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The New Women [PDF / Epub] ❤ The New Women ✅ Kathryn Ewers Bundy – When Claudia Thomas graduates from the newly formed Burnham College for Women Class of 1880 she is not ready to trade the life of the mind for a husband and a house in town She chooses to further her When Claudia Thomas graduates from the newly formed Burnham College for Women Class of she is not ready to trade the life of the mind for a husband and a house in town She chooses to further her studies in Europe buying time before the inevitable descent into maternity and domesticity Her plans are interrupted when she meets a fellow expatriate one day in a Heidelberg city parkJeanette Taynor is a young widow employed as nanny in the home of a rich The New PDF or businessman Despite their differences in class and education their lives intersect and intertwine blossoming into a love that will not be broken.

About the Author: Kathryn Ewers Bundy

Kathryn Ewers Bundy combines love of history and a fascination with the stories of women's lives in her novels After years of teaching working in museums and historic sites and running her own business Ms Bundy has settled into a happy retirement of writing and publishing No fan of the simple romance she tells these tales with an eye for authenticity and an ear for dialogue There is no sho.

4 thoughts on “The New Women

  1. Shaunette Shaunette says:

    RecommendGlad I took the chance in reading this book that tried to capture the hardships endured by women in th late 1800s It is enlightening to read about some of the ridiculous restrictions placed upon women of the past And it is with heavy hearts that you realize how far women still have to go to have their bodies realized as their own and not as possessions

  2. LaToya Hankins LaToya Hankins says:

    It's not often that a wonderfully written love story incorporates involuntary commitment to a mental asylum postpartum depression and the encroachment of an overbearing sister in law but this novel manages to pull together all those elements and then some From the first page to the last the reader is rooting for the main characters Claudia and Jeanette to find happiness together I was enthralled and enriched by the author's attention to period details Reading the descriptions of the dresses worn you can almost hear the rustle of the petticoats I appreciate while this is a love story The New Women also incorporates details relevant to the times of crusading women writers who exposed the treachery of the industrial age as well as the age old traditions of LUG which still seems to dominate life at women only colleges I truly enjoyed this book and looking forward to immersing myself in her other works

  3. Kim Kim says:

    An historical romance written at the turn of the last century circa 1880's A time when women were just beginning to be recognized as having a value of their very own A few women's colleges were in existence some states were considering allowing them the vote and women were making a start on their own without the protection of marriage This is the era when the term a Boston Marriage was coined The romance is tentative and sweet and the time period helps set the mood It is interesting to consider the difficulties of life as a women or even so the life of a lesbian in that time period We women and to some extent lesbians have so many rights and freedoms today that would have been scoffed at then even though we still struggle to be eual in the work place and in the courts It is hard to imagine living like they did The story is reminiscent of a Sarah Waters tale but without the intensity It's still a likable if not wholly engaging romance

  4. Tobi Tobi says:

    Whilst I really enjoyed the book I did feel that it lost momentum towards the end However that said the author has extremely intricate and accurate references to the era she is writing in making for an interesting historical read The characters were realistic both within the different social circles they moved within but also on their own merit Overall a very well written and thought out novel that was most 'unputdownable' I read it in one sittingDespite my slight and it is but very slight disappointment of the vaguely lackluster ending I would recommend it and I would certainly read it again

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