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My Faith in Frankie ➹ [Reading] ➻ My Faith in Frankie By Mike Carey ➮ – Un dios celoso o un novio ue ha vuelto de entre los muertos¿A uién escogerías túPrimera edición en castellano de My faith on Frankie Actualmente descatalogada Un dios celoso o un novio ue ha vuelto de entre My Faith Kindle - los muertos¿A uién escogerías túPrimera edición en castellano de My faith on Frankie Actualmente descatalogada.

10 thoughts on “My Faith in Frankie

  1. Molly Molly says:

    A uick fun read this book was interesting and surprising Once you get the tagline of 'girl has a personal god' you have a few ideas of potential directions that it could take but I loved the idea that the god is jealous of boyfriends The artwork was wonderful as well

  2. nemotron nemotron says:

    I am happy to confirm that this is still just as delightful as I remembered it being Mike Carey has written many excellent comicsgraphic novelswhatever you want to call them but My Faith in Frankie might just be my favourite one Much praise goes to the art team of Sonny Liew and Marc Hempel The artwork complements the words perfectly resulting in story that is funny charming and deliciously over the top in a very pleasing wayOriginally a four issue full colour mini series in comic book format it was then collected into a smaller sized black and white collection If you have the chance try to either get the original comics or the Vertigo Resurrected edition that reprinted them in their original format and in colour The artwork is excellent and the small format doesn't do it justice and the colouring really contributes to setting the moods and black and white does not work uite as well for this If however the black and white digest version is all you can get get it anyway you will still have lots of funThis definitely deserves recognition and a proper full size colour trade paperback treatment

  3. Peacegal Peacegal says:

    This was an enjoyable uick read even if the ending was rather strange Frankie is a young woman with her own personal god who no one else can see The deity is jealous however and continually interferes in her relationships dooming them to failure When she thinks she finds “The One” she must choose between her god and her boyfriend—who just might not be what he seems Don’t be fooled by the “Archie” esue cover and shelve this one as a children’s comic Frankie has no ualms about dropping the F bomb hopping into bed with her boyfriends or battling demons in Hell

  4. HeavyReader HeavyReader says:

    This is a really cool comic about a girl Frankie who grows up with her own personal diety that she can see hear talk to etc The best part of the story is at the endwell I shouldn't give away the ending But let's just say it ends with polyamory and a group marriage type relationship Totally cool

  5. Phoebe Phoebe says:

    Although this book came very reccomended by people on this website I found it lacking In particular the plot was hard to follow and I didn't really identify with the protag as much as I think I was supposed to I also found the conclusion to be a little too pat Very creative however

  6. Valissa Valissa says:

    Cute non threatening in the secular way well pacedGood but nothing to write home about

  7. Ted P Ted P says:

    I was going through my old comics when I found this from my days of spending all my food money at Comics for Collectors in Ithaca NY There were a ton of comics I didn't even know I owned My faith in Frankie was one of them Flipping through one of the issues I was hooked and decided to read through it all My Faith in Frankie is about a young god Jeriven with one worshipper Frankie They get along fine until she discovers boys See turns out Jeriven is in Love with Frankie but cannot spit it out and instead spends his time ruining Frankie's dates Then Frankie and her best friend's male childhood friend comes back into their lives and all hell breaks lose The GoodVery humorous I'm still cackling at 'Hast thou done it as a swan?' The BadIt's a good story but it doesn't really stick with you The best friend I've already forgotten her name as well as the hot male childhood friend The Ugly The demons are gleefully ugly It's a uick read I read it in under an hour and actually feel like I'm cheating a little adding this to my challenge

  8. Kay Kay says:

    Tiny black white and wholly original I really really enjoyed My Faith in Frankie The storytelling by Kay the little comics also by Kay and Jeriven and his devotion to Frankie I thought the whole premise of a jealous god kind of super sweetTwo thumbs upHeads up I found the art to be super busy and the pages small a lot is happening on each page so I had to read this one close up And the only thing I didn't really love about this book was the cop out ending How are Frankie Kay and Jeriven going to keep that up? It just feels a little flat and not thought out which doesn't match the rest of the bookOverall really fun 4 stars

  9. Amanda Lawall Amanda Lawall says:

    My Faith in Frankie briefly touched on ueer related identities and relationships I wish it when into the relationship between the god Jeriven Kay and Frankie It seemed like an after thought to mention that Kay is ueer and in love with Frankie The wrap of the entire story towards the end felt rushed The ending barely hinted that Jeriven Kay and Frankie are in a polyamorous relationship

  10. Andy Andy says:

    GRAPHIC NOVEL CHALLENGE uirky Verdict Wasn’t for me at all The best bits were the childhood glimpses but the rest was a total mish mash with an aggravating lead It might work for you though so give it a try

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