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The Growing Dim Project ❰PDF❯ ✩ The Growing Dim Project Author Nicholas A. McGirr – Crossman and Jessica never thought they would find themselves part of a rock and roll band on the rise and Crossman never thought he would find himself part of a master plan from the Lord of the Under Crossman and Jessica never thought they would find themselves part of a rock and roll band on the rise and Crossman never thought he would find himself part of a master plan from the Lord of the UnderworldMeet Crossman McKnight a rock drummer who is bound by the Fates to take on a destiny that is out of his reach or is it Music seems to be the only constant thing in Cross's life as he figures out that Greek Mythology characters from the Underworld are surrounding The Growing PDF \ him and even Cross's mentor Lenny has encountered these charactersFind out what Cross's destiny will be and how he and Jessica will survive the beginning of this long journey that just may never end Literally.

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  1. Sky Sky says:

    I didn't know what to expect at first when I started reading this book Then I thought I knew what the story was about; I thought it was the story about the life of an immortal I was rightand wrong This story is told in two views the first is the view of a young woman and the other is that of a fly on the wall This is mainly a mystery Usually I'm not into mysteries but since I have started writing my own type of mystery I have started reading others' mysteries And like many mysteries this one is full of life love pain anger sadness and death This story could also be considered a thriller if you read it like that If what I just said has confused you I meant to This story is meant to be in YOUR perspective What is the time setting of this story? The town setting? The race of the characters? What is the origin itself? The author left that decision to our own imagination which makes a story always interesting and makes you unable to put it down I give Life of Death a five star rating

  2. Kevin Kitter Kevin Kitter says:

     I have received a free copy of this book through a GoodReads First Reads giveaway Definitely an interesting read and one I couldn't stop thinking of once I read the whole thing To be honest I don't have the slightest inkling what genre this book fits into Mystery of course but I feel that labeling the book into one category or another doesn't do it justice The imagery is unforgettable almost magical and the story is not one you'll soon forget Life of Death is a rare treat atmospheric and mysterious but also a book that makes you think not your typical mindless mystery you can figure out in 50 pages

  3. Todd Fonseca Todd Fonseca says:

    The Growing Dim Project Band on the RunRating 4 of 5 starsAuthor Nicholas McGirrFormate Kindle PaperbackCrossman Jessica Clint Mike and Justin they are the band The Growing Dim Project An eclectic mix of musician's their emo group is an alternative performance rock band costumed in black garb playing to the light of candles in their regular haunt The Sht Creek bar As they play their signature original and cover pieces on what is their best performance to date the band and the crowd all feel something odd happening as the night progresses Cross the bands founder and drummer is acting a bit odd A feeling of dread fills the room Something is about to happen as fate draws them inexorably forwardLike the band members in the book Nicholas McGirr's The Growing Dim Project is an eclectic mix of styles and genres Told from multiple first person perspectives as well as third person occasionally the first part of the book reads like a band documentary Through freuent flashbacks we are introduced to the various band members how they met how The Growing Dim Project came to fruition and how all of these events brought them to what would become their final performance at Sht Creek About half way through the book however it becomes clear this isn't just a documentary but something much much different Supernatural abilities emerge from Crossman and readers come to learn the Cross plays a pivotal roll in human history and is faced with a choice none of us would want to faceThe Growing Dim Project is a very different kind of book with true alternative indie flair Though it is a fist in a series the ending of this volume is climatic and resolves a number of story arcs while leaving clear a path to future chapters If you are looking for something different consider picking up The Growing Dim Project It is 299 on KindleNote A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review

  4. Todd Fonseca Todd Fonseca says:

    Life of Death Echoes of Dead AgainRating 4 of 5Author Nicholas A McGirrFormat KindleAfter encountering a strangely compelling homeless man a young woman is taken to his forest hideaway where she learns her thoughts and feelings are as transparent to him as her words She can hide nothing and though she feels fear she also finds she cannot leave Somehow able to transport his experiences to her she learns through vivid memories of his tortured youth and how he learns of his abilities leading to his ultimate belief that he is immortal Crazy? Perhaps But something deep inside her tells her there is truth in his words But why has he abducted her? Why has he shared his life with her and why does he seek her as his companion? Slowly the walls come down and she finds the truth is something she never expectedNicholas McGirr's Life of Death is a cerebral game of cat and mouse I started reading this thinking I had a good idea of what and who the stranger was based on the title and thought perhaps this would be a predictable plot However I found myself challenging my assumptions as the stranger's past and present were revealed This kept me turning pages well into the night The style and progression of the story are unconventional which some could find confusing but like a David Lynch movie these greatly enhanced the strangeness of the book and its theme The uestions of immortality are thought provoking and I found the book haunted me for hours after I finished the final pages Life of Death is 799 on KindleNote A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review

  5. Jillyn Jillyn says:

    The Growing Dim Project is a solid book worth checking outAuthor Nicholas McGirr's words set the scene vividly making his vision for characters and their surroundings easily conveyed to the reader The emotions that McGirr pours into his novel is clear and gives the book a very real feel making the novel seem perhaps a bit unrefined at parts but full of heart It makes the book all the pleasant to the readerThat being said the flaw that locked in my rating is the jagged manner in which a good story is told I found it hard to focus As opposed to sticking with the view points of a solitary character McGirr alternates between characters uite freuently not only to switch scenes but to give different views on conversations as well I found myself having to reread a bit here and there in order to double check which perspective I was actually on It helps you to learn about each character but I think that could have been done in a smoother wayAll in all though I found this book a good read It was worth the struggle I had with the character perspective A dark enjoyable balance of rock music relationships and Greek mythology make this book one that can please just about anyone who picks it up or downloads it I will definitely be keeping an eye out for other books in this series and in general by this author because I think Nicholas McGirr is a genuinely talented author to watch out for

  6. Maneden Maneden says:

    Overall not bad Nicholas McGirr has real talent albeit somewhat raw The jumping between characters' point of view become somewhat confusing for me and made the plot rather disjointed Perhaps keeping to just one or two characters' points of view may have made this easier to piece together Also plenty of repetition I did not see the purpose of repeating conversations from a different point of view I also do not know why Chrona's speech with the Shade was repeated as a Chapter on its own Other than that I am thoroughly impressed The use of language is powerful and stirred up the relevant emotions without my trying I found myself engrossed and eager for information While I was confused by all the talk of gifts in the beginning it became clear that my confusion was necessary in order to identify with the Cross and Lenny and their confusion As a fan of Greek Myth I am impressed at the use of it within the book as well as the clever use of names for the darker characters relating to the myths McGirr clearly did his research and has presented us with some interesting thoughts on how the realm of afterlife is set upI look forward to reading the seuel for this as well as any other novels McGirr comes out with

  7. Hannah Hannah says:

    Since the author gave me a free copy of Life of Death I guess I owe it to him to write a review and give a justification of my 1 star ratingMy main problem with the book was the structure It seemed like everything was placed out of seuence and it was a tad anitclimacticThere was also the heroine's willingness to listen to Jason's life story For one thing I didn't understand why he needed to tell anyone his past especially her a random woman he kidnapped and took to his cave but maybe that's my problem But why did she feel it was her duty to stay and listen?And another thing which may just as well be entirely my problem too is that I still don't understand what happened Man kidnaps woman takes her to his cave to tell her his tragic past which consists of the death of his mother the oppression of his controlling father and his group of preadolescent musical protégées and thenwhat? He is immortal and mind reading yet I don't exactly remember the reason for this I don't know the book is a little jumbled up in my headI just felt it was all over the place and that everything was placed randomly Could have turned out betterI will end this on a good note though and say that the imagery is uite impressive

  8. Ashley Johnson Ashley Johnson says:

    WON A COPY FROM A GOODREADS GIVEAWAYI gave up on this book on page two of chapter one It wasn't because of the story; I actually think it's really interesting and I'm sad that I can't finish it The language and general rules of writing are awful It was difficult to understand what was going on; it seems information was forced together specifically to make longer paragraphs Dialogue was inserted haphazardly Overall it's giant disappointment in terms of writing style I cannot continue to read a book if I have to read each paragraph three times to understand what is happeningThe plot does sound intriguing and the cover is beautiful So if you want to dive on in and try it yourself I say go for it My reading preferences may be different than yoursMy autographed copy of this book will be donated

  9. Nicholas Nicholas says:

    This is an early work of mine that I have been wanting to publish for uite some time I wrote this book nearly 12 years ago Though the editing of this book may seem incomplete I wanted to leave it as exactly that so that I may gage my progress as a writer and use it as a guide as I continue to write novelsI love this book I love it for sentimental reasons I hope you the reader enjoy this book for what it is the start of my writing career I understand that this title may have early writing mistakes and an informal approach but I do indeed love this story It has been an inspiration for me to continue writing which is exactly what I plan to do

  10. Vee41dmb Vee41dmb says:

    I won this novel from goodreadsTry as I could I could not get pulled into itI am unsure of why but it held no interest for me Nothing kept me reading it so eventually I gave up and moved on to something I would enjoy Thank you for sending me a copy it was passed on to someone I hope will enjoy it than I did

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