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The Gas ➸ The Gas Free ➮ Author Charles Platt – An accident at a secret germ warfare laboratory allows an aphrodisiac vapor to infect all of Southern England and within 24 hours the British countryside has exploded into an uncontrollable nightmare An accident at a secret germ warfare laboratory allows an aphrodisiac vapor to infect all of Southern England and within hours the British countryside has exploded into an uncontrollable nightmare of lust perversion violence and insanity as men women and children act out their deepest and weirdest obsessions and compulsions in Charles Platt's uniue and explicit underground novel of sex and degeneration Not for the faint hearted Adults only.

10 thoughts on “The Gas

  1. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    This novel is notoriously obscene In 1970 copied were burned With fire Even in 1980 when it was reissued police raided the publishers and seized 3000 copies Obscenity is sometimes said to be in the mind of the beholder but I would suggest that if you don't think a lot of the sex violence in this novel is obscene you might need to get help NOW Therefore those of a nervous disposition may wish to LOOK AWAY NOW as there may be some vulgar language ahead The blurb summarises the plot An accident at a secret germ warfare laboratory allows an aphrodisiac vapor to infect all of Southern England and within 24 hours the British countryside has exploded into an uncontrollable nightmare of lust perversion violence and insanityAs Woody in Toy Story might say ah ha ha ha ha ha haaa Nice one Potato Head So let me give you a flavour of the cascading geyser of vari coloured bodily fluids we find in herep70 He was wasting time buggering an old insane priestp84 FUCK chanted the nuns FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKFUCK FUCK FUCKp109 The budgerigar had been silent during the last hour's fucking and suckingp153 Most girls in the pews were masturbating themselves and each other caught up in a euphoria of blood lust and sex worship as they bounced up and down on the cassocks and hurled Bibles onto the stagep160 'Cut the explanations' said Vincent 'There're a thousand sex crazed girls in that church'Now maybe because they couldn't find any regular typesetters for this 166 page spurt of filth so they had to get some stoned hippy typesetters I dunno but there are many delightful typos strewn throughout Three which particularly appealed werep72 he froamed in exasperationp109 Oh Oh Ooooh It's so foodp157 blood still spurted from his wouldAfter all this insane stuffing of orifices I was left slightly reeling But it was all done with such a kind of studentish obviousness doggedness and gusto that it was hard to take offence particulatly as the falt chracters and the craper thin polt demonstrades that this was nought but a strenousu and imaginitinitive excercise in onamisn Addendum I found a comment on a website can't find it now but anyway Charles Platt explained that he wrote The Gas when he was about to emigrate to America he wished to cast off his British reserve because he knew that Americans were extroverts I mean there's being an extrovert and there's having sex with animals and the two should really never ever be confused

  2. Charles Platt Charles Platt says:

    I really appreciate the comments from people here who read my book and enjoyed it or otherwise in the spirit in which it was written My goal back in 1970 was to write a book that would be utterly indefensible as an expression of my hostility back then toward the world in general

  3. Alan Alan says:

    This book would have made sense ???? if the gas was just testosterone and not all sex hormones It's probably for the best that this book is hard to find and I definitely recommend it to no one

  4. Michael X Michael X says:

    Psychotically sexual and depraved A fun read if you can find it

  5. S. Wilson S. Wilson says:

    This is the most perverted book you'll ever read Period It's like somebody heard the Aristocrats joke and thought Hey that would make a great novel An accident at a military research facility results in a giant cloud of gas settling over London a gas that increases hormonal output and decreases impulse control essentially turning anyone that breathes it into a violent sex crazed lunatic The book follows Vincent a survivor of the initial accident as he races to pick up his wife and children and escape with them to Scotland before all hell breaks loose The gas is uicker however and Vincent finds himself confronting new people and situations each one dangerous and perverse than the last even as he struggles to resist the overwhelming urges brought on by the gasWhat it all boils down to is a colorful no holds barred romp through a world gone sex crazed and blood simple Platt outdoes himself with the range and scope of this crazy mess of sex and violence all the while giving you believable characters maybe too believable and a run for your life adventure that will keep you involved and invested in the outcome It's also extremely gruesome and repulsive Every time you think you can't be shocked or caught off guard another chapter comes up and slaps you in the face And the ending don't get me started on the ending Even in the modern age of dark web message boards and erotic fan fiction this book is guaranteed to surprise you at least once If that sounds like fun to you then have at it But be warned it gets sticky

  6. Socket Klatzker Socket Klatzker says:

    This is the hottest dirty book I have read It is porn and literature and social commentary in an england gone haywire It pushes boundaries while still remaining sexy I would put the book down thinking Did I really find THAT hot Yup It is well written not boring drivel with the sex as the reason why you continue to read The science fiction story is compelling as well as the sex satisfying You know how some book sex is a tease this one puts out

  7. Mush Mush says:

    This book is brilliant but disturbing It's erotica but it contains virtually every kink known to the species I really didn't enjoy it but for some inexplicable reason I'm glad somebody wrote it

  8. Arthur Arthur says:

    I made the mistake of 'reviewing' this book before I had finished it in a response to a post about a recommendable biography I´m currently reading a book that´s neither a biography nor recommendableIn fact I think it´s the most nauseating novel I´ve ever read TheGas 1970 by Charles Platt describes what happens to England when anaphrodisiac gas cloud escapes from the research center where it wasdeveloped as a chemical war tool It´s not pretty All sexual inhibitionsfall down like banks and so is pent up agressionI´m not sure what Platt was aiming for in this cross between De Sade andDay of the Triffids If it was to show the hypocrisy of the stiff upperlip I don´t think it succeeds because his catalogue of sexual atrocitiesis one big advert for repression OTOH you might say that things may nothave been so bad if these people weren´t so repressed in the first placeBut this point is only vaguely made by making the scenes in Cambridgefilled with frustrated young male students worse than the othersIt´s darkly funny in parts though The sky diving sex scene involving apriest was amusingBest part of the book is Harry Douthwaite´s brightly coloured coverHaving finished the book I believe that the cover is the second best part of the book BTW the picture you see with this review shows the 'cover' of the American edition from Loompanics The one I mean can be seen here 's how a cult book should look like LoompanicsThe best thing about the book is the ending Suddenly the sex and violence made sense And suddenly Platt's motivation didn't seem to be just to write the most disgusting book ever but to say something about social change Something very meaningful in my view Although it may be old hat in sociological circles

  9. Craig Podmore Craig Podmore says:

    Pornographically sublime a sexual war feast against the senses; it has the potential to be satirical yet it has the ability to ejaculate such vitriolic language and imagery that can stain any reader's mind Its amoral context is intriguing almost Sadean in some places it's relentlessly gratifying in a repulsive way and Platt enjoys dissecting his canvas that is the UK with a paroxysm of scathing proportion Do read if you like literature that compels and confronts without limit

  10. Steve Steve says:

    Absolutely filthy There is something to repulse everyone here This is well written but extreme and often objectionable pornography by SF writer Charles Platt A weaponized gas makes everyone who inhales it irrationally horny and then psychotically violent This book is notorious On second thought maybe you shouldn't read it Don't blame me if you do though

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