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  1. Jackie Jackie says:

    I liked this short novel than I thought I would While I didn't really connect to any character specifically I was captivated by the story itself If you're a Marion Zimmer Bradley fan then you don't want to miss this novel Wikipedia describes it as marginally linked to Darkover but I see no correlation and feel wiki is misinformed

  2. Laura Laura says:

    Free download available at Project GutenbergSomewhere on the Time Ellipse Mike Kenscott became Adric; and the only way to return to his own identity was to find the Keep of the Dreamer and loose the terribleTranscriber's Note This etext was produced from Other Worlds May 1957 Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the US copyright on this publication was renewed

  3. Mark Richard Mark Richard says:

    This is one TRIPPY book You have this guy MIKE but he's not MIKE he's this Aldrich guy he's on a planet called NARABEDLA which is sort of Earth in the FUTURE Sort ofOH and it has TWO suns He then Realises he is Mike but he's stuck in this guy s body hmmmmmmmThe idea that the main character isn't actually in the right body you really don't care who or what happens to him or the people he meetsbummer right yeah bummerThere's talk of 'dreamers' 'rainbows' and other seemingly LSD induced guff which really made no sense to me what so ever

  4. Morgan Dhu Morgan Dhu says:

    I was paging idly through my collection of ebooks looking for something to read when my eye was caught by Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Falcons of Narabedla which I had never actually read but have sometimes heard mentioned as loosely connected to the Darkover books Setting aside all considerations of Bradley’s uite reprehensible personal actions which I’ve discussed here before I’m not al that fond of her early writing at a technical level It contained too many of what I find to be the least interesting elements of the “pulp” style overblown writing limited background and characterisation and the sense of getting thrown into situations without any context or incluing such that if the character is confused or taken by surprise the reader is not just eually so but not given much information about what is happening to the character right now from which some notions of what’s happening can be drawn Falcons of Narabedla is like that The lead character Mike Kenscott is a man of the mid twentieth century a scientist what has been somehow strangely affected by a lab accident He disrupts energy flows shorts out electrical devices things like that He goes to spend some time in the wilderness with his brother and his consciousness is somehow transported across time to what may be a far future He finds himself in the body of a man named Adric Lord of the Crimson Tower with only the faintest and most fragmentary access to Adric’s conscious memories although he seems to function well enough in matters if habitual action such as dressing in unusual clothing or getting around the Tower He tries to tell those around him a Dreamer named Rhys a veiled woman named Gamine Adric’s brother Evarin that he’s not Adric that he doesn’t known anything about where he is or about Adric’s life no one gives him any really useful information and so he’s left to figure things out on his own Among the few things he does learn is that he has a controversial relationship with a powerful and not particularly liked woman named Kameny and that unlike the others of his class who each have properly bound and exploited the telepathic abilities of one of a group of people known as the Dreamers his Dreamer is unbound and free to move Kenscott comes to understand what’s happened to him in this passage which I uote rather than try to paraphrase“Once before for a little while Adric and I had touched lives on—what had Gamine called it? The Time Ellipse That day they thought the lab was struck by lightning For eighteen hours while I lay crushed under a laboratory beam and later under drugs in the hospital he and I had shared a fragment of life somehow But the escape had not been complete Something had driven him or drawn him back to his own worldAnd he had tried again or had been sent back And this time he seemed to have succeeded Was he in my hunting cabin in the mountains cleaning fish for supper curiously rummaging through my electrical euipment? Viciously I hoped he'd give himself some damned good shocks on it”But it seems that than Adric’s memories remain or perhaps Kameny’s “magic” is affecting him for he finds himself taking actions that he doesn’t understand that he Mike Kenscott would never do At times Kenscott gains ascendancy but the Adric personality seems to be in control a circumstance that becomes potentially disastrous as KenscottAdric finds himself caught up in a rebellion of commoners and Dreamers hoping to end the rule of the Tower dwellers Kenscott himself is in sympathy with the aims of their leader Narayan the Dreamer he is incompletely bound to but Adric seeks to use Narayan’s power to avenge himself on Kameny who challenged his power as leader of the Rainbow TowersAnd then somehow Adric returns in Kenscott’s body and forces Kenscott back retaking his own body now both Adric and Kenscott are in the same time and place in their own bodies Can Kenscott warn Narayan in time and be believed?It’s a decent pulp portal fantasy but having read it I have no idea why it’s sometimes associated with the Darkover books Oh there are telepaths and towers but those are common tropes The only actual textual link is that the characters sometimes swear by Zandru but that’s hardly enough to build a link on So now I’ve read it and need no longer wonder about it

  5. Judy Judy says:

    I became a fan of Marion Zimmer Bradley when I read The Mists of Avalon in the 1980s a book I have read twice and given as a gift to many women MZB as she is known to her fans also wrote the Darkover Series of which there are 36 volumes as well as at least 40 other novels Falcons of Narabedla is her first published novel For a writer who is known as being female centered feminist and sometimes lesbian this story is a surprisingly hardcore masculine fantasy But hey everyone starts somewhere Mike Kenscott is an electrical engineer in real life on earth but a series of inexplicable electrical occurrences cause him to lose his job and end up in a different body on another world complete with Rainbow Cities twin suns man eating flowers human like falcons and naturally some dark deeds done regularly Our hero's main trouble is the memory loss connected with the body switch After dealing with being in Narabedla against his will he recognizes his responsibility to help the good guys assumes the role of Adric Lord of the Crimson Tower and gets down to sorting out the place The story is uite hard to follow the battles are standard fantasy fare but as usual with MZB it is the characters who got hold of me and kept me reeling through the tale feeling about as amnesiac as MikeAdric I am actually thrilled to think that for almost every year of the rest of My Big Fat Reading Project there will be a Marion Zimmer Bradley book on the list

  6. Ken Ken says:

    Marion Zimmer Bradley has written some very good books but this isn't one of them This is the tale of an ordinary guy who suddenly finds himself transported to an alternate universe trapped in a body that isn't his and fighting its original owner for control of it Intrigue ensues I wanted to care really but the clunky narration and nearly incoherent storytelling kept me at arm's length I finished the book because it's short but seriously don't waste your time There's a reason this is out of print

  7. Elisabeth Waters Elisabeth Waters says:

    I've been reading a lot of MZB's old work in the course of reprinting her backlist and some of it holds up surprisingly well It helps that any descriptions of technology were vague so her work isn't as dated as it would be if she were describing new and better vacuum tubes She wasn't trying to show off technical knowledge or write great literature; she wrote to entertain her readers And fifty years after this book was written it's still a good read so I'd say she achieved her goal

  8. Lynne Page Lynne Page says:

    This novel certainly feels dated It has that style that only books from the 60s or older can really convey The author considers the novel science fiction but it's fantasy to be honest Everything is uite vague and all of the descriptions are rather to the point But overall this book is a LOT better than the cover art suggests

  9. Ranmaru Ranmaru says:

    The Falcons of Narabedla shows Marion Zimmer Bradley's exceptional talent for conjuring up new strange worlds The story didn't grip me though and it almost felt as if Marion Zimmer Bradley herself had lost interest and just dragged it on to finish it

  10. Anna Anna says:

    i liked the storytelling but not the story thrown into this complex world without much explanation as far as characters and the reasons for their actions go idk I was confused from the beginning until the very end

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Falcons of Narabedla ❴Download❵ ➶ Falcons of Narabedla Author Marion Zimmer Bradley – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Somewhere on the Time Ellipse Mike Kenscott became Adric of the Scarlet Tower and the only way to return to his own identity was to find the Keep of the Dreamer and loose the terrible Falcons of Narab Somewhere on the Time Ellipse Mike Kenscott became Adric of the Scarlet Tower and the only way to return to his own identity was to find the Keep of the Dreamer and Falcons of PDF or loose the terrible Falcons of Narabedla A classic novella by master science fiction writer Marion Zimmer Bradley originally published in Other Worlds magazine in .