What Your Mother Couldn't Tell You and Your Father Didn't

What Your Mother Couldn't Tell You and Your Father Didn't Know Advanced Relationship Skills for Better Communication and Lasting Intimacy ❴Read❵ ➯ What Your Mother Couldn't Tell You and Your Father Didn't Know Advanced Relationship Skills for Better Communication and Lasting Intimacy Author John Gray – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Is it really possible to be in love foreverNew York Times bestselling author John Gray will show you how in Mars and Venus Together ForeverThis resource guide contains relationship skills that will he Is it really possible to be Mother Couldn't Epub Þ in love foreverNew York Times bestselling author John Gray will show you how in Mars and Venus Together ForeverThis What Your PDF \ resource guide contains relationship skills that will help you and your mate sustain a lasting relationship that only grows richer with time Mars and Venus Together Your Mother Couldn't PDF/EPUB ¼ Forever educates the different sexes onWhat your mother couldn't tell you and your father didn't knowWhat women need most and men really wantHow men and women Your Mother Couldn't Tell You PDF \ think and feel differentlyThe language barrier men speak male and women speak femaleThe seven secrets of lasting passionAnd much Filled with lively anecdotes revealing exercises and profound common sense Mars and Venus Together Forever will help men and women explore new frontiers in their relationships communicate effectively with each other and discover the secret of happily ever after.

10 thoughts on “What Your Mother Couldn't Tell You and Your Father Didn't Know Advanced Relationship Skills for Better Communication and Lasting Intimacy

  1. David David says:

    Basically just re presented the ideas from his earlier book Men are from Mars Women are From Venus except poorly and in a way that comes off sexist

  2. Glenda Glenda says:

    This book sucks Just in case you think I love everything I put on Goodreads All Gray does here is repeat the same sentences over and over and over again till you think you're going to puke And his story about the time he was tempted to cheat on his wife and wondered if it would REALLY be a problem? Puh leeze From him I'm taking relationship advice?

  3. Renee Renee says:

    I very clearly found myself in this book Gray nailed it I wonder if the people who panned the book have lived the experience which he is covering here or are expecting it to be something it is not? For working mothers either single or married this book is refreshingly accurate It has absolutely given me some useful personal insight and tools to be a better and understanding partner

  4. Veronica Veronica says:

    There are some nuggets in there some that he has mentioned in other books but delves into them deeply here to sidestep some common frustrating issues For instance men tend to want action not complaining and not doing anything to make it better However unless there is listening on their part women tend not to feel understood and therefore strong enough to deal with the issues John Gray respects both men and women all the while explaining their different approachesHe gives examples of how women will speak and what men will hearI was able to finally understand how important action is to my husband I realize how much I act from emotions We can have less frustrations when he knows I want him to hear about the overload of emotions that are keeping me from being able to take actions He does not need to come up with solutions just be there It is called helping him go from instinctual expectations to learned expectations It is able letting him know what I need and verbalizing it That becomes the new frame of referenceMen and women can help the other one understand better with communicationIt is in solving problems together that intimacy is gained rather than just solving the problem by oneselfThere are so many examples to illustrate the concepts In a world with the sexes battling it out it is enlightening to see how we can get alongThis book in showing perspectives of men and of women can help bring you closer to someone you love

  5. Sarah Becker Sarah Becker says:

    I found the generalizations offensive and the book had an overall sexist tone that didn't sit well with me

  6. Emilia Emilia says:

    When reading this book we have to consider that it was published over 20 years ago and some of the information is outdated The relationship struggles that today's couples have to face are complex than 20 years ago and I feel that many topics are missing how to support your partner when difficulties struck dealing with unemployment death the birth of a new child family members with disabilities illness etc why menwomen cheat etc In addition Dr Gray repetitively acknowledges that women are overworked by having both a full time job and household duties but he advises men to support women by listening to them and by helping them to take out the frustration and tiredness by talking and returning to their female side I didn't read in the whole book the common sense advice for men to just get out of their comfort zone or cave and just give them a hand In most of the cases when men help women become grateful happy and create the loving and peaceful home for both themselves and their kids

  7. Jason Oliver Jason Oliver says:

    This is Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus repackaged with repetitious and sexist language I loved Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus as well as some other of Gray's books and many of the principles and methods have helped me and my family The verbiage of this book lacks the tact of others Gray has written I am not against the philosophy and principles of the book as they mimic Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus but are presented with role defining words especially since this book is from the angle of women needing different considerations from women in the past I still recommend most of the ideas that are based on the idea of men and women generally speaking handle process and react differently We speak different langues that are made up of the same words and learning what the other is meaning with their words and actions diffuses situations and increases communication

  8. Heidi Heidi says:

    With bittersweet emotions part of me knows that this Book would have saved my last relationship had it fallen into my hands just a few years beforeAnd part of me knows that even if it did i may not have had the experience or maturity that i do now to fully appreciate the content within its pagesWith the last few pages of the Book in dedication to forgiveness i finally understood Forgiveness and i finally felt it towards my Ex for the difficult lessons we shared because all throughout the book i read and was able to realise all the ways i had unknowingly co created the mess we both ended up inThough i feel a little sad i also feel Empowered now as this Book came into my life just before the Beginning of a New Relationship which is still in its Honeymoon perfect loving conditionNow that i know how i went wrong before i know i have the power to keep Love alive with the tools and skills within the pages of this BookPerhaps this Book came into my hands at just the right time for a life journey with just the Right person

  9. Shauna Shauna says:

    Interesting ideas of how men lose their manliness and lean on their feminine side Women are now working and using of their man side and losing their feminine side This flip flop can be rolled back with communication skills

  10. Miki Miki says:

    Practical guide to accompany Gray's other books on relationships

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