10 thoughts on “No Finish Line: My Life as I See It

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    Heard Ms Runyan speak one weekend a few years ago and got my picture taken with her and one of my best friends, Cheryl This is a great story about devotionHer mother never gave up on Marla and her chance to live, learn and overcome obstacles set before her as a young child with limited sight Marla inspired me greatly and instilled the sense that there is no finish line in this life We keep moving We keep trying We keep our eyes on the prize.

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    Before reading Every now and then I really like reading a book about running Since I m trying to climb back on the fitness wagon, I m hoping this book will help fire me up.After reading Marla Runyan s story is particularly interesting since she s legally blind This book definitely falls into the class that counters I can t mentalities.

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    this book is truly inspirational

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    Wonderful story Very inspirational Highly recommend for athletes.

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    Really loved this book and a pretty insuring story Made me want to move to Oregon for the trail running.

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    This is the story of a blind runner It was amazing to read about he challenges that she overcame in order to be able to be the best runner she could be.

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