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A Man You Can Bank On Is It A CRIME To Steal From Bookies Can You TRUST An Ex Bank Manager Lambert Hampton Is The Man The Munni Munni Locals Allturn To, And For Good Reason This Former Bank Manager Helped Them Transform Three Million Dollars Stolen From Bookies By A Gang Of Robbers Into A Rescue Package For Their Dying Town.But Now The Day Of Reckoning Has Come.The Crims Want The Money.The Cops Want The Money.A Rogue Insurance Investigator Wants The Money.And So Do Australia S Two Most Notorious Hit Men.In Trying To Save His Town, Lambert Is Forced To Risk Everything His Life, The Lives Of The Town Folk, His Own Daughter, Ten Thousand Barramundi And A Really Lovable Jack Russell.

About the Author: Derek Hansen

Derek was born in London in June 1944 about the same time Hitler thought London was a great place to send his V1 flying bombs.At the age of four he convinced his parents to emigrate and spent the next sixteen years in Auckland being called a Pommy and a wimp for playing soccer and not rugby.His first published short story appeared in his grammar school yearbook.Equipped with a million ideas for no

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    A man you can bank on had it all and was such an enjoyable read For a starters it was one of the funniest books ive read in a long time Set in the rural community of Munni Munni a settlement that is somehow thriving despite the economic downturn that has devastated other towns One of the ones most suspect of the towns sudden boom period is Duncan Stretch Beddington who is new in town as the sole police officer The speculation being that a crim by the name of Big Kev and his boys pulled of robbery of bookmakers of over 3 million dollars and burried it nearby and someone local must of seen the men disposing of the money.Ten years later things are about to go pear shapped in the community with Kev and his boys out of prison after firing on police and wanting their retirement nestegg At the centre of the whole story though is Lambert a retired bank manager who is idolised in the town for turning it around to what it is now and being such a tight nit community will not reveal their secrets willingly Eventually Kev and his boys return wanting what they think is theirs But if Kev and his boys aint enough we also have Mafia hit men Irish and The Bowler who want the money too and also an American who did the odd job for Kev named Slim who had to be one the luckiest guys alive wants the money for himself.Chuck in a DI and his partner from the city wanting to get to th...

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    I don t know maybe it s because the book is set in a small country town struggling to survive and I live 20 kilometres or so out of just such a town , or maybe it was the line on the opening page He had the sort of body normally achieved by eating plankton , but I was particularly disposed to liking A MAN YOU CAN BANK ON It s not going to come as much of a surprise that this is a bit of a romp style novel There s the local town bank manager, a disgraced cop sent to the outback to serve his time, the bank manager s daughter, the local animatronics expert, a bloke connecting with his somewhat tenuous Aboriginal heritage and a wife who is Aboriginal that thinks he s hilarious , Davo who runs the fish farm, a bunch of crooks, one crook s wife and her Kiwi driver, a couple of hired killers, an insurance investigator with an energiser bunny complex, a heap of Jack Russell dogs, a couple of city Detectives, some wolves, a large crocodile, assorted Japanese and German fighters, a motor bike, a clearing in the bush, a lake that didn t used to be there, a town on the brink of collapse and 3 million dollars Despite a slight worry that this might all end up being a bit forced firstly this was absolut...

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    If you like your crime fiction laced with plenty of laughs, then this caper style tale set in the Australian Outback could be just your ticket Former bank manager Lambert Hampton helped transform the tiny town of Munni Munni after stumbling across a robbery gang s stash Years later, the crims, the cops, a rogue investigator and two hit men are all chasing the money, converging on the town, causing...

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    Update 27 April 2015First read 9 June 2012Just read this book again and I stand by my first review It was just as good the second time round.An absolutely brilliant book that I couldn t get enough of Recommended to me by a goodreads reader, it had everything I could want in a novel It was funny, fast paced, dramatic and even slightly romantic.Hansen has a brilliant technique of creating a vast array of characters that are all so unique and wonderfully written He makes a way to connect with each one of them from the Detective Inspector, to the local garage owner to the two most notorious hit men in Australia I particularly liked Stretch and Woody who were both comical and yet endearing The town of Munni Munni in particular is fantastically described in both physicality and in the way an isolated Australian town functions As an English person this was a great insight into the Australian outback.The plot is solid and while there are so many characters I stopped counting after eight in various locations of Australia and written from so many different perspectives, there is still the running core that keeps the direction focused and it flows steadily It s full of clever twists, which turns tough criminals into quivering wrecks ...

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    Sorry but I don t think I can finish this, or at least not right now It s a good yarn, but there s not enough going on to keep me reading and I don t feel particularly invested in what happens to Lambert or Munni Munni I do hope Stretch finds love though

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    I had to read this novel in a very short space of time for my next book club and it was made very easy for me as it was such a page turner The book is quirky, funny, scary and original.

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    A great disappointment This doesn t have the story telling finesse of Sole or Lunch series, but is entirely tongue in cheek claptrap.

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    A ridiculous notion for a story, but what a ride Engaging, funny and utterly original Devoured it and really wanted .

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    resources lie buried in the tiny, drought stricken NSW town of Munni Munni, purportedly population bugger all and declining , where every adult resident drives a modest but newish white Camry and the place is abundant in Jack Russells, each dog named after Australian Stock Exchange shares that have yielded a profit.Gilded fish swim here, too millions of dollars lie in wait near or beneath the man made lake that houses the town s famous barramundi farm This good fortune is down to a former bank manager, Lambert Hampton, who has turned the locals into entrepreneurs Question for the law is, how did he raise the capital to reverse this conservative little town s fortunes surely not from the missing proceeds of a great bookie robbery years earlier Intrigued, I tried to find Munni Munni on Google Maps, knowing London born, Pittwater based novelist Derek Hansen had probably made the place up in this, his latest novel, A Man You Can Bank On I plotted the route of policeman Duncan Stretch Beddington s introduction to the town, driving north through Bathurst, Dubbo, Gilgandra, Gular...

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    Eat your heart out Carl Hiassen and El Leonard Here is a quirky crime story with an Australian accent I discovered a while ago Derek Hansen could write great dramatic novels, now he s come up with this comic bottler.

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