue reading the things these two said to each other made me cringe I just can't imagine being able to fall in love with someone who talked to me the way these characters talked to each other I know I sound like your moms probably so I'll leave it at that

  6. Tabatha Tabatha says:

    This book was so much than I thought it was going to be It was beautiful and insightful I would honestly recommend itOver Out T xx

  7. Myndi Myndi says:

    This was a cute story about celebrities who have to fake pretty much everything about their lives When things get chaotic and messed up they have to face what they are really feeling about their jobs their lives and each otherI love that this book is in alternating POVs I like being able to see how both MCs are feeling throughout the story I also liked the Shakespeare parts I found it interesting to see the characters interacting with the other actors and seeing what life was like without the cameras and paparazziWhat I loved most was the ending The what ifs that Charlie went through made the real ending that much sweeterVery cute easy read

  8. Tarryn Tarryn says:

    I wanted to love this book and since usually it doesn't take much for a book to make me happy I really thought I would But I really really didn't I had to finish this book in one sitting because I feared that if I put it down I would never go back to it There was very little about this book that didn't annoy the hell out of me The transitions between each point of view sucked because they were completely nonexistent I felt like I was losing a huge part of the story between each chapter and it drive me crazy This story did not flow well at all Both Charlie and Aaron were obnoxious Even the very little character development they went through did nothing for me And I found myself close to throwing my kindle against a wall with all of their interactions that went from genuine to acting I hated the blurred line between them and their characters And by the last chapter I was so confused because I had begun to skim just to get through it and when I figured out what was happening I was like really? This is what I'm left with? It could have been better if Aaron really was gay or tsai had both died in a fiery bus crash OH and I absolutely despised all the innuendos and any and all sexual references throughout the story I'm usually all for some ust and good old lusty lust but this book failed at it Every placement seemed wrong inappropriate failed and totally cringe worthy Totally did nothing for me but irk my nerves even Complete disappointment

  9. Jenna Jenna says:

    Jenna Jonah are the characters Charlie Fielding real name Aaron portray They are stars famous Hollywood starsand they’re a couple Real couple on cam fake off cam It’s a light and fun read that will surely make you laugh out loud and make your heart tingle on the latter part of the story Something happened that made the both of them realize they really like each other When they let their guards down and pride aside they can be two serious people who not only live to make the other’s life miserable I love their snide comments to each other and their banters It’s so much fun Plus the alternate narrating between Charlie and Aaron helps us to understand what really goes inside their heads I have always loved reading from a guy’s perspective because it really is different from a girl’s and the spontaneity and bluntness is just differentThis is a perfect read when you’re searching for a not so heavy read plus the silly fights Charlie Aaron have is just entertaining

  10. April April says:

    So in browsing through the blogosphere I’ve seen Jenna Jonah’s Fauxmance by Brendan Halpin and Emily Franklin take a bit of flack Now my uestion concerning that is just what did you expect out of a book with a bright pink cover? Surely you didn’t expect anything along the lines of Tolstoy? Personally I uite liked Jenna Jonah’s Fauxmance but I also did not have any unrealistic expectations out of itRead the rest of my review here

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