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Fighting Chance [PDF / Epub] ☄ Fighting Chance By Faye E. Dudden – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The advocates of woman suffrage and black suffrage came to a bitter falling out in the midst of Reconstruction when Elizabeth Cady Stanton opposed the 15th Amendment because it granted the vote to bla The advocates of woman suffrage and black suffrage came to a bitter falling out in the midst of Reconstruction when Elizabeth Cady Stanton opposed the th Amendment because it granted the vote to black men but not to women How did these two causes so long allied come to thisBased on extensive research Fighting Chance is a major contribution to women's history and to th century political history a story of how idealists descended to racist betrayal and desperate failure.

6 thoughts on “Fighting Chance

  1. Karin Karin says:

    Major pick Really great history on the 1860s and how for a brief period black men and white women fought jointly for suffrage for all Probably not too surprising to learn that the white women literally sold out to a white funder and injected their message with racism

  2. Teri Kanefield Teri Kanefield says:

    Historical writing at its bestI thought the most explosive claim in Dudden’s book was that some of the assumptions people made at the time and still make were wrong namely the assumption that attaching women’s rights to the Fifteenth Amendment would have made it harder to get the Amendment passed If in fact the Republicans who had the power to push through the Reconstruction Amendment could just as easily have pushed the amendment through with woman’s suffrage a whole new interpretation follows The only reason women were not included in the Fifteenth Amendment was simply because the men didn’t want to them included The reason for those in power was probably partly maybe mostly politics “Four million Southern women will counterbalance four million Negro men and women” meaning if both black men and women voted Northern Republicans would be no better off On the other hand if only black men were enfranchised and not the women Republicans would gain millions of votes of black men who unlike Southern women would vote for the party of LincolnOf course Republicans could not say they wanted to enfranchise black men but not women because they had their eye on the electoral college so they made the false claim that adding women to the amendment would jeopardize its chance of passing thus deliberately and cynically pitting women against black menFollowing that logic women’s rights during the Reconstruction Era were sacrificed on the altar of political expediencyThe author didn't set out to paint the women as perfect and she called them on bad choices and bad attitudes but I think she successfully placed them in their historical context so their actions are understandable

  3. Nicole Cordier Nicole Cordier says:

    This book was very interesting It evaluated honestly the relationship between the early women's suffrage movement and the black male suffrage movement It takes the sources and their contradictory nature into account and even though the thesis is a little unclear you get the feeling that is due to the nature of the topic Very interesting read though and very well researched

  4. Matthew Olgin Matthew Olgin says:

    Extremely dry and repetitive

  5. Maya B Maya B says:

    This was an interesting and thorough read I was glad the author did not make it feel like I was in history class It was nice to just read it and get the facts

  6. Jenna Jenna says:

    35 stars

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