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  • Paperback
  • 87 pages
  • Wigger
  • Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite
  • English
  • 03 February 2016
  • 9781551520209

5 thoughts on “Wigger

  1. Christopher Christopher says:

    I rarely hate a book that I read but here's one that I absolutely hated I just thought this shit was pretentious There's an attempt at 'avant garde' narrative structure but this dude aint no Kathy Acker or Bill Burroughs This guy just thinks he's transgressive or something It struck me as suburban or just kind of dumb

  2. Jeremy Southern Jeremy Southern says:

    I'll stick with Burroughs It seems that the author who obviously a fan of Burroughs tried to write his own version of 'ueer' just after he stayed up all night reading 'Naked Lunch' and 'Nova Express' The mood of the book is self deprecating pretentious and hatefully hip It is a short read and can easily be finished in a day which is good because if I had put the book down I would never have picked it back up The only good thing I will say is that Braithwaite definitely doesnt deviate and is true to his character and self deprecation Reading about his life from Wikipedia or wherever will give you a better idea of what I'm saying supposedly he wasn't the best of people He ultimately committed suicide which is sad but didn't surprise me I can see this book best in the hands of a post adolescent or high school suburban rebel who has just started to cut his teeth on anarchy and nihilism and 6 months into his new pot binge I see it sitting beside their unfinished copy of notes from the underground and the obligatory Nietzsche

  3. Vampire Who Baked Vampire Who Baked says:

    uick read doesn't overstay its welcome Very unusual but creative and effective metaphors he had the face of a repeatedly defeated boxer and walk of a lazy metronome a drag ueen pulls her purse open like Tarzan breaking the jaws of a crocodile Experimental ish but not distractingly so Nonchalantly transgressive in parts but without the in your face obviousness that makes it seem contrived Drugged out prose almost spacey language Very ambiguously voiced it is often difficult to discern which character is really speaking which line which works uite wonderfully in adding to the on and off surreal atmosphere Obviously no real plot or narrative Recommended

  4. Larry-bob Roberts Larry-bob Roberts says:

    You can get your head around it it's a bite sized chunk so don't worry about the experimental aspects Last time I thought about characters sliding around each other like this interacting in a web it was with Alfred Chester's Exuisite Corpse A dozen guys with sex and drugs they meet in twos and threes on the streets and what happens happens

  5. J. J. says:

    I like what he's trying to do I honestly think that a few small sections would help with understanding Of course I don't think that understanding was what he wanted Good art if not so great a novel

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