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  • 01 July 2016

10 thoughts on “Forever

  1. Alicia Huxtable Alicia Huxtable says:

    InterestingWell now 2 uick short stories on love and sacrifice and supernatural naturesif that's what they'd be called The 2 stories in this book definitely give a different perspective on love

  2. Kay Oliver Kay Oliver says:

    Creative duet stories that no doubt belong in The Black Mirror vaults Well written with excellent characters These two stories are so original and gripping the are absolutely captivating and stick with you long after you've read the last page My one and only ualm There isn't a dredge of horror in either

  3. Valadia Valadia says:

    I liked theseSo very short Others will tell you the plot I will tell you I enjoyed the tales am glad I found this author Well worth the time invested I am curious about other books of hisand now I am looking at other books of short stories I have to read Awesome author well worth the time And I did buy the book Lazarus

  4. Ginger Ginger says:

    Two short stories in this bookdidn't care for either one of them They were too Twilight Zone ish for my tastes

  5. Melissa Levine Melissa Levine says:

    I'm not really sure how I felt about the first story Eh It was different but short and kinda boring For the second story if the lady is only awake for like 12 minutes a day how does she not lose muscle mass and whatnot leaving her unable to walk or move much after 2 years? I can't help but ask uestions when reading something a short story for example where an author uses a medical term This automatically makes me look the term up to really understand what it means For this one it was obviously Encephalitis Lethargica With all that I read I didn't see anything that went along with the character having it for 2 years and only waking for 12 minutes a day Yes this isn't a true story or anything but if you're going to use a real term you can't change everything about it At least that's my thoughtNeedless to say the fact that the lady was all upset when her husband told her he wanted to leave? Can you say bitch? He still loved her and all but come on lady If he stayed he would basically just end up wasting his life away

  6. Big Book Theory Big Book Theory says:

    David tells his wife Portia that he is leaving When he opens the front door there is nothing but a vast black void surrounding the houseAfter the first chapter the moment he opened the door and discovered he was stuck there I had a good laugh that backfired on him didn't it? The rest of the story developed well and it ended brilliantly The story delivered what the product description promised very Twilight Zone indeedIn the short story Twelve Minutes Cathy is affected by the moon and suffers from sleeping sickness She is only awake for twelve minutes each dayThis story is so sad It left me with that hollow feeling and I predict that this story will mull around my head for a long time still to come

  7. L.e. Waters L.e. Waters says:

    I LOVED these to short stories Forever had such a wonderful premise and the voice was so fresh and honest I felt these characters immediately and loved the Twilight Zone touches It was short and left me wanting Fortunately there was Twelve Minutes I think I may have enjoyed this one even So much feeling so much conflict Lee Moan comes up with the most interesting uniue ideas I don't want to spoil it for anyone but I will say that I've read a lot of short stories lately and these are some of the best out there I'm very interested in reading of Lee's works

  8. Reading Reindeer Reading Reindeer says:

    Review of Forever by Lee Moan5 starsA delightful duet comprised of two very different yet no less subtly horrifying tales of marriage In the first a husband decides just short of three years into the marriage that he has had than enough he’s walking out But “out” is now a bottomless black void In the second a strange contagious illness has struck many rendering each comatose except for 12 minutes each evening Something supposedly affected by the moon Again the husband wants out; but the wife when awake proves the better individual in the couple

  9. Rachel Rachel says:

    Not bad but not brilliant either  It's really hard to feel sympathy or anything for any of the characters because there just isn't enough time to get to know them  The first story 'Forever' had a Twilight Zone vibe going on but it doesn't seem to do very much except create a bit of atmosphere  The second story raises some good points about loyalty but again it's hard to feel anything for the characters because they're with us for such a short time

  10. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    And my husband thinks I get mad FOREVER is a Twilight Zone esue little short story about a spurned wife who manages to turn the tables on her husband It only took me about ten minutes to read and I found Lee Moan to be good at pacing an entertainingly dark short story If I had one complaint it's that this Kindle book featured about 20% story and 80% filler of other excerpts praise etc Pick it up while it's free but I don't know that it would be worth paying for

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Forever[PDF / Epub] ☉ Forever By Lee Moan – All David Scarsdale wanted was to leave his wife But she had other ideas This ebook contains two stories about marriages affected by supernatural forces In the title story FOREVER David Scarsdale find All David Scarsdale wanted was to leave his wife But she had other ideas This ebook contains two stories about marriages affected by supernatural forces In the title story Forever David Scarsdale finds himself trapped in an endless void with his wife Who is controlling it And will he ever escapeIn TWELVE MINUTES Jude must make a painful decision about the fate of his marriage a marriage in which his wife is conscious for only twelve minutes each day If you are a fan of The Twilight Zone these stories could be for youThe ebook also contains an extended preview of Lee Moan's forthcoming novel Lazarus Island a supernatural thriller This ebook words approx.

About the Author: Lee Moan

Lee Moan grew up in the English seaside town of Toruay birthplace of the 'ueen of Crime' Agatha Christie He now lives in the neighbouring town of Paignton His stories have been published in numerous print and online magazines including Hub Dark Recesses Press Murky Depths Jupiter SF Twisted Tongue and a forthcoming story in Realms of Fantasy In Wolfsinger Press published his firs.