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Troubletwisters [Reading] ➿ Troubletwisters By Garth Nix – The first book of a major fantasy series from New York Times bestselling authors Garth Nix and Sean Williams in which twins find that they must act as wards against a threatening evil 'Come to us Trou The first book of a major fantasy series from New York Times bestselling authors Garth Nix and Sean Williams in which twins find that they must act as wards against a threatening evil 'Come to us Troubletwisters join us welcome most welcome' When their home mysteriously explodes around their ears twins Jack and Jaide are sent to live in a place they have never heard of to stay with a grandmother they have never met Portland might seem like a uiet coastal town but it soon becomes apparent that Grandma X is than a little eccentric and the strange things going on in the town are anything but ordinary Talking cats swarms of cockroaches a miniature tornado trashing their room life is about to get a lot interesting.

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  1. Robert Robert says:

    This type of book has a number of conventions They aren't universally followed but still I think it's fair to say they exist One of these is that the kids should prevail through their own efforts Or put another way adults can't do it for them Which leads to a problem; how to get rid of the parents This is one reason why orphans are a cliche of this type of literature Another is that orphans are easy to make into Protagonists with a Hidden Destiny PHDs Another widely deployed method is send the kids to boarding school If you are feeling exceptionally unoriginal you could have an orphan PHD at a boarding school Yes I'm talking about you Rowling It used to be easier of course look at the unsupervised unrestricted autonomy the children in Swallows and s or even The Dark Is Rising Seuence had Most parents are far too paranoid to allow that these daysHere one parent is sent off to a remote location to cover for a short handed ambulance station and won't be back for days and the other has to go away because he will make matters worse for the kids in some way that is never convincingly explained Which feels a bit contrived Still they go to live with Grandma and she gets neutralised by mistrust and bungling on the part of the protagonists which is much better assuming you think the kids can be uite foolish at times And that leads to another convention the kids should be fallible In fact this applies much widely than just to books for kids Ever seen a caper movie where everything goes according to plan? Usually it's either boring or about a lot than the caper No doubt you can think of other examples These kids are extremely fallible much less than half of what they try works and some of it makes things worse But they are in way over their heads with no clue what is going on so some surrogate parents in the form of two talking cats and an oracular alligator skull have to help And the roomful of magical artifacts don't go amiss either But still the heroes prevail in the end by a method different from that that the kitties and the croc it's not clear whether it's a croc or a gator suggest even if they do tell them what needs to be achieved So the kids do prevail due to their own endeavors ultimately But only when they uit acting as individuals and work as a teamwhich leads to something that is becoming a convention or at least a common techniue siblings of near age In this case 4mins difference Yes they are twins I think twins and siblings only a year or so apart as protagonists will be increasingly common in the future This is because girls have to have positive role models But the fact is that up to a certain age kids don't identify very well with members of the opposite sex It took me many years to realise that the reason why I didn't like The Tombs of Atuan and Greenwitch as much as the other entries in their respective series when I first read them was because of the focus on girl protagonists So if you have a girl or a boy you stand to lose about half your potential audience Hence you need a protagonist of each sex with approximately eual standing for each The girls can be just as plucky brave and inventive as the boys you know And if you didn't maybe you will learn through reading the book So siblings are an option for getting protagonists of both sexesOf course the kids need an antagonist There are really two types in fantasy literature; the Externalised Evil and the Evil DudeDudette I don't really like the EE as much as the ED EEs don't need much motivation; they do Bad stuff 'cos they are Bad Also they often need a Senior Evil Henchperson to actually get things done and the SEH often doesn't have any obvious reason for being Bad either And ultimately back in reality it is people who are Bad and EEs are an excuse Novels can as far as I'm concerned be as fantastical as their authors' imaginations allow but the people in them need to be as real as possible Even if there's an EE the people who work for it should have a good psychological not moral reason for doing soYeah so about this bookThere's an EE some contrived plot contortions to set up the situation and some surrogate parents SPsto help out But two of the SPs are talking cats and I am a complete sucker for talking cats actually just a complete sucker for all cats and the other one won't help unless you let it bite youso this book is just about servicable but yet again is a disappointment in comparison to Nix' Old Kingdom series

  2. Grace Grace says:

    Alright first off I should probably admit that I never finished the book I read a little over 100 pages in and gave up although I flicked through in case anything amazing suddenly happened it didn't I feel that by 100 pages the author should have delivered something to make the reader want to continue reading I don't want to have to force myself to finish a book that's stupid So what was the problem?Well to start off with it was painfully condescending I can't help but feel that the authors sat down and went right we're writing for children now so we're going to have to dum it down Just because it's a children's book does not mean you can deliver a crappy piece of work that feels the need to spell everything out I'm surprised that Nix had anything to do with this book having read his other stories Diana Wynne Jones writes or I suppose I should say wrote children's books books with rich believable characters interesting worlds and creative plots Her children's books are the type I like This book was notSecondly nothing really happens There's some weird magic at the start and then for the next 100 pages all that really happens is they go to stay with their grandmother Sure every so often something 'mysterious' will occur in an attempt to assure the reader that yes magical stuff is going on and something interesting will eventually happen It's all really pointless filler none of which is actually intriguing just annoying It would be productive to just get on with the plot rather than drawing it out unnecessarily Thirdly the characters were bland and uninteresting I'm sure the authors made an attempt to make them individuals and they do make a point of explaining how the twins are different but none of it seems real Even grandma X who can be summed up in the word 'mysterious' Her entier point in being is to me mysterious she is not a person so much as a poor attempt to make the story interesting They didn't seem like people they weren't believable and I could not empathise with them at all It's hard to read a book when you have zero emotional investment or interest in the characters Lastly I saw nothing original A couple of children who are developing mystical powers and must save the world from some kind of evil? We've seen it before Seen it written and handled a lot better The kind of audience it feels like it was written for isn't the kind of audience that would be able to read a book this thick If you're old enough to read it you should read other things If you like children's books try Diana Wynne Jones or Paul Stewart

  3. Kate Kate says:

    Ooh not sure what's happened to Garth Nix lately I have a hunch he's trying to churn out too many books too uickly I still haven't forgiven him for pausing 'Keys to the Kingdom' before the end so that he could start a whole new serieswhich I have to say pretty much bombed in the library I'd just ualify that by saying that Sabriel Lirael and Abhorsen remain some of my favourite books of all time so maybe I'm expecting too much hereBut Trouble Twisters just didn't grab me at all The baddies were a just a bit too stereotypically evil the kids were a little too naive and sweet and the scary granny character seemed dated and done to death in the 90's I tried I really did In fact I read it on a long rainy train journey when I had absolutely nothing else to do for several hours But in the end the grey and rainy countryside around Reading just proved to be interesting and I never finished it Sorry Garth xx But to be fair I guess I'm not really his target audience although I was trying to read it with them in mind

  4. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I'll you a secret I love it when I sit down to write a book review and I have a great story of what happened when I purchased the book This review starts off with a fun one I purchased Troubletwisters a little while back from a popular department store near my home As I was taking it and a few other items beside through the checkouts the checkout operator paused looked at the book and asked me if I thought it was any good Of course I did Why else would I be bothering to read it? Anyway this all turned into a conversation about some of our favourite books and authors much to the irritation of the other shoppers in the ueue who probably weren't at all interested in my opinion on which children'syoung adult books were better than Twilight Which is practically everything that has been published up until this date Anyway as I predicted I rather enjoyed Troubletwisters which tells the story of Jack and Jaide a pair of twelve year old twins who are sent to live with the mysterious Grandma X after their home uite literally explodes around them It soon becomes clear that nothing in Grandma X's neighbourhood is uite normal from talking cats to an antiue store that not everyone can see And who or what is the strange voice that keeps calling to the twins? All in all Troubletwisters is a fun read I really liked the cats particularly Ari and though a minor character the crocodile skullThis review previously appeared on my blog Kathryn's Inbox

  5. Clare Cannon Clare Cannon says:

    This the first book of new fantasy series for young readers While there is a lot of action the good kids learning about their new gifts and fighting the great Evil the story takes a while to build and reuires a little perseverance Confident younger readers looking for something new should find it engaging since most of the action is aimed at 9 12 year olds with the young protagonists brother and sister twins running from animals and trying to keep up the courage to fight instead of giving in There are a few scary moments such as when one of the twins thinks he's drowning or several occasions when a sea of insects which have been taken over by the Evil attack them and also when one of the good wardens who has been taken over by the Evil fights the children and tries to make them join her but they manage to resistOlder readers might find their interest waning as the plot and character development remain uite simple focusing mainly on the battles

  6. April April says:

    Y’all Garth Nix knows how to write a prologue or at least I’m going to assume Nix wrote the prologue but hey it could have been Sean Williams Anyways with middle graders you have to hook them and reel them in Troubletwisters definitely begins with a bang literally Jaide and Jack Shields are twins Sidebar I think twins are a trend in MG SFF Their dad is about to return from a business trip and they are watching With excitement they bring his bag upstairs touch a metal rod and all hell breaks loose with these white eyes leading to the twins being sent to live with Grandma X an estranged mysterious relativeRead the rest of my review here

  7. Jordan Funke Jordan Funke says:

    Pretty disappointing Pretty predictable Pretty unoriginal

  8. Hannah Belyea Hannah Belyea says:

    After their house is destroyed by a freak strike of lightning Jack and Jaide move in with Grandma X while their mother gets a new job only to find strange powers evolving inside them ones that will be the only thing keeping them safe from a growing darkness spreading through the townNix begins a new and charming series with this adventurous and humorous book that is sure to please young readers Just what can Jack and Jaide do with these odd new abilities?

  9. Delaney Kramer Delaney Kramer says:

    Troubletwisters by Garth Nix shows the story of two twelve year old twins who have nothing in common except for one thing They are both Troubletwisters Their lives are starting to change and the weather is turning against them They have to leave their home and go live with Grandma X who they have never met before Things at her house are very werid and they don’t know what it going on Cats start talking doors appear and disappear and they find that Grandma X has an army of white eyed rats They don’t know whats going on at Grandma X’s house and they don't know if Grandma X is a person they can trust someone who is trying to help them or if she is one of the people they should be afraid of

  10. Liviania Liviania says:

    I have always loved Garth Nix's books SABRIEL and its seuels might be my favorites but I was never disappointed I continued to read The Keys to the Kingdom series even though I was rather old for it because I wanted to know how Arthur solved his problems I've never read anything by Sean Williams before but I haven't heard bad things and I've had excellent luck with Australian authorsTROUBLETWISTERS strangely didn't uite work for me It's the tale of twins Jaide and Jack who go to live with their estranged Grandma X after their house blows up They start seeing odd things and notice animals behaving oddly but no one will explain what's up It's familiar but that doesn't mean it can't be done well There are some wonderful action scenes and there's a magical antiue shop that's uite enchanting But there were too few rules for me I like it to know the bounds of magic within a storyBut the troubletwisters can't be told too much about their power by a Warden or their power might go awry The cats know but they swore an oath as kittens not to reveal what they know As Jaide tells her twin brother Jack at the climax Who knows what troubletwisters can do?And I might be insane but it really bothers me that Wardens are capital W the Evil is capital E but troubletwisters are lowercase t Why?Children who enjoy fantasy will probably enjoy TROUBLETWISTERS But it fails to live up to Nix's previous children's book series There's nothing to hate here but there's nothing special either

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