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Gunslinger Gunslinger Jessie Carr 2 New Release, Revised EditionJessie Carr, Haunted By The Ghosts Of His Past, Only These Ghosts Are Real Feeling He Is Finally Free Of His Past Life Jessie Is Suddenly Thrust Back And Forced To Confront An Enemy He Never Knew Even Existed How Can One Incident In A Life Turn A Law Abiding Citizen Into A Killer, Maybe It Can T, Maybe That Was Inside Jessie All Along But After Finally Putting His Past Behind Him, Jessie Is Again Forced To Confront It This Time, The Only Man Who May Be Able To Help His Is The Cop Who Wants To Put Him Away Who Is Jessie Carr, And How Did He Get In This Predicament Jessie Wanted Revenge After His First Wife S Murder He Was Drawn Into A World He Didn T Know Existed, Guns, Drugs, Gangs, And Murder With The Help Of Two Ex Army Friends Jessie Became Rich And Successful In This Violent World Unfortunately Getting Out Isn T As Easy As Getting In Now Another Person Threatens His New Wife, His Friends, And His World But Jessie Isn T Your Ordinary Man There Is Something Different And Sinister About Him He Won T Go Down Quietly The Old West Had Its Gunslingers Jessie Is A Modern Day, Gunslinger.Be Sure To Read All Of Jessie Carr S AdventuresShades Of GreyGunSlingerBlack TalonVengeance

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