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Demo Derby Because Of Their Careful Handling Of Control Sticks , Women Apparently Make Excellent Demolition Racers She, However, Has Never Been Careful With Anything But She S Also The Best Damn Racer There Is Her Name Is Elisa Derby Hawkins The Meanest, Loudest, Most Obnoxious Woman This Side Of The Valerian System And Nothing Will Stop Derby From Adding Another Trophy To Her Collection But Fate Throws A Rivet Gun In Her Thrusters When A New Racer Comes Onboard And He Has Trouble Written All Over His Wiry, Centerfold Quality Body Kai Tagawa Dupray Is As Used To Winning Demolition Races As He Is To People Hating His Guts He Cares A Lot About The First And None About The Second But After Dealing With The Wrong Crowd Back Home, He S Forced To Flee The Azura System And Lands On Valerian, Where The Races Are Brutal And The Racers Worse Still Especially That Tough As Titanium Plating Woman With The Finesse Of A Forklift For The First Time In His Career, Winning Won T Be Easy, But It Ll Be A Hell Of A Ride.

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