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10 thoughts on “涼宮ハルヒの暴走

  1. Kevin Kevin says:

    While I usually don't enjoy short fiction as much as novel length this collection of short stories and a novella were excellent My two favorite stories from this book The Day of Sagittarius and Snow Mountain Syndrome both feature my favorite character from the series Nagato Yuki in Sagittarius Yuki view spoiler prevents the computer club from cheating the SOS in a computer game hide spoiler

  2. Nicholas Woode-Smith Nicholas Woode-Smith says:

    Some familiar stories that fans of the anime will recognise but also possesses the story that takes place after Disappearance and has not been put in the animeSnowy Mountain Syndrome the story in uestion is excellent It puts the crew in real danger presenting a cosmic threat that actually had me genuinely anxious It also presents some wonderful character development setting up all the main characters and even minor characters as increasingly complex charactersA must read

  3. Dave B. Dave B. says:

    The three short stories were all pretty good The last story in the volume Snowy Mountain Syndrome was especially good a very engaging page turner However much like Endless Eight the first story in the book it felt like the solution came rather uickly and really abruptly There was some fantastic buildup and the uestions raised really help to advance the series but the short term situation resolved uite easily making the ending of it kind of a letdown But still it was a good volume in the series and I look forward to

  4. Sean O& Sean O& says:

    When I finished The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya I found myself with a problem I was excited to find out what happens next How does Yuki deal with her actions? What happens when Kyon goes back in time to save himself? How do the other Brigade members react to Kyon's experience But the English translation of the fifth book wouldn't be out for another week and then it'd be another six months for the volume after that Meanwhile books 10 and 11 just came out in Japan last month but at the current pace the American versions won't be out until 2013 and '14Luckily there are dedicated otaku in Japan who like to improve their English skills by translating stuff for American fans So after a little Googling I have the first nine books on my Kindle and the next two should follow in short order Yes I know I'm a bad person For what it's worth my copy of book 5 should arrive in the mail this week I already have 6 on pre order and I plan on buying the rest as they come out I'd actually recommend that anyone who enjoys the series read both translations as they complement each other uite well The difference is rather like that between anime dubs where the goal is to make the story accessible to the widest audience and subtitles that try to adhere as closely to the original dialogue as possible This is most obvious in the use of honorifics Kyon kun Tsuruya chan Okabe sensei which the official version drops almost entirely but there are also a number of Japanese cultural terms that the bootleggers retain as well a uick search of the Disappearance bootleg turns up numerous instances of senpai in the text while the official version uses upperclassmen which is technically accurate but kinda loses the flavor Conversely the official translator has a much better grasp of English idiom and slang which makes the text flow smoother For example here's a passage that really stood out to me in DisappearanceThe second visit actually came before the first one chronologically so I obviously got skillsWhereas the fan translation renders this asThe second visit happened earlier on the timeline than the first which is some accomplishment to meI suspect the second accurately reflects Tanigawa's words but the first does a much better job of capturing smart ass Kyon's toneAnyway after that long preamble on to the book itself which turns out to be another short story collection First up isEndless Eight The summer vacation that began in Remote Island Syndrome is winding down Kyon returns from visiting family and wants nothing than to spend the last two weeks of August resting and slowly chipping away at the large pile of homework he's been avoiding all summer But Haruhi has other plans She orders the SOS Brigade to convene for a final fortnight of highly regimented funAs they work their way through Haruhi's itinerary day at the swimming pool check; day at the Obon festival check; night watching fireworks check Kyon starts to feel deja vu Nor is he the only one Mikuru and Koizumi feel it as well When they ask Nagato about it she confirms that they're stuck in a Groundhog Day loop These last two weeks of August have in fact lasted almost six hundred years Haruhi wants summer to last forever and so she's subconsciously been resetting the timeline on the last day of vacation and wiping everyone's memory including her own But the process isn't 100% effective and with every iteration the Brigade members have an easier time realizing something's up That might sound good until you consider that according to Nagato they've been consistently figuring things out for the past 8000 cycles That's 300 years and they haven't come up with a way to defuse HaruhiNagato herself has been aware of what's going on since the beginning thanks to her link to the Data Overmind but because she's on Earth to observe Haruhi she only explains the situation when someone asks herI understand the anime adaptation of this story is highly controversial since the producers decided to stretch the story across eight episodes than half a season replaying the same scenes reanimated but with only slight variations for three hours Tanigawa wisely limits the short story to just the final iteration and keeps it under fifty pagesDay of Sagittarius III The Computer Society wants back the computer that Haruhi extorted from them in the first book so they challenge the SOS Brigade to a LAN battle using a computer game they designed To sweeten the pot the Computer Society offers four brand new laptops if the Brigade can beat them Seeing as the stakes aren't that significant and Haruhi isn't so invested in the game that she'll destroy the universe if she loses Kyon suggests that the Brigade play this fair with no cheatingThe game turns out to be a space based RTS Haruhi naturally wants to command the flagship which means that if she gets herself killed the whole team loses The problem here is that Haruhi's knowledge of military strategy seems to be derived from reading about the Little Big Horn Balaclava and Nagoshino and then emulating the losers Koizumi and Kyon have to put as much effort into protecting Haruhi as fighting the enemy while Mikuru well Mikuru's from a post Singularity future so for her mastering the game is like learning to drive a chariot or weave on a pre Jacuard loom Which leaves Nagato to win the game while staying within Kyon's no cheating strictureSnow Mountain Syndrome The story begins a week after the events of Disappearance with the Brigade visiting Tsuruya chan's family ski chalet On the first day Tsuruya chan offers to look after Kyon's little sister while the others go skiing but after a few hours on the slope an unexpected blizzard blows in The Brigade tries to make it back to the chalet but they become hopelessly lost with even Nagato's sense of direction failingThey finally stumble upon a mansion But though the lights are on no one answers their knocks When Haruhi tries the door she finds it's unlocked She instructs the others to get warm while she and Kyon go searching for the inhabitants But after exploring each floor they can't find anyone at home Returning to the entrance hall they find Mikuru freaking out and even Koizumi is worried although Kyon doesn't think he was gone than thirty minutes three hours passed for the rest of the Brigade Nagato and Koizumi performed an experiment and determined that there are temporal variances within the mansion causing time to flow at different rates Nagato claims the mansion has properties similar to Closed Space but it is not caused by Haruhi and worse still whatever is responsible has blocked her connection to the Data OvermindWhen I saw this was another collection of short stories my heart sank especially when I realized the first story is set before Book 2 After the awesomeness of Disappearance I wanted the plot to move forward not backtrack four months After reading the book I have to say my misgivings were misplaced Two thirds of the stories accounting for three uarters of the text shed new light on the previous bookEndless Eight provides insight into what Yuki's problem was in Disappearance even for an alien AI 600 years of repeating the same events has to take a toll yet Yuki is unable to express her frustration Kyon even references this story in Disappearance when discussing how much Yuki's changed since MayAt about a hundred pages Snow Mountain Syndrome is the most substantial story in this collection over half the length of Disappearance and with far plot development than Sigh With a little connective material this story could easily be combined with Charmed at First Sight and Where Did the Cat Go from the next volume to make a full on novel The story marks a major turning point in the series Up until this point the SOS Brigade hasn't faced any external threats Koizumi and Nagato have dropped hints about rival factions who aren't so sanguine about Haruhi's existence but none of them have appeared on stage unless you count Asakura's freak out But here the Brigade is attacked by a new and as yet unknown force a force powerful enough to incapacitate YukiAnd in addition to that new development we also get a follow up on Disappearance As of the start of this story Kyon and Nagato haven't told anyone about the alternate timeline not even Mikuru who's going to have to help them close it off But despite their silence it's obvious that something's happened between them Haruhi is the first to ask Kyon about it though she of course jumps to the wrong conclusion and Kyon has to spin a tale to satisfy her He later confesses the situation to Koizumi in a rather touching sceneAnd speaking of touching scenes one of the funniest bits in the story is when the Brigade tries to sleep in the house and each is visited by the apparition of another member Kyon of course is visited by a ghostly Mikuru who tries to seduce him while Haruhi sees Kyon After that it gets interesting Koizumi in a line sure to launch a thousand slash fics admits that he too was visited by a Kyon You appeared in my room as well The appearance might have been you but the behavior was just terrifying anyways you did things that you wouldn't do Mikuru meanwhile found a specter of Haruhi in her bed and when asked Nagato simply looks at Kyon and says You Only Day of Sagittarius III doesn't add much insight into the events of Disappearance but that's mainly an issue of placement The story ends with the President of the Computer Society asking Nagato to join Yuki clearly wants to take up the offer but Haruhi objects until Kyon and Koizumi both rebel If this took place after winter break this would be a major development for post Disappearance Nagato but instead it takes place just after the Cultural Festival which makes it hard to see how it connects to Yuki's progression from Endless Eight to Disappearance

  5. Brandon Brandon says:

    Much like Boredom two books ago The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya is of a compilation of short fiction than a unified novel Unlike Boredom Rampage manages to be upfront with its nature as a short story collection with each story featuring a preface highlighting the season of the year in which its respective story takes place as well as references to key events in the overall narrative of the series in order to give the audience an idea of when everything occurs considering the confusion that may be caused by Tanigawa's chronology for his workEndless Eight takes place in the summer wedged between the events of Boredom and Sigh as mentioned in the preface In this story Haruhi subconsciously wishes that summer will never end and so the last two weeks of summer vacation August 17 31 are repeated over 15000 times The Eight in the title for those who like me didn't uite get it refers to the Japanese name for August 8 gatsu literally 8 month providing an alliterative alternative to the name Endless August Somewhat luckily for the reader the characters realize their predicament and resolve the situation within the same loop rather than drag the reader through several incomplete descriptions of past loops as might be seen in Kyoto Animation's anime adaptation of this story taking up about a third of the entire series's runtime a pun being created by stretching the Endless Eight gatsu into Endless Eight Episodes The solution to break free of the time loop is that Kyon decides to host a get together in his house where the SOS Brigade might rush to complete their summer homework with Haruhi never having considered such an event having completed her homework sometime during Boredom The resolution thus is kind of oversimplified The most important thing is the mild character development for Nagato with the stress of the many loops subconsciously breaking her down to a point where she would be inclined to kickstart the events of Disappearance In this way Endless Eight does a decent job of adding to the largely Nagato centric storyline of the inappropriately titled Haruhi Suzumiya seriesThe Day of Sagittarius is set in the fall just after the end of the cultural festival during which Sigh took place The story brings the focus once to the kinda sorta rivals that are the computer club In a vain attempt to win their computer back from Haruhi the computer club's president challenges the SOS Brigade to a contest to see who can win in a computer game designed by the computer club themselves The game is a real time space warfare simulation and the story's prose thus reads like a banal and autistically distant reduction of a Legend of the Galactic Heroes battle scene The highlight once again is Nagato's development she shows a great excitement with little change in facial expression in playing the computer game and is granted invitation to hang out with the computer club on occasion With the exception of Nagato's inhuman typing speed there is nothing really supernatural about this story and the absence of a real threat by Haruhi's delusions makes this story seem like obvious filler as okay as it may beSnow Mountain Syndrome takes place immediately after Disappearance with the first chronological event being the hot pot celebration mentioned at the end of that novel Of course the actual text of the novel begins in medias res much like its predecessor Remote Island Syndrome It's uite funny the initial premise of this story is that Koizumi's planned yet another murder mystery this time with all participants aware of the set up beforehand unlike the surprise twist of Remote Island Tanigawa twists the story further by having the conflict rooted around an alternate dimension theorized to have been the work of the counter faction to which Asakura belonged contrary to Nagato's own allegiance to the Data Overmind The real drama is that Kyon didn't want to put Nagato through too much stress after the events of Disappearance and certainly not within a week after that story's conclusion only Nagato gets overwhelmed by the existence of a new fabric of reality which cuts her off from contact with the Data Overmind She is forced to use the extent of her now limited powers to provide a convoluted hint for Kyon and friends to escape this new pocket dimension realizing itself as a rather interesting math problem based around Euler's theories Like Remote Island before it this story drags on a bit too much not really deserving of its novella size length The lack of a clear antagonist is an interesting new choice after having had Haruhi and Nagato pose as makeshift antagonists in earlier books Like Disappearance before it this story probably foreshadows a bit too much of a grandiose conflict centered around Nagato betraying the original feel of the series but then again if future novels don't live up to these hints it might comes across as eually underwhelming

  6. Anita Anita says:

    The fifth installment of the Haruhi Suzumiya universe light novel series is an anthology of three short stories each preceded by a short preface Once again told in the perspective of our lazy high school boy with a streak of snarkiness the narration is enjoyable and snort worthy at timesBut I have to say that after the fourth book I feel like Kyon’s lost a bit of his snark and has actually grown uite soft towards Haruhi I don’t know whether to take that as a good sign or a bad one but we also note that he’s grown uite an attachment to all of his brigade members He’s always worshipped Asahina and there’s a silent reluctant companionship between him and KoizumiBut now he seems to have developed of an understanding of Haruhi And on top of that he seems to have picked up a big brotherly concern for Nagato and how she has to constantly deal with all the big messes left in the wake of Haruhi’s irrational demands and behaviors whether or not Haruhi meant for things to happen and whether or not she was even responsible for strange occurrences1 Endless EightIn the first short story in The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya Kyon details a strange summer vacation during their first year of high school Everything seemed like a typical Haruhi Suzumiya motivated “good ol’ time” wherein the Brigade Chief calls everyone out for a meeting so that they can make the most of the rest of their summerOf course once again Kyon can’t keep up with Haruhi’s enthusiasm nor her logic or lack thereof But you have to admit that it’s nice to have someone pulling all the strings to get some activity going when you’re young and you seem to have all the time in the worldThe latter half of August right before the beginning of the next term Haruhi has listed activities from going to the pool to watching fireworks attending a festival and star gazing It pretty much sounds like a neverending time of fun filled activityUntil Kyon’s random flashes of strong deja vu proves that this is indeed a neverending duration of time The rest of the brigade members call him out to explain that his sense of deja vu is actually significant And according to our Mastermind of an Alien Being Nagato whose job is only to observe by the way the group has gone through the same two weeks of August over ten thousand times in several thousand variations of activities and directions and are somehow caught in an endless time loop caused by noneother than Haruhi Suzumiya herself Of course she doesn’t know this is happeningThis is further confirmed by our Time Traveler Asahina who cannot make contact with the future because naturally when you’re stuck in an endless time loop there is no future NaturallyTheir only conclusion is that Haruhi must have created this closed space like time loop because there is something she still isn’t satisfied with about her summer vacation And so in order to satisfy this unknown factor she has unknowingly fixated on the summer vacation never endingSo it is our hero’s job to determine what it is that must be done to break the time loop and save the day As per usual With all his snark and lazy high school boy attitude presentI recall watching the second season of the anime series for Haruhi Suzumiya and finding myself increasingly confused about the several episodes adapted to tell the Endless Eight story While it was part curiosity that had me viewing the episodes there were eight of them with the same plots over and over again with slight variations I have to admit that it DID manage to start get annoyingly boring In contrast the way the story is written in the light novel is a little easier to stomach we only have to go through the time loop once with explanations aboundOf course this wasn’t one of my favorite Haruhi Universe short stories But it does still reflect a lot of the typical Haruhi Suzumiya elements that I love2 The Day of SagitarriusThis short story takes place during the autumn sometime after the school’s cultural festival not that that’s important The SOS Brigade is challenged to an outer space duel or something like that Basically if we recall from the first Haruhi Suzumiya book when Haruhi created her own personal club she did it in a rather imperialistic fashion barging in and commandeering the Literary Club’s club room dragging unsuspecting members into the room and locking them in and finally procuring a computer through extortion from the Computer Society next doorWell now the Computer Society is back with a plan for vengeance As computer clubs are wont to do the Computer Society has created their own space invasion type game much like an MMO of sorts but in 2D called The Day of Sagittarius 3 Each side gets five fleets of ships and they do battle in unmapped territory in space until one team or the other is defeated The game sounds simple enough and as per Haruhi Suzumiya standards of course outrageous stakes are at handMainly Kyon surmises that they really have nothing to lose and he feels like they’re going to lose anyway The Computer Society gets to take back their computer if they win the SOS Brigade gets four new laptops if they winThe odds of course are a bit unevenThis short story puts my personal favorite character of the Haruhi Suzumiya world on a pedestal really And I’m thinking that it had been this particular story I had seen as an episode of the anime that really cemented my love for Nagato Because as little emotion as this alien being presents it is one of few times you get to see her become passionate about something As Kyon notes True she was able to avoid showing any emotion on her face but I had come to realize that she still had feelingsNagato had been the most passionate one in our game battle with the computer society She looked enthusiastic when she was punching away at the keyboard it looked to me like she was somehow having fun The simple fact that despite being a higher intelligence alien being she voluntarily restricted her actions to human capabilities at Kyon’s reuest and still managed to silently win the game in an outstanding display of uber computer skills was pretty amazing And in the end despite everyone knowing that she was the mastermind behind the SOS Brigade’s victory she still uietly sits there and reads her books without any fanfare3 Snowy Mountain SyndromeThe last short story in this Rampage anthology was probably the longest short story but it was also surprisingly the most intriguing one I can’t recall if I had seen an anime adaptation based off of Snowy Mountain Syndrome but it’s likely And so fortunate I don’t remember it if I’ve seen itA la the summer vacation on a remote island Remote Island Syndrome from The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya Volume Four of this light novel series our SOS Brigade heads out on another fun vacation adventure this time on the titular snowy mountain Unlike the last time however Koizumi has already confided that he has planned another “Murder Mystery” game much like the one that had taken place on the remote islandAnd so amidst the wintery fun skiing and such the group is ready to spend the end of the year playing along with another of Haruhi’s fun and games demands At least this time Kyon doesn’t expect anything supernatural to happen since Haruhi seems pretty content just to ski and participate in a pre arranged “Snowy Mountain Mansion Murder Mystery Game”Of course no Haruhi Suzumiya story is complete without some strange phenomena occurring; before the gang knows it they are trapped in some strange eternal blizzard and find their way to an isolated mansion in the middle of nowhere Stranger still there are no phones or radios no means of communication but plenty of comfort in food hot baths and warm beds To top things off something doesn’t feel right about the situation but our ever powerful Nagato has been incapacitatedAnd so it is up to Kyon with the help of Koizumi to figure out what is going on and how to fix it or forever remain a prisoner of this strange time space distorted realityIt wasn’t like this was the most exciting story in the Haruhi Suzumiya world but after getting to the halfway point I just kept right on turning the pages and kept right on reading There was definitely a sense of mystery and an urgency to solve said mystery; although the resolution felt a bit lukewarm the overall story was uite enjoyable anywayOverall ThoughtsReally the only thing I have to say about this anthology was that it was entertaining in the same way the rest of the Haruhi Suzumiya books have been entertaining While the concept and the world continues to intrigue me and draw me in I’m still not at the point that I’d fangirl the heck out of this seriesSure the ideals are clever and the humor is evident; also reading about a bunch of high school students who learn about subjects that are vastly complicated than I remember learning in high school makes me feel a bit inferiorHeck Leonhard Euler’s polyhedron theorem? An offhand reference to the Mary Celeste as a comparison to the abandoned mansion our SOS Brigade comes across? Even a lot of the computer and tech jargon and terminology spouted during The Day of Sagitarrius was enough to make my head spinAnyway

  7. Will E Will E says:

    Yeah Tanigawa still has limitations as a stylist and definitely has a set way of writing and structuring his stories but I finally reached a point where I read a story completely new to me and boy howdy it was a doozy Conseuently there's a chance I'm rating this overall too high but the truth is I found Snowy Mountain Syndrome thrilling despite two minor issues not worth getting into here and I'm very excited to see where the story goes from here although the next volume also contains stories I will already be familiar with In retrospect it's not surprising to me that the above story never got adapted and that the anime version of the story ends with Disappearance There's a sort of nice inherent arc for Kyon as he goes from reluctant and begrudging participant to someone committed to his inevitable destiny ready to take action and own up to the conseuences of his choices ie the classic hero's journey SMS is the first story that directly involves a major expansion of this world beyond the scope of what we've seen so far despite minor hints and it would've been very unsatisfying to introduce these threads and then have no resolution I don't know if this choice was deliberate by Kyoto Animation but it ended up being a wise choice Otherwise there's another example of KyoAni elevating the material with Endless Eight view spoiler I know it was a controversial choice but I think the story is much effective when the audience actually gets to live it It was a great artistic choice in my opinion Kyon notes in the story how one would go insane living the endless loop if you could remember it so for the studio to actually simulate this on a small scale gives us a taste of what that would be like Sure it's frustrating but deliberately so and frankly after watching it all again admittedly in two separate chunks I kept getting out of the story every episode It wasn't even a cost saving thing since each episode while showing the same story uses new animation and slight changes to dialogue every time I'm getting a little off topic here though Anyway I think it was a bold and brilliant choice and while obviously the credit goes to Tanigawa for writing this Groundhog Day variant the anime really made it shine hide spoiler

  8. Frances Frances says:

    Cross posted from Nightjar's Jar of BooksThe fifth book in the  Haruhi Suzumiya series which follows a deadpan teenage boy called Kyon whose life has become completely and completely unwillingly ruled by his unruly classmate Haruhi who just so happens to be a god In this collection of three short stories Haruhi Kyon and the rest of the SOS Brigade get stuck in a time loop face off against the Computer Society and then get trapped in a mysterious mansion during a snowstormThis series has historically been rather hit and miss for me; its premise and setup are really interesting and it hit a high point for me with the fourth entry in the series The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya but I've felt rather ambivalent about most of the other stories and sadly this book was on the duller end of the scale Things I enjoyed the solution for breaking out of the time loop in  Endless Eight; and Kyon's seemingly deepening relationship with Nagato throughout all three stories though I may be reading too much into that Things I didn't enjoy Haruhi all the Mikuru fanservice and the mathsWhile  Rampage isn't my least favourite in the series by any means that dubious honour goes to book #2 Sigh I think it may be the one that makes me give up on this series for good It's always sad to uit halfway though there are just too many other books I'd rather be reading

  9. Andersen Albert Andersen Albert says:

    Yet again the Haruhi series doesn't disappoint at least not so farThe fifth book in the series and another collection of stories This book has three Endless Eight The Day Of Sagittarius and Snowy Mountain SyndromeEndless Eight is about the end of summer vacation where time may have entered an endless loopThe Day Of Sagittarius is about the group playing a very complicated computer game against the computer society my least favourite storySnowy Mountain Syndrome is about the group geting trapped in a giant mansion during a blizzard with no way to gey out my favourite story out of the threeOverall the stories are well thought with the always loveable characters and always ridiculous plotlines Definitely read it if you enjoyed the other books ^^

  10. Anne Swartjes Anne Swartjes says:

    CONTAINS SPOILERSBefore I start this review and voice my opinion on the fifth book in the series of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya I have to admit that on the recommendation of uite a dear friend of mine I had already seen the anime series before I started reading the books You might wonder why on earth I would feel obliged to say this Because I had already seen the anime series I already knew a great part of the book and that's why I am mostly focussing on the writing style instead of the story itself and that's why I probably won't be fangirling in this review as much as someone else I know would So far I have enjoyed all of the Haruhi books though I kind of wished that I would have first read the books before watching the anime series Though isn't that how it usually works? Paper before screen? I do have to say that I particularly liked this book in the series because YES FINALLY a story that was completely unknown to me The Snowy Mountain Syndrome Boy am I ready to fangirl about this part of the story But first let me elaborate on the different short stories in the book Endless EightI really liked this part of the series and I'm actually uite sad that I watched the anime only after all the episodes were aired because I would have really wanted to experience this confusion this frustration this ever growing feeling of selfdoubt while waiting for each episode to describe the last two weeks of the Summer holidays over and over and over and over infinite repeat again I have to say that I did like the Endless Eight better in the anime series partly because of the whole concept I just explained and also because the anime elaborated on the Endless Eight So what I'm trying to say here is if I was supposed to write a review on Endless Eight in the anime series I would be putting a lot of smiley faces in here and a lot of hearts but since I'm reviewing the book I'm just going to say that it was rather enjoyable to read Day of the SaggitarusThis is really going to be against my principles but again I have to admit that I actually enjoyed this part in the anime than I did in the books The game contest with the spaceships was really very enjoyable in the anime because all I was focused on was basically Mikuru failing at each possible moment and on the other hand Nagato being the master of masters at this game because of her rather impressive typing skills I feel like she could've slammed her head on the keyboard and they still would've won because of Nagato I feel like this chapter was supposed to be visual and that's why I liked it rather much in the anime and I would say it was okay in the book The Snowy Mountain SyndromeYES finally a brand new story Finally the chance to dive into the depths of the unknown and explore the terrifying scenarios Haruhi has planned for her servants friends So I might be a bit biased but I actually already kind of perhaps maybe started loving this chapter from the start they went to a ski resort with LOADS of snow I mean heaps of snow what could go wrong? Then the blizzard started when Mikuru had probably eaten herself a water poisoning amount of snow due to falling basically continuously and Haruhi again excelled at skiing and forced her friends to go to the expert course Then this huge warm mansion happened with a stuffed fridge with no human being near I mean sounds legit right? I would really not uestion anything when in the middle of a snow storm I would stumble upon a huge mansion that would obviously have occupants but no one would be in a radius of a few kilometres while all of the lights were on and the radiator was glowing red I mean nothing out of the ordinary right? What could possibly go wrong? Oh right there was one little thing I forgot telling you time relativity plays a big role in this part This element this darning element made the chapter a whole lot interesting to read Actually I was so intrigued by the fact that ten minutes for the ones who would go upstairs were actually three hours for the people waiting downstairs for them to return that I found myself wishing I was in that magnificent mansion and discover the magic entities of the rules of physics within the walls of this houseWhat I also liked about this part was that you could actually see the dynamics between the group of friends change I feel like we saw a softer less annoying side of Haruhi during this part when she was genuinely concerned about Nagato What I liked even about this part is the fact that Kyon also showed his softer side leaving behind his snarkiness for even a tiny moment when concerning Nagato Yes I actually find these two OTP material uite Indeed But I'm going to be totally nonchalant about this There is no doubt about it thoughLastly the frooking Euler Theorem The way of getting out of the mansion was very very very awesome and I think that Tanigawa really explained a rather complex theorem in a very simple and basic way I found the whole concept and idea very very enjoyable I am not uite sure yet why exactly the Euler Theorem was chosen to escape this mansion though I really hope I will find outSo in conclusionOverall I liked the book But because of the Snowy Mountain Syndrome I came to love the book and that's why it is 4 stars worthy in my humble opinion of course

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