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10 thoughts on “The Immortal

  1. Stacia (the 2010 club) Stacia (the 2010 club) says:

    The fish of course made me feel kind of horny Why I read The Immortal This was one of my favorite books when I was younger I wanted to see if it held up with time How did it go? The read went great actually I really don't remember Josie being such a narcissistic twat but it makes sense that she was the way that she was with the way the direction of the story headed If she'd been a selfless saint the outcome wouldn't have been nearly as satisfying Oh sure the book was outdated as hell Every time one of the love interests was called Ralphy boy it made me grin And I'm pretty sure that this passage would be skewered to death by any reviewer if it were to show up in a present day book But I wanted to give him a taste so that later when I gave him the real thing he would want to marry me Ralph had asked me to marry him after we had sex the first time That said there was one thing that The Immortal had going for it which helped nullify how outdated the book was and that was a great concept The recipe for success included one part romance one part horror one part vacation adventure one part bitter rivalry and one part mythology I love books which choose to showcase the charms of another country I also love mythology retold I also love creative assassination attemptsuhyeahwhat?That view spoilerburger hide spoiler

  2. Bren Bren says:

    This is such a tough book to rate Realistically it isn't one of his best But there were many things I did like about itSo I did not enjoy this book as much as other books by this author I do have an idea of why that isFirst the good It takes place in Greece and Pike nails the atmosphere It is so interesting to read about the stunning beaches Mythological statues and such You kind of feel like you are right thereHowever I also felt the book was really almost two books in one On the one hand you have a fun and carefree book clearly geared toward YA about two best friends and their toxic relationship competing for the attention of one guyBut you also have the Mythological element And while I love Mythology I just did not feel it worked hereI felt like the book went off the rails a bit It started out good but went in a rather loopy direction and although I love love LOVEMythologyI did not feel that the direction it went in suited the bookAnd though I love mythology in this book those were the parts that bored me most I just felt if it was going to go that route be a bit longer Josie's dreams and visions were a bit tedious to read about It also changed its tone the book so uicklyJust to be clearit is still worth reading It does not have the depth of some of his other books the dialoguesorryit's a little corny And the book starts out as a light beach mystery and then morphs into something else all togetherI originally rated this a 2 but changed my rating Why? Because I have reread twice and one does not do multiple rereads of a book that's a two Yet it frustrated me I kind of wish there had been two books one a YA mystery on friendship and romance and the other a Mythological story Putting the two together in such a short book did not work for me I still moderately enjoyed it because I am just a fan of this writer's work And I loved the tropical setting Josie herself is an interesting characterSPOILERSThe ending lost me entirely I really did not care for itthe endingI wont say it is a bad book because I seem to keep rereading But it isn't the best of the best of Pike in my humble opinion

  3. Lucy Banks Lucy Banks says:

    A fun teen read though different to how I remember itI recently went on a binge spend on buying all the Christopher Pike books that I devoured as a youngster This was one that I remembered loving as a teen so I was keen to see how it stood up against the test of timeThere was much that I still really enjoyed about this book The setting is great the link to ancient greek gods a nice touch and I liked the story interwoven with the main narrative of Syrope and Phythia I also liked the film her father was trying to write some people in past reviews said they felt it was superfluous to the novel but I felt it added another dimension to it contrasting the future space age sci fi etc with the present and the ancient past However one thing I'll say I never realised what a godawful meanie Josie was until now My word she's a badly behaved young lady Also it seemed strange that she and Helen hardly seemed to get along at the start of the book let alone the end why then would you take someone you didn't like on holiday with you? Confusing But these are minor points I still enjoyed the book though granted I didn't devour it whole like Whisper of Death which still remains my favourite teen Pike book by a long way It's a good fun read ideal for teens

  4. Grady Hendrix Grady Hendrix says:

    Teenage girls are vessels for the spirits of immortal Greek goddesses who want to steal each other's boyfriends and feed each other ground up glass Sounds about right

  5. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:


  6. . . says:

    Read this back in 2004 or maybe early 2005 when I was going through my Pike phase and loved it I didn't want to put it down but I know well enough not to reread books I loved as a preteen or else it'll ruin it P

  7. Colleen Colleen says:

    I absolutely love this book It's definitely my favorite of all of Pike's novels The storyline is very uniue and deliciously neo pagan whether or not he meant it to be

  8. Sraah Sraah says:

    I hated the main character so much The only parts I enjoyed in this were the Greek mythology parts

  9. Sara Sara says:

    Ididn't get this oneI love Christopher Pike as evidenced by my fawning review of The Midnight Club and I continue to believe he should be taken much seriously as an author Many of his books are surprisingly moving and deep considering they're sold on the same shelf as Fear Street But The Immortal while touching on many of the same themes Pike often explores in his books life beyond death spiritual connection and reincarnation it really really falls flat in terms of story and character We're introduced to Josie who is heading for a Greecian vacation with her best friend Helen her screenwriter dad and her dad's new girlfriend Silk Right out of the gate my biggest issue is Josie's general unpleasantness Before they've even arrived in Greece she's picking fights with her father's girlfriend who's only crime appears to be being her father's girlfriend and its pretty obvious she and Helen don't really like each other much Josie it turns out has a tendency to steal Helen's boyfriends and Helen is insanely jealous of the smarter sophisticated and generally cooler Josie She's just very catty and judgmental I wouldn't hang out with herThen there's the story Josie and her posse are just sort of hanging out in Greece Josie and Helen duke it out over a boy and they wind up visiting the island of Delos where Josie has a weird connection to the ruins there She touches a column and gets filled with some sort of weird energy and a sense that she belongs there Then she starts having visions of a young woman named Sryope a demigoddess who was put on trial by the gods for killing another demigoddess Clearly we're meant to draw parallels between Sryope and Josie's stories and indeed they're similar in the sense that Sryope and the demigoddess Phthia who's she's accused of killing got into similar catfights over a boy but it all gets very murky as to whether Josie and Helen ARE the demigoddesses or just possessed by them and we don't spend enough time with the gods and goddesses storyline to really work out what's going on there and then it all sort of just abruptly endsThis was very disjointed and read much like a story treatment than an actual novel Pike has told similar stories with far grace and style This one I can't recommend

  10. Donna Donna says:

    First the chronology of that blurb is off Josie stumbles upon the statue after a few of those events already occur and she starts dreaming about the goddess Second personally I think that blurb is a little misleading but once you start reading the story it makes sense in context But from just reading the blurb the story's not exactly how it soundsMy biggest and pretty much only issue with this book was the voice It makes me wonder about the difference in perception of the YA voice from 20 years ago against what it is now There were just some parts that I felt were so contrived I couldn't help but laugh Like when Josie was snorkeling and she saw some fish She then thought to herself that they made her horny I was so jarred by that I actually laughed out loud Aside from the complete blindside of that statement am I missing something? Are swimming fish supposed to be an aphrodisiac? Not to mention Josie isn't a very likeable character Not that I wanted to stop reading about her but her actions were on this side of bitchy and uncaring She's a very self centered chick but it all works itself out There's a redemption of sorts to her actionsWhile I feel the plot meandered a little too long at the beginning fleshing out Josie's life up until things start happening I felt like I was propelled through the story I felt a little like I was on sea legs reading it Things were a little choppy a little discombobulated and some of them didn't make a lot of sense but once things started to round themselves out all the little seemingly uneven nuances pulled themselves together in a nice straight pathI'm amazed by the ending Pike has this uncanny ability to weave all of these little bits and bobs together to create a climax that'll blow you away I'm so glad I picked up The Immortal first It has a great balance of history and present not eye rollingly blended at all but convincing enough that maybe just maybe if you went to Delos it might just happen to you It weaves two seemingly unrelated plotlines together excellently only coming together completely within the last few pages leaving you salivating for because while it ends nice and completely it doesn't really end Catch my drift?The best part? Pike isn't afraid to royally screw with his characters They will be put from one end of the ringer to the other and back again before the book is over and you will love every second of it He's fearless and it makes the story all the better If you have to start somewhere with Pike's work make it The Immortal You won't be disappointed While it's not crazy spooky ooky horror it's got a creep factor to it that may just leave you uestioning your friends

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The Immortal❮Epub❯ ❧ The Immortal Author Christopher Pike – Josie is on vacation in Greece with her father his new girlfriend and her best friend While visiting the sacred island of Delos she accidentally stumbles upon an artifact a tiny statue of a Goddess Im Josie is on vacation in Greece with her father his new girlfriend and her best friend While visiting the sacred island of Delos she accidentally stumbles upon an artifact a tiny statue of a Goddess Immediately Josie is enchanted by the statue and she takes it with her when she leaves the islandThen the trouble starts A guy takes her for a boat ride and she is almost killed Then the image of the Goddess begins to haunt her dream The goddess wants something from Josie that she doesn’t want to giveThe Immortal wants to be mortalThe Goddess wants Josie’s life.

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Christopher Pike is the pseudonym of Kevin McFadden He is a bestselling author of young adult and children's fiction who specializes in the thriller genre Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name McFadden was born in New York but grew up in California where he stills lives in today A college drop out he did factory work painted houses and programm.