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The Blood of Tyrants A Crowded Restaurant In Washington, DC A Powerful Congressman Is Lunching With A Wealthy Contributor Who Suddenly Rises From His Chair And Shoots The Congressman Dead In Front Of A Hundred Witnesses Quietly, He Resumes His Seat, Placing The Gun On The Table As He Awaits The Authorities Thus Begins Ten Days Of Terror, Ten Days In Which The Nation Teeters On The Brink Of Anarchy Inadvertently Drawn Into This Murderous Conspiracy Is Paul Castle, A Once Promising Newspaper Reporter, Now The Host Of A Third Rate Cable Show That Deals In Sleaze And Scandal Castle Suddenly Finds Himself A Pawn In A Series Of Bizarre Murders That Have Gripped The Nation In Fear Secretly Aided By An Avuncular New York Homicide Detective And Hounded By An Ambitious FBI Agent, Castle Seeks To Get To The Bottom Of The Mystery And In The Process, Regain His Lost Self Respect With The Future Of The Country At Stake He Knows He Cannot Afford To Fail

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    ABR s full The Blood Of Tyrants audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Some random peoples start killing democrat Congressmen, the police force and the FBI can t find who is responsible for the killing, and it s all up to Paul Castle who work as a host of a third rate cable show that deals in sleaze and scandal, the killing motivate Paul with the help of his old girlfriend Jennifer Bovano who is a US Attorney to remember his old life as a real journalist who worked to help society, and uncover the corruption.And with her help and the help of a homicide detective Aaron Kovacs, and an FBI agent Fowler Briggs who turned from an enemy to an ally, castle tries to uncover the organization behind the killings.I liked the plot of this book, it was very good, the dialogue was excellent, the psychological aspects were supreme here, each character was unique in its own context and thoughts, yet I didn t like how the idea of The end justifies the means was presented in the book as acceptable way of change Also I felt that the ending wasn t satisfactory in general.The narrator was Ernie Sprance, Sparance did great job as a narrator while he gave each character its own voice and accent, we could see the ...

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    This book was a political diatribe than a mystery thriller The author used his characters to describe the democratic congress as socialists and Marxists repeatedly and and used the characters belief that the socialist government was so bad as to require bloodshed to take them down Then the author justifies the heroes use of murder by declaring that this was a justified war There were also long passages describing how much the people of the country disliked th...

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    Good ReadI ve never really been into political thrillers but Mr Fischer did an excellent job portraying the intricacies not only of politics in general but also of the media s impact on politics While this is purely a work of fiction,...

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    Not for me.The story itself was good, but the author s personal politics constantly rammed down my throat I could have done without.

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    written in 2009 and only 21 ratings i suspect the author had his friends rate the book since it was languishing justifiably under 2 until recently.this is a book about terminally ill people going out and killing politicians that disagree...

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    It s a solid political thriller and refreshingly the ending was a surprise If you enjoy House Of Cards, this may be good for you.