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The Chicken Chronicles ➽ [Download] ➺ The Chicken Chronicles By Alice Walker ➸ – On a farm north of San Francisco celebrated writer Walker diligently cares for a flock of chickens The Chicken Chronicles captures her blossoming relationship with her chickens and is an extraordinary On a farm north of San Francisco celebrated writer Walker diligently cares for a flock of chickens The Chicken Chronicles captures her blossoming relationship with her chickens and is an extraordinary document of personal recovery political commitment and the joys of relating to animals.

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  1. Caroline Caroline says:

    This book consists of Alice Walker's mullings over her relationship with her chickens It's very anthropomorphic and sentimental I don't usually mind that but with Walker it was excessive Lots of references to herself as Mommy and her partner as Dadee as mom and dad to the chickens Lots of philosophising about the problems of eating meat and how we should treat animals but this was poetic than logical and I found it abrasive She also touches upon the behaviour of chickens in relation to bullying ie 'the pecking order' The following extract I think illustrates both an extremely unpleasant aspect of chicken behaviour and Walker's overly humanizing attitude to her birds view spoiler From what I'd been reading in my chicken manual I thought we should bring in the whole gang of new chickens and in their numbers they could duke it out with the chickens already established in the chicken house Ultimately this is what we did Oh the way you treated them I was heart sickened I was appalled I had only know you as gentle and cuddly blissed out on Chardonnay grapes and kale leaves You were vicious to your new mates You pecked and scratched them you wouldn't let them near the food and water You didn't want Mommy to be Mommy to anyone other than you When I tried to share goodies with the Red Gang of Six you wouldn't allow it unless I forced you out of the way I was so embarrassed for you Were these the children I thought I was raising? But guess what? From your point of view you were acting as chickens you were doing what comes naturally to chickens you were creating the pecking order that chickens live byMy impatience with your behaviour led to a withdrawal from you I felt disappointed and deeply saddened This made me stay away for days at least two When I went back to visit you were still at it Mean as could be Abusive and ugly Yes ugly Mommy found this brutalizing behaviour so hideous she could hardly look at you And when you jumped into her lap wanting a cuddle sometimes she stood up It was this event when she felt she simply could not bear you in your meanness that was probably the most serious threat to Mommy's health and heart hide spoiler

  2. Talia Talia says:

    I think that some of my Goodreads compatriots need to chill a little bit Yes this is Alice Walker and yes she has written some pretty heavy and significant works in the past But this is different She says it straight out from the beginning that this is a collection of short musings that were mostly blog posts Some are lovely and some are random many are written in the form of letters to her chickens written from Alice's far flung personal travels in pursuit of better rights for women around the world Alice writes about unexpected love and devotion from members of her flock the beauty that is available if you just sit down and watch our helplessness in the face of sudden loss and the survival of families including her own I liked her thoughts on vegetarianism vs consciousconscientious eating and the other small insights unto the private life of a writer I respect immensely She may have been mostly talking about her chickens but there was much to it Good book I'm sold I am buying our peeps as soon as we get back to the mainland

  3. jess jess says:

    This book is just incredible Read this What she did not expect was that the Ameraucanas among you you of the pale green and blue eggs would also sprout beards Beards in the Abe Lincoln style; beards that go up to and seemingly into your ears What magic is this? Bearded ladies who also lay colorful eggs The wonder of this leaves Mommy breathlessand this Sometimes sitting on my green stool and lulled by your complete indifference to the conseuences of your natural behaviors I wish we were like you More relaxed with our breasts and bellies and our feathers of whatever sort and our heights and weights and how we toss our heads back to drink water or how we sometimes let a leaf of lettuce slip from our fork You seem so clear about who you are So certain that you are just right as you are that for all your intelligence and maybe in spite of it you never seem to need a second opinion The top five best things about this book1 Alice Walker is an incredible writer and observer This book extends those talents to the humble subject of chickens wherein the author elevates the subject by extolling the beauty friendliness personalities and life forces of such majestic creatures 2 There is a chapter where Alice Walker talks about smoking pot 3 The chickens have great names Just say out loud I'm reading this book about chickens named Agnes of God and Gertrude Stein and try not to smile4 Alice Walker totally captures the strong feelings I feel toward my flock and she is as surprised by her feelings as I was to discover my own It is surprising to learn how lovable and wonderful a small backyard flock can be The profound joy and peace of watching chickens forage while you share your yard with them and the intense shocking grief of suddenly losing a bird oh Alice Walker has got all this covered 5 Alice Walker has interesting travels and religious experiences which she manages to relate to her backyard flock in interesting ways Searching for chickens on a visit to India and trying to explain Ghandi to her chickens may seem silly but that stuff made the book richer than just a memoir of a backyard flock by someone awesome and famous The top two bad things about this bookI could only come up with two things 1 Most of the book is written as a letter to the chickens That's cute except the author refers to herself in third person by the name Mommy for most of the book It grated on me a lot by the end but did not surpass the awesomeness of this book2 Alice Walker details every time she eats meat while she is a chicken keeper and apologizes to her flock for these transgressions I'm closing in on two decades of vegetarianism but the apologetic guilty lapsed vegetarian shtick grates on me In conclusion you should read this book

  4. Cindy Cindy says:

    Alice Walker I've loved and admired her work and enjoyed most all of it for decades now I have some friends who keep chickens and the little flocks seem to grow in their hearts so I figured Alice Walker plus chickens that should be fun for a weekends readingAnd it was fun Walkers take on chickendom is wonderfully present In fact but for one annoying thing I would have given this book 4 stars And what you may ask was so annoying? Well I'll tell you Walker's little essays on chicken life started out as blog posts and in them she constantly refers to herself as Mommy as if she were mother to a toddler experiencing her first separation from the omnipresent Mommy as if About the third Girls Mommy is blah blah blah and I was done with that tired tried and not very true device yet on she went page after page essay after essay entry after entry until I wanted to go to my local fried chicken place and order a double bucket just for spite yes it really was that annoying

  5. cat cat says:

    2011 Book 842011Really a 275 but since it is Alice Walker I rounded up Alice Walker spending 200 or so small pages detailing the daily lives of her chickens? Yep that is the whole premise of the book And she mostly pulls it off finding ways to use the chickens and her relationship with them to speak of ancestors memories meditationsloss and the need for a world shift towards peace and understanding for all creatures HOWEVER the books starts off as what were clearly blog posts and then devolves into letters to the chickens in which she begins calling herself Mommy to them After 18 chapters of that twee artifice it became difficult to be as fully present as Alice or I would like for this meditation on chickens Still Alice Walker I adore Alice Walker and so I read a book about chickens and put up with her strange Mommy language and as an aside knowing her history of strife with her daughter it was interesting to see her so fully embrace the term Mommy for her relationship with the chickens and at times even with the neighbors who bring them into her life when her one biological Mommy relationship has been so publicly difficult

  6. Ka’leneReads Ka’leneReads says:

    GoodRead If you go into this read knowing that it’s like a long poetic metaphoric type of read you probably can absorb the life lessons that Walker gives They are most definitely there plus some tidbits facts about how some saying came to be It gets a little tedious with the mommy the chicken shit🤣 but again if you can see pass that and grasp the lesson you just might enjoy

  7. Marieke Marieke says:

    This is hard to rate and review In some ways it's a two star read for me Other reviewers have remarked on how it's a bit strange and I agree with them It started off well enough but the farther along I got the annoyed I felt at the use of the third person and Walker referring to herself as mommyThe book came from a blog she kept keeps? and I wish she had taken the time to develop this book into something polished and substantial and that would have hanged together better This was not uite a memoir and not uite like reading a blog since it wasn't presented as a blog and I don't know which blog posts were left out or if the order of her postsletters to her girlsessays were changed in publishing this bookI decided impulsively the other day to take it off my shelf and read it because of an article i read about the numbers of pet chickens being abandoned at shelters I shared the article on facebook and had an interesting conversation with friends about the chicken keeping craze sweeping our nation I wanted a bit chicken in this book so that was a little disappointing too The chickens were in the background and served primarily as launch points for Walker to probe her memories and reflect on events and experiences in her life I didn't mind that but really I wanted MORE CHICKEN And also research about the chickens and chicken ness but alas Alice Walker is a poet and activist not a journalist or stunt book author so she is forgiven Despite wanting I did get a sense of her birds' personalities and behaviorsThankfully this book was short and read uickly And thankfully her writing is a pleasure to read for the most part Otherwise I would not have been able to finish this Not to mention that it was a bit too much California for me if you get my drift Sorry California friendsyour state truly harbors some real loopiness ;

  8. Nicky Dierx Nicky Dierx says:

    I had never read anything by Alice Walker before picking up this bookMy partner is a big fan and has all of her works on a shelf which I'm sure I will someday read however her name isn't why I picked it up It was the fact that my wife just about died laughing the whole time she was reading it I figured anything that made her that amused had to be at least halfway decent And I'm glad I gave it a shotIt was hilarious poignant and downright insane at times I hope this lady's out there in the world making it a eccentric place We need of that

  9. Kristen Kristen says:

    Added this after hearing her interview on NPR

  10. Vanessa Fuller Vanessa Fuller says:

    I found this book at a tiny little indie bookshop in the Cabanyal neighbourhood of Valencia when we were on holiday last December and January which seems like a lifetime ago now I bought this book because it was written by Alice Walker one of my favourite writers and because I'd never heard of the book before It wasn't until I started reading it that I realised it was a memoir and not a work of fiction Despite the title I didn't really expect it to be about real life chickens Truthfully I honestly love that she writes about her chickens creatures I did not know she tended or owned This a a delightful little read Given the weight of this very heavily burdened world Walker offered me a brief and welcome respite from those burdens in her musings on chickens Some of those musings are rather weird for me or somewhat silly But the simplicity of sitting with chickens and watching and meditating on their actions and movements is incredibly appealing to me at the moment This book is like a very long letter or series of letters to her chickens and that's uite sweet in a world filled with too much sourness I envy her and her chickens And now I rather want my own chickens to tend and watch If like me you need an escape from all that troubles you this little book might just satisfy you It did me

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