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Sri Isopanisad The 108 Upanishads Are Considered The Essence Of All The Vedas, And Shri Ishopanishad Is Foremost Among Them Discover The Distilled Essence Of All Knowledge In These Eighteen Enlightening Verses.For Thousands Of Years, People On A Spiritual Quest Have Consulted The Mystical, Intensely Philosophical Upanishads As The Name Implies Upa Near Ni Down Shad To Sit , One Is Advised To Sit Near A Spiritual Teacher To Learn To Learn What This Upanishad S Name Gives The Clue Isha Means The Supreme Controller Let Us Sit Near The Spiritual Guide To Learn About The Supreme Controller God.The Process Is Simple, Provided One Learns From An Authentic Guide The Translation And Commentary Of Srila Prabhupada Strictly Adheres To The Book S Intention, Assuring You Of A Legitimate Understanding Of The Depths Of Upanishadic Knowledge.

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    A monk gave me this, today Anybody know anything about it

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    Los 108 Upanisad son considerados la esencia de los Vedas y entre ellos el Iropanisad es uno de los principales.

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    The version I have is the original 1969 pressing so I m sure it s a little bit different than the the book that is shown here in Goodreads I bought this book from the ISKON website hoping that it would help me better understand the version of the Upanishads that I am currently reading Sri Isopanishad however is itself one of the 223 texts that make up the complete Upanishads Sri Isopanishad is also one of the shortest and possibly among the latest written of the texts, making it a very quick read In my version, A.C Bhaktivedanta goes through the text manta by manta 18 in all in 5 sections for each First the mantra is shown as it is in Sanskrit Then, a word for word pronunciation for the Sanskrit, followed by a word for word English translation I found this interesting as a basic way to get a beginner s understanding in Sanskrit The forth part of the mantra is a short paragraph paraphrasing the word for word translation And finally, a lengthy purport by A.C Bhaktivedanta of the mantra This method is also seen in his Bhagavad Gita As It Is translation I think that A.C Bhaktivedanta does a good job in the process creating a very good introductory text to the Vedas Within his purports A.C Bhaktivedanta quotes from other spiritual texts The Bhagavad Gita, The Bhagavata Purana, and others and applies them to the mantras in Sri Isopanishad showing how everything comes together explaining...

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    an Israeli Hare Krishna gave this to me in Square Phillips Mtl a ton of circular arguments, but if you can ignore that, very interesting stuff beautiful prose excellent appendices include a list of the Vedic texts, glossary and Sanskrit pronunciation guide worth keeping just for that.

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    For me, this is the kind of book I read a little of each day, over and over again.

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    Good overview of the hare krishna movement.

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    Everything I had written about the other Prabhupada s book Life comes from life at the beggining of this year is appliable to this one It is a dreadfully idiotic book Not the Isopanishada itself, mind you, for Upanishads are one of the most prominent and most important creations of early human intellect No, I m talking about this explanation of Isopanishada, written by a cultist and a fraud Prabhupada, the founder of the cult Hare Krishna Book is deliberatly anti intellectual, anti scientific although it presents itself as the science of the highest order, lol , it is really badly written, the approach to learning laymen on this topics is beyond bad for it uses tons of sanskrit words in the explanations themselves, and Prabuphada goes even further, deliberately fabricating the meaning of the original text for the goals of his cult I ll give just one explanation to that, but there are many he translates Agni as Krishna, and...

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    This book offers a great insight to the thoughts and philosophies behind Hare Krsna Consciousness Though not so throughoutly as Bhagavad gita, this is a good startingpoint for anyone with just a bit of knowledge about Krsna though if you have none at all...

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    Too much of own opinion brought as facts with no arguments, full of judgments, tons of suggestive translations and words added to the translation that make no sense for me Besides from that the philosophy is very interesting Would like to read another translation and compare the interpretations.

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    This little book is a diamond It contains beautiful artful transcendental instructions to bring the reader closer to a personal relationship with God My 1 morning prayer comes from this book May I be accepted into the transcendental association of the Lord in order t...

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